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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 42: Relations

Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chewbacca, Clone Trooper Bolt, Dr Evazan, Tusken Raiders, Womp Rats, Ruwee Naberrie, Jobal Naberrie, Sola Naberrie, Padme Amidala, Clone Trooper Wire, Commander Cody, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Watto.

Narration: "Rescue mission! On the surface of Tatoinne, Obi-Wan Kenobi and two accomplices attempt to rescue imprisoned locals of Mos Eisley. Above the surface, Jedi Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano and Senator Padme Amidala plan to rescue Obi-Wan!"

Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano walk into the T-6 Jedi Shuttle they are taking to Tatoinne. They find Clone Trooper Wire, Commander Cody and Senator Padme Amidala waiting for them onside the ship. Cody turns to Anakin, and says, "Latest word from Bolt is that Obi-Wan is inside the prison, trying to free the locals". Padme says, "So, it seems that this time it is Master Kenobi being the reckless one" before adding "You appear to be having a bad influence on him, Anakin". Anakin just calmly replies "I try my best, Padme". Ahsoka adds "Yeah, you're best to make everyone follow your example". Cody says, "If you are done messing about, we do have some people to rescue" and Wire adds, "We must get my buddy Bolt out of there, alive!". Anakin takes the pilot's seat, and flies them down to the surface.

Meanwhile, down on the surface. Obi-Wan has rescued the prisoners from the prison cell. As he leads them away, Obi-Wan and the prisoners are surrounded by Evazan and several Tusken Raiders. Evazan spits at Obi-Wan, "You! I remember you! You're that male who took that Wookie away from me!" and Obi-Wan replies "I hope you're not missing him too much!". Evazan draws a pistol and shoots at Obi-Wan, but Obi-Wan ignites his lightsaber and deflects the blaster bolt. As Evazan orders the Tusken Raiders to execute the locals, the Tusken Raiders are shot down, and Bolt and Chewbacca reveal themselves. Evazan turns around and runs, with blaster bolts from Bolt whistling past him. Obi-Wan and Chewbacca hand some of the prisoners the Tusken Raiders guns to them. Another squad of Tusken Raiders comes and attacks them, but are shot down by Bolt and the prisoners. Obi-Wan leads the prisoners down the prison block to try and find the exit.

The T-6 shuttle lands and Wire, Cody, Anakin, Padme and Ahsoka leave the shuttle and walk through the sand of Tatoinne. Padme says, "Home again, Ani!" and Anakin replies "I wish I never had to come to the place I had to call, 'home'". Padme frowns at that, but is distracted when seven Tusken Raiders on speeder bikes zoom towards them, and start to shoot at them. Cody and Wire return fire, while Ahsoka and Anakin ignite their lightsabers and deflect the bolts. Padme, Cody and Wire team up to shoot the speeder bikes, knocking the Tusken Raiders off the speeder bikes, as Ahsoka and Anakin rush into finish off the Tusken Raiders. Ahsoka notes how Anakin seems to particularly relish killing the Tusken Raiders. Once the Tusken Raiders are finished off, Ahsoka says "We should go look for General Kenobi" and Wire adds "And Bolt", and Ahsoka says "And Bolt". The five then walk off towards the prison block.

Obi-Wan, Bolt and Chewbacca lead the prisoners down an alley in the prison block. They turn another corner but find hundreds of Womp Rats behind them. Jobal Naberrie shrieks "Horrible!" about the Womp Rats. Bolt and Chewbacca shoot at the Womp Rats, killing about twenty of them. Just when it looks like they will be overun by the Womp Rats, several explosions and bolts disintigrate the Womp Rats, and Wire and Cody step up from the ruins of the Womp Rats. Bolt calls out, "Wire!" and the two friends run up to each other, while Cody says to Obi-Wan, "General, Skywalker and Tano are looking to try and capture Dr Evazan" and Obi-Wan replies "Very good Cody, let's move!".

Anakin, Ahsoka and Padme look around for Evazan, but soon after they start looking, they see a ship leaving the system. Ahsoka says "I sense that our criminal was on that ship!" and Anakin replies, "I sense it too. We need to find Obi-Wan". Anakin, Ahsoka and Padme walk into the prison block, where they find Obi-Wan, Bolt, Wire, Cody, Chewbacca and the prisoners. Sola calls out "Padme!" and Padme hugs her older sister. Ahsoka walks over to Chewbacca, saying, "Hello, Chewbacca. Long time no see!" and Chewbacca nods in agreement. Anakin says to Obi-Wan, "Obi-Wan, Evazan escaped leaving on a ship" and Obi-Wan replies "Not our ship, I hope?" and Anakin replies, "Thankfully, not". Anakin and Obi-Wan re-join the others. The prisoners head back to Mos Eisley, while the Republic forces head for their T-6 shuttle as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 41: Fate or Chance

Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chewbacca, Dr Evazan, Clone Trooper Bolt, Tusken Raiders, Womp Rats, Owen Lars, Beru Lars, Ruwee Naberrie, Jobal Naberrie, Sola Naberrie.

Narration; "Downed on Tatoinne! Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Clone forces were ambushed by General Grievous on a distant planet! Having been seperated from most of his forces, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Clone Trooper Bolt seek help on Tatoinne, so they can return to the Jedi Temple!"

Obi-Wan Kenobi and CT-554, nicknamed "Bolt" walk through the sreets of Mos Eisley. Obi-Wan advises Bolt, "There are many thugs in this area. Keep an eye out. Stay alert!" and Bolt replies "Yes, General". Obi-Wan and Bolt continue walking until they reach the entrance to the Mos Eisley Cantina. Obi-Wan halts Bolt, before saying, "There are many criminals who come here. We'll split up, and look for someone who can help us". Obi-Wan and Bolt walk inside. Bolt slips off to the far side of the Cantina, while Obi-Wan helps himself to a drink. A few moments later, Bolt returns, sliding over to where Obi-Wan is standing, and whispers, "General! No leads on anyone who can help us. But I saw something you might want to see. Several thugs were tormenting and torturing a Wookie over there". Obi-Wan follows Bolt over to where the Wookie is being tortured. Bolt makes to draw his DC-15 blaster, but Obi-Wan stops him, whispering, "No! If they see your weapon, they'll be able to tell you're a Clone Trooper. Then they could bring Dooku here!". Obi-Wan sneaks up to the thugs, who continue to torture the Wookie as if Obi-Wan wasn't there. Obi-Wan calmly asks, "What are you doing?". The chief torturer turns angrily to Obi-Wan and snaps, "My name is Dr Evazan, and I do what I want to!". Bolt comes out of his hiding place and punches out two of the thugs. Obi-Wan force pushes Evazan and the others away, before quickly untieing the Wookie, and as Evazan looks on in rage, Obi-Wan and Bolt help the Wookie escape.

Obi-Wan and Bolt bring the Wookie to they're little camp outside of Mos Eisley. As Bolt flashes a torchlight across the Wookie's face, the full extent of the torture Evazan gave it comes full into focus. Several slashes of the flesh having been sliced open are just parts of it. Obi-Wan gets a bigger shock when he recognizes the Wookie, who he knows as "Chewbacca". Obi-Wan whispers to Chewbacca, "Chewbacca?" and Bolt says "What's that, Sir?" and Obi-Wan replies "It's the name of this Wookie, Chewbacca". Chewbacca grunts in pain as he wakes up. Chewbacca notices Obi-Wan, recognizes him, and smiles. Chewbacca looks questioningly at Bolt, and Obi-Wan says "This is Bolt, one of our Clone Troopers. We had to disguise him so he would not be recognized". Chewbacca nods in an understanding way. Chewbacca says to them both, *That evil git who was torturing me, has been rounding up the locals here, and imprisoning them. I tried to free them, but was captured and tortured*. Obi-Wan says "Do you know where?" and Chewbacca replies *Yes, in a prison block not far from here. Crawling with Womp Rats*. Bolt asks, "Can you get us a ride away from here?" and Chewbacca replies, *Yes. But on one condition*. Obi-Wan says as Bolt doesn't know Wookie, "What is this condition?" and Chewbacca replies, *We free those locals*. Obi-Wan, Chewbacca and Bolt get up and leave. Bolt whispers to Obi-Wan, "How do you understand Wookie?" and Obi-Wan replies, "When you have a Master like mine in Qui-Gon Jinn, you learn a good deal" as they head off towards the prison block.

At the prison block, Evazan is overseeing the arrival of new prisoners, which include Owen and Beru Lars, and Padme Amidala's family (Ruwee, Jobal and Sola). Owen is tired after a hard days work, and stumbles, falling to the ground at Evazan's feet at one point. The mad Evazan just yells, "Come on you maggots! On your feet and move on!". Evazan turns to several Tusken Raiders and says, "Guard this place well! That escaped Wookie might try something again!"

Later in the night, Obi-Wan, Chewbacca and Bolt run for the prison block, and hide behind a bit of cover as Tusken Raiders look their way. Obi-Wan signals and Bolt peels away around the other side of the Tusken Raiders, before opening fire on them, and shooting down a couple. While the Tusken's are distracted, Chewbacca shoots at them with a Wookie bowcaster. While the Tusken's turn on Chewbacca, Bolt breaks cover and shoots some more Tusken's, before Obi-Wan jumps behind them and slices down the rest. As Womp Rats head their way to attack, Bolt says to Obi-Wan, "Keep going, General! Chewbacca and I will handle these!" and Obi-Wan replies "Alright, Bolt!" and he runs into the prison block.

One of the Tusken Raiders guarding the prison cell here's a clanging noise. The Tusken Raider goes to investigate, but doesn't come out alive because Obi-Wan slices his head off. The remaing three Tusken Raiders charge at Obi-Wan, who calmly defeats, and kills them. Obi-Wan then uses his lightsaber to cut through the prison cell door, and the cell door falls down and opens as the story ends!

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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 40: Republic Seperation

Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Waxer, Boil, Commander Cody, Bolt, Wire, General Grievous, TJ-912, Battle Droids, Destroyer Droids, 212th Legion Clones, Watto.

Narration: “Conflict! Above a distant world, Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Clone forces stand in a Republic Star Destroyer, waiting for more Cruisers to join them, but General Grievous, has plans of his own!”

212th Clone Troopers salute as Obi-Wan Kenobi walks into the bridge of the Venator-Class Star Destroyer. Obi-Wan heads for Cody, Waxer and Boil who are gathered around a hologram table. Obi-Wan asks "What's the word on General Grievous" and Cody replies "Reports have it that he is coming out of hyperspace now. He's pretty much right on top of us". Obi-Wan says "Good, before turning to new Troopers Bolt and Wire, saying "You both know what to do". Bolt and Wire salute and say "Yes, Sir!" before turning and leading a squad of 212th Clones down to the hangar.

The Separatist Frigate led by General Grievous comes out of hyperspace, and Grievous stops by the Boarding Ships they will be using for the mission. Grievous turns to one of the Battle Droids staying behind, and says, "Make sure they do not stray out of the planned position. One bit out of place could ruin the plan!" and the Battle Droid replies, "Roger, roger!" as Grievous boards a Boarding Ship with Battle Droids and Destroyer Droids.

The Boarding Ships hit the Republic Cruiser, and hundreds of Battle Droids are unloaded into the hangar. Bolt yells, "Ready your weapons! Now!" and the Clones, including Bolt and Wire open fire on the Battle Droids coming out. Several Clones are killed, but many Battle Droids are destroyed. Grievous says, "Bring out our little surprise!" and suddenly two more Boarding Ships crash into the Cruiser, directly on either side of the Clones position. Bolt says "What the-?" as more Battle Droids pour out, this time joined by Grievous, who ignites two lightsabers. Grievous calls, "Wipe them all out!". Wire says, "We have no chance! We must escape!". Bolt and Wire turn and run through the hangar doors, but the other Clones are surrounded in the hangar, and are soon all wiped out. Wire contacts Obi-Wan and says, "General Kenobi! There are too many of them! We must escape via the pods!" and Obi-Wan replies "Very well, trooper. I'm on my way!" and with that, Obi-Wan, Cody, Waxer and Boil snatch up their weapons and run for the pods.

Grievous enters the hallway just as Obi-Wan, Boil, Waxer and Cody appear. Obi-Wan says, "You three go on, I'll delay Grievous!". As the three Clones run off, Grievous laughs and says "If you can!" and attacks Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan parries and blocks the attack, force-pushing Grievous into the wall, before heading down another hallway. Grievous follows but find Obi-Wan has disappeared. Obi-Wan uses the ventilation system to take a route to the escape pods.

Obi-Wan arrives to find the remaing Clones holding back squads of Battle Droids. Obi-Wan force-pushes most of them away, but they are joined by Destroyer Droids, who activate their shields, making lightsaber or blaster attacks impossible. One Battle Droid contacts Grievous and says, "General! The Jedi are at the escape pods!" just as the Droids are defeated, and Cody, Wire, Waxer and Boil clamber into one escape pod. Grievous yells to the Separatist Frigate "Open fire on the Republic Cruiser!" and the Battle Droid on the other end of the transmission says, "But- But, Sir! You're still on board!" and Grievous replies "That does not matter. Target they're rear end! and the area near the escape pods are hit, forcing Obi-Wan and Bolt to fall into the other escape pod, and forcing both to activate, and get jettisoned in two different directions. Grievous sees this, and a Battle Droid says to him, "What do we do now? Chase them, or tell them they got away?". Grievous grabs the Battle Droid, and hurls it out of the ship saying, "The one thar got away"...

Bolt and Obi-Wan's escape pod crash-lands on Tatoinne. Bolt shakily clambers out, and says "Quite the landing there" and Obi-Wan, who seems unruffled, says, "Indeed. Anakin would have been proud". Obi-Wan says to Bolt, "They will recognize you as a Clone Trooper, we need to disguise you". Much later, Obi-Wan asks, "How is it?" and Bolt replies, "Not my cup of tea, but at this stage stranded here, I'll have to go with it". Obi-Wan and Bolt walk into the nearest place, and spotting a place he remembers, Obi-Wan says, "Ah! If I'm not mistaken, this is the place of that Watto, my late Master had a bet with once!" and Bolt says, "Think he can help us?" and Obi-Wanb replies, "Well, it is worth a try", and they enter Watto's place.

Watto confronts them as soon as they enter, saying "No! No more bets! I'm out of luck on all podracer bets lately!" and Obi-Wan replies "We do not want to bet. We need your help, with some information". Watto turns, recalling that voice, and says "Ob-? Obi!" he says, remembering Obi-Wan. Watto says, "It is good to see you!" and Obi-Wan replies "Good to see you too Watto, do you know where the best place to get a ship would be?" and Watto replies "Hmm. Many pilots go to the Mos Eisley Cantina. Perhaps, you will have some luck there?" and Obi-Wan replies "Thank you" before bowing. Obi-Wan and Bolt turn and leave as the story ends!

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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 39: Padawan Rescue

Characters: Ahsoka Tano, Plo Koon, Admiral Coburn, Mace Windu, Adi Gallia, Commander Wolffe, Wolfpack Troopers, Stak, Razor, Clone Tank Gunners, General Grievous, Commando Droids, Battle Droids.

Narration: “Ahsoka Tano is held hostage by General Grievous! Now, it is up to Masters Plo Koon, Mace Windu and Adi Gallia to rescue her!”

Plo Koon walks through the hangar of the Venator-Class Star Destroyer heading for the planet Ahsoka Tano is being held on. Plo walks up to Admiral Coburn, Adi Gallia and Mace Windu who are standing by several Republic Gunships. Mace says “Are we ready to board the gunship’s?” and Coburn replies “Yes, General. The gunship’s have all been prepared for this assignment”. Just as the JedI are about to board their respective gunships, a voice calls out “Hold up!” and they see Commander Wolffe running towards them. Plo asks, “What is it, Commander?” and Wolffe replies “Just got word that the Separatists have deployed Proton Cannons everywhere. There’s no way we can use gunship’s to land there!” and Plo says, “That is ill news”. Mace looks thoughtful for a moment, and says, “What if we use the Turbo Tanks to land, they are firm vehicles that would land well”. Wolffe chuckles, before saying “That tactic would definitely suit General Skywalker!” and Mace replies “I hope he doesn’t find out about this”… before they all head for the Turbo Tanks.

The Clone Turbo Tanks are deployed from the Star Destroyer, and they plummet down towards the surface, making a big impact landing. Plo Koon leads Wolffe and Wolfpack Troopers through the left side of the forest, Mace Windu, Stak and Razor run through another part, while Adi Gallia defends the Turbo Tanks. Battle Droids spot Plo and his men, one Battle Droids calls out, “Fire!” and they rain fire on Plo and the Wolfpack, killing two Wolfpack Troopers. Wolffe, Plo and the remaining Wolfpack Troopers take cover behind trees. Wolffe mutters to Plo “General. There’s no other way around! We’re going to have to rush those clankers!” and Plo replies “Agreed, Commander Wolffe. Let’s go!” and Plo jumps behind the Battle Droids concealed cover, and slices a few of them up. Wolffe yells, “You heard him lads. Let’s go!” and he and the Wolfpack Troopers run forward, firing as they move, eliminating the Battle Droids.

Adi Gallia manages to repel all the Commando Droids attacking the Turbo Tanks, and once she slices down the last one, she yells to the Tank Gunners, “They’re all wiped out! Target those Proton Cannons!” and the Clone Tank Gunners use the Turbo Tanks to wipe out the Proton Cannons, smashing them into oblivion. Not far away, Mace Windu runs forward with Stak and Razor. Mace tells them what he wants them to do, before they continue on their way. Mace walks through the forest and confronts Grievous, who stands looming over the prone body of Ahsoka Tano. Mace says “Hand her over!” to Grievous who replies “Not a chance!” and he ignites his four lightsabers. Mace ignites his own and starts to duel Grievous, until Grievous grabs Mace by the knee, and holds him upside down. The blood rushes to Mace Windu’s head. In the forest, Razor and Stak are watching this, Razor nudges Stak and says “The distraction is working, let’s move!” and Razor and Stak get to their feet and run to the body of Ahsoka, and untie her. Grievous notices this, and with a roar of fury, drops Mace and makes for Razor, Stak and Ahsoka. Mace recovers in time though to force push Grievous into the wall. While Grievous is wounded, Mace, Stak, Razor and Ahsoka run for it, through the forest, where they meet back up with Adi Gallia, Plo, Wolffe and the remaining Clones, leaving on the gunship’s that just arrived, as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 38: Grievous Attack

Characters: Ahsoka Tano, General Grievous, Magnaguards, Cristi Dom, Commando Droids, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Battle Droids, Commander Cody, 212th Legion Clones, Mace Windu, Darth Sidious, Kit Fisto, Agen Kolar, Saesee Tiin, Plo Koon, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Padme Amidala.

Narration: “Crashed! Ahsoka Tano crash-landed on a Separatist planet during a recent battle! There, she met a Twi’Lek called Cristi Dom, upon entering Cristi’s home, they discovered that General Grievous had been there and left his mark! Now, with the shock reeling in of the light’s going out, what will happen next to the two females?!”

Ahsoka Tano and Cristi Dom wait in silence as they hear footsteps coming around the back of the house. Suddenly, and without warning, the back door is kicked down and standing there is General Grievous. Ahsoka ignites her lightsaber and attacks Grievous, who immediately blocks her attack. Ahsoka fights well, but Grievous’s four lightsabers are too much for her, and Grievous soon enough defeats Ahsoka by kicking her onto the ground. Grievous clasps Ahsoka by the neck, as his Magnaguards overpower Cristi, sending her pistol flying away. Grievous says, “Now, we shall take them to the execution spot!” and, still clasping Ahsoka by the neck, Grievous leaves, and the Magnaguards follow with Cristi.

Upon the arrival at the execution spot, Grievous has Ahsoka and Cristi tied up against a wall. Grievous says, “Your friend won’t have to suffer at all” and he backs away and a Commando Droid executes Cristi right away. Ahsoka watches in horror at this. The Commando Droid then unties Cristi, before dragging her lifeless body away. Grievous turns back to Ahsoka, saying, “You on the other hand, will suffer. I am going to torture you, and enjoy doing it. Scared, youngling?” and Ahsoka replies “Of you, no”. Grievous says, “Would you like to see the future?”. Ahsoka grimaces, and replies “If it’s a pleasant one, yes” and Grievous says “Not today”. Grievous then signals and a Magnaguard comes forward and stabs Ahsoka in the stomach with it’s electro-staff. While, the Magnaguard has it’s electro-staff in Ahsoka’s stomach, Grievous flicks a switch, and suddenly Ahsoka starts to see visions.

Ahsoka first sees Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker cutting up Battle Droids on a Separatist Flagship, Obi-Wan and Anakin duelling Grievous, Commander Cody and 212th Clones rushing Battle Droids in the Battle of Utapau, Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, Agen Kolar and Saesee Tiin duelling Sidious, Plo Koon’s star fighter crashing, Anakin and Obi-Wan duelling on Mustfar, Anakin shouting “I HATE YOU!” at Obi-Wan, and finally Padme Amidala giving birth to Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa.

Ahsoka wakes up from these visions to find she is sweating, shocked and upset by what she saw. Grievous leans towards her and says, “I am only showing you this because I will soon kill you. You have one hour”.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Plo Koon are in the JedI Temple when they receive a transmission from the Separatists. Obi-Wan activates it and Grievous appears, saying, “Greetings! As you can see, I have Padawan Ahsoka Tano in my custody, and I will kill her very soon unless you rescue her! You have one hour!” and Grievous laughs maniacally before disappearing. Anakin says, “Let’s go!”, but Plo intervenes, “You are still worn out after your many assignments. I shall go and take Masters Gallia and Windu with me” and Obi-Wan nods his agreement, as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 37: Stranded

Characters: Ahsoka Tano, Admiral Yularen, Clone Naval Officers, ARC-170 Pilots, R7-A7, C4-T9, Cristi Dom.

Narration: “Conflict! Across many battlefields, some JedI Padawans are forced to take charge of missions! One such conflict, above the planet of Codoma, Ahsoka Tano prepares to lead a fighter attack, against a lone Separatist frigate that appeared on her scopes! She is as of yet unaware, of what will happen next!”

Ahsoka Tano stands on the bridge of a Venator-Class Star Destroyer, looking out into space, where a Separatist frigate has just appeared. She turns to several of the Clone Naval Officers on the bridge with her, and says, “Get me Admiral Yularen!”. One of the Clone Naval Officers obliges, and a holgram of Yularen appears before Ahsoka. Ahsoka asks, “Are the pilots ready to battle?” and Yularen replies “Yes. They are just boarding their ARC-170 star fighters now in fact”. Ahsoka says “Good. I will join them in the fray. Admiral, keep an eye on the bridge while I’m waiting”. Yularen says “Yes, Commander Ahsoka”.

Ahsoka hops in her JedI Starfighter, and leads a squadron of ARC-170 star fighters out of the Star Destroyer. Ahsoka transmits to the ARC-170 pilots, “Follow my tail, and cover my back. This could be a rough one!” and they all reply “Yes, Commander Tano!”. Vulture Droids race out from the Separatist Frigate, one ARC-170 Pilot yells, “Lock onto your targets!” and they open fire, the battle turning into a reckless one, almost immediately a damaged Vulture Droid narrowly missing smashing into Ahsoka’s star fighter. Ahsoka being forced to a spinning move Anakin Skywalker would have been proud of. Ahsoka manages to shoot down several Vulture Droids, but after the loss of many ARC-170’s, Ahsoka realizes the battle is lost. As she contemplates whether to retreat or not, she is hit with a powerful blast that could not have come from a Vulture Droid. Ahsoka looks up, and her horror, sees that another two Separatist Frigates have joined the battle. Knowing the battle is definitely lost, Ahsoka decides now would be a good time to retreat, but realizes her ship is on fire! As she realizes that she had taken a big hit, her ship goes into an uncontrollable spin and heads for a planet, which she crashes on heavily. On the bridge, Yularen had watched this all with horror, and calls out, “Retreat! Retreat!” to the remaining Republic forces. Yularen looking stricken as he knows that Ahsoka landed on a Separatist-controlled planet, but with no choice left, they evacuate the system.

Ahsoka Tano wakes up hours later, bruised she notices, but not hurt. She can’t say the same for her Droid through, R7-A7, whose remains she finds shattered underneath her destroyed starfighter. She realizes pretty soon she is being watched, and she turns around to find a orange Twi’Lek standing there. Ahsoka notes how this Twi’Lek is pretty much the same as Aayla Secura, and similar fashion sense, but with orange skin. Ahsoka asks, “Who are you?” and the Twi’Lek replies “My name is Cristi Dom. I know who you are, you are a JedI. This is a heavy Separatist world, you won’t find much assistance here” and Ahsoka replies, “I crash landed here during a battle, I had no choice”. Cristo says “Neither did we, when the Separatists occupied us. But, with time, most of us grew to like the Separatists”. Ahsoka says, “You said ‘most’?” and Cristi replies “I’m proof of that. Not all of us like them. I’m sure you might have heard of Ryloth’s struggles, those of us here that detest them, see it as similar to that”. Cristi looks around nervously, muttering, “Anyway, we shouldn’t be here! I’ll conceal you in my home for tonight, and arange a ship to escort you off world tomorrow!”.

Ahsoka follows Cristi Dom into her home, which to both their surprise is in ruins. As they search the decimated place, Cristi asks, “Who could have done this?” and Ahsoka replies “I’m sure we’ll find some answers”. Ahsoka’s foot nudges something, and she finds a protocol droid lying destroyed on the ground. Cristi says “That was my droid. C4-T9”. Ahsoka says, “It seems whoever dismantled your place, destroyed your possesions, and you’re droid too!”. Ahsoka looks around and spots something on a table. Ahsoka and Cristi walk forward together. Cristi activates it, and a hologram of General Grievous appears, Cristi and Ahsoka watch as Grievous destroys most of Cristi’s belongings, and destroying the unfortunate C4-T9. Once the holgram fades, Ahsoka says “Grievous is here! We’re in for a sleepless night, it seems!”. Suddenly, the lights in the house fade, as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 36: The Last Stand

Characters: CT-544 Bolt, CT-212 Rowdy, CT-115 Wire, CT-444 Looker, CT-502 Phantom, Anakin Skywalker, Count Dooku, Harch Admiral Blocker, Commando Droids, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Commander Cody, Commander Gree, Commander Bly, Draa.

Narration: “Assist! Upon hearing of the struggle the young Clones on Teth are facing, Anakin Skywalker and Captain Rex race to assist them, but can they arrive in time, or will it be too late to save the young Clones!”

Count Dooku’s Solar Sailor touches down on the surface of Teth. The nervous, fidgeting Admiral Blocker comes to meet him. Dooku walks confidently up to Blocker, and asks, “Have you taken care of the Clones yet?” and Blocker replies “Not yet, my Lord. But we will have them”. Dooku coldly says, “It’s taken too long”… Blocker pleads, “Give me just one more chance!” and Dooku replies “You’ve had your chances!” before swiftly, taking out his lightsaber and executing Blocker himself, plunging his lightsaber through Blocker’s chest. Blocker falls, but Dooku is already moving away from the dead body. Dooku addresses all the Commandro Droids present, “Get into your battalions, go, and eliminate those puny Clones, once, and for all!”. Dooku watches calmly as the Commando Droids leave.

Meanwhile, Bolt and Wire have re-united with Phantom, Looker and Rowdy. Rowdy asks, “Where’s Knock-Off?” and Wire replies “Dead”. Bolt asks, “Where’s Skippy?” and Looker replies “Dead”. Phantom says “Well! At least us five are still alive!”. Bolt grimaces at this, and grumbles, “Yeah? But for how long?”. Wire adds “We should keep moving, try and get away from the Separatists”. The others nod their agreement and they set off.

The five Clones come to an edge of a cliff, and start to walk cautiously along it. Once they reach the other side, a loud noise catches their attention, and Looker yells out “Clankers!” and points at a squad of oncoming Commando Droids on Staps. The Clone’s fight back, but despite defeating a couple of Commando Droids, are overpowered and disarmed. One Commando Droid says “Against the wall! Hands up!” and the Clones do as they are told.

Not far off, Anakin and Rex land the T-6 shuttle they were piloting. Rex hears an explosion a few clicks to the right, turns to Anakin, and says, “You hear that, General Skywalker?” and Anakin replies “Sounds like our Clones, could be the source of that”. Anakin goes deep into thought for a moment, before saying “Rex. I want you to go and see what’s going on. I’ll do a bit of scouting!” and Rex replies “Yes, Sir!” as Anakin runs off.

Rex soon finds himself at the top of a cliff, and looking down says “Well, well” as he finds that below him, are the five Clones held hostage”. Rex, with the predatory instincts of a hunter, slides noiselessly down the cliff and sneaks around to the side of the hostages. He watches as one Commando Droid punches a Trooper, which is Bolt, who mouths-off at the Droid, and receives another punch. Rex decides now is the time to act, and he draws his DC-17 blaster pistols out of his holster and rushes the Commando Droids, firing as he goes. Four Commando Droids instantly crumple, while the remaining four are distracted, the prisoners jump at them, Looker and Phantom jumping and squashing one, Wire grabbing a Droid E-11 blaster before destroying a Commando Droid with it, Bolt kicking one over the edge of the cliff, while Rowdy slide-tackles the last one, sending it toppling over. Rex comes forward to come fact-to-face with the young Clones, who all salute at him saying “Sir!” and Rex replies “At ease!”. Bolt braves himself for a talk to a superior officer, saying, “You fought pretty well there, Captain” and Rex replies “You improvised your fighting pretty well there, considering you were un-armed, rookie”. Rex notices Bolt give a slight smile at the last word, that could have been a grimace. Rex says “Come on! We have a shuttle waiting!”

As Rex and the five Rookie’s find the shuttle, they see Anakin locked in a duel with Dooku. Rex yells out “General Skywalker! I have the Rookie’s!” and Anakin yells back, “Get them onboard the shuttle!”. Rex and the five Rookie’s clamber aboard the shuttle. Anakin force pushes Dooku aside before jumping into the ship and piloting them away.

Much later, onboard a Jedi Cruiser, Obi-Wan and Anakin present medals to the five Rookie’s who survived the mission. Each medal says “Showing Valiant Bravery On Teth”. Obi-Wan then says, as the Rookie’s inspect their medals, “It has been decided which of you will go into which legion” and Anakin adds “It is your duty to be dedicated to your legion, regardless of which one you would have preferred” and the five Clones nod in agreement. Obi-Wan says “All the Clone leaders of the possible legions are here” indicating Rex, Cody, Gree, Bly. Draa standing just behind Gree, is also present. Obi-Wan then continues “These are the selections: Rowdy; You will be in the 501st. Phantom; Into the 41st, Looker; Into the 327th. That leaves Bolt and Wire, who will be joining myself and Cody in the 212th” Obi-Wan concludes. Anakin steps forward and says, “Good luck in your respective legions, men! I hope to fight alongside you, sometime!” and the five Clone Troopers salute before walking away, as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 35: Retreat

Characters: CT-544 Bolt, CT-212 Rowdy, CT-115 Wire, CT-444 Looker, CT-501 Knock-Off, CT-502 Phantom, CT-777 Skippy, Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex, Yularen, Commando Droids, Count Dooku, Admiral Blocker.

Narration: “Attack! Dooku ordered the Harch Admiral Blocker, to attack and eliminate a squad of young Clones on the planet Teth! However, these Clones have organized themselves into two groups, to make it harder for the Droid forces!”

Bolt, Wire and Knock-Off come to a stop in one of the many villages in their area. Bolt says “We should ambush them from the buildings!” and Wire and Knock-Off nod their agreement. Bolt and Wire head into buildings on the left side, while Knock-Off gets into one on the right side. Just in time, because a squad of Commando Droids appear just seconds later. One of them says “Where did they go?” and another says, “They can’t have gone far”. As the Commando Droids spread out to search the buildings, Bolt aims through a window and guns down two Commando Droids with his DC-15 blaster, Wire rains down fire from a roof of one building, and Knock-Off hurls thermal detonators out through a wide gap in another one. Elsewhere, the other four Clones decide to set a trap for the Commando Droids. Looker and Skippy wait outside a jungle until the Commando Droids appear. When they do, Looker and Skippy turn around and run into the jungle, with the Commando Droids hot on their heels. Once they are far enough into the jungle, Looker gives a signal, and Rowdy and Phantom appear from the bushes and ambush the Commando Droids, defeating half of the fourteen that followed them.

The seven Clones, all in their respective positions, continue to fight valiantly, but they are not used to the gruelling of battle, and they are tiring. Eventually, a tired Knock-Off messes up his throw of a thermal detonator, to which a Commando Droid swiftly pounces upon, hurling the detonator back in Knock-Off’s face, blowing him against the wall. Wire yells “Knock-Off!” but his comrade is dead. Knowing they can’t stay there, Bolt and Wire turn around and run away.

In the Jungle, Phantom yells, “There’s too many, we can’t stay here, we’ve got to leave!” and Skippy replies “Roger that!”. Phantom, Rowdy and Looker immediately rush away, disappearing. Skippy decides to fire some shots to distract the Commando Droids. But before he can, his DC-15 blaster is shot cleanly out of his grasp, and Skippy can only watch helplessly as it spins and falls down a ditch. Skippy turns around to find four Commando Droids looming above him. They mercilessly gun him down, before proceeding to search for the others.

Admiral Blocker receives a transmission from Count Dooku, who is very angry, he says, “Commander Blocker. What is this I hear about you struggling to defeat these pathetic young Clones??”. Blocker mumbles, “It is the Droids fault not mine…” Dooku snaps, “Because they have a poor commander like you, what do you expect?!” before continuing, “I am on my way myself, and Commander, if the Clones are not captured or even dead when I arrive, you will be dead before you can say that very word!” he says before his hologram vanishes. Blocker gulps and starts to look seriously worried.

In space a few parsecs away, Anakin Skywalker sits mediating on a Jedi Cruiser, when he hears the doors to the room he is in open, and he turns to find Captain Rex and Admiral Yularen standing there. Rex says, “General, we have word that our young men on Teth have come under siege. They have no chance if we don’t assist!” and Anakin replies “Let’s go then!” and the three of them leave the room as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 34: Defend Teth

Characters: CT-544 Bolt, CT-212 Rowdy, CT-115 Wire, CT-444 Looker, CT-501 Knock-Off, CT-502 Phantom, CT-777 Skippy, Commando Droids, Harch Admiral Blocker, Flamethrower Battle Droids, Count Dooku.

Narration: “Rookies! In this conflict, beggars can’t be choosers! Sometimes, Rookie Clones must be selected for critical operations, because of other Troopers needed elsewhere! One such group, defends the Planet Teth, from possible Separatist surprise attacks, while they practice their training!”

We find these Rookie Clones on Teth, looking for something to do, which is not easy, due to the fact the Separatists are not coming near Teth. Three of these Clones take a walk in the Village, and make jokes about the war. These three are called Bolt, Rowdy and Phantom. Not far away, also in the Village is their training zone, where we find the other four in the squad, Wire, Looker, Knock-Off and Skippy, doing one of their rigorous training schedules. The schedule they are currently doing is shooting on the run, fast and move, to practice so that in battles, they won’t be hit due to speed and manoeuvres. However, Knock-Off is the lazy type and has no interest in being speedy. He finishes the schedule a giant twenty minutes after Wire and Looker, and fifteen after Skippy. Knock-Off grumbles “Why am I always last??”. The other three laugh, and Skippy tells him, “Because you’re the lazy type?”. Knock-Off gets angry at that, and snarls back, “At least I don’t have the type of name that can mean skipping it altogether!”. Skippy just smiles cheekily, and says, “Ah! But I, unlike you, don’t stay true to my name!” and Wire, Looker and Skippy all laugh again, while Knock-Off just scowls. Bolt just makes his latest joke about the war, saying, “They call this a war?? Seems a bit peaceful out here to me!”. Phantom can’t resist teasing Bolt, “That’s because it’s the true soldiers doing the fighting”. Rowdy laughs, while Bolt retorts “I’m going to be someday. Watch me! One day, I’m going to be an ARC Trooper!”. Phantom laughs again, saying, “ARC Troopers, fight in the thick of the action”.

While these seven Clones lead their training lives on Teth, they have no idea of the action that will soon come to them! Approximately 2000 clicks from Teth in a Separatist frigate, the Harch, Admiral Blocker, sits inside his command ship, when Dooku appears in a hologram. Blocker starts in fright, before stuttering “My lord-?”. Dooku immediately gets to the point, “There is a squad of young Clones on Teth that need killing. Contact me when it is done”. Blocker looks flabbergasted at this, but leads his ships in the destination of Teth.

The Separatist ships unload Landing Crafts, which head down to Teth and begin to land. Blocker heads to the front of his vast army of Battle Droids, Commando Droids and Flame Battle Droids. Blocker calls out “You know your orders. Find and eliminate these young Clones. Report to me if these is any problems, understood?” and all the Droids reply “Roger, roger!” before marching towards the village.

All the seven Clones are in their base on Teth, when Bolt calls out, “Come here! I saw something!” and the others rush to his side. He shows them the scanner they use, and Wire says “Red dots for enemies. The Separatists are here!”. Phantom nudges Bolt and says, “Well, Bolt. Here’s you’re chance to prove you’re ARC Trooper material”. Skippy says “Let’s split up and go take a look!” and Looker says, “Ok. I’ll go with Skippy, Rowdy and Phantom. Bolt, Wire and Knock-Off can be in the other group”. They all divide into their respective groups and move out of the base.

Bolt, Wire and Knock-Off walk through the forest surrounding the village. Wire says to Bolt, “So, looking forward to your first real action?” and Bolt replies “Never looked forward to anything more”. They keep walking, and eventually turn up at a side-viewing of the Droids unloading area. Knock-Off looks scared, and mutters “That’s a lot of clankers!”. Wire mutters “We shouldn’t stay here, we have to alert the others!”. Unfortunately for them, a squad of Flame Battle Droids spot them and yell “OI! Halt!” and Bolt, Wire and Knock-Off run for their lives towards another part of the Village as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 33: Apprentice VS Master

Characters: Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Commander Cody, Waxer, Boil, 212th Clones, Luminara Unduli, Commander Gree, Draa, 41st Clones, TK-11, Clone Trooper Cal, Clone Trooper Assaulter.

Narration: “Headlock! Asajj Ventress fights her former Master, Count Dooku, in the count’s very own palace! With Republic assistance in the siege on the palace, who will survive, and who will be left, victorious?!”

Obi-Wan Kenobi walks steadily inside Count Dooku’s palace, still winded from Asajj Ventress knocking him over earlier in the battle. Suddenly, a trap that Dooku set electrocutes Obi-Wan as he leans against the wall, before another trap grabs him around the neck, and starts to throttle him. As Obi-Wan thinks life is over for him, Anakin arrives, and upon noticing what is happening to Obi-Wan, he force pulls the trap away from Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan collapses to the ground, and gasps at Obi-Wan through streaming eyes, “Anakin! You’re a sight for sore eyes!” and Anakin replies “You don’t want to know how correct you are with that statement”. Anakin holds out his hand to help Obi-Wan up, and once Obi-Wan is on his feet, they continue walking.

Tactical Droid TK-11 has seen enough. He rushes through hallways, trying to escape the conflict. TK-11 knows there is no way the Republic won’t get him. He turns to find two doors opposite each other. TK-11 chooses the left one, unfortunately, Cody and other Clones had just decided to go through and they block TK-11’s path. TK-11 hurries over to the other door, but finds only Obi-Wan and Anakin behind it. Cody guns down TK-11 from behind, and Obi-Wan orders Cody to go with Anakin and finish off the Battle Droids, as Obi-Wan runs off to meet with the reinforcements.

Republic Gunship’s arrive with reinforcements. Luminara Unduli is the first to leave, followed by Commander Gree and Draa. 41st Legion Clones begin to pour out from other gunship’s as Obi-Wan arrives to update them on the situation. Obi-Wan says “Anakin has taken the other Clones to go and finish off the remaining Battle Droids, our task is to go and find Ventress” and Luminara replies “Very well, but I still can’t believe she has turned good”… Obi-Wan smiles, but it more of a grimace, says, “Oh, she hasn’t. She just wants us to help her get back at Dooku, then she’ll leave the war”. Commander Gree interrupts by saying “Begging your pardon Generals, but I’m not sure I can serve with that witch, she killed a lot of good brothers a while ago”. Luminara says “Indeed, though, if it wasn’t for Argayus’s betrayal, it might not have been so easy for her!”. Obi-Wan says “Perhaps, we might want to think on the present at this moment?” and they enter the palace.

Ventress and Dooku continue their ferocious duel, both fighting to the death, and it starts to get dirty, as both are so desperate to kill the other. Ventress kicks Dooku in the unmentionables, before force-pushing him against the wall. Dooku retaliates by using force-lightning on her, and watches with satisfaction as Ventress writhes in agony on the ground. As Ventress tries to get her breath back, Dooku starts to force choke her, before slamming her down on the ground, hurling her against the wall. As Ventress tries to regain her balance, Dooku force chokes her again, before pulling her towards him, and impaling her by driving his lightsaber through her chest. Ventress collapses dead, and her mission has failed… Dooku shows no remorse, as he gets on his speeder and leaves his palace, never to return to it…

All the Separatist forces have been wiped out. Anakin rushes to where Obi-Wan and Luminara stand outside the palace and asks, “No sign of Ventress?” and Obi-Wan replies “None” and Luminara adds “It is possible she might have left”. Just then, Cody, Waxer and Boil come over to them, and Cody says, “Generals, I found something I think you should see!”. The six of them enter the place where Ventress was killed, and find her body. Obi-Wan said “At least she died fighting for what she wanted” and Anakin mutters “But failed”. There is nothing left to do on Serenno, so they head back to the gunship’s as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 32: Count Confrontation

Characters: Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Commander Cody, Waxer, Boil, Wooley, 212th Clones, TK-11, Luminara Unduli, Mace Windu.

Narration: “Attempt! Asajj Ventress, continuing her hunting game with Count Dooku, assigned the help of her enemies, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi to assist her in wiping out Dooku, and now the battle begins, to annihilate Dooku for good!”

Obi-Wan Kenobi leaps out of his gunship, and is followed by Commander Cody and five 212th Troopers, they all pause behind cover. Obi-Wan turns to Cody, and says, “There’s our first target. We have to get rid of those Proton Cannons!”. Cody nods, signals and he and the other Clones rush forward and start opening fire on the Proton Cannons. One Proton Cannon fires at them, blowing up two Clones to bits. Cody pauses and yells back at Obi-Wan “We can’t afford to lose any more men!” and Obi-Wan replies “Leave it to me!” before closing his eyes, he slowly and steadily uses the force to hurl one Proton Cannon into another, destroying both. Cody quickly hurls a thermal detonator, blowing up the final Proton Cannon. They swiftly break cover and advance on the Command Post nearby, Obi-Wan leaps into it, catching the guarding Battle Droids by surprise, before slicing them apart. Obi-Wan, Cody and the remaining Clones head into the palace to continue their mission.

In another part of the battle. Anakin and Ventress are taking out Super Battle Droids, while the five Clones with them cover their backs, shooting droids emerging from the palace. Ventress says “I’ve had enough stalling, I’m going to get Dooku now!” before running off, Anakin calls out “Wait! It would be easier if we took him-Together” he concludes as Ventress disappears. A blaster bolt almost hitting him in the head brings Anakin back to his senses. He hurls his lightsaber in a lightsaber throw, cutting through several Battle Droids, as the five Clones storm the Command Post, and eliminate the Battle Droids on it. Anakin and the Clones then rush inside, looking for Ventress.

As Ventress runs through the palace, she has a gut feeling where Dooku will be. And sure enough, upon entering the hangar, she finds Dooku waiting for her. Dooku says “So, you have dared return to where I have trained you?” and Ventress replies “I dare, and this, will be our final duel!” and she ignites her new green lightsabers. Dooku ignites his lightsaber and confidently states “Winner-Takes-All!” as they begin their duel.

Anakin contacts Mace Windu and Luminara Unduli on Coruscant. Luminara says “Master Skywalker, what is the matter?” and Anakin replies “We’re fighting well here Masters, but we could use reinforcements in case they bring in more of their own!”. Mace says “Reinforcements are, on their way”, as Anakin’s hologram disappears, Mace turns to Luminara and says “Take some squads in gunship’s and assist them I must wait here in case of more messages” and Luminara leaves.

Obi-Wan and his team run through the palace. Obi-Wan abruptly says to them, “I’m going to look for Ventress. Continue the mission to wipe out those Commando Droids!”. As Obi-Wan runs off, Waxer, Boil and Wooley arrive to assist Cody and the other three. They head into a hallway to find the Commando Droids, who quickly open fire, missing most of the time, but one shot enters through Wooley’s head and kills him. Cody, Boil, Waxer and the Clones return fire, taking out a few Commando Droids. One Commmando Droids gets Boil in a vice-grip, but Waxer shoots the Commando Droid in the head, and Boil throws it off him. Waxer calls out “Bring in the rocket launcher!” and one Clone takes out his rocket launcher, before blowing the remaing Commando Droids out of the way.

Ventress chases Dooku through the hallway’s after he ran off during the duel. Obi-Wan briefly gets in her way, but Ventress simply knocks him out of the way, Obi-Wan gasps and yells out “I thought we both wanted to defeat Dooku?!” but Ventress screams back “NO!! HE’S MINE!!!” before force-choking Dooku relentlessly, hurling him through a different door. Ventress races in to find Dooku standing up. Dooku ignites his lightsaber again, and says, “This is where you meet your end!” as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 31: Unlikely Alliance

Characters: Asajj Ventress, Mother Talzin, Karis, Talia, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Count Dooku, Commander Cody, Waxer, Boil, Wooley, 212th Legion Clones, TK-11, Count Dooku.

Narration: “Second plot! Asajj Ventress has not given up her hopes of eliminating her former Master, Count Dooku, but after forced to concede defeat after her last attempt. She returns to Dathomir, to seek more advice from Mother Talzin!”

Asajj Ventress walks on Dathomir. She is in the place where the Nightsisters dwell, she walks past two Nightsisters she knows as Talia and Karis, almost at her goal. Ventress walks through the doors to the place where she knows Mother Talzin will be. Talzin turns around as Ventress arrives, and says “You have returned?” and Ventress replies “Yes, Mother, I need to have another shot at Dooku. Where is Savage?” and Talzin replies “Savage believed you betrayed him. Dooku tried to hunt him down with his army. Rumour has it he’s dead?”. Ventress looks shocked at this, and mumbles “But-But, how am I supposed to defeat Dooku now?” and Talzin starts pacing the room, saying “I have an idea, but, you must be willing to do anything to take down Dooku”. Ventress says “I am willing”. Talzin takes this in, and whispers in Ventress’s ear, “You must join up with your enemies”… Ventress stands up, looking shocked at the thought, “Kenobi and Skywalker? I have not had worse enemies until-” and Talzin finishes for her, “Until Dooku betrayed you”… Talzin starts pacing again, and says “You both share a common goal where Dooku is concerned, that is why you must join them”. Ventress realizes Talzin is right, and leaves immediately.

Asajj Ventress flies her Trident ship in space, looking for a Republic Cruiser to dock on. She finds one after several hours search, and boards through the hangar, where several 212th Legion Clones are cleaning their weaponry. They notice Ventress leaving the Trident, and yell “Stop!” as they raise their blasters. Ventress stops, which surprises the Clones. Ventress walks over to them, and says “Bring me before Kenobi and Skywalker!” and one Clone stutters “Err-Surrender?” and Ventress replies “Certainly” before handing over her red lightsabers. The 212th Clones are left speechless by this, but regain their composure enough to lead Ventress to the bridge.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker stand on the bridge, discussing tactics. Obi-Wan soon says “What about Dooku?” and Anakin replies “On his palace at Serenno, we have the forces to take him, but, we need someone who knows the palace well”. A voice calls out “I think I can help with that!” and they turn to find Ventress walking through the doors to the bridge. Obi-Wan and Anakin say at the same time “Ventress!” before both igniting their lightsabers. Ventress watches them with amusement, and says “Chill, chill! I’m here on your side!” and Obi-Wan replies “Change of heart?” and Anakin adds “Or is this just a trick?”. Ventress calmly approaches the hologram table where Obi-Wan and Anakin are, and says, “We are still enemies, but at this moment, we both want the same goal, Dooku taken care of! So, I propose we work together to take that slime out!”. Anakin and Obi-Wan deactivate their lightsabers, with Obi-Wan saying to Anakin, “Well, Ventress’s battle abilities could come in useful” and the three of them sit down to plot the battle.

Later, Ventress, Obi-Wan and Anakin go into the hangar of the cruiser, where Cody and many other Clones are waiting. Obi-Wan holds his hand up and says “The teams are as follows, Ventress, Anakin and a squad of Clones will attack behind the palace, I, Cody and another squad will attack from the left, and the remaing two Clone squads shall lead a frontal assault”, before adding, “Any questions”. Clone Trooper Boil steps forward, and asks, “Begging your pardon General, but what is she doing in here” pointing at Ventress. Obi-Wan says “She is here because she wants the same as us, Dooku put in his place”, which leads to cheering from other Clones. Waxer nudges Boil and jokes, “He put you in your place there, all right!”. After the noise goes, everyone heads into their respective gunship’s. Anakin and Ventress into Gunship #1, Obi-Wan and Cody into #2, and Boil, Waxer and Clones, including Wooley, into #3. Boil turns to Wooley and says, “Me and Waxer will be doing the dangerous stuff, so keep us covered!” as the gunship’s race out of the Venator-Class Star Destroyer.

Count Dooku is joined by Tactical Droid TK-11 as Republic Gunship’s land in front of his palace, and the battle commences as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 30: Geonosian Escape

Characters: Gizor Delso, Poggle The Lesser, Geonosian Warriors, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Clone Commander Cody, 212th Legion Clones.

Narration: “Pursuit! Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu chased Poggle The Lesser to Phindar! Once they were ambushed by the Phindar people, Obi-Wan and Mace Windu witnessed Poggle, with the help of Gizor Delso, getting into a star ship! Now, the JedI wait for reinforcements, before they make their next move!”

A Republic Gunship arrives on Phindar, right where Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu are waiting. The doors to the gunship open and reveals Commander Cody, and a squad of Clone Troopers. Cody says “Good to see you Generals, ready to hunt for that Geonosian?” and Obi-Wan replies “Definitely,
Commander Cody” and Mace adds “Let’s get this over with!”. Mace and Obi-Wan join the others on the gunship and they fly off.

The Republic Gunship lands on the far side of Phindar, where everyone gets out of the ship. Suddenly, out of nowhere they are ambushed. Cody points out, “There!” and they see five Geonosians on Flitknot Speeders heading towards them. Obi-Wan yells “Take cover!” as he and Mace ignite their lightsabers to defend the Clones. As the Clones head for the gunship, a couple take sonic bolts to the back and are killed instantly. Cody disobeys orders and shoots at a Geonosian, who takes a couple of bolts to the head. The speeder lurches out of control and smashes into the cockpit of the gunship, killing the pilot who was still inside. Obi-Wan meanwhile, jumps aboard one speeder, chops the head off the Geonosian on it, takes it over, and pilots it into another speeder, destroying both as Obi-Wan leaps back to safety. Mace meanwhile, force pulls the remaining two towards each other, blowing both up against each other. Obi-Wan sighs and says to Cody, “Don’t disobey me again, Cody” and Cody replies “Sorry, Sir”, as they all walk off.

Obi-Wan, Mace, Cody and the Clones find a large cave, Mace says, “I sense our escapee is in here”. Obi-Wan says “I sense it too”. Obi-Wan then tells them “There are two ways through, this cave, I shall go one way, Mace, you go the other!”. Obi-Wan, Cody and two Clones going one way, Mace and three Clones heading the other way.

Inside the cave, Poggle turns to Gizor Delso, and says *Take those JedI scum out!* and Delso turns to the other Geonosians and orders them to take care of the JedI.

Mace walks through the cave with the three Clones, one of whom says “Uh, it’s dark in here!” and Mace replies “I have a bad feeling about this”, which is proven automatically as the Clone who had spoken falls down, clearly dead. Mace turns around to find a couple of Geonosian Warriors there. A flutter behind him tells more Geonosians have arrived. Elsewhere, Obi-Wan and Cody know something is up when the two Clones with them don’t acknowledge, and they find themselves surrounded. Mace ignites his lightsaber and kills the two Geonosians who snuck up on them, while the two Clones with him take out the other two Geonosians. Obi-Wan defends Cody from the sonic blasts, while Cody sneaks off some shots, taking out two Geonosians. Obi-Wan races forward and slices up the rest…

Delso comes up to Poggle and says *We are ready to leave. The other Geonosians, failed* and Poggle replies *Let’s go then!* and they board their starfighter. Obi-Wan, Cody, Mace and the two Clones arrive just in time to see the starfighter leave, but there is nothing they can do to stop it. Mace says “Our mission has failed, we must report back to the JedI Council” as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 29: Geonosian Pursuit

Characters: Gizor Delso, Poggle The Lesser, Geonosian Warriors, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Dexter Jettster, Hermione Baghwa, Phindar Soldiers.

Narration: Freed! Lord Poggle The Lesser, was freed by his native Geonosians, before the Republic could give him a trial! Now, JedI Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu, look for information on where Poggle could be headed!”

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu walk through streets on Coruscant. Mace has no idea where they are going, and turns to Obi-Wan and asks “So, where exactly are we going?” and Obi-Wan replies “To a friend of mine, he is usually good for information, and he runs a diner, so we can eat there”. Mace grumbles, “Great. So while we’re eating, Poggle gets further and further away, fantastic” and Obi-Wan replies “You’re starting to sound like Anakin” as he enters Dexter’s Diner. Mace mumbles “Hmmm” as he follows Obi-Wan inside.

As soon as Obi-Wan and Mace enter, a young woman who works at the Diner comes up to them and asks “The usual, Obi-Wan?” and Obi-Wan replies “No thanks Hermione, I just need a chat with Dexter, a table would do so we can talk”. Hermione Baghwa says “Your wish is my command” and she goes off to fetch Dexter. Obi-Wan and Mace sit down, and are shortly joined by a big man, who cries out “Obi!” and he and Obi-Wan hug, or rather, the big man gives Obi-Wan a bone-crunching hug. Obi-Wan relieves himself from the man’s grip, and says “It’s good to see you Dex, may I talk with you?” and Dexter replies “Certainly” before joining Obi-Wan and Mace at the table. Hermione Baghwa soon comes and sits down with them. Dexter asks “So, what is it you are needing Obi-Wan?”. Obi-Wan considers, before saying “Recently, a prisoner of ours, Poggle The Lesser escaped captivity, we know he cannot return to Geonosis, so can you think of any other planets, where they might conceal him”. Dexter frowns and says “There is a possibility they might hide him on Phindar. Ever since the death of that Osi Sobeck, they have been getting ever closer to the Separatists”. Hermione adds “If you do go there, be careful! The Phindar are ruthless, sadistic people!” and Obi-Wan replies “Yes, I noticed that a lot with the late Sobeck”. Obi-Wan and Mace then leave, to get a JedI Shuttle and head for Phindar.

The T-6 JedI Shuttle arrives on Phindar. Obi-Wan and Mace leave, but before they can get more than a few yards away from the ship, a thermal detonator is chucked their way, Mace yells “Look out!” and he and Obi-Wan dive on the ground, to avoid the explosion, as their shuttle is blown to smithereens! They look up again to find several Phindar heading their way, blasters drawn. Obi-Wan and Mace activate their lightsabers, and chop up the Phindar Soldiers blasters. Mace says “We don’t want to hurt you, we just want information on where Poggle The Lesser is!”. One of the Phindar says “He is here. On the other side of this Mountain”. One of the other Phindar is furious at him for not keeping the secret in, and roars angrily, “Can you not keep your mouth shut?! Before drawing out another blaster and executing his fellow Phindar. As the Phindar falls, Obi-Wan and Mace head off for the Mountains.

Obi-Wan and Mace make it over the Mountains. They see nothing, until Mace spots something in the distance, and, nudging Obi-Wan, says, “Look!” and a Geonosian star ship can be seeing flying off to another part of the planet. Obi-Wan says “I guess that confirms where he is then” and Mace replies “Indeed, we should rest here though, get some strength back”. Obi-Wan and Mace Windu sit down to rest as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 28: Geonosian Rescue

Characters: Gizor Delso, Poggle The Lesser, Geonosian Warriors, Senate Security Clones, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu, Commander Fox.

*Geonosian language translated to basic*.

Narration:”Capture! Poggle The Lesser was captured during the Battle of Geonosis, and was escorted back to Coruscant, for trial!! Now, Geonosians, led by Gizor Delso, are about to lead an attempt to free Poggle, from Republic captivity!”

On Geonosis, Gizor Delso stands in front of one of the factories destroyed during the last Battle of Geonosis. Delso is joined by another Geonosian Warrior, who tells him *We now have good intel on the position where Lord Poggle is being held*. Delso replies *Excellent, round up some Geonosian Warriors, and we will go and rescue Lord Poggle!* and the other Geonosian walks off.

Later, several Geonosian Star fighters take off from Geonosis and zoom away, before jumping into hyperspace. They come out of hyperspace, just outside of Coruscant. They land them in a shabby downtown area on Coruscant. Delso gets out, and is joined by five other Geonosian Warriors. They fly onto the roof of a building, and start to jump from building to building. Delso soon halts and holds up a hand to stop the other Geonosians. The reason soon becomes apparent as nine Senate Security Clones, led by Clone Commander Fox, walk past them below. Delso says *Wait for my signal, and we will take them out!*, and after ten seconds, Delso yells, *Now!* and several of the Senate Security Clones are knocked dead by sonic bolts. Fox turns and yells “Return fire!” and the Clones fire back, but without being able to see their targets, it is not easy. The Geonosians manoeuvre themselves around to outflank the Clones and take out more of them from behind. Only Fox is left, and while he is distracted, Delso grabs him from behind, and knocks Fox down. Fox loses his helmet, and can only look at his opponents as they crowd around him. Fox tries to buy time, saying “What do you want?” and Delso replies *Nothing from you!* before shooting Fox. Delso and the other Geonosians then fly away to the prison cell.

Delso and the Geonosians fly to the top of the prison cell. Delso pauses with his sonic blaster raised, saying *This is it* before blasting a hole through the top of the cell, and he and the Geonosians fly through. Several Security Clones try to stop them by opening fire, but the Geonosians easily defeat them, and upon finding the prisoner they want, escape back to the star fighters, now with Poggle The Lesser in tow.

Later, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu walk through the downtown area earlier where Delso was. Mace Windu carrying the helmet that was the helmet of Commander Fox. Mace asks “Who could have done this?”, Yoda says “The question, of not who did it, but what did, and what, their goal is”. Anakin says “According to evidence, Poggle The Lesser isn’t in his cell” and Obi-Wan adds “So it is likely that the Geonosians freed Poggle” and Mace says “We should go speak to someone who might have information for us”. Obi-Wan says “I know just the person” as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 27: Droid Hero

Characters: Captain Rex, Aky Slinth, Do Bby, Battle Droids, C-3PO, R2-D2, Padme Amidala, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Narration: Hostage! Captain Rex was discovered, and put in prison by Separatists Aky Slinth and Do Bby! Realizing a JedI mission to rescue Rex would be futile, they call on a friend for help. Now, Padme Amidala sets off to this distant planet, hoping to catch Slinth unawares!”

Aky Slinth walks to the sole prison cell in the outpost, says “Leave us” to the two Battle Droids guarding it, who immediately walks off, with Slinth entering the cell to find the sole prisoner there, Captain Rex. Slinth laughs at Rex, and says “Enjoying your cosy place?” and Rex merely grunts, “Not as much as I’d enjoy killing you!”. Slinth simply smirks and says “Temper, temper!” before grabbing an electro-staff and giving Rex a shock with it. Rex takes the pain, and, finally looking up at Slinth, says “That all you’ve got?”. Slinth goes mad at this, stabbing Rex many more times, but Rex isn’t bothered by the pain. Slinth throws down the electro-staff in anger, and makes to leave, but pausing slightly to say “You’ll get yours!” and he leaves.

Not far way from the outpost, a ship lands and the occupants make to get out and leave. Padme Amidala turns to C-3PO and says, “You know the drill 3-PO, once we get inside, you and R2 know what to do”. C-3PO says “Yes, my lady, but pardon me, what if it all goes wrong” and Padme coldly replies “Then me and Rex die, and you and R2 become spare parts” before she walks away. C-3PO sighs, turns to R2-D2 and says “Delightful” and R2 gives him an affirmative beep and they follow Padme.

Padme, R2-D2 and C-3PO arrive at the front doors of the outpost, where Do Bby and Slinth are waiting for them. Do Bby says “Welcome, Senator, how very nice to make your acquaintance here” and Padme replies “Thank you very much” before introducing them to her droids. Slinth, who has looked bored throughout the discussion, says “Follow me Senator, we have some, business to discuss”. C-3PO, R2-D2 and Padme follow the Separatists, but shortly later, C-3PO pauses and says “Pardon me, my lady, but this outpost’s climate really isn’t doing good for my circuits, may R2 and I head back to the ship?” and Padme replies “Of course, 3-PO” before she continues walking. Slinth looks suspiciously at the droids before following Padme.

C-3PO and R2-D2 wait until the three have disappeared from view, before doubling back and lurking in another corridor. R2 beeps angrily at C-3PO, who replies “I know what our mission is! But it might simply be less dangerous if we go back to our ship!”. R2 beeps angrily again at this, and C-3PO says “You’re right! Padme could be easily captured if she tries to do it alone, we must make this distraction count!”. C-3PO and R2-D2 then follow the hallway to where the prison cell is. They find the same Battle Droids guarding it earlier back there again, one of them asks “What are you doing here?” and 3-PO replies “Aky Slinth has ordered you to guard the entrance!”. The other Battle Droid laughs and says “No he didn’t! We got orders in person from him to guard this prisoner”. C-3PO looks desperately around, before turning to R2 and saying “R2, do something!”. R2 happily beeps and let’s loose a torrent of slippery oil, causing C-3PO to yell “No, R2, not that!!” as he slips, but resulting in C-3PO accidentally slide-tackling/knocking out both Battle Droids. R2-D2 beeps excitedly, before snatching the keys for the cell of one of the Battle Droids, and inserts it into the cell to free Rex. Rex comes out, grabs a Droid blaster, saying “Thanks, you two! But now we’ve got to leave!”. Rex pauses to grab a pair of handcuffs, saying “These might be useful!” as he, R2-D2 and C-3PO make for the direction of the ship.

Slinth hears an alarm go off, telling him the prisoner has been freed, realizing it was a set-up, Slinth turns angrily to confront Padme, but she has disappeared and he cannot find her. As he and Do Bby storm away, he orders three Battle Droids to follow him, and they leave the base.

Padme returns to the ship, but before she can get onboard, she hears several clicks behind her, and turns to see Slinth and three Battle Droids homing blasters in on her, with Do Bby watching behind Slinth. Slinth angrily says “You were providing a distraction, just so you could take our prisoner!” and Padme retorts boldly “You should have realized! I’m part of the Republic, Rex is part of the Republic, I was obviously going to rescue him!”. Slinth gets even more furious, and frustratingly says “Kill her!”. But as the Battle Droids raise their guns, they all fall. Slinth tries to say “What the-?” before his gun is shot out of his hand, and he turns to see Rex pointing a blaster at him. Rex says “Hands where I can see them!” and Do Bby and Slinth raise their hands and Rex handcuffs them. As they are marched onto the ship, Padme says to Rex “It’s good to see you safe, Captain Rex!” and Rex replies “It’s good to see you to, Senator” and they all board the ship and fly back to Coruscant.

As the ship lands at a landing bay on Coruscant, the ship opens to reveal Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano waiting. Anakin says to Rex, “How are you?” and Rex simply responds “Alive”. Rex then adds “It’s thanks to your droids I got out, especially the gold one, taking out those Battle Droids like that, he is a hero! A Droid, hero!” and Padme replies “Better not tell him that!”. Ahsoka asks “So, how did the mission go?” and Padme replies “It went fine, fooled them easily, and got Rex okay”. Obi-Wan says “So, it went absolutely perfectly then?”, C-3PO hears this, and says abruptly “Apart from all the oil I got on me, R2, how dare you!” and all the others laugh as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 26: Rex Rush

Characters: Captain Rex, Aky Slinth, Do Bby, Commando Droids, Battle Droids, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Kit Fisto.

Narration: “On the run! After Separatist forces attacked his outpost, Captain Rex was forced to blow up the outpost! Now, Rex is on the run, trying to find a way to contact Coruscant!”

Captain Rex moves slowly, not rushing, across a hedgerow, trying to avoid Separatist forces. He pauses briefly as Battle Droids on Stap ships fly past, unaware of his position. Rex stands up once they have disappeared and continues on his way. Rex walks onward, hoping to find somewhere with a transmitter, when he hears a noise behind him, and sees six Commando Droids heading his way, Rex draws out his DC-17 blaster pistols just as the Commando Droids open fire, forcing Rex to scurry for cover. Rex shoots at them from a prone position, and is satisfied to see a couple of bolts destroying one Commando Droid. Rex throws a thermal detonator, which destroys four more. Rex quickly dispatches of the last one before heading on his way…

Rex soon finds himself on the edge of a Droid outpost. Rex decides, that to enter, he needs a distraction. Rex takes out his last thermal detonator and throws it to one side of the outpost, before heading through the other side as the explosion happens. Rex watches squads of Battle Droids heading toward where the detonator exploded, before heading into the control centre. Rex hears a Battle Droid say to a Battle Droid Commander “Report just came in. The detonator took out one squad, several squads heading there to inspect for anything unusual”. At this moment, Rex leaps out and calls “Surprise!” before quickly shooting down the Droids. Rex walks calmly to the destroyed bodies, takes a quick look around, and grabs a transmitter, before placing several explosive charges in the command centre. Rex grabs the transmitter, and leaves, before detonating the command centre. Rex walks back to the hedgerows, takes out the transmitter, and contacts Coruscant.

Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano and Master Kit Fisto are there when the transmission is made. Fisto checks and says to the other two, “Unidentified signal” and Anakin says “Could be a trap” and Fisto replies “I don’t like this”. Fisto prepares to deactivate the transmission, before Ahsoka intervenes, saying “Wait! What if it’s a stranded Clone, or JedI. Remember that there has been no word on Rex?” and Anakin replies “Your right!” before grabbing the transmitter and saying clearly “Is that you, Rex?” and Rex replies “Copy that, Sir!” before adding “I’m stranded on the planet me and Bultar Swan were defending, can you assist me?” and Anakin replies “We’ll do our best” before they both hear a clicking noise.

Rex turns around, and realizes he has been found, as Aky Slinth and Do Bby are both pointing blasters at him. Slinth grabs Rex’s weapons and tosses them away, before taking the transmitter for himself. Do Bby then handcuffs Rex, and they lead him to the outpost Rex just invaded. Rex is then put in a prison cell, left to die”.

Back on Coruscant, Ahsoka says “So, Masters, how are we going to rescue Rex?”. Anakin replies “I don’t like this. Not one bit. He’s stranded on what is now a Separatist world, which is going to make a invasion reckless”. Ahsoka says “But you like the ‘reckless’, Master Skywalker” and Anakin replies “Fine, impossible, that better?”, but before Ahsoka can reply, Kit Fisto says “Impossible, no, impossible for a Jedi, yes. What we need, is someone else. Someone they will not suspect” as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 25: Outpost Siege

Characters: Clone Captain Rex, 501st Clone Troopers, Clone Trooper Kix, Clone Trooper Jesse, Separatist Aky Slinth, Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids, Separatist Do Bby, Bultar Swan.

Narration: ”Threat! In an everlasting conflict of war, surprise attacks are frequent! And the Republic never knows where the Separatists will strike next! Bultar Swan and Clone Captain Rex, defend a outpost on a distant planet, unaware of the events that are to come!”


Captain Rex walks into the control room, to find JedI Bultar Swan waiting for him. Bultar says “We can confirm there are Separatist forces around here, but we are not sure if they know of our presence here” and Rex replies “Possibly not. But, as this is the only outpost for many clicks around here, it is possible they might come and either rest, or investigate in here”. Bultar says “Well thought Captain Rex, if we put several Clone Troopers at each entrance, we might be able to hold them off, if they do come”. Rex says “Good strategy, I’ll go tell Kix and Jesse” as Rex heads out of the room.

Not far away, Separatist forces look through scopes at the outpost. The Nikto Aky Slinth says “I can see Republic Troopers in there, the Republic is in charge of that outpost”. The Nemoidian Do Bby, says “What do we do?” and Slinth replies “If we want to have that outpost, we must attack, and drive the Republic forces out of there!”, before turning to a Battle Droid and saying “Commander! Prepare the troops, we’re attacking!” and the Droid replies “Roger, roger!”.

Rex finds Kix and Jesse near one of the entrances to the outpost. Rex tells them “Our JedI General says that we should put several Troopers at each entrance to the outpost”. Kix says “Good plan” and Rex replies “Indeed. Jesse, I want you at the left entrance, with three others. Kix, you take the right entrance, with another three. I’ll defend the centre with the remaining five”. Jesse asks “What about the Jedi?” and Rex replies “She’ll be guarding the gunship, in case we have to escape”.

On the Cliff overlooking the base, Slinth says “It’s time, let’s go!” as he and Do Bby jump down the cliff, one of the Battle Droids shouts as they activate their jetpacks, “Up, up, and away!” as they head for the outpost. One Clone spots them, and yells “We’ve got company!” as the Battle Droids and Super Battle Droids land outside the main entrance to the base. Do Bby says as the Droids march past him “Take those puny Republic forces!” and the Droids respond “Roger, roger!”. Rex calls out “Hold them off!” as the Droids enter the outpost. Rex and the other 501st Clones open fire on the Droids, knocking down several Battle Droids, but the remaining Droids return fire, shooting down two Clones. Jesse, Kix and another Trooper appear behind Rex, and Jesse says “We must retreat to the gunship, there are too many of them!” just as the Trooper with Jesse and Kix takes a blaster bolt to the head from Slinth. Rex, Kix and Jesse run away, but the other Clone’s are brutally shot down as they try to leave.
Rex, Jesse and Kix find Bultar Swan at the gunship, who yells at them “Come on! We can’t stay here!” as she ignites her lightsaber to cover the others, Kix and Jesse make it aboard the gunship, Bultar follows them, but as Rex makes to follow, he takes a blaster bolt to the side, and he falls down. Kix yells “Captain!” but the gunship has already taken off, leaving a wounded Rex on the ground. Rex turns to find three Super Battle Droids looming above him. Rex draws his DC-17 blaster pistols and doesn’t stop shooting until the Droids are defeated. Rex limps into the base, before setting several explosive charges inside. Rex then hurries back out and detonates it, destroying the base. Rex then limps away to find shelter.

Very close by, Slinth and Do Bby inspect the damage of the explosion, Slinth and Do Bby being outside the base when it happened were unaffected, but the Droids were all spare parts. Slinth coolly says “Another one bites the dust!” as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 24: Evil Victory

Characters: Count Dooku, Luminara Unduli, Thi-Sen, Commander Gree, Clone Trooper Draa, Clone Trooper Kall, Foul Moudama, Clone Commander Lir, Covert Ops Clone Troopers.

Narration: Onslaught! Separatist forces continuously push back Republic forces, led by JedI Master Luminara Unduli, now the Republic is forced to send more reinforcements, led by JedI Master Foul Moudama!”

A Republic Gunship enters the atmosphere around Orto Plutonia. Onboard this gunship, Foul Moudama and Covert Ops Clone Troopers head for the planet’s surface. The Pilot calls out “We’re ready to land, General!” and Moudama replies *Good, land away from the battle, so as not to draw heavy fire!* and the Pilot says “Yes, Sir!” as he swivels the gunship around and lands it away from the battle.

Clone Trooper Kall wakes up inside the cave, thinking he heard something. He gets up and puts his helmet on, and picks up his DC-15 blaster, before heading down the tunnel in the cave. Suddenly, a couple of blaster bolts zoom past, missing Kall by inches, and Kall spots a squad of seven Snow Droids advancing on him within the cave. Kall immediately draws his blaster and returns fire, but the tough armour of the Snow Droids prevents any proper damage. Kall rushes back and snatches Draa’s rocket launcher, before using it to hit the cave, and force part of the cave to fall on the Snow Droids, defeating all except one, who simply smacks a bit of cave at Kall, flattening him, with his last dying beaths, Kall draws his DC-17 pistol, and fires off a few shots at the Snow Droids, knocking it down, as Kall dies. Just at that moment, Gree, Draa and the other 41st legion Troopers wake up, and upon spotting Kall’s deead body, Gree says “There goes a good soldier, he risked his life, to save us”, before they leave the cave.

As Foul Moudama and the Covert Ops Troopers leave the gunship, which flies away, they hear a noise and ten Snow Droids rush out from the snow to engage them. Moudama says *Troopers, go! Lir and I will handle the droids!*. Most of the Covert Ops Troopers run off to get into the thick of the battle, except their commander. As the Snow Droids charge at Moudama, he calls out to Commander Lir *Watch out for those blades!* just as a Snow Droids tries to cut Lir’s hand off with it’s blade, Lir retaliates by shooting the Snow Droid from a yard away. While the other Snow Droids are distracted, Moudama takes advantage and immediately slices up three of them, before chopping the arms off a fourth, which Lir then shoots down. Moudama then force pushes the last four over the Mountain. Moudama and Lir then run off to get involved in the battle.

Luminara and Thi-Sen walk through tunnels, knowing they could be attacked at any moment. Suddenly, just as they are about to walk through another tunnel, Dooku appears with two Magnaguards. Dooku plainly says “Take them!” and one Magnaguard engages Luminara, while the other battles Thi-Sen. Luminara easily cuts in half the Magnaguards electro-staff, while Thi-Sen drives his spear into the other Magnaguards face, deactivating it. Dooku steps forward, ignites his lightsaber and says “Very well! But now you must face a much harder obstacle!” before rushing at Thi-Sen, but Luminara blocks the attack and knows Dooku back. Luminara mutters to Thi-Sen “Stay behind me!” before she attempts to rush Dooku. Dooku simply dodges, before using force lightning on Luminara, throwing her against the wall. Dooku then turns his attention to Thi-Sen, who stands his ground valiantly, but it is no match. Dooku easily slices Thi-Sen’s spear apart, before stabbing Thi-Sen through the heart. Thi-Sen collapses. Dooku turns back to Luminara and says, deactivating his lightsaber “My mission here is finished. The Talz colony has been wiped out. I must be going now!” before Dooku jumps out of the tunnel. Luminara watches him get on his speeder and speed away, as the Separatist forces leave the system…

Republic Gunship’s arrive to take back the Republic forces to Coruscant. A very subdued force enters the Gunship’s, and Luminara takes one last look at the planet, before heading into a gunship as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 23: Republic Intervention

Characters: Count Dooku, TA-175, Thi-Sen, Luminara Unduli, Yoda, Foul Moudama, Commander Gree, Clone Trooper Draa, Clone Trooper Kall, Lacu Seka, 41st Legion Clones

*Talz language translated to basic*

Narration:”Attack! Count Dooku leads Separatist forces to attack in an attempt to exterminate the Talz species. The Talz put out a call for help from the JedI, and Master Luminara Unduli is sent to aid the Talz!”

Several Republic Gunship’s race across the snowy planet of Orto Plutonia. Inside one of these gunships, Luminara Unduli takes out a hologram and contacts Yoda and Foul Moudama. Luminara says “We are almost at the landing point, Master Yoda!” and Yoda replies “Excellent. When reach the landing point, in chaos, you will find the planet” and Foul Moudama adds *It is also possible some Talz won’t take kindly to Clone Troopers being there again*. Luminara says “Don’t worry Master Moudama, I’m sure I can handle it”.

The Gunship’s arrive at the Talz hiding place in the Mountains. Immediately, the doors open and Snow Clone Troopers of the 41st legion disembark. Luminara follows them, closely followed by Clone Commander Gree. Luminara says “Follow me” to Gree, and they both walk into the nearest cave. Several Talz look up at them as they walk towards Thi-Sen. Luminara and Gree bow before him, and Luminara says “Chieftain Thi-Sen, we have brought an army with us, which we will use to try and protect you” and Gree adds “As well as your homes” and Thi-Sen replies *Excellent! We should set up defensive positions, there will be no telling when they could strike!* Luminara nods in agreement, and she, Gree, Thi-Sen and the other Talz leave to set up their defences.

Once the defences are finished and well prepared, Gree takes out a pair of scopes and calls out “Separatist forces are heading our way!”, and sure enough, hundreds of Snow Droids, closely followed by many AAT’s are heading along the snow towards them. One of the Snow Clones calls out “They’ve got Proton Cannons!” just as one of the six Proton Cannon’s opens fire, killing several Snow Clones. Gree orders “Return fire!” and several AV-7 Republic Cannons open fire, destroying an AAT. Luminara calls for Gree, Draa and Kall to join her and says, “Take some troops, and try to take out those cannons, if they have them, these Mountain’s could go down at any time!”. Gree, Draa and Kall are joined by more Snow Clones as they get in Freeco Speeders to head for the Proton Cannons.

Snow Droids breach through the Republic defenses, and head for the AV-7 cannons. One Snow Clone calls out “Hold the line!” but he is quickly shot by a Snow Droid. Count Dooku himself joins the fray, watching his Snow Droids fighting the Clones. Dooku force chokes and hurls aside a Clone who was about to shoot at him. Several Clones are shot by Snow Droids until the AV-7 Cannons are defenceless. Dooku easily uses the force to lift one cannon, before smashing it into the rest. Luminara notices this and calls out “We must retreat! We have lost our cannons!”. Thi-Sen nods in agreement, before looking shocked as the other Talz prepare to move forward. Lacu Seka says *We will hold them off and delay, them, you two get out of here!*. Thi-Sen protests but the other Talz move anyway.

Meanwhile, the Clone’s are shot down by the Proton Cannons, and are forced to use their demolished speeders as cover. Draa calls out “Push forward!” as he and several other Snow Clone’s begin to move forward into attack formation. A squad of ten Snow Droids attacks at the Snow Clones, but are repelled, with Kall hurling a thermal detonator at them, and Gree finishes the last one off with a few blaster bolts to the body. Gree, Draa and Kall tell the remaing five other Snow Clones to follow them. They quickly find the position of the Proton Cannons, with only TA-175 guarding them. TA-175 says “Drop your weapons!” and Draa replies “No chance, clanker!” and Kall adds “You’re out gunned!”. TA-175 ignores him and shoots at the Clones, but Gree simply shoots it through it’s head, before Kall stomps on TA-175 for good measure. Draa and Kall then place the charges on the Proton Cannons, and they watch the cannons explode, before Gree says “We better go, find some shelter” and the Clones walk off.

Lacu Seka and the other five Talz charge at Dooku, who says calmly to his droids “Stay back! I will handle them!” before igniting his lightsaber. Lacu Seka calls out *Charge!* as they charge at Dooku. Dooku just simply force chokes the first two, stabs another three, before being left with Lacu Seka and another. Laku thrusts at Dooku with his spear, but Dooku calmly chops it in half, before driving his lightsaber into Lacu’s heart, and he collapses. The final Talz is so scared, he doesn’t even attempt to stop Dooku force-pulling him towards Dooku before stabbing him in the heart too. Up above, Luminara and Thi-Sen find a cave to wait in for the arrival of more reinforcements. Thi-Sen grumpily says *I thought you would protect us, not make it worse for us!*. Luminara has no reply to this.

Elsewhere, Gree, Draa, Kall and the other Snow Clones find a cave, and as they sit down to rest, Draa asks Gree, “What now?” and Gree replies “We wait” as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 22: Separatist Strike

Characters: Darth Sidious, Count Dooku, Thi-Sen, TA-175, Battle Droid OOM-12, Talz Soldier Lacu Seka, Yoda.

*Talz language translated to basic*

Narration: ”Plot! Now that the disposal of Lux Bonteri, has been accomplished, Count Dooku awaits further orders from Lord Sidious, always unaware of what his next assignment could be!”

Count Dooku sits bored in his palace on Serenno, anxiously awaiting his next orders from his Master, Darth Sidious. Just as Dooku decides it might be time to turn in for the night, Sidious appears in a hologram beside him. Dooku immediately drops to his knees and says “My lord?” and Sidious replies “I have a new task that needs doing” and Dooku replies “What task might this be?” and Sidious says “The Talz species. Eliminate them!” and Dooku says “But, my lord, they are a powerful warrior, they could sweep the snow with our battle droids!” and Sidious replies “Then it is time to test our new Droid model”… Dooku, stunned says “The Snow Droids, my lord? They have not been tested, what if they are not ready?” and Sidious simply says “See to it that they are” before vanishing…

Count Dooku walks along the hangar of the Separatist frigate heading toward Orto Plutonia. He stops walking in front of a squad of Battle Droids and says “OOM-12, is my ship ready?” and OOM-12 replies “Roger, roger!” and Dooku says “Excellent, prepare the tanks and fighters for ground assault” before heading off to where the final checks are being made on the Snow Droids. Dooku stops in front of the Snow Droids “You have been specifically designed for this cold climate, which gives you an advantage other forces won’t have, and if necessary, you can turn up the heat”. Dooku points to the razor sharp blades equipped to the Snow Droids arms. Dooku asks “Are you ready for your first test?” and the Snow Droids reply “Roger, roger!”. Dooku says “Let’s begin then!” as he climbs into his Solar Sailor. Separatist Landing Craft’s, Vulture Droids and Droid Tri-Fighters follow him to the planet’s surface.

The Separatist Landing Craft’s deploy out AAT’s and Snow Droids. The Snow Droid’s assemble as Dooku sets up his Command Post. Tactical Droid TA-175 comes up to him and says “The army is assembled, Count Dooku” and Dooku calls out “It is time, to begin!”. OOM-12, sitting in an AAT, calls out “You heard him, fire!” and the AAT’s begin raining fire on the Talz homes below them. Several Talz, including Thi-Sen, immediately rush out. Thi-Sen calls out *Form up, and repel our trespassers!”. Several Talz try to rush the AAT’s, but are crudely blown out of the way by the tanks, creating a hole in the snow, which more Talz fall into. Thi-Sen calls out to his friend, Lacu Seka, *Take some other Talz and create a diversion, I’ll delay them here!* and Lacu replies *Yes, my friend!*. Up above, Dooku says to TA-175 “Deploy the Snow Droids, let’s see how the Talz like them!”. TA-175 calls out “Deploy the Snow Droids, attack formation!”. The Snow Droids deploy and head off to attack the Talz. Thi-Sen calls out *Stand firm, fellow brave Talz!*. Thi-Sen and twenty other Talz charge the oncoming Snow Droids. The numbers are well not in Thi-Sen’s favour, but the Talz braveness makes up for that. One Talz proving worth at least five Snow Droids. The Talz throw their spears at the Snow Droids, knocking some aside, destroying others, and some missing their target altogether. Several times, Thi-Sen is almost killed by those sharp blades, and a horrible noise catches his attention, and he sees a Talz head on the ground, separated from it’s body. Too late, Thi-Sen doesn’t see another Snow Droid coming and the razor sharp blade cuts Thi-Sen across the arm, knocking Thi-Sen to the ground. But before the Snow Droid can finish him, a explosion distracts the Separatists, and Thi-Sen seizes his chance, grabbing the Snow Droid before using it’s own blade against it, cutting off the droid head. Thi-Sen calls out *Retreat! Retreat! To the Mountains, so we can recover and regroup!” and the Talz rush off away from the fight.

Once in the Mountains, Thi-Sen finds Lacu Seka, and says *It is good to see you are alive* and Lacu replies *Same to you*. Lacu then adds *What should we do now?* and Thi-Sen replies *Contact the JedI Council, and our friend Foul Moudama, for help*. Thi-Sen activates a hologram and contacts the Jedi Council, Yoda answers and says “Chieftain Thi-Sen, what may I do for you?” and Thi-Sen replies *We need support, the Separatists have attacked our colony, and vastly outnumber us. We will be slaughtered without your assistance!*. Yoda simply says “Send reinforcements, we will, fear not, we shall help you in this terrible conflict!* as the story ends!