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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 20: Evil Sees Light

Characters: Lux Bonteri, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Luminara Unduli, Count Dooku, Senate Security Clones, Captain Rex, Padme Amidala.

Narration:"Dark side kidnap! The Orphan, Lux Bonteri, left all alone beccause of the assasination of his Mother, Mina Bonteri, was kidnapped by Count Dooku, to become a pawn for the Sith Lord. Dooku has sent Lux to Coruscant, with only one thing programmed into the unfortunate Lux's mind. Kill Ahsoka Tano!"

Lux Bonteri continues climbing up the apartment of the building Ahsoka Tano stays in. With only one thought going through his mind "kill Ahsoka Tano", he climbs through the window to the room Ahsoka Tano is in. To Lux's surprise, he finds Ahsoka asleep. While he doesn't like what he knows he has to do, he has to because of his brainwashing. Lux quitely ignites his lightsaber and walks over to Ahsoka's bed. He closes his eyes, as if in pain momentarily. He opens them, but as he draws his lightsaber up high to attack, a voice whispers "Will you really kill me, Lux?". Lux looks around in fright, but sees no one else in the room, and deduces that it was Ahsoka who spoke. This is confirmed when Lux turns back around to look at her and her eyes are open. Ahsoka says "What did they do to you Lux?" and Lux coldly replies "They did nothing to me" and Ahsoka replies, in little more than a whisper "You know that's not true" before adding "You can't hurt me, we're friends. Our friendship is much stronger than Dooku's mind tricks!". Lux pauses for a moment, before the mind-control really kicks in. Without realizing what he is doing, Lux strikes at Ahsoka. Ahsoka swiftly ignites her lightsaber to repel the attack, but is shocked at the strength of the power Dooku has over Lux. Lux attacks Ahsoka again and again, but Ahsoka's superior skills easily allow how to deflect the blows. Until, and by total fluke, Lux slips as he attacks, and his attack beats Ahsoka's defence and manages to cut her on the wrist, knocking her lightsaber aside. As Lux regains his footing, with Ahsoka at his feet, Ahsoka says desperately "You don't have to kill me Lux!" and Lux replies "I'm afraid I do". As if on cue, Anakin Skywalker bursts in with several Senate Security Clone's behind him. The Clone's fire at Lux, who manages to block and deflect the shots, wounding a few Clone's and killing one. Anakin easily knocks Lux aside, and as Lux drops his lightsaber, Anakin cleanlly slices the hilt of the lightsaber in half. The Clone's tie Lux up as Anakin helps Ahsoka to her feet. Anakin looks at her, worried, and says "Are you all right?" and Ahsoka replies "I'm fine. I thought you would be here sooner" and Anakin replies "I thought you would be able to handle him, so we waited until it was clear you might actually get killed". Anakin then carries the tied up Lux away from the apartment, as Ahsoka follows him.

Lux Bonteri wakes up to find himself in a training room. He looks around and finds Jedi Masters Yoda, Luminara Unduli, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker watching him. Lux says "What am I doing here?" and Yoda replies "Test you, we must, young man". Lux looks shocked and says "Test?". Luminara says "Indeed, we need to test your fighting" and Obi-Wan adds "To see if our mind tricks managed to overcome the power of Dooku's, we need to see you fight a certain someone". Lux says "Who is fighting me?" and a voice says from the darkness "I am" and Lux sees Ahsoka steps out of the darkness. Lux fee;s a sudden feeling of lust as he looks at Ahsoka, free of Dooku's powers. Yoda says "If you succeed in knocking down Ahsoka, but can't bring yourself to kill her, free from Dooku's mind-tricks, you are". Anakin hands Lux his lightsaber to borrow for the duel. Lux ignites the lightsaber as Ahsoka launches an attack on him, Lux is so surprised that he drops the lightsaber so quickly he doesn't even realize he dropped it. Yoda sighs and says "Try again, we must". Ahsoka again attacks and Lux this time isn't surprised, and manages to block it. Yoda calls out "Good! Now, duel the proper way, you will, but not, a duel to kill!". Lux and Ahsoka lock lightsabers, with their lightsabers separating their lips, which are a mere metre apart, Ahsoka whispers "Just because we're really good friends, doesn't mean I'm going easy on you!" and she suddenly releases a kick, knocking Anakin's lightsaber out of Lux's hand. Ahsoka waits until Lux recovers and grabs his lightsaber, before she attacks at him again. This time, Lux is more than ready for her, and he manages to knee her in the stomach before knocking her lightsaber aside. As Ahsoka kneels, slightly winded in front of her, Lux can't bring himself to attack her. Yoda steps forward and says "Very well done. Lux Bonteri. It worked a treat". Lux realizes what Yoda means, and splutters, aghast "Y- You wanted me to hurt her?" and Anakin replies "Lux. We needed to see if were still on the dark side, if you were, you would have tried to kill Ahsoka, no matter what. You didn't, so your not on the dark side any more". Yoda says "Come, you two must, much there is, to discuss".

Yoda, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Luminara, Lux and Ahsoka head to the Jedi Control Room, where they find Captain Rex and Padme Amidala are waiting for them. Padme cries "Lux" and briefly hugs him. Padme then says "I was so worried, I can't believe what Dooku did to you!". Yoda says "In grave peril, the Galaxy is, all the time, Dooku's next moves, will be unpredictable, protect each other, you must" pointing at Ahsoka and Lux. Obi-Wan says "We have had to come to a decision we did not want to make" and Yoda finishes, saying "Ahsoka, you and Lux must journey together. Taking you off the Jedi Order, we are, for you and Lux's benefit" and Ahsoka replies "But, M-Master!" and Yoda replies, simply "Lux needs you Ahsoka, he can't live out there on his own". Ahsoka understands the truth in this and replies "Yes, Masters". Yoda says "Return your lightsabers, you must" and Ahsoka hands her two lightsabers back, while Lux hands Anakin's lightsaber to it's true owner. Anakin says "Well! This is goodbye Snips!" and Rex says "Good luck, Commander Tano" as they shake hands. Ahsoka and Lux walk out of the Jedi Control Room, holding hands. Ahsoka no longer needing to worry about attachments.

Meanwhile, in his Palace on Serenno, Count Dooku smiles, having learned of everything that occured on Coruscant. He smiles in a evil way and says "Our manipulation tactics are going exactly as planned!" as the story ends!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 19: Dark Side Kidnap

Characters: Count Dooku, Darth Sidious, Lux Bonteri, Super Battle Droids, Commando Droids, Emis Fow, Rou Eroh, Jedi Knight Reap, Riot Control Clone Troopers, Ahsoka Tano

Narration:"Gone into hiding! After the death of his mother, Mina Bonteri, Lux Bonteri, fearing that Count Dooku would then try and kill him, rushed off and hides in an orphanage. Unknown to Lux, Dooku's spies were tracking his every move. Dooku had no plans for Lux Bonteri, until now!"

Count Dooku sits still in a Separatist base, thinking about the next plan of attack against the Republic, when a hologram appears, and his Sith Master Darth Sidious appears. As Dooku bows, Sidious gets straight to the point and says "We have data on the movements of a young Lux Bonteri?" and Dooku replies "Yes, my lord. We know he resided in a orphanage about twenty clicks from here. He's settled in and seems right at home there" and Sidious says "Excellent. Now is the perfect time to strike, with him settled in." and Dooku, glancing up shocked says "With respect, this boy is of no danger to us. Why should we wish to kill him?" and Sidious, chuckling darkly, says "Not to kill. He will have plenty of anger due to his mother's death. I reckon we can use that anger" and Dooku says "You want me to control him?" and Sidious turns his back on him and says "Capture him, and bring him to a secret facility. Brainwash him. Make him a young Sith. He could prove very useful to us" and his hologram fades, as Dooku is left with plenty to think about.

Count Dooku leads a squad of Super Battle Droids into the orphanage. He walks up to the reception area, where the manager, a weary Ortolan called Emis Fow sits on a chair. He looks up as Dooku approaches and asks "May I help you?" and Dooku replies "I would like to know the room of your current charge, Lux Bonteri". Emis looks startled at this and splutters "Th- Thats why you brought them machines isn't it *Gestures at the droids* you're going to kill him too" and Dooku replies "All I can say is that what we will do, will make our lives that much easier". Emis speaks up bravely, saying "I refuse to give up the room number the boy is in. You will have to kill me to get it!". Dooku doesn't move, and says coldly "Very well then", gestures to a droid, who cleanly shoots Emis a couple of times through the head. Emis falls down into the desk in front of him, dead. Dooku says "That was a waste of time like I predicted, we will use the force, and allow it to guide us to Lux Bonteri's room."

Lux Bonteri sits on a chair in front of his desk. Pondering his future, and how his life had changed since the death of his Mina Bonteri. Lux is startled out of his thoughts by a knock at the door. Lux turns to find his only friend in the orphanage, a female Human called Rou Eroh, standing looking shaken at the door. Lux immediately realizes something is wrong, and is afraid to ask, but knows he must "What's up?" and Rou replies "I heard a noise. The Manager is- Is dead. Count Dooku is here, he mentioned your name!" before falling into deep sobs. Lux knows he must leave, he grabs all his belongings, of which there are not many, and quickly leaving the room, telling Rou she must return to her room, or fear getting caught. Lux races down the corridor, Dooku spots Lux and orders his droids to surround him. Several droids shoot at Lux, causing Dooku to shout "WHAT are you doing! Stop you idiots, you can't fire blaster bolts in here!" before saying firmly "Capture him. Do that, and the job will be done".

Lux pants frantically as he legs it through the orphanage, gaining startled looks from other occupants. Lux is about to reach the back exit, when four Super Battle Droids walk through and try to catch him. Lux dodges and heads for the side doors. Lux bursts through and runs through the garbage area, but before he can make it the full way across, a voice calls from behind him saying "Going somewhere, Lux?" and he turns to find Dooku standing behind him, flanked by ten Super Battle Droids. Another four come up from the exit Lux was heading towards, with them, to Lux's horror, was Rou Eroh, who had been tied up as a hostage. The droids hand Rou over to Dooku, who says to Lux "Now Lux, I am sure you wonder why I am here". Lux replies, full of hatred "I don't NEED to wonder! You've come here to kill me, like you killed my mother!" and Dooku replies "That is not what I have planned *Pauses, before adding* how would you like to join us?" and Lux replies "Why would I join you, after what you've put me through". Dooku says "I'm leaving you no choice!" before using the force to choke Rou. Lux watches in horror, and shock as Dooku says "Join me, and I will release your friend". Lux gasps "I- I will join you!". Dooku promptly snaps Rou's neck with the force, killing her. Lux watches her fall to the ground in dismay. Lux glares at Dooku and says "You said you would release her!". Dooku says "My dear Lux, how could I let her live, after she had heard what I said?". Dooku signals as he walks away and a Super Battle Droid smacks Lux across the face, knocking him out cold.

Lux awakens a while later, to find himself in what was obviously a training centre. Dooku stood facing him with his lightsaber drawn. Lux uneasily got to his feet, his full full of anguish anmd remorse. Dooku tells Lux that they have harnessed his mind so all he thinks about is to kill Jedi. Dooku tells Lux he needs to see what he is like with a lightsaber, and so they duel. Lux's technique is poor, and Dooku frequently knocks Lux's lightsaber aside. Lux says "This is boring! You keep beating me every time!" and Dooku replies "Training does not come good so quickly, only patience and practice will bring results". Dooku then comments "Your skills are poweful, but we must test it against more powerful opponents. You will face off against the speedy Commando Droids, succeed, and you will get your first mission. Fail, and I kill you". Dooku signals and the doors are opened, and twenty Commando Droids come running out, taking shots at Lux, who deflects most of them, but taking a couple of shots to the shoulder. Lux defeats several Commando Droids, before losing his grip on the lightsaber and it falls out of reach. A Commando Droid knocks Lux onto the ground, but as it prepares to strike him, Lux gets up, grabs the droid and twists it around, using it as a shield while shooting the remaining droids. Once all the droids are destroyed, Lux picks up his lightsaber and Dooku comes down to congratulate him. Dooku says "Here is your first assignment, I am sure you know who this girl Jedi is, you two did meet each other once" handing him a holodisk of Ahsoka Tano. Lux feels a pang in his heart as he looks at Ahsoka on the holodisk, but knowing what he must do, as it was now in his mind to kill Jedi, he knew he must kill Ahsoka. Lux then leaves and gets a ship before leaving.

Lux Bonteri directs his ship and lands it on Coruscant. Lux walks through the streets of Coruscant, aware that Ahsoka is somewhere in the streets. Lux keeps on walking, when he sees a silver reflection. Knowing it could well be a lightsaber, Lux begins to follow. His curiousity rises when the silver reflection goes down a side street and disappears. Lux rounds the next corner, and does indeed spot Ahsoka walking down yet another side street. Lux follows her around the street, only to find himself faced by a Jedi Knight and at least six Riot Control Clone Troopers. The Jedi, named Reap, says "So your that young brat who's being mind-controlled to kill Jedi, correct?" and Lux replies "I am doing this out of your own accord!". Reap simply laughs and says "Boy! You don't even know what you're doing! And I'm going to kill you so you don't bother us Jedi again, regardless of that Padawan Ahsoka Tano wanting you to be spared!" 'So Ahsoka wanted him kept alive', Lux stowed this information away, saying to Reap "You'll provide some sport for me here!" as they ignite their lightsabers. Lux's red against Reap's blue. They lock lightsabers, but Lux's technique still hasn't improved and he loses his lightsaber quickly. Reap laughs loudly, saying "You cannot even duel boy!" Furious, Lux kicks Reap while he is still laughing, up the place that must not be mentioned. Lux quickly stabs Reap, while Reap lies on his knees, gasping from the pain. As the Jedi falls, Lux quickly disposes of the Riot Control Clone Troopers. With one left, Lux slices the last one's helmet off so he can talk to him, face to face. Lux yells at the Clone, who looked no older than sixteen, "Where does Ahsoka Tano stay?" and the Clone replies "I, cannot tell you that kid" and Lux replies "If you tell me, I will let you live..." the Clone tells Lux it is an apartment, several clicks from there. Lux says "Thank you" curtly, before slicing the Clone down, before stalking off.

Lux finds himself in front of Ahsoka's apartment not long later, and says "This it is" as he starts to climb up the building, as the story ends!

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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 18: Confrontation On Kashyyyk

Characters: Darth Maul, Savage Opress, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Clone Captain Rex, R2-D2, Plo Koon, Yoda, Shaak Ti, Kashyyyk Camo ARF Troopers, Chewbacca, Wookiee Warriors, Clone Commander Cody, Zabrak Warriors.

*Means translation of any specie language into basic. For this episode it is used for Wookiee's*

Narration:"Jedi struck into turmoil! The Jedi have discovered that Savage Opress, has been hunting down and killing whoever he is ordered to. Unaware of who is ordering Savage to do these killings, the Jedi have put out a call for assistance, and the Wookiee's come forward with proof that Savage Opress is currently on their world of Kashyyyk. Now, the Jedi plan a strategy to take out Savage once and for all, and rescue Ahsoka Tano, who has been captured!"

Jedi Masters Yoda, Plo Koon, Shaak Ti, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker gather around a briefing table. Obi-Wan says "This situation is getting more and more disturbing. Savage and Maul could soon be more dangerous than they are already. And harm the entire galaxy" and Shaak Ti says "Which is why we must make sure at all costs, that they are defeated" and Yoda says "Backed by the Zabrak race, they will be. Bring a legion of clones, to aid you in this struggle, you should". Plo Koon says "We have a new batch of ARF Troopers, who are eager and have the gear to match the Kashyyyk environment" and Anakin says as he moves to leave the room "I'll find Captain Rex and link up with these troopers" as Yoda says "Obi-Wan, and Commander Cody, should join you and Rex, slow you down, they will, not so reckless, you will be then". Obi-Wan follows Anakin out the door as Plo Koon, Shaak Ti and Yoda watch them leave.

Anakin heads to the hangar of the Jedi Temple, to find the ARF Troopers ready by three Republic gunships. Captain Rex stands up from where he was sitting by the door, and says "General, we're taking these shiny's?" and Anakin replies "They are eager, and ready for our task. They'll do a good job at covering our backs while we handle the Sith" and Rex says solemnly "I'd like to say I'm convinced". The doors of the hangar open again and Obi-Wan and Clone Commander Cody walk in. Cody says "We'll be taking these gunships general!" and Obi-Wan replies "Excellent Cody. Squad one can join us in the first gunship, Anakin, Rex and squad two will take the second gunship, and squad three can have the last gunship to themselves" as they join Anakin and Rex. Rex says to Cody "Ready for another stellar mission, old boy" and Cody replies "Ready whenever you are Rex!" as they walk into their respective gunships. Anakin says to Obi-Wan "Meet you back on the surface Master!" before following Rex into the gunship, as Obi-Wan joins Cody.

The three Republic gunships come within site of Kashyyyk and the pilot of gunship two says "We are approaching Kashyyyk, we will rendezvous with the Wookiee's on the surface" and Anakin replies "Get us as close as you can to to the village, but not right inside it, as it will be easier to maneuver" and the pilot replies "Yes, sir!" and lands on the beach outside the village. Obi-Wan calls out to the troopers as they leave the gunships "Holster your weapons, everyone! We should not look like we want to endanger the Wookiee's or harm them" and Anakin says "Relax Master, they're on our side after all!" and Obi-Wan sighs and mutters to the ARF Troopers "Anakin has always been that brash"

Anakin and Obi-Wan are closely followed by Rex, Cody and the ARF Troopers as they enter the main Wookiee hut in the village. One of the Wookiee's gestures for Obi-Wan and Anakin to sit down. Anakin mutters "Pity C-3PO isn't here. You might have to resort to sign language" and Obi-Wan mutters back "Hush Anakin, Qui-Gon's teachings does have it's merits" and he says to the Wookiee's "My good friends. We have evidence that there are Sith on this planet holding a young Jedi hostage, *"My Padawan, in fact" chips in Anakin* and we will need your help if we are to rescue her alive and defeat the Zabrak Warriors and Sith that keep her as bounty. One of the Wookiee's points at the clone's and says *You have these men, so why not use them?* and Obi-Wan replies "Our men are good, but extra assistance is always helpful". The Wookiee understands and gestures for a group of ten Wookiee's to step forward. The Wookiee then says, pointing to the one at the head *This is Chewbacca, he is young, but he is already one of our most loyal, and brave warriors* and Obi-Wan says "Pleasure to meet you Chewbacca" as the two of them shake hands. The Wookiee then points them out and whispers *Good luck* as they leave.

Savage Opress watches the Republic gunships land and turns to Darth Maul and says "It is time. They have arrived" and Maul replies "You go hold them off, I have some thinking to do". Once Savage leaves, Maul goes deep into thought. Maul knows he must be rid of his brother if he is to rule the galaxy alone.

Savage rallies the other Zabrak Warriors and says "We must hold them off. You must handle the Republic Clone Troopers, I will handle the Jedi" and the Zabrak's reply "Yes, Savage!". The Republic gunships open and Anakin says "That's a lot of Zabrak's!" and Chewbacca lets out a roar. Obi-Wan says "Chewbacca says that numbers mean nothing, unless your counting the number of kills you've done". Cody and Rex join Anakin, Obi-Wan and Chewbacca. Rex says "Sir! The Zabrak's are spread in a wide formation. Not sure what they're planning" and Obi-Wan replies "I think a good idea would be to wait and see what they are planning" and Rex says "I agree with Kenobi. We can't be sure what they're planning at this moment. As the Republic forces start to move around, Savage screams "CHARGE!!!" and before the Republic forces can get organised, the Zabrak's are right on top of them. Several ARF Troopers and one Wookiee falls before the Republic can start to defend. Savage Opress smacks Anakin aside with his lightsaber hilt, before stabbing through the chest of one of the ARF Troopers. Obi-Wan rushes into prevent Savage attacking Cody by blocking the attack. Obi-Wan force pushes Savage back away from the clones. Anakin gets up from the ground and together he and Obi-Wan lock lightsabers with Savage.

The clones fight valiantly against the Zabrak's, but the Zabrak's have better weaponry. Soon into the battle, one Zabrak Warrior slices through an ARF Trooper before pushing the dead body into Captain Rex who stumbles and falls, dropping one pistol right beside him. The Zabrak quickly smacks the other pistol out of Rex's grip with his spear, before saying "Die clone" as he prepares to stab down with his spear. However, R2-D2 notices this and sprays some form of acid into the Zabrak's eyes, temporarily blinding him. Rex quickly scoops up his nearest pistol and shooting the Zabrak through the forehead. He grabs his other pistol, says "Thanks little guy", giving R2 a quick pat on the head before shooting at another Zabrak attempting to assault Chewbacca. Chewbacca retaliates by punching the Zabrak out cold. Cody and a Wookiee team up to floor another Zabrak. Two more Zabrak's fall at the guns of four ARF Troopers, leaving seven more Zabraks. They realize quickly that they are outnumbered, and as well now: Outgunned. One Zabrak calls out "Come on! We must leave, if we want to live!" and Savage screams "NOOOOOO!!!" before force pushing Anakin and Obi-Wan aside, he yells at the Zabrak's "You knew what you signed up for! You will NOT leave this fray of conflict!" and one Zabrak replies "We thought... that our weaponry would be good enough" and Savage replies "Fool! Weaponry doesn't win battles, skill does!" before deciding he had enough "Go then! *He roars at the other Zabrak's*, go back home, I can handle everyone here myself!". As the Zabrak's rush off, Savage turns to the drowsy Anakin and Obi-Wan and says "Now, I will show you Jedi raw power, and take you out!", but as Savage lifts his lightsaber to attack, a lightsaber is plunged through his back, and Savage crumples to the ground. Obi-Wan and Anakin look up to see who killed Savage Opress and they both gasp "Darth Maul!"

Obi-Wan is first to recover from the shock, and splutters at Maul "I- I don't understand... why did you kill him" and Maul coldly replies "I knew how powerful he was. How powerful he could become, and I could not allow that. Only I, can be the biggest Zabrak Sith". Anakin says "You're wrong, because we're taking you down too!" and Maul laughs and says "Bring it Jedi!". Obi-Wan and Anakin start to duel Maul. But Maul isn't the duelist he once was, and Anakin and Obi-Wan have improved, so it was a clear advantage. Obi-Wan soon slices half of Maul's lightsaber apart. Maul merely grunts and says "Lucky whelp!" before kicking Obi-Wan in the side of the ribs. Maul is unaware, however that Anakin is right behind him. Anakin force pushes Maul toward Obi-Wan and yells "Finish him Master!". Obi-Wan easily knocks the remainder of Maul's lightsaber aside, leaps over Maul, amd stabs him through the back of the heart, thinking "This one's for Qui-Gon Jinn!" as Maul, like his bother, falls.

As the shock of the battle wears in. Anakin says "Well, let's hope we don't have to take him out a third time" and Obi-Wan says "He's well and clearly dead Anakin, there's no way he's coming back". Anakin is about to reply when Rex appears saying "We found Ahsoka general!" and Anakin is shocked by his first look back at Ahsoka. Her face is bruised from the torture she went as the prisoner of Savage and Maul, but otherwise unhurt, and clearly delighted to see him, as she cries "Master!" and runs over to hug Anakin. Obi-Wan merely chuckles and says "Better not get used to that Anakin!". Anakin says to Rex and Cody "We need to return to Coruscant and give our full report to the council" and they head for the gunships as the story ends!

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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 17: Danger Hunt

Characters: Savage Opress, Darth Maul, Ahsoka Tano, Padme Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Clone Commander Fox, Clone Trooper Jek, Yoda, Mace Windu, Anakin Skywalker, Jar-Jar Binks, Gungan Warriors, Captain Tarpals.

Narration:"Zabrak attacked! Count Dooku ordered General Grievous to hunt down and kill former apprentice Savage Opress, but, Savage Opress escaped and came across his brother Darth Maul, now, Darth Maul tells Savage about Savage's new assignments!"

Darth Maul and Savage Opress sit in a cave and after a few minutes silence, Maul says "You fought well against those Jedi" and Savage replies "Thank you" but Maul adds "But that was the easy business" before saying "I want you to go and engage the Gungan population, wipe them all out" and after that, Maul takes out a hologram of a Jedi Padawan and says "This is Ahsoka Tano, I want you to capture her so we can lure Master's Kenobi and Skywalker into a trap" and Savage replies "It will be done, my brother" before walking out of the cave.

On Naboo, A Gungan Warrior approaches Captain Tarpals and says "Tarpals, sir! Thersa a bombad black plague coming thisa way!" and Tarpals grabs a pair of binoculars and after spotting what the Gungan saw, he turns to the Gungan and says furiously "Thisa not a plague! It,s a black ship heading thisa way!" and the Gungan says "Oh" as Tarpals starts dishing out orders to other Gungans, saying "Surround the ship, confront whoever it is trying to cause chaos to our home!"

Savage Opress lands the ship and four Gungans stop him as he walks down the ramp of the ship. One gungan says "Halt! State your business!" and Savage replies "If I told you, I would have to kill you, or maybe I will anyway!" before stabbing through the chest of the Gungan before force pushing the other three aside. Two more Gungans after seeing their comrade's fall, rush to take out Savage. Savage easily dodges the clumsy attacks before slicing the staffs that both Gungan's carried in half, before slicing across both Gungan's, killing them. Savage Opress continues on right to the very swamp, where Tarpals is waiting with ten more Gungan's behind him. Tarpals says "A Zabrak? oh, this should make for a fun fight!" and he charges at Savage with his staff and attacks at Savage who blocks, but as Savage attacks at Tarpals, he cannot defeat the brave, stubborn Gungan. As the fight goes on, Savage receives a message from Maul on his comlink saying "You've wasted enough time here! Leave, and capture that Padawan" and Savage instantly kicks Tarpals in the stomach before force pushing Tarpals into the other Gungan,s before giving them all a dose of force lightning to keep them down as Savage rushes back to his ship to fly to Coruscant.

On Coruscant inside the Jedi temple. Senator Padme Amidala and Representative Jar-Jar Binks head into the Jedi control room to find Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Mace Windu, and Anakin Skywalker already there. Jar-Jar bursts out angrily as he enters "Thisa outrageous! Thisa unreal! Mesa kin have been attacked!" and Yoda replies "We understand your pain Representative Binks, but nothing we can do at the moment" and Mace adds "No one saw the Zabrak escape to, so we are at loss to know where he will strike next. They ponder the silence for a few minutes before Padme turns to Anakin and says "Didn't you have dealings with this yellow-skinned Zabrak before?" and Anakin replies "Yes, me and Obi-Wan confronted him first on Toydaria, then on a Separatist dreadnaught" and Obi-Wan adds "Whatever this Zabrak does, it seems to be unexpected, the killing of Katuunko, now an assault on the Gungan race, what next?" and Yoda says "On high alert, place the citizens of Coruscant, strike here, they might" and Anakin says "Agreed, I'll go warn Ahsoka, she'll be in the Underworld at the moment with a couple of Clone's as escort" and he, Padme and Jar-Jar leave the room.

Savage Opress lands his ship on the Underworld and leaves to look for Ahsoka. He walks quickly through the streets, knowing he must find and capture her fast, as to not fail his brother again.

As Savage walks, he takes out the file Maul gave him of Jedi Ahsoka Tano and memorizes what she looks like so he will have no trouble telling what Togruta he is loking for.

Savage Opress keeps hurriedly walking on and finally spots Ahsoka Tano walking to a side street away from the crowd with two Clone Troopers. Savage checks the files Maul supplied him with and identiefied them as Trooper Jek and Commander Fox. Savage smiles to himself as Ahsoka and the Clone's enter the side street and thinks "Perfect" to himself as he jumps down behind them, engaging half of his lightsaber as he jumps. Ahsoka immediately turns and ignites her long lightsaber before saying to Savage "You must be that Zabrak my Master warned me about?" and Savage replies "Most likely" and Ahsoka says to the Clone's "Jek, Fox, cover me!" and she ignites her shoto as well and attacks Savage, who blocks the attack, and seizes Ahsoka by the throat before hurling her into the wall of a building. Fox and Jek open fire on Savage who simply slices there weapons in half, before force choking both at the same time and throwing them against each other. As the Clone's collapse, Ahsoka charges at Savage who again blocks her attack, before swiveling and giving Ahsoka a firm kick in the side of the ribcage. Ahsoka gasps and collapses, unconcious. Savage waits until Ahsoka hits the ground before picking her up and bringing her back to the ship, before tying Ahsoka against part of the ship using a rope.

Savage Opress arrives on Kashyyyk where Maul told him to go and he deposits Ahsoka at Maul's feet and says "As requested, I have returned with the Padawan" and Maul replies "Excellent". Maul ten turns around and adds "I know how these Jedi work. They will send out a force to try and rescue her, and hopefully Kenobi will be sent" and Savage looks at Maul and says "You want to fight him again?" and Maul, his eyes blazing with anger "I want to make him suffer for the state he has left me in!" as the story ends!