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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 16: Revenge

Characters: Savage Opress, Tactical Droid TQ-11, Darth Maul, General Grievous, Jedi Master Krag, Jedi Knight Dev, Jedi Padawan Nixor, Clone Commander Kad, Thule Clone Troopers, Super Battle Droids.

Narration:"Zabrak hunt! After Count Dooku discovered that Savage Opress was being used by his former apprentice Asajj Ventress in a plan to eliminate him, that has left Dooku fuming. Now, Dooku has decided he wants to get payback on Savage, by removing him from the galaxy!"

Count Dooku sits in his palace on Serenno on a chair and ponders how the war is going. His attention is swiftly changed by the noise of the doors behind him opening and forward comes General Grievous into the room, who says "You sent for me Count?" and Dooku stands up and replies "Yes, the Zabrak Savage Opress has wasted valuable time of ours and has become a problematic situation to the galaxy, you must eliminate him" and Grievous says "That shouldn't be too hard!" and Dooku replies "He is a sloppy with his dueling, but he is still powerful, do not  underestimate him!" and Grievous says as he heads through the doors "I will take a squad of Super Battle Droids to destroy him!" and he leaves, heading for the hangar.

General Grievous arrives in the hangar and says to Tactical Droid TQ-11 "Get us a shuttle, so we can hunt down our Zabrak prey!" and TQ-11 replies "Yes, General" and TQ-11 leads Grievous over to a Separatist shuttle where they are followed on board by ten Super Battle Droids.

Meanwhile, unware of the forces trying to kill him, Savage Opress heads through the planet Thule searching for his brother. He hears the noise of a shuttle approaching but ignores it and keeps walking onwards to where the talisman is leading him. As Savage keeps walking, Grievous and the Droids sneak up behind him and Grievous says "I will attack, the Zabrak scum!" before jumping right in front of Savage Opress and saying "Hello there!" and after seeing Savage's look of surprise, he adds "Count Dooku sent me to kill you" and Savage replies "He should have chosen someone better! I can sense your weakness! Of not killing a Jedi Master, which makes you no match for a Sith like me!" and Grievous replies "I do not need to be able to beat a Jedi Master to crush you!" before activating two of his lightsabers and charging at Savage, who quickly ignites his double-bladed lightsaber and blocks the attack. Savage retaliates by force pushing Grievous aside and as Grievous stumbles, he yells "Droids, take him!" and the Super Battle Droids appear and shoot many bolts at Savage who swiftly blocks them with the deflected bolts taking out a couple of the Super Battle Droids. Savaage Opress quickly force pushes the remaing Super Battle Droids aside. Grievous looks at TQ-11 with disgust for cowering away from the fight and he yells at the Droid "Get in there and take him out!" and as TQ-11 raises his blaster to shoot Savage, SAvage senses him and uses the force to hurl TQ-11's blaster aside before Savage slices off the head of the Tactical Droid before stabbing it through the chest to finish it. GRievous then activates his four lightsabers and rushes Savage who blocks and uses force lightning on Grievous, knocking the cyborg general back, and as Savage uses more force lightning on GRievous, he says "At least, one good thing came out of Dooku's training" before slicing his lightsaber across Grievous's chest, leaving a mark there before he runs off to escape.

Savage Opress runs on to make sure there is enough distance between him and General Grievous. Savage then spots a cave in the distance and thinks to himself "I can rest here and try to find my brother again tomorow" but as he enters the cave, he finds it is already occupied, and as the person already in the cave lifts his head up and looks at Savage, he gasps "My... brother!" and it is indeed Darth Maul staring up at him. Maul notices the lightsaber on Savage's belt and says "You are a Jedi, come to hunt me?" and Savage says "No, *Activates lightsaber*, I am a sith and you are my brother, I was told it is my destiny to find you" and Maul smiles slightly, to Savage it looked like a hideous grimace and says "I have a lot of brothers, my whole kin are my brothers" and Savage says "I was told you could train me to become more powerful to defeat the Jedi" and Maul looks at Savage coldly and says "I can. But, I need proof that you can fight and destroy Jedi" before adding "There is a Jedi outpost several clicks way, I will fly you there, and watch how you get on, but I will not help you, even if you are about to be killed" and Savage replies "I understand".

Darth Maul flies Savage Opress in his Sith Infiltrator to the position of the Jedi outpost and says "It is time, show me what you can do!" and Savage replies "I will". Three Clone's await Savage as he exits the SIth infiltrator and one of them holds up a hand and says "You are not authorized to be here, state your business!" and Savage replies "To kill everyone at this outpost!" and he ignites half of his lightsaber to stab through the chest of the Clone asking questions before activating the other  half to take off the other two Clone's heads.

The Gotal Jedi Knight Dev appears before the Verpine Jedi Master Krag and Rodian Jedi Padawan Nixor and says "There is a disturbance, I have got word that three Clone's have just been killed by someone with a double-bladed red lightsaber and Nixor says "He is too strong, we must evacuate and Krag says "No! It is our duty to defend this place and we will die trying if we must". While they are talking, a Clone Commander with two DC-17 pistols with a black armor and a helmet design of a Bith head appears before them and taking off his helmet, named Kad, he says "General, the Zabrak has wiped out our whole legion, it's just us and the pilot on the AT-TE left" and Krag says "Get on the AT-TE and help protect us, the three of us will confront the Zabrak"

Savage Opress strides forward, having killed many Clone's and he watches as a Verpine, Rodian and Gotal jedi appear before him and the Verpine says "We challenge you to a duel, Zabrak!" and Savage replies "It will not be much of a duel!" and he quickly stabs Nixor, who had not been prepared for such a duel and force pushes Nixor's dead body into the Gotal Dev before stabbing Dev as well. Krag is in panic after seeing the deaths of the other Jedi and only manages to block two of Savage's attacks before he is slain too. As Savage relaxes a blaster bolt hits the ground near him, almost killing him and he spots an AT-TE walker. Savage force jumps into the air, landing on the AT-TE and slices through the middle of it, blowing up the AT-TE in a huge explosion. Out of the rubble crawls Clone Commander Kad, who is mortally wounded by the explosion. As Savage stands over him with his lightsaber poised to strike, Kad gasps and says "No, please-have mercy!" and Savage coldly replies "I show no mercy" before stabbing down with his lightsaber.

Savage Opress walks way from the dead bodies off all those that he has killed, and he climbs aboard the Sith infiltrator and as he joins Maul in the cockpit, Maul turns and says "We'll make a good warrior out of you yet" as the story ends!

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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 15: Force Escape

Characters: Kento Marek, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Juno Eclipse, Spice Company Clones, Clone Commander Spicer, Clone Captain Rex, T-3PO, Baga, Apai Kisoke, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Narration: Arrival! The Republic strike team led by Jedi Master Kento Marek, Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano and the Pilot Juno Eclipse arrived on the planet and infiltrated the Separatist base and have split up to try and find Jedi General Anakin Skywalker! They must then rendezvous back at the ship Juno Eclipse used to bring the team here, and head back to Coruscant!"

Ahsoka Tano and Juno Eclipse walk through the doors to where the cells are located before motioning for the four Clone Troopers to follow them inside.. Ahsoka turns to Juno and the Clone's and says "Anakin's cell is the fourth one in front of us, I can sense him" and one of the Clone's says "Show me the door and I'll place an detonator on it" and Ahsoka shows the Clone which cell it is. The Clone places the detonator and says to the others "Stand back!" as the door explodes and amidst the flames, Ahsoka jumps into the cell and slices in half the Super Battle Droid behind Anakin Skywalker as Juno Eclipse and two of the Clone's arrive and shoot down the other Super Battle Droid. Anakin exclaims "Snips! I didn't think you would come and rescue me!" and Ahsoka replies "Always in time to save your life Skyguy" before introducing Juno to Anakin saying "Anakin, this is Pilot Juno Eclipse, who flew us here for this mission and is one of our most highly rated pilots currently" and Anakin and Juno shake hands as Juno says "It is an honour to get to serve under you General Skywalker" and Anakin replies "Thank you" and the Clone's free Captain Rex from his binders and they prepare to move out with Anakin and Rex not having any weapons.

Meanwhile, Kento Marek, Commander Spicer and the other three Clone's fight their hardest against the onslaught of Super Battle Droids and Destroyer Droids that keep shooting at them from all directions and eventually a tired Commander Spicer says "It's no use General... we're going to be overrun, we must surrender so we don't get killed" and Kento yells "Spicer's right! Drop your weapons troopers!" and Kento deactivates his lightsaber and lets it fall to the ground as the Clone's do the same with their DC-15 blasters. Just as they do this, Apai Kisoke arrives and he is furious "WHAT!!!" he bellows "I came here to fight, and you've already surrendered!!!". Apai Kisoke then puts binders on the wrists of Kento and the Clone's before marching them back to where Baga is.

Baha watches as Kento Marek and the Clone's are placed against the wall before saying "Well, now that you are finally here under my grip, I can tell you a bit about myself. When I was in education before I joined the Separatist Alliance, I was exceptionaly good at gymnastics. Since then, I have mastered the art of shooting anyone while doing any sort of gymnastic and I will show you!" and suddenly, Baga leaps up and does a back flip while shooting two bullets out of his pistol which kill two of the Clone's immediately. Baga smiles as he lands on his feet and says "That was fun! Now I will do the same to the other Clone and your Commander".

But as Baga prepares to do the same to Spicer and the other Spice Company Trooper, Ahsoka, Anakin, Juno Eclipse, Captain Rex and the other Clone's run in. Juno quickly shoots Baga's pistol out of his hand with her own pistol as the three Clone's shoot several Battle Droids down and Anakin uses the force to retrieve his lightsaber from Kisoke's holster before slicing up a couple of Super Battle Droids and Ahsoka ignites her lightsabers and slices the remaining Super Battle Droids out of the way. Apai Kisoke, realizing the battle is lost, runs out the door to escape. Baga tries to follow, but Anakin stabs him with his lightsaber through the back of the chest before force pushing Baga's dead body into a hologram table. Captain Rex, meanwhile, picks up a Droid E-11 blaster from the ground and shoots down the last Battle Droid before saying "They're all finished, Generals" and Anakin replies "Seen as one of them escaped, he will have alerted more clankers!" and Juno says "Well, we'll just have to beat them too!" as she raises her pistol confidently.

As the Republic team head down the hangar to escape, they get surrounded by Super Battle Droids in front of them and Commando Droid's behind them. Spicer calls out "Form a circle!" and t6he team forms a circle with Anakin and Rex covering the rear, Kento Marek and Spicer covering the front, Ahsoka and one Clone one the left side and two Clone's on the right side. The Droids start to shoot at them from both the rear and front and Kento Marek and Anakin Skywalker deflect the blaster bolts as the Clone's and Juno Eclipse return fire on the Droids, Suddenly, the Republic forces split the circle and attack the Droids. Juno shoots one Commando Droid through the head and as another leaps at her, Ahsoka comes in to slice upwards through that Commando Droid. Kento Marek slices a Super Battle Droid in half before stabbing another one. Captain Rex shoots another Super Battle Droid several times before it falls as Spicer and the remaing Clone's team up to finish off the remaing Commando Droids before using Droid poppers to finish off the last Super Battle Droids and Juno Eclipse says "That was easy" and Anakin replies "We're still a long way from being out of this yet".

The Republic team arrive at the ship and Anakin turns to Juno at the steps of the ship and says "Juno, prime the engines for getting off this planet" before muttering to himself "I don't want to stay on this place any longer than neccesary" but as Juno prepares to board the ship, she suddenly falls sideways, unconcious and hits the ground as Apai Kisoke. holding up the electrified gauntlet which knocked out Juno Eclipse. Kisoke looks furiously at the Jedi and says "I've got a score to finish with you Jedi scum!" and he takes out his daggers and starts to use them like a lightsaber and he tries to slice up Ahsok, Anakin and Kento's lightsabers. Eventually though, Anakin slices the daggers apart and Anakin grabs Kisoke by the throat and holds his lightsaber against Kisoke's throat. As Anakin prepares to slit the Barabel's throat, Kento intervenes and says "NO! We must take him hostage! It's the Jedi way!" and Anakin says "Your right" but as Anakin deactivates his lightsaber and starts to walk away, Captain Rex steps up and shoots Kisoke through the head with the Droid blaster he had and as Kisoke falls, Rex turns back to the ship and says "That one's for Hardcase" as he boards the ship, followed by the rest of the team.

The ship, piloted by Juno Eclipse and T-3PO lands safely on Coruscant and everyone except T-3PO leaves. Obi-Wan Kenobi waits on the platform to greet the the team as Kento Marek and the Clone's walk off, Obi-Wan turns to Anakin and says "So, how did it feel being rescued by your Padawan?" and Anakin replies "It was nothing short of embarrasing!" and Obi-Wan giggles and says "Really" but Anakin, being serious this time says "No, She has come on leaps and bounds since She first became my Padawan, I have nothing left to teach her" and Obi-Wan says "Hmm, in the meantime you need to deliver your report to the Jedi Council" and Anakin says "Don't worry, I'll be there" and as Obi-Wan walks off, Anakin turns to where Juno Eclipse and Ahsoka Tano are and Juno shakes hands with Ahsoka and says "It was an honour to get to meet you and serve with you Ahsoka" and Ahsoka says "It was an honour to serve with you two, Juno" and Juno says as she walks off to her house on Coruscant "You will become a Jedi Knight, I know it!" and Anakin says to Ahsoka as Juno walks off "Looks like you've made a new friend" and Ahsoka replies "Definitly" as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 14: Rescue Operation

Characters: Kento Marek, Ahsoka Tano, Juno Eclipse, Spice Company Clones, Commander Spicer, T-3PO, Captain Rex, Clone Trooper Hardcase, Anakin Skywalker, Super Battle Droids, Baga, Apai Kisoke.

Narration:"Captured while on return to Coruscant! Anakin Skywalker was heading back to Coruscant after a perilous assignment, but his ship was attacked by Separatist cruisers led by the Verpine Baga and the Barabel Apai Kisoke. Anakin, along with Captain Rex and Clone Trooper Hardcase have been captured. Now, back on Coruscant, a strike team led by Kento Marek and Ahsoka Tano prepare to rescue Anakin!"

Kento Marek and Ahsoka Tano return to the hangar of the Jedi Temple after going through the briefing of the mission to rescue Anakin Skywalker, they find the Clone squad they will lead waiting for them. Clone Commander Spicer stands up, having just finished cleaning his weapon and says "General Marek, a new ship just arrived" and Ahsoka says "That would be the ship of our pilot, right?" and Spicer replies "Indeed" and Kento Marek says "We should go talk to her about the upcoming mission". Ahsoka, Kento and the Clone's walk up the ship and Kento calls out "This is the Republic team here, open up please!" and a voice responds from within the ship "I will be down there shortly". The door to the ship opens and it reveals a woman  wearing a blue shirt covered by a dark brown uniform and black jeans. The woman says "My name is Juno Eclipse, I am your pilot for this assignment" and Ahsoka says "Nice to meet you Juno" and Juno says while looking at the Clone's and Kento Marek "I have also been told to accompany you while you rescue General Anakin Skywalker". Kento says "Very well, it would be good for Padawan Tano to have another young female accompany her in this mission" and they board the ship along with the Clones.

At the Separatist base, the Verpine Baga looks at holorecordings of torture methods used by the Mandalorian Warriors during the old battles. The Barabel Apai Kisoke watches with growing distaste and eventually he blurts out grumpily "This is pointless, us Barabels have so many torture techniques that we can use to get the information out of those scum anyway!" and Baga replies "These methods could be useful for our future plans" and Kisoke snorts and replies "Very well, but I plan to torture them right now using my own methods!" and Kisoke turns around to where Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex and Clone Trooper Hardcase are tied against the wall. As Kisoke approaches them, he pulls out his daggers that he keeps in his holster.

Apai Kisoke walks right in front of Anakin and yells in Anakin's face "You will tell me the information, if you don't want me to hurt you!" and Anakin replies "You will never get me to tell you anything". Kisoke growls and says "Well. I'm not in the mood for discussing anything, so I will force the information out of you!". After saying that, Kisoke grabs Anakin by the throat and throttles Anakin before slamming Anakin head first onto the ground. As Anakin tries to get his breath back, Kisoke whispers "That can happen again very easily if you don't co-operate!". Suddenly Kisoke marches over to where Hardcase is and says to Anakin "Give me the information, or the Clone dies" and Anakin *Gasping* says "Clones... are... expendable" and Kisoke snarls and says "Have it your way then!" and he hurls one of his two daggers into Hardcase's forehead, knocking the clone with his helmet on against the wall. Kisoke then grabs his dagger back and says "I'm giving you five minutes, if you don't give me the information within those five minutes, your Captain dies"

Meanwhile, Juno Eclipse hovers the ship just above a forest area of the planet and calls out to Kento Marek, Ahsoka Tano and the Clones "We're moving in for landing, prepare yourselves and I'll join you shortly" before Juno turns to her Protocol Droid T-3PO who is the co-pilot and says "T-3PO, I need you to stay with the ship while I go with the Republic team to infiltrate the base and rescue General Skywalker" and T-3PO replies "Yes, Mistress Eclipse, I will watch over the ship" and Juno walks into the main area of the ship where Ahsoka, Kento and the Clone's are and says "We are ready to move out" and Clone Commander Spicer says "Let's finish this mission, quickly" and Kento adds "It will have to be quick, there are many Separatist planets in this area".

The Republic team walks around the back of the Separatist base before Kento holds Ahsoka, Juno and the Clones up with his hand before turning to Juno and Ahsoka and says "We must split up now, I will take Commander Spicer and three Clones one way while you two take the other four Clone's so we can infiltrate the base seperately and catch the Separatists by surprise" and Juno says "Right, let's go Ahsoka" and Ahsoka replies "Right behind you Juno" and the team splits up.

Kento Marek, Commander Spicer and the three Clone's walk through the back gate and into the building and Spicer after walking for a bit whispers "Do you really think we can trust that Padawan to look after our other Clone's?" and Kento replies "Ahsoka Tano is a very well known Padawan, due to her being much like her Master" and Spicer replies "Very well, but what about that pilot, Juno Eclipse "Juno is a young teenage Republic Pilot, even at her young age she is regarded as a great pilot, and that is why I chose her to be our pilot on this mission" and Spicer shrugs and says "Very well, if you vouch for those two I guess my worries are over" and Kento replies "Your's might be Commander, but our's is starting!" and he points to a squad of ten Super Battle Droids that start walking past. One of the Clone's says "We should cause a distraction, to give the female's a chance to rescue Skywalker undetected!" and Spicer says "He's right General, we should cause a distraction, even if it leads to us being captured" and Kento replies "Very well, open fire!" and the Clone's draw their DC-15 blasters and shoot at the Super Battle Droids immediately knocking two down but the remaining eight return fire and Kento Marek is forced to ignite his lightsaber and deflect the blaster bolts aimed at the Clones.

Meanwhile, Baga notices the fight on his viewscreen and turns to Apai Kisoke and says "Go assist the Super Battle Droids and take those Republic scum prisoners" and Kisoke licks his lips and says "My pleasure!" and he runs out of the room with his daggers to go and assist the Super Battle Droids.

As Kento defends the Clone's from the Super Battle Droids, he contacts Ahsoka and says "I've created a distraction for you to get to the cells undetected, just go through the hangar and you should be fine!" and Ahsoka replies "Copy that" before cutting the transmission. Juno Eclipse says to Ahsoka "There are some interesting Separatist ships in that hangar, I might try and take a look at one as we go through there" and Ahsoka replies "You have an interest in ships" and Juno says "Oh, yes I do. I've always wanted to modify a perfectly normal ship with extra details and weapons that I could pilot myself" and Ahsoka says back "Well, considering your a great pilot, I'm sure you'll get your chance" and Juno replies "Definitly". One of the Clone's then says to Ahsoka "Commander Tano, the hangar is this way, we should make sure there are absolutely no Droids in there before we go in" and Juno replies "There won't be, and if there is they will only be cleaner Droids, cleaning the ships" and Ahsoka says "Juno's right". Ahsoka, Juno and the Clone's enter and as Juno said there might be, there are two Battles cleaning at a Separatist shuttle. One of the Droids says to the other Droid "Our lives just couldn't get more boring, having to clean a shuttle" just as a lightsaber ignites behind them and as the Droids turn to find Ahsoka, Juno and the Clone's behind them with weapons drawn, the Droid says "Ok, it looks like our lives just got more interesting" and the Clone's shoot the two Droids and Ahsoka, Juno and the Clone's move on towards a door which will lead to the cells as the story ends!

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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 13: Capture In Space

Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex, Clone Trooper Hardcase, 501st Clone Troopers, Baga, Apai Kisoke, Super Battle Droids, Yoda, Ahsoka Tano, Mace Windu, Adi Gallia, Plo Koon, Kento Marek.

Narration:" Return! Anakin Skywalker with his Clone forces, have completed a mission on the planet Rishi, now they head nack towards Coruscant, but Separatist ships close in and Anakin will need all his skills to survive this ambush!"

On board a Republic cruiser, Captain Rex and Clone Trooper Hardcase walk through the doors to the bridge of the ship. There they find their Jedi General, Anakin Skywalker who looks at them and says "What is it Rex?" and Rex replies "Intelligence reports that there are four Separatist cruisers heading our way Sir" and Anakin says "We don't have enough firepower to hold them off, nor do we have the time to escape" and Anakin then adds "We will need to try and lure them into boarding our ship, and then try and beat them back onboard our cruiser here!" and Hardcase says "Very bold, Sir, but we will do as we must". Rex and Hardcase then walk off to inform there other Clones in the 501st of the duty they must fulfill.

Meanwhile, on board one of the Separatist cruisers, The Separatist Verpine leader Baga, sits and watches several Battle Droid's putting in the co-ordinates for the location where the Republic cruiser was spotted. Behind Baga, the doors to the bridge of the ship opens and a Barabel walks in. The Barabel's name is Apai Kisoke, who is the captain of Baga's crew of hunters. Kisoke says "I have identified the Jedi in command of the ship. He is Anakin Skywalker" and Baga replies "The one from the prophecy?" Interesting" and adds "Lead a legion of Super Battle Droids on board that cruiser and take Skywalker hostage, I want to see what he is made of". Apai Kisoke says "Yes sir, I will take him and a couple of Clone Warriors hostage for torture purposes" before Kisoke walks off.

Rex approaches Anakin and says "General Skywalker, the Separatist cruisers are here, shall we commence attack" and Anakin replies "No, they won't attack one cruiser, they will try to board it, so we will allow them to board our cruiser and engage them here". Anakin then adds "Go join Hardcase and the other 501st Clone's in the hangar and do your best to hold off the Separatist forces!" and Rex says "Sir, yes Sir!" before running off to join the other Clone's.

Apai Kisoke says "It's time, let's launch the boarding crafts and crush those Republic scum!" before activating the switch and jettisoning five Separatist boarding crafts and they fly into the Republic cruiser and the Super Battle Droids start to pour out to engage the Clone's.

Rex and Hardcase join the rest of the 501st Clone's behind the cover of ammuntion boxes. One 501st Clone says "They are coming out of the ship, we should engage them quickly!" just as the Super Battle Droids begin to come out of the boarding crafts followed by Apai Kisoke. Rex, Hardcase and the other Clone's start to shoot at the Droids. The Droids begin to take losses espoecially with one 501st Clone wielding a Z-6 rotary cannon which has a devastating effect on the Droids. Apai Kisoke watches with anger at the Super Battle Droid's failure to get past the Clone's and he says "Useless Droids! Programmed to fight and are useless at doing just that!" before with incredible speed he hurls one of the daggers from his belt straight into the stomach of the Clone with the Z-6 rotary cannon sending the Clone smashing into the wall, before just as swiftly hurling another dagger into the chest of another Clone who was in a good position to do damage to the Droids. With their advantage gone, Rex calls out "Hardcase, you retreat with me, the rest of you need to delay them as long as possible!" as Hardcase shoots one Super Battle Droid, he turns and runs through the hallway doors following Rex.

Back in the hangar, Apai Kisoke smiles and says "This is SO much fun, but all fun things must come to an end!" and he picks up a Clone DC-15 blaster and shootsa the remaining 501st Clone's out of the way. Kisoke then drops the DC-15 blaster before retrieving his daggers from the two Clone's he killed with them before calling out to his Super Battle Droids "Now, we capture Anakin Skywalker and those two Clone's that retreated!"

Rex and Hardcase hurry back and Rex yells at Anakin as he enters the bridge "They've breached our defence, they're going to reach the bridge!" and Anakin replies "Well, we'll have to make a last fight of it then!". The doors suddenly open and Apai Kisoke enters flanked by at least thiry Super Battle Droids and Kisoke says "Ah, Jedi, i'm afraid you'll have to come with us" and Anakin replies "You'll have to fight me first to take me prisoner" and Kisoke responds with "Oh, I plan to" and he hurls one dagger at both of Anakin's wrists and Anakin drops his lightsaber as the Super Battle Droids shoot the gun out of Rex and Hardcase's hands and Kisoke says "I expected better from a Jedi". Apai Kisoke then orders the Super Battle Droids to tie Anakin, Rex and Hardcase up before they go steal a Consular-class frigate from the hangar before flying off with the Separatist cruisers, back to base.

Apai Kisoke walks in to the base as the Droids walk Anakin, Rex and Hardcase into the base with their arms tied behind their backs. They enter the control room where they find Baha who says "Ah, I see you have brought me the Jedi, Captain Kisoke" before yelling out a command "Attach them to the electrocuting plugs, while I contact the Jedi" and he activates a hologram table.

Mace Windu, Adi Gallia, Plo Koon and Yoda sit discussing how the far is going when Padawan Ahsoka Tano walks in and says "Pardon me, Masters, but we have received a transmission and Ahsoka walks over to the hologram table and activates it. An image of Baga appears and he says "Greetings Jedi, I would like to show you a little something that you might be interested to know" before saying to Kisoke "Electrocute them!" and the image on the screen changes and they view Anakin, Rex and Hardcase getting electrocuted and Baga says when the electrocuting has stopped "If you value your Jedi's life, I suggest you come and rescue him, because i'm not known for keeping hostage's, too long!" and the screen disappears.

Yoda, after a brief silence says "Decided on who will lead this mission, I have, Padawan Tano, come with me, introduce you to someone, I must". Ahsoka follows Yoda out of the door and as they walk down the corridor, Yoda says "Go with him, you will, to rescue your master" and Ahsoka says "I have not let Anakin down before Master Yoda, I don't plan to now". After walking on for another minute, Yoda says "We are here" and the doors open to reveal a man with a hood over his face and Yoda says "Padawan Tano, I would like you to meet Jedi Master Kento Marek, who will lead the mission" and Ahsoka and Kento shake hands as Ahsoka says "It's nice to meet you" and Yoda says "I'll leave you two to it" and Kento gets straight down to business saying "This is a nastty situation. me, you and a squad of Clone's must sneak in unoticed and rescue your master. For that we had to hire someone who hasn't got a Republic vehicle and she will pilot us there and lead us away afterwards and Ahsoka asks "What's the owner of this ship's name?" and Kento Marek replies "Juno Eclipse" as the story ends!