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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 60: Double Traitor

Characters: Sora Bulq, Count Dooku, Mace Windu, Commander Neyo, Magnaguards, Battle Droids, Clone Pilot Rod, CT-566 Clone Trooper Cargo.

Narration: "Having learnt that Sora Bulq is now a Sith, Mace Windu tries to escape, but with limited options, will the respected Jedi be able to escape?"

Count Dooku and Sora Bulq walk through hallways, intend on finding and killing Mace Windu. Dooku says "You need to improve Bulq. You should have been able to take out Master Windu and his Clone Commander then!" and Bulq replies "I will take them, my lord". Dooku says harshly "You better not fail me!". Meanwhile, their prey have made it back to their ship. Clone Pilot Rod comes down to the stairs, and says "The ship's all raring to go, sir!". Neyo turns to the 91st clone and asks "What's your name, trooper?" and the clone replies "CT-566, Cargo, Commander!". As Mace, Neyo and Cargo prepare to board the attack shuttle, a bomb blows up inside the ship, the explosion blows it up entirely, sending the body of Rod flying. Mace catches Rod, but knows immediately Rod has died anyway. As Bulq, Dooku, Battle Droids and Magnaguards appear around them, Mace realizes he has been betrayed.

Mace says angrily "It was you, wasn't it? *Points at Sora Bulq*, you told Dooku what our plans were!" and Dooku replies "Master Windu, Bulq has no idea of you're plans, he has been in his cell all along. It was that clone who is the traitor" and Dooku points at Cargo. Carho says "What? You weren't supposed to tell them!" before turning to Mace and Neyo, and adding "I just wanted it for the freedom. Us clones have our lives planned out for us, well, I wanted something different!". Neyo stares angrily at Cargo and says, "That is not something you have a choice about!". Mace spots a couple of Flitknot speeders nearby, and force pulls them to him. Mace gets on one, with Neyo getting on the other. Neyo gives a parting shot by shooting Cargo in the arm, injuring the clone who betrayed them, as Mace and Neyo escape across the planet.

Cargo mutters to himself, as he holds his arm "So, they got away" before being stabbed from behind by Sora Bulq, who says "Failure. That's for letting them get away!". But, a lightsaber is then plunged into the back of Bulq's heart, killing him. Dooku stands over the fallen body of Bulq, and says "And I can kill you for the exact same reason!". Dooku leaves the planet on his solar sailor, leaving the bodies of Clone Trooper Cargo and Sora Bulq behind...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 59: Jedi Betrayal

Characters: Sora Bulq, Count Dooku, Mace Windu, Commander Neyo, ARF Trooper Razor, ARF Trooper Stak, 91st Reconaissance Clones, Magnaguards, Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids.

Narration: "Rescue attempt! Having learned of Master Sora Bulq's capture, Mace Windu attempts to try to free Bulq. Having found Bulq inside a prison cell, Master Windu is unaware of the change inside Master Bulq!"

Sora Bulq attacks Mace Windu and Commander Neyo. Mace ignites his lightsaber just in time to block the lightsaber attack, but Bulq kicks out and catches Neyo in the stomach, sending him flying into a wall. Bulq kicks Mace aside too, but Mace force-pushes Bulq away from the prone body of Neyo as Bulq was poised to murder Neyo. Mace stands  over Bulq, and says "What has happened to you?" and Bulq yells back "I know what the Jedi are!" before again attacking viciously. Neyo stumbles to his feet, and opens the cell door, Mace force pushes Bulq off-balance, before kicking aside his lightsaber. Mace hurries out of the cell block, and runs off with Neyo. They are soon stopped by Magnaguards though. The three Magnaguards attack Mace, who engages two of them, but the third manages to stab Neyo from behind, sending him crumbling to the ground. As Sora Bulq approaches from behind them. As the Magnaguard looms above Neyo, he kicks it in it's metal underside, before shooting it in the head as it fails to recover. Mace dispatches of one of the Magnaguards he is gighting, but Neyo is forced to shoot down the other one as it attempts to attack Mace from behind. Mace and Neyo then run off again, hoping to avoid Sora Bulq.

Razor and Stak lead the 91st clones through hallways. Razor says "It's this way!", but as they head that way, they are surrounded and trapped by Magnaguards, Battle Droids and Super Battle Droids. One Battle Droid calls out "Eliminate them!" and they open fire. The clones are forced to make a fight for it, but they crumble as the droids swarm on top of them. Stak is soon killed by a Super Battle Droid double-tap to the chest, as he falls, Razor is electrocuted by a Magnaguard, and then shot down by Battle Droids while he is in pain. Soon, the hallway is littered with lots of dead clone bodies. Once the Droid forces have left however, once clone emerges from the bodies, and walks off to try to find Mace Windu.

Mace and Neyo continue through the hallways. As they attempt to get through a door however, Battle Droids come through the exact same one. Mace immediately slices at the nearest ones, before attempting to shut the door, Neyo pumps a few blaster bolts at the droids. The Battle Droids use a rocket launcher up and attempt to blow their way through the door. The 91at trooper arrives on the scene behind them, and destroys them with a thermal detonator, before joining Mace and Neyo on the other side. Mace asks "Where are the others?" and the clone replies "Dead. They were all killed off". Mace, Neyo and the trooper move off, to try to end the mission...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 58: Jedi Hostage

Characters: Sora Bulq, Count Dooku, Mace Windu, Commander Neyo, 91st Reconaissance Clones, ARF Trooper Razor, ARF Trooper Stak, Battle Droids, Security Battle Droids.

Narration: "Jedi held hostage! Jedi Master Sora Bulq has been captured by the evil forces of Count Dooku! Now, Bulq's friend Mace Windu leads a rescue party to attempt to free Master Bulq!"

Sora Bulq hangs limply from the ceiling inside a Separatist base. Bulq is drifting on the edge of consciousness as the cell doors open. Bulq looks up to see Count Dooku approaching him. Bulq says "So? What do you want with me?" and Dooku replies "I want you to join the Sith. Together! We can take down Master Windu and the rest of the Jedi!". Bulq pauses before saying "I will never join the Sith, Dooku. Over my dead body!" and Dooku replies "That can be arranged. The Jedi can't save you now, you're only hope is in the Sith". Bulq finally agrees, and as he nods his head, Dooku releases him and hands him back his lightsabers...

Mace Windu and the clones arrive on a Republic attack shuttle on the planet. Commander Neyo is followed by ARF Troopers Razor and Stak who join him off the ship. As all the 91st clones assemble, Neyo says to Mace Windu "All troopers have reported in, General!" and Mace replies "Very well Commander Neyo, let's proceed". Mace walks into the base, followed by the clones...

As they proceed through the hallways, Mace signals, he and Neyo split up as the other clones continue on to distract the enemy, Mace and Neyo head for the prison cells. They are almost immediately caught by Security Battle Droids, who shoot at them immediately. Mace ignites his lightsaber just in time to deflect the blaster bolts heading straight for Neyo, deflecting back into two of the droids. Neyo pulls out his DC-15 blaster and dispatches of two more. Ten more pour out to engage them, and Mace and Neyo combine to defeat all the droids. Razor and Stak lead the other 91st clones, and they are ambushed by Battle Droids, but Razor and Stak lead by example, smashing into them and gunning them down. Inspired by this, the 91st clones also engage the droids, for every clone that falls, four droids fall, and only three clones are lost at the end of the skirmish. One Battle Droid that is battered tries to get up, but Stak shoots it down saying "Stay down!". Razor, Stak and the clones reload their weapons before continuing on...

Mace and Neyo find themselves outside the cell of Sora Bulq soon. As Mace and Neyo approach him, they fail to clock the fact that for one, Bulq is out of his restraints, and he is holding his lightsaber. Mace says "It is good to see you're alive, Master Bulq". Sora Bulq turns around and looks at Mace, smiling maniacally "I'm glad you're here as well, Master Windu!" before igniting his lightsaber. Sora raises his lightsaber, ready for combat...

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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 57: Final Battle

Characters: Cham Syndulla, Corroy Mak, Twi'Lek Freedom Fighters, Elomin Leader Dante, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Commander Cody, CT-544 Clone Trooper Bolt, CT-115 Clone Trooper Wire, Tsui Choi, 49th Assault Squad, Numa, Waxer. Boil, Elomin Soldiers, Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids, 212th Legion Clones.

Narration: "Almost victory on Ryloth! The Republic forces, led by Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Corroy Mak, have almost defeated the Separatist forces on Ryloth! But still Separatists remain on the planet. Will the Republic emerge victorious?"

A Republic gunship arrives on Ryloth with reinforcements for the already tired Republic troops on the planet. Out of the gunship step 212th legion clones, led by Waxer and Boil. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Commander Cody and Numa approach Waxer and Boil. Numa asks "Nerra, nerra?" and Waxer says "Good to see you again, little one!". Numa quickly hugs Waxer and Boil, before Obi-Wan says "Now then, we do have a battle to win after all". Waxer and Boil both say "Yes, sir!" as they join up with the other Republic forces...

Dante says "It is time. We must make our final attack now!". AAT's, Proton Cannons and Tri-Droid's begin to rain all sorts of fire down on the Republic positions, decimating several AT-TE Walkers. Tsui Choi says to Obi-Wan "General Kenobi. I will take my men and try to deal with those tanks!" and Obi-Wan replies "Very well, Master Choi. Me, General Mak and the clones will engage those blasted droids!". Tsui Choi nods, and he and the 49th assault squad clones use AT-RT Walkers to swiftly get to the Separatists positions. Obi-Wan and Corroy Mak hear a noise, and look up to find hundreds of Staps heading towards them. Bolt brings up a rocket launcher and blows several aside, while Wire and several more 212th clones bring up Z-6 rotary cannons to try to blast them out of the sky. Obi-Wan, Corroy Mak and Cody jump and knock off one Battle Droid off a stap each, before using their Staps against the remainder of the Battle Droids. A loud echoing noise sounds, and a massive shell hits the Republic positions. Once the smoke and chaos of the shell goes, Waxer notices Boil lying in mortal pain, but even more shockingly for Waxer, is that the body of Numa is crouched against a destroyed AT-TE: she is clearly dead. Waxer shouts "NO!", before remembering his duty, he picks up his DC-15 blaster rifle and presses to pick off Battle Droids charging their position. Bolt, Wire and more 212th clones help him defend against the droids. A Tri-Droid manages to blast Corroy Mak's stap, only for Mak to land on the Tri-Droid, he proceeds to blind the Tri-Droid, before chopping It's guns off. Bolt then fires a rocket launcher shell, blowing the Tri-Droid up, as Mak lands safely on the ground. Dante takes a Stap of his own and flies at the Republic positions. Several 212th clones shoot his Stap down, and upon crash landing on the ground, Waxer shoots Dante dead.

Corroy Mak yells gleefully "We've got this battle won!" and he charges the oncoming Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids and Elomin Soldiers, ignoring Obi-Wan's yell of "No! General Mak, there's far too many of them!". As Corroy Mak joyfully slices up oncoming droid or Elomin as they come, he realizes only too late just how many there are. The Separatist forces surround him, and once his lightsaber is shot from his grasp, the Separatists have no problem finishing the Klaatoinian Jedi off. Cham Syndulla says to Obi-Wan "The time has come for the final push! Charge!". Obi-Wan and Cham lead the clones against the forces that just killed Corroy Mak. With no leader to lead them, the Separatist forces are very quickly defeated, and all Separatist resistance on Ryloth is wiped out...

Tsui Choi and his last two 49th assault squad clones regroup with Obi-Wan and Cham Syndulla at the day's end. Cham says "Thanks to you, Jedi. Ryloth is free once and for all!" and Obi-Wan replies "I don't think Count Dooku will be attacking here again in a hurry, now that he sees the compassion of you're people, Cham" Cham says "I hope you're right". The Republic celebrates the victory on Ryloth, but there is still a long way in the war to go...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 56: Jedi Rescue

Characters: Cham Syndulla, Gobi Glie, Corroy Mak, Twi'Lek Freedom Fighters, Elomin Leader Dante, Elomin Soldiers, Obi-Wan Kenobi, 212th Legion Clones, CT-544 Bolt, CT-155 Wire, Tsui Choi, 49th Assault Squad Clones, Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids.

Narration: "Assault on Ryloth! Jedi General Corroy Mak was forced to fight valiantly against Separatist forces led by the Elomin Dante. Having discovered that his reinforcements would mean he would have to fight aloongside clones again, General Mak wasn't very happy at the prospect!"

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Commander Cody, Cham Syndulla and Corroy Mak stand around a hologram table before they start the attack in an attempt to free Tsui Choi and his clones. Mak says "Figures. Clones getting captured. Not enough battle wits". Cody angrily retorts "Maybe if you had a little more battle skills, Master Choi and his men wouldn't have been captured!". Obi-Wan says "Alright! We all know our teams, so let's divide into them!". Obi-Wan, Cody and Cham board AT-RT Walkers in preparation for the assault. Corroy Mak is joined by Gobi Glie, Bolt and Wire, as well as a few dozen clones. Cham Syndulla gives the signal, and AT-TE Walkers fire on the village they are attacking. Obi-Wan calls out "Quickly! Secure the village!" before he, Cham and Cody lead AT-RT Walkers and storm towards the village. Corroy Mak draws his lightsaber, while Bolt and Wire draw their weapons. Mak defends against waves of Battle Droids, defeating many with help from nearby clones. Soon enough, Elomin Soldiers come from nowhere on weirdly-shaped speeders and attack. One targets Corroy Mak, and there is nothing he can do to stop it. However, Wire is alert to the danger and shoots it down. Wire jokes to Mak "Still think badly of the Clone generation?". Mak replies: having just sliced up a few Elomin soldiers, "Anyone can wield a blaster, It's how you use it that counts!". Wire sighs and says to Bolt "What do we have to do to convince this guy?". Bolt shrugs, before blasting a few Staps headed their direction. The Battle Droids on top of the Staps fall screaming to the ground. Bolt and Wire shoot them. Elomin Soldiers battle brutally, not caring where they stick their spears or where they shoot with their guns. Several clones are sliced and diced out of the way by the spears. Gobi Glie and Twi'Lek Freedom Fighters try to protect the clones, but the Freedom Fighters are defeated. And while Gobi turns to look at his fallen comrades, he is shot in the shoulder, before being stabbed through the stomach, and then tossed off the spear by a vicious Elomin Soldier. Corroy Mak steps up to lead by example, fighting the Elomin Soldiers lightsaber to spears, while clones, including Bolt and Wire, rain down covering fire for him. The vicious Elomin Soldier tosses his spear at Mak, but misses. The Elomin then draws his pistol out, but Mak calmly blocks the blaster bolts, before chopping off the blaster hand of the Elomin. Before the Elomin can recover, Mak force-pushes him down a ravine. Dante watches on helplessly from far away, knowing that the Separatists have lost this battle.

"We have them now, men! Press them!" Bolt calls out, and he and Wire lead the clone charge into the village. Bolt and Wire are ambushed however, when an Elomin Soldier tosses his spear at them, as it looks like Bolt will die, Corroy Mak intervenes and slices up the spear. Bolt shoots the Elomin culprit before he can get away. Bolt says "Ah. So it does look like you care for us clones after all?" and Mak replies "You're the only soldiers we've got. And I want to win this battle!". When Mak isn't looking, Bolt and Wire shake their heads exasperatedly at each other. Obi-Wan, Cody and Cham have arrived in the village also. The Republic launch an attack on the prison cells, with AT-RT Walkers leading a swift charge, blasting helpless Battle Droids out of the way before they can react. Obi-Wan and Corroy Mak then lead a ground assault, taking out Super Battle Droids as they go. Clones do fall, but the remaining Republic forces manage to push a hole in the Separatist defences, and break into the prison. An AT-TE is brought forward, and it blasts a hole right in the prison block. Obi-Wan, Mak, Bolt and Wire sneak cautiously into the prison block. A Battle Droid, damaged by the AT-TE bombardment, says "H-hey, you here to rescue me-" but Corroy Mak simply slices the droid out of the way before it can finish. Bolt and Wire scout ahead, and locate the cell Tsui Choi is in. Obi-Wan attempts to break through the cell doors. Super Battle Droids appear and ambush Mak, Bolt and Wire. With Bolt and Wire providing covering support, Mak does a big force-push, sending all the Super Battle Droids flying out the doorway. Bolt and Wire quickly step outside to finish them, just as Obi-Wan breaks through the cell doors. Tsui Choi says "Kenobi! So glad you managed to find me!" and Obi-Wan replies "I'm glad you're still in one piece, Master Choi". The 49th assult squad clones step forward, and one of them says "Generals, we've gotten intel lead to believe the Separatists are going to make a reckless attack, as a last gasp of hope!" and Corroy Mak says "We'll be ready for them!". The Republic forces leave the prison, to continue the battle...

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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 55: Syndulla Defends

Characters: Cham Syndulla, Gobi Glie, Jedi General Corroy Mak, Twi'Lek Freedom Fighters, Elomin Leader Dante, Elomin Soldiers, Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Commander Cody, 212th Legion Clones, CT-544 Clone Trooper Bolt, CT-115 Clone Trooper Wire.

Nattation: "Separatists on Ryloth again! Separatist droids, led by the warrior-like Elomin species, invade Ryloth, hoping to secure a grip on the system! The Klatooinian Jedi, Corroy Mak, helps Twi'Lek's defend valiantly against the Separatists. But can the Twi'lek's hold out?"

Explosions hit everywhere over lots of areas throughout the battlefield on Ryloth. Twi'Lek Freedom Fighters use Blurrg's to tackle oncoming Battle Droids and Super Battle Droids. While they take care of those oncoming droids, Jedi General Corroy Mak says to Cham Syndulla "It is time, Syndulla. We need to throw everything we have at them!" and Cham replies "We are both of the same mind, General Mak!". Corroy Mak nods, and force-jumps over the cover he was behind, landing in front of a squad of Battle Droids. Igniting his lightsaber, he makes sort work of the droids, force-pushing half to the left, and the remaining half to the right. Cham Syndulla and Gobi Glie lead more Freedom Fighters over the covers, shooting with pistols at oncoming Separatists. Corroy Mak watches as Elomin Soldiers charge towards them. Mak stabs at them, killing several of them, without so much a care that he is killing another species. However, the arrival of AAT's and Spider Walker's put a dent in the Jedi's hopes. The Separatist vehicles targeting the Blurrg's, killing many Freedom Fighters. Corroy Mak, Syndulla and Gobi Glie rally what's left of the Twi'Lek's, and retreat for now...

At the Separatist Command Post, the leader of the Elomin's, Dante, orders more Elomin soldiers into the conflict, saying "We must wipe out these freedom fighters! Defeat them, and Ryloth will be ours!". The Elomin soldiers join Battle Droids in hunting for the Twi'Lek Freedom Fighters.

Corroy Mak, along with Syndulla and Glie, lead dozens of freedom fighters towards safety via cliffs. One of the Freedom Fighters tells Syndulla "Some of us will go out and try to buy you some time. You are the ones who need to go to safety!". Syndulla nods his agreement, although looking as if he would like nothing more than to do the opposite. Corroy Mak says to Syndulla "You're people are very brave. We must win this conflict for them!". As Mak, Syndulla and Glie move on over the cliffs, they hear wails, and shrieks of pain, and they realize those Twi'Lek Freedom Fighters that went to delay them are dead. As they continue walking, Mak receives a transmission, and finds it is from Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi-Wan says "General Mak. It is good to see you alive and well!". Mak says "Thank you, General Kenobi. I assume you are on your way to reinforce us?" and Obi-Wan replies "Naturally! Me and my clone forces shall arrive shortly". Syndulla notices Mak frown, and asks "Something the matter?" and Mak replies "I don't trust these clones. I find them insuffient, to this war".

Later on, with Corroy Mak, Syndulla and Glie having arrived at the rendezvous point. Several Republic gunship's arrive, bringing AT-TE and AT-RT Walkers. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Clone Commander Cody head towards Corroy Mak. Mak looks furiously at the clones who are assembling, and yells "What are they doing here?! They are insufficient for battle, and have no place on the frontlines!". Obi-Wan tries to say something, but Cody who is now angry himself says "My company are the best of the best! We can win this battle, with or without Jedi!". Mak turns away from Cody and Obi-Wan, but not before saying "Prove it to me!" before strutting away. Clone Troopers Bolt and Wire, having stepped out of their gunship, had heard the whole argument. Bolt and Wire join Obi-Wan and Cody. Wire mutters to Bolt "Wonder what he's got against clones?". Obi-Wan overhears and says "Corroy Mak finds clones insufficient for battle. He once was assigned to a squad many months ago. Within a minute, they were all wiped out. He barely managed to escape alive. He was never fought with clones since"... Bolt says "Well, It's time to show him he's wrong then!". Obi-Wan, Cody, Bolt and Wire join the rest of the army, as it prepares for the next assault...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 54: Droid Hunt

Characters: Commando Droids, Anakin Skywalker, Luminara Unduli, Commander Gree, Clone Assasins, 41st Legion Sniper, CT-502 Clone Trooper Phantom.

Narration: "Narrow escape! All hope seemed lost when the Commando Droids prepared to explode the Jedi Temple, but a faulty detonator saves our heroes day! Now, Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Luminara Unduli prepare a mission to pursue the Commando Droids responsible, and destroy them!"

A Republic attack shuttle lands on a planet. Clone Assasins leap out, eager to start hunting some Separatists. Following them are the three 41st legion clones assigned to the mission, Commander Gree, CT-502 Phantom and a sniper. Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Luminara Unduli join the clones. Luminara says to the sniper "Keep an eye out for any droids. We need to conclude this mission fast" and Anakin adds "And if you see them first, fire at them even if we're not there to help you!". The sniper says "Yes, generals" and walks off into a better sniping position.

The 41st sniper sets up his long-range sniper rifle on the edge of a cliff-top, looking over a large wasteland. Having waited for several minutes, the sniper spots the remaining Commando Droids. Remembering Anakin's words, the sniper immediately draws the rifle and shoots one Commando Droid clean through it's back. The rest of the Commando Droids recover from the shock though, and manage to hide. The sniper contacts Anakin "General Skywalker. I've spotted the Commando Droids, they've taken hiding down in that wasteland over there!" and Anakin replies "Excellent work, me and Master Unduli will check down there now". Anakin, Luminara and all the other clones slide down into the wasteland, before splitting up: Anakin taking the Clone Assasins to one area, Luminara, Gree and Phantom check out another.

The 41st sniper starts to get the feeling something is wrong. Anakin and Luminara had checked the entire wasteland without finding anything. A click from a blaster behind the sniper confirms his worst fears. The sniper slowly turns to find the last three Commando Droids looming above him. The sniper tries in vain to grab his gun, but fails, and can only watch as the Commando Droids shoot it over the cliff: they then proceed to shoot the sniper over the cliff too, and he falls a long way to his death.

Phantom had spotted what was happening, and noticed the brutal death of the sniper. Phantom calls out to Luminara "Master Unduli, our sniper has just been killed!". Luminara and Gree arrive on the scene to see the Commando Droids on the cliff-top. Gree says to Phantom "Look's like we'll have to finish them the hard way. Ready to take 'em out, shiny?" and Phantom replies "As ready as I'll ever be!". Phantom and Gree begin to climb the cliff-top as Luminara contacts Anakin, telling him where the Commando Droids are. The Clone Assasins use their swift speed to get to the top of the cliff-top. The Commando Droids kill two of them, but the rest get into a hand-to-hand scuffle with the droids. Gree and Phantom arrive and both shoot a Commando Droid each. Anakin arrives on the scene to eliminate the captain. Once Luminara is up on the cliff-top: Anakin says "Well, this concludes that mission!". Gree tells him "Are you sure you didn't mean that the other way around, General Skywalker?". Anakin laughs and says "Yes, Commander Gree. That concludes THIS mission!". They all head back to the shuttle, preparing to head back to Coruscant...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 53: Engaging

Characters: Commando Droids, Count Dooku, Senate Security Clones, Thire, Jek, Rys, Coleman Kcaj.

Narration: "Infiltration! Commando Droids have successfully infiltrated the Jedi Temple, and managed to place explosives inside it. The only problem for these droids is the Republic are now aware of their presence, having been spotted by Jedi Coleman Kcaj. Can these droids leave Coruscant?"

Count Dooku activates his holo-transmitter and says "Dooku, here!" and the Commando Droid Captain replies "Count, we successfully infiltrated the Jedi Temple, and have set the explosives!" and Dooku says "Very well, detonate them as scheduled. Proceed as planned!" before Dooku cuts the transmission.

Coleman Kcaj, Thire and Senate Security Clones run through the streets of Coruscant, intent on finding Clone or Jedi help. They run into Rys and Jek, who were coming the other way. Jek tells them "We've located the Seppies position, and I've got my rocket launcher ready for them!" and Thire replies "You need to stop thinking with you're weapons, Jek!". The Commando Droids are right above them, using the roofs of buildings to head across Coruscant. Suddenly, one Commando Droid loses It's footing right on the edge of one of the buildings: slipping and falling right in front of Kcaj, who easily slices it apart. Thire pumps a couple of bolts into it to be sure. Kcaj and the clones look up to find the other Commando Droids staring down at them. The captain calls out "Prepare for you're temple to be destroyed!". The droid tries to click the detonator, but it is jammed, preventing the Jedi Temple from exploding. Kcaj force-pulls the detonator to him, and he cuts the detonator in half, before yelling "You're scheme is over!". The Commando Droids turn and run, now forced to escape Coruscant.

The Commando Droids arrive back at the shuttle, but as they prepare to board it, Kcaj, Thire, Jek, Rys and the clones appear behind them. Two Commando Droids are shot down by Thire and Rys, but the others manage to board the shuttle and escape, heading for a nearby planet...

Coleman Kcaj says to the clones "I must report to the Jedi about this!". Kcaj turns on his feet and heads towards the Jedi Temple, as the clones wonder what will happen next...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 52: Infiltration

Characters: Commando Droids, Count Dooku, Riot Control Clones, Senate Security Clones, Thire, Clone Sergeant Swift, Coleman Kcaj, Clone Assasins.

Narration: "Conflict! The Clone Wars continue raging across the galaxy! With many Clones and Jedi being sent to aid distant planets, no one is left on Coruscant to maintain protection! Count Dooku has a mission for his Commando Droids, to exploit the Republic's weakness!"

Count Dooku watches from his throne room as a squad of ten Commando Droids enter the room. One of them says "We are here, sir!". Dooku says "You droids have been chosen for this task, because it requires great speed. With your speed, you will be able to get past the pitiful Republic defences, and infiltrate the Jedi Temple!", before cocluding "You're shuttle is awaiting you". The Commando Droids turn and leave the room...

The Separatist shuttle docks on Coruscant. One of the Commando Droids calls out "Spread out! We need to ambush and kill any patroling Republic forces!". The Commano Droids stealthily move forward, moving from corner to corner in search of clones. They hear voices chatting, and turn to find a squad of Riot Control Clones passing by them. The Commando Droids quickly take up positions, and ambush them. Three of the seven Riot Clones are eliminated before they can react. They quickly draw their shields and take up defensive positions. The blaster bolts have no effect on the shields, so one droid throws a thermal detonator at the clones. Unfortunately, one of them: different markings to the other ones notes a Commando Droid, uses his stun baton to smash it back like it was a baseball. The thermal detonator zooms straight back, and blows up right in front of the Commando Droid's head, blowing it to pieces. One droid down, but the remaining nine all fight hard, defeating all but the one with different markings. This last clone fights valiantly, but a couple of the Commando Droids outflank him, and having taken a couple of shots to the back, he falls. Before he can recover: the captain of the Commando Droids kicks the shield and baton away, before finishing the clone off. No rest for the Commando Droids though, because they turn and find Jedi Coleman Kcaj heading for them. He draws his lightsaber and attacks them: taken by surprise, two Commando Droids immediately fall, but the rest recover, and manage to shoot Kcaj in both arms, making him drop his lightsaber. Before they can finish the Jedi though, they hear a noise heading their way. Upon deciding they cannot afford any more losses, the Commando Droids head off, taking a different route to their objective.

Thire and Senate Securty Clones find Kcaj kneeling down on the ground. Thire asks "Are you ok, general?" and Kcaj replies "Yes, but these clones here are dead!". Thire checks the bodies. Upon finding the one with bodies, he says "This one is Sergeant Swift. He was a good friend of mine" and Kcaj says "Let's hope we can avenge him. By eliminating those wretched droids!"

Meanwhile, the Commando Droids have snuck into the Jedi Temple, and are currently placing explosives around certain areas of the Temple. Once all the explosives are placed. The captain transmits to the others "All done!". The Commando Droids then hurry away from the room, only to be caught by a couple of Clone Assasins. One of whom says "You've got far enough, droid!", before drawing out their twin vibro-blades. However, they had not accounted for that the Commando Droids were extremely fast too: The sheer numbers won over, one Clone Assasin trying to shift fast to the left, but bumping into one Commando Droid, and another two then profited by shooting him down. While the other Clone Assasin is distracted, several Commando Droids take him out. The Commando Droids then leave the Temple, heading for wherever their mission will take them...

Saturday, 17 September 2011

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 51: Fight Or Die

Characters: Captain Rex, ARC Trooper Fives, Clone Trooper Rowdy, ARF Sergeant Boomer, Clone Trooper Kano, 501st Clone (Klanker), Prince Xizor, King Zuxo, Falleen Guards, Falleen Soldiers, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Aayla Secura, Commander Bly, 327th Clones.

Narration: "Unidentified side! Having met up with the King Zuxo of Falleen, Clone Captain Rex and his men were given a shuttle to leave the system. However, unknown to them. Prince Xizor has been conspiring with the Separatists, and has plans for the Clones!"

Out of the rubble of the shuttle that just crashed on Falleen, step Captain Rex, ARC Trooper Fives, Clone Troopers Rowdy, Kano, plus ARF Sergeant Boomer. The Clones start to mop the dirt on their armour from the rubble, before remembering it's part of their tradition not to look like "Shiny's". Fives turns to Rex "So, what's the plan?" and Rex replies "We head back to that palace, and find out what is going on!" before slipping his helmet back on. As they prepare to move out, Rowdy calls out "Arn't we forgetting someone?" and Kano nods, saying "Where's Klanker?". Rex and Fives shift over a piece of rubble, and find Klanker's body there. It was obvious to the Clones he hadn't died in the explosion, he most likely died when the rubble crushed him. Rex says "Nothing we can do for him" and they continue to head back to the palace.

Having reached the palace, Zuxo greets them at the main gate. Rex isn't one to get sidetracked and immediately asks "Can we use your holotransmission room?" and Zuxo replies "Yes, of course, this way". Having led them to the holotransmission room, Zuxo leaves the Clones to their business, and Rex immediately calls Anakin Skywalker. Anakin says "Rex! It's good to see you're still alive!" and Rex replies "Thanks, General Skywalker. But we're trapped on the Falleen system, and need a rescue". Ahsoka then appears on the transmission "Hey Rex, it's nice to see you're still alive. I was worried about you". But before Rex can reply, the holotransmission is cut off, Fives murmurs "As worried as a Jedi can ever be about a Clone anyway", before striding out of the room, followed by Rex, Rowdy, Kano and Boomer. Out of the darkness steps Prince Xizor, who overheard everything, and was the one who cut the transmission. Xizor heads off to tell Darth Sidious what he heard...

A Republic gunship zooms into the atmosphere of the Falleen system, and as the gunship moves, Aayla Secura asks Anakin "How many Clones exactly are down there?" and Anakin replies "Apparently, all the 501st Clones that survived the attack on the cruiser!" and Ahsoka adds "Provided they haven't been killed while on the planet". Meanwhile, Commander Bly says to the three 327th Clone Troopers also on the mission "It's time to load them up, boys!" and they ready their weapons. However, what they didn't expect was for several Falleen gunship's to attack them as they fly, Anakin yells "Hold on!" as the Republic gunship takes a batterring and crash lands just a click from the palace. As Aayla recovers from the impact she took, she says to Anakin "Not up to your usual crash landing then, Skywalker?" and Anakin replies "Absolutely". Once they are recovered, they head to the palace...

King Zuxo sits calmly on his throne when two of the Clone Troopers angrily burst into the room. Zuxo looks shocked at the way these Clones move angrily. One of them, Captain Rex states "Why did you plant an explosive on board the shuttle you gave us?!". However, before Zuxo can reply, ARC Trooper Fives says "And how can you explain leaving us for dead???". Before Zuxo can say more than "Clones, please, I have no idea what you are talking about!", the doors burst open again, Anakin, Ahsoka, Aayla and Bly step in. Anakin yells at Zuxo "And how can you explain, the attack on our gunship, in which you tried to kill us! TELL US!" Anakin shouts at Zuxo. Zuxo stammers, "I suggest a comprimise, I will give you another shuttle!". Anakin and Ahsoka storm from the throne room, quickly followed by Aayla, Rex, Bly and Fives...

Rowdy, Kano and Boomer are already gearing the shuttle up by the time Anakin, Ahsoka, Aayla, Bly, Fives and Rex arrive. Rowdy calls "The ship's all ready, General Skywalker" and Anakin replies "Good, Rowdy. Now let's get out of here!". Zuxo watches the shuttle leave the planet, with remorse in his eyes. Before Zuxo can realise what is going on, he is lying sprawling on the ground, wondering how he got there. Woth the click of a blaster in his ear, he understands what is going on. Especially once he turns around and sees Xizor pointing a pistol right beside his head. Zuxo asks "You've been conspiring against me?" and Xizor replies "Yes". Zuxo asks "I suppose it was you all along, you blew up the shuttle, and attacked the Republic gunship!" and Xizor replies "Yes, you're right! I suppose it's a last consilation for you, taking the truth to where you will go!". Xizor pulls the trigger, and Zuxo drops down dead. Xizor calmly strides away from the dead body of his former King...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 50: Angry Natives

Characters: Captain Rex, ARC Trooper Fives, ARF Sergeant Boomer, Clone Trooper Kano, 501st Clones (Strutter, Klanker), Clone Trooper Rowdy, Prince Xizor, Falleen King Zuxo, Falleen Guards, Falleen Soldiers, Darth Sidious.

Narration: "Attacked! Above a distant planet, General Grievous attacked a Republic cruiser, with many 501st Clone Troopers on board. Now, the remainder of these Clones are on a distant planet, with no idea what anything on the planet is like!"

On a distant world, a hatch is opened. Out of the hatch comes several beings that look just like each other, coughing and spluterring. These are Clone Troopers, who have just undergone an attack from General Grievous. Captain Rex says to ARC Trooper Fives "So, we live to fight another day!" and Fives says nothing in response, as he is reminded about the loss of Echo. Rex tells Kano, Booomer, Rowdy and the other two 501st Clones, Strutter and Klanker to walk on. Rex whispers to Fives so the others can hear "You're still feeling down about Echo, right?". When Fives finally turns to look at Rex again, Rex is taken aback by the distorted look on Fives face. Fives manages to say "Rex. You wouldn't understand. I've seen my whole squad die out as time goes on, with me being the lone survivor. There was nothing I could do to save any of the others". Rex clasps Fives's hand in his own hands, and tells Fives "Yeah? But I'll try to protect you and make sure you get through this war, count on it!". Fives smiles weakly at this, and he and Rex re-join Boomer, Kano, Rowdy, Klanker and Strutter...

After walking on for a bit, Klanker notices something and calls out "There's a big building over there!". Having gone up for a closer look, Rowdy says "It's a palace!" and Fives adds "And you know what planet is well known for it's palaces? Falleen". Strutter then says "Forgive me Captain, but what is the Falleen position in the war?". Rex replies "Neutral. Unless they've joined the Separatists in the last month". Fives says "Only one way to find out!" before sliding down the cliff surface. Rex and the others follow his lead...

The Clones walk through the huge doors and into the palaces grounds. Having just entered the courtyard, they are met by a hail of blaster bolts from three directions, Strutter is immediately killed and blown back against the wall. Fives yells "Hold your ground!" as the Clones fire wildly in all three directions, trying to get a scent of where the enemy is. Before they do however, a voice calls out "Stop! Stop! What do you think you are doing??". Rex and the other Clones notice someone in long gold robes approaching them, and Fives says "This must be the king of this planet!". The King happened to hear Fives, and says "Yes! Clone soldier, I am indeed the great King of Falleen!". Boomer says to Fives "Looks like you were right about it being Falleen, Fives!". Rex says "Pardon me, sir, but what is your name?" and the King replies "My name is Zuxo. I welcome you humbly to my palace!". With that, Zuxo turns on his heel and leads the Clones into the palace...

Inside the palace. The price, Xizor turns on his holotransmitter and Darth Sidious appears. Sidious asks "You bring news?" and Xizor replies "Yes, dark lord. The Clone Troopers you mentioned have arrived here, and I have planted a bomb in the shuttle I know that idiot Zuxo has set aside for them". Sidious says "Excellent. These are some of the Republic's most elite Clones, killing them, could prove to be essential in the war!" and Xizor replies "Yes, dark lord" before turning the holotransmission off.

Later on, with Rex, Fives, Rowdy, Kano, Boomer and Klanker having been given refreshments. Zuxo leads them out into the grounds, saying "We have set aside a shuttle for you to use to get back to Coruscant!". Rex thanks Zuxo for the shuttle, and as the Clones board the shuttle, with Rex following from behind. Zuxo calls out as they leave, "Have a nice journey!". Kano says "Nice man" and Klanker says "He is indeed". Fives says "I wonder"... and Rex says "Wonder what?" and Fives replies Why he would say something like that". The answer is almost immenent, as all the Clones feel a tremendous force inside of the ship, which sends it spinning wildly out of control. "Hang on tight!" Rowdy shouts as the shuttle spins and smashes into the ground...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 49: Cruiser Attack

Characters: Captain Rex, Clone Trooper Rowdy, ARC Trooper Fives, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Admiral Yularen, ARF Sergeant Boomer, Clone Trooper Kano, 501st Clones, Super Battle Droids, General Grievous, Battle Droid Commander.

Narration: "Anger! Having suffered the loss of seeing his whole Domino squad die in the war already. Fives is left in turmoil between doing what is right and wrong! Now, we find Fives being dispatched to a Republic cruiser, to meet up with Jedi Anakin Skywalker!"

A Separatist frigate flies through hyperspace, with General Grievous intent on reaching his goal. A Battle Droid Commander approaches Grievous on the bridge, telling Grievous "Our ship has almost reached the Republic cruiser!" and Grievous replies "Excellent! I look forward to giving General Skywalker a surprise!". Grievous then walks out of the bridge, and positions himself inside the hangar beside several droch-class boarding ships...

Anakin and Ahsoka sit meditating together in a meditation room aboard their venator-class star destroyer. The doors of room open. Anakin and Ahsoka open their eyes, and turn around to find Clone Captain Rex standing at the door. "Fives is here, General Skywalker. He's in the hangar, waiting to see you" Rex said to Anakin. Ahsoka heads for the bridge, while Rex and Anakin head to the hangar.

Anakin and Rex find Fives standing with Kano and Boomer against a cargo box. Rex asks, "How are you, Fives?" and Fives replies "I've been better". Anakin notes the coldness of the way Fives replied, and realizes Fives is still feeling agrieved about the loss of Echo on the mission to the Citadel. Anakin begins to ask "You're not still feeling down about the loss of Echo, are you?" but doesn't get to finish, as the cruiser is suddenly bombarded, Kano, Rex and Boomer fall to the ground, while Anakin and Fives use the cargo box to stay standing. Yularen yells, "We're under attack! All Clones to the hangar in preparation for a Separatist assault!". Droch-class boarding ships smash into the hangar of the cruiser, and Super Battle Droids pour out from the boarding ships. Outnumbering Anakin, Rex, Fives, Kano and Boomer by hundreds to five. Grievous then jumps out of the boarding ships, to which Rex says, "AH! And just when I thought this mission couldn't get any nastier!". Anakin then gives an order "Kano and Boomer. Fall back and help Ahsoka defend the bridge, and get the 501st Clones down here!". Kano and Boomer immediately run out of the hangar, just as Clone Trooper Rowdy and the 501st Clones come the other way. Rowdy and the 501st Clones join Rex and Fives in shooting their blasters at the Super Battle Droids, knocking some down. Anakin force pushes Grievous and the Super Battle Droids back, before calling out "We have to go!" and running out of the hangar. Rex, Fives and several survining 501st Clones join him. Rowdy hits the switch to bolt the hangar doors, delaying Grievous momentarily...

Anakin, Rex, Fives and Rowdy find Ahsoka in the hallway. Ahsoka calls out "They've broken into a hallway ahead!" just as an explosion appears in the door, and several Super Battle Droids emerge. Anakin and Ahsoka ignite their lightsabers, and attack the Droids. Rowdy and Fives topple one, while Rex shoots it, Ahsoka slices one that was about to jump a 501st Clone, while Anakin dispatches the last three. Anakin contacts Yularen "We have to get to the escape pods! Grievous has broken through!" and Yularen replies "Yes, General!". Yularen picks up a DC-17 blaster pistol, before following Kano and Boomer out of the bridge. Grievous finally breaks through the hangar doors, before saying frustratingly, "I want those Jedi dead!".

Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex, Fives and Rowdy make it to the escape pods. Anakin tells Ahsoka "Cover me while I get these pods fully functional!". Ahsoka ignites both her lightsabers, just as Grievous and several Super Battle Droids come around the corner. Grievous says to Ahsoka, "You, again?!" and Ahsoka replies "Me!". Grievous laughs before attacking Ahsoka, and they duel two lightsabers to two lightsabers, while the Super Battle Droids are met by the full force of the Clones. However, Grievous has greatly underestimated Ahsoka, who's battle skills have improved immensely since their last encounter, and Ahsoka manages to slice up Grievous's lightsabers. Angered by this, Grievous resorts to playing dirty, and having grabbed Ahsoka in the face with his foot, tosses her unconcious body into one of the escape pods. Anakin cries out "Snips!" as Grievous turns his attention on Rex, Fives and Rowdy, who have dispatched all but one of the Super Battle Droids. Grievous is distracted however, when Yularen, Kano and Boomer come around the corner, and deal with the final Super Battle Droid. Just as Grievous prepares to assault Anakin, the Battle Droid Commander happily says "General Grievous should have finished with them by now!" and he uses the Separatist frigate's cannons to blow up the Republic cruiser. Sent sprawling by the weight of the attack, Anakin and Yularen are sent flying into the pod Ahsoka lays motionless in, while the Clones are flung into the other pod. Both pods are automatically activated by the ship, sending both flying away from the burning vessel that was the cruiser. The pod containg the Clones however spins out of control, and is last seen pinning spectacularly towards a nearby planet. Grievous is sent flying into space out of the ship. He manages to regain his balance though, and uses his line in the gauntlet to attach to the Separatist frigate. Several minutes later, Grievous re-appears on the bridge. The Battle Droid Commander asks Grievous "Did I do good?" and Grievous replies "You lost us the battle. IDIOT!" before slamming his lightsaber through the back of the chair, stabbing the Battle Droid Commander, who falls destroyed to the floor, leaving Grievous to ponder where the escape pods could have ended up...

Friday, 16 September 2011

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 48: Separatist Surprise

Characters: Nute Gunray, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Shaak Ti, Plo Koon, Kit Fisto, Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe, Corporal Comet, R2-D2, 501st Clones, 501st Bomb Squad Clones, Cold Assault Troopers, Battle Droids, Snow Droids.

Narration: "Strike two! After the destruction of the second Separatist outpost on Rhen Var, attentions turn to the commond outpost, where the Republic know Nute Gunray is hiding!"

Nute Gunray walks along the hallways of the command outpost, checking that all his surprises are in place. Gunray then sends off his Battle and Snow Droids to their positions, before saying, "All the shocks in store for those Jedi scum are now in place!" before grinning maniacally.

Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Shaak Ti and Captain Rex look through binoculars at the command outpost. Ahsoka says, "That's not going to be easy to take!" and Anakin replies, "We've got our duties. We must take this outpost!". Anakin, Ahsoka, Shaak Ti and Rex are followed by Clones around the base. Ahsoka ignites both her lightsabers, and uses them to cut a hole in the back of the command outpost, before they sneak in the back way. Anakin and Rex lead several Cold Assault Troopers one route, while Ahsoka, Shaak Ti and more Clones take the other route.

Ahsoka and Shaak Ti walk through an icy part of one of the hallways, when Shaak Ti says, "I don't believe these icecles arn't here for a reason". Her thoughts are confirmed immediately, as Nute Gunray presses a switch, which drops these button-controlled icecles upon them, crushing the Clones, but Ahsoka manages to push her and Shaak Ti to safety. Nute Gunray giggles to himself at that little bit of sport.

"Let's go get them, men!" yells Commander Wolffe, and he and Corporal Comet lead a squad of Cold Assault Clones on AT-RT's. They are attacked by the new Separatist tanks, specifically designed for cold weather terrain. Snow Droids attack Kit Fisto and Plo Koon, but the Jedi are too match for the Snow Droids, with the skills of force abilities and lightsaber movement easily defeating the Snow Droids. One Snow Droid makes a desperate attempt to slit Plo's throat with it's blade, but Kit Fisto chops the blade off the Droid's arm, before slicing up the Snow Droid. Fisto cheerfully says "That was close!" and Plo replies "Could have been closer". Meanwhile, the sharper speed of the AT-RT's allow the Clones to easily destroy the Separatist tanks. However, Comet's AT-RT is blown up, and Comet lands on one Separatist tank. Comet quickly improvises and shouts, "Into the hatch!" before tossing a thermal detonator into the tank. Comet dives away as the detonator explodes, sending Comet flying into the snow. Wolffe gets down from his AT-RT, and helps Comet to his feet.

Nute Gunray knows he is all out of options. As the Republic crowd around his base, he knows he must leave now. But, as he tries to go out one door, Ahsoka and Shaak Ti appear, drawing their lightsabers on him. Gunray scurries for the other door, just as Anakin and Rex arrive, having just scrapped a couple of Battle Droids. Gunray sighs and admits, "I surrender" and Rex replies "Just like we knew you would!". Ahsoka ties Gunray up and walks him out. The Bomb Squad Clones set the charges and the strike team leave.

Once outside, Anakin prepares to detonate the outpost, but Ahsoka intervenes, "Wait! Let me do it! I want to get one over Gunray!". Anakin says, "It's all yours" and hands the detonator to Ahsoka. Ahsoka clicks and watches the command outpost blow up with satisfaction. The Republic forces then board the couple of Venator-Class Star Destroyers waiting for them, before they leave the system...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 47: Fellow Kin

Characters: Nute Gunray, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Plo Koon, Kit Fisto, Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe, Corporal Comet, R2-D2, 501st Clones, 501st Bomb Squad Clones, Cold Assault Troopers, Battle Droids, Snow Droids, Shaak Ti.

Narration: "Strike one! The Republic have successfully destroyed the first outpost on Rhen Var! Now, they must turn their attention to the second outpost, and wipe it out next!"

Republic forces rest their weary bones after the battle so far on the snowy planet of Rhen Var. They hear a loud whooshing sound, and look up to see several Republic gunship's heading their way. "Our reinforcements have arrived" says Plo Koon, as the gunship's land on the snowy surface. The hangar doors open, and Jedi Master Shaak Ti leads a battalion of Clones out of the gunship's. Ahsoka is shocked upon seeing Shaak Ti, believing herself to be the only Togrutan Jedi in the thick of the war. The Republic Jedi and Clones gather around, and Kit Fisto gives the instructions for the teams in the battle. Shaak Ti and Ahsoka will enter the base through the left side, Anakin and Rex will attack the back wall, while Fisto, Plo Koon, Commander Wolffe and Corporal Comet lead a frontal assault.

The Republic forces start their attack on the second outpost. Cold Assault Troopers zoom in on Barc speeders to hit the outpost hard, while AT-TE Walkers blast away at Droids coming out of the outpost. Snow Droids counter-attack on Staps, but these prove ineffective with Plo Koon and Kit Fisto leaping up and slicing the Snow Droids off the Staps, before finishing them on the ground. Wolffe and Comet lead the ground Cold Assault Troopers to fight Battle Droids and Snow Droids pouring out of the outpost. Shaak Ti says to Ahsoka, "It's time to move!" and they, along with several Cold Assault Troopers, start to climb the wall. Once over, they eliminate the two Battle Droids standing as sentries nearby, before moving on. Anakin tells Rex, "Bring her up!". Rex makes a signal, and one Cold Assault Trooper uses a rocket launcher to blow a hole in the back wall. As Snow Droids come from the hole, a Clone Trooper uses a Z-6 rotary cannon to knock them down. Anakin then leads Rex and the Clones through the hole.

Nute Gunray says angrily to his Battle Droid Commander, "Hold them off! Or you will regret it!" before leaving on a speeder bike and heading back to the command outpost.

As Ahsoka and Shaak Ti continue through the outpost, Shaak Ti asks Ahsoka, "Are you Master Skywalker's Padawan then? The one they say reminds him a lot of himself?" and Ahsoka replies "How many other Padawans do you know that Anakin has?". Shaak Ti says "Mhmm", before stating, "How did you come to be a Jedi?" and Ahsoka replies "Master Plo Koon found me on my homeworld of Shili".  Shaak Ti tells Ahsoka, "I had a similar upbringing to the Jedi world. However, no Jedi found me and brought me there. I was indentified to have force powers by doctors". Ahsoka says, "That's quite a way to be brought up to the Jedi" and Shaak Ti replies "Indeed". Ahsoka and Shaak Ti know they both feel closeness to each other, seen as they are both Togrutan.

Anakin and Rex take down a squad of Battle Droids that attack them, before along with the Cold Assault Troopers, meet up with Ahsoka and Shaak Ti in the centre of the outpost. Shaak Ti says, "Let's finish this, Master Skywalker". The Bomb Squad Clones come in and place bombs inside the second outpost. Once they are outside, Anakin this time is the one who detonates the outpost. Anakin turns his back on the explosion, knowing there is still much to do...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 46: Infiltrate The Separatists

Characters: Nute Gunray, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Plo Koon, Kit Fisto, Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe, 501st Clones, 501st Bomb Squad Clones, Cold Assault Troopers, R2-D2, Corporal Comet, Battle Droids, Snow Droids.

Narration: "Separatist planet! Having captured several outposts on the snow planet of Rhen Var, Nute Gunray holds a critical point of this battle. Now< Republic forces attempt to win back these outposts, or die trying!"

Battle Droids pace around the inside of the main Separatist outpost on the snow planet of Rhen Var. As they assemble, Nute Gunray appears, flanked by a couple of Snow Droids. Gunray calls out, "Make sure you protect our outposts well, we cannot afford the Republic to get near us". One Battle Droid says, "Yes! Because we all know what Gunray is like when Jedi go near him!". All the Battle Droids begin to laugh at Gunray, who isn't very amused, and snarls angrily "Take OUT that damaged Battle Droid". The Snow Droids flanking Gunray immediately move aside and, having grabbed the culprit, shoot the Battle Droid down. A hush goes around the rest of the Battle Droids, having been shown an example...

On the hilltops, a Republic strike force is gathered around a hologram table. Ahsoka Tano turns impatiently to Anakin Skywalker, "How much longer are we going to have to stay here? I'm in need of some action!" and Anakin replies "You're not the only one, Snips!". Just then, Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe and Kit Fisto join them. Fisto tells them, "Our plan of attack is to create a distraction, while the other squad must infiltrate, and take out this first outpost". Just then, Plo Koon arrives wearing a huge amount of cold weather gear. Ahsoka nudges Anakin, "He seems well coated for the job!" and they both fall into silent laughter. Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex and R2-D2 then take the 501st Clones around the side of the outpost, while Fisto, Plo, Wolffe and Comet prepare a frontal assault.

As the Droids are about to power down for the night, AT-TE Walkers target the Droid outpost, and open fire, utilizing their long-range weapons as mobile artillery. Snow Droids collapse under the power of the cannons. Before the Droids can fully recover, Jedi and Clone forces stream upon them. Anakin leads Ahsoka and Clones from one side, while Fisto, Plo, Wolffe and Comet have a fierce fire-fight on the other side. Anakin force pushes several Battle Droids down, while Ahsoka slices up several Snow Droids. Rex and the 501st Clones charge the Battle and Snow Droids, blasting them with their weapons. However, the Republic suffer losses themselves, and their use of heavy weapons is damaged when the 501st Clone with a rotary cannon is crowded around, before shot to death amidst the chaos. Ahsoka and Anakin destroy the Snow Droids responsible. Rex calls out "Fire at will" and the remaining 501st Clones take his word, unleashing a barrage of blasters bolts upon the Droids. Once defeated, Anakin, Ahsoka and the rest continue into the outpost. Nearby, Fisto and Plo take Barc speeders, with Comet and Wolffe in the sidecars respectively, and use the speed and weapons of the speeders to their advantage, defeating the slower Stap vehicles. While the Cold Assault Troopers fight gun to gun with the Snow Droids, the battle getting dirtier and dirtier, with the Snow Droids going to all lengths to stop the Clones. Several Clones are sliced apart by the sharp blades from the Snow Droids arms. Wolffe is angered by this, and jumps down from the Barc speeder, shooting at Snow Droids attempting to slice Clones. The Clones gain help from this, managing to repel attacking Snow Droids. But, Wolffe fails to notice a Snow Droid coming up on him, and he is brutally knocked down to the ground, losing his helmet. The Snow Droid stabs down with it's blade towards Wolffe's one good eye, but before it can do the dirty attack, the Snow Droid has it's arms sliced off, before being force pushed away, and Plo Koon turns to Wolffe, "Didn't think you'd have all the fun, did you, Commander Wolffe?" and Wolffe replies "No, sir!". The battle is soon won over the Snow Droids.

Inside the outpost, Anakin and Ahsoka slice up a few Battle Droids in their way, before coming up to the room where they must place the bombs. R2-D2 opens the doors for them. Ahsoka says "Here we are! Let's get to work!". The Bomb Squad Clones bring in the bombs, and plant them along the room. Rex says, "Time we list, shiny's!". The Republic strike force leave the base, before the Bomb Squad Clones blow up the base. One outpost down, but the Republic forces know there is still a long way to go in this battle...

Saturday, 10 September 2011

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 45: Clone Escape

Characters: Commander Neyo, ARF Commander Cher, Mace Windu, Yoda. Ter Ex, Commando Droids, Senate Commandos, Chancellor Palpatine.

Narration: "Trapped! Trapped on the middle of a distant planet, Clone Troopers Neyo and Cher, must decide on how best to escape the planet! But with options scarce, Neyo and Cher both know there is only one option!"

Clone Commander Neyo and ARF Commander Cher stride out of the cave they had been resting in. Without saying anything, they know that it will be an almost impossible task to get back to Coruscant safely. Still not saying anything, they stride back into the jungle they had been in yesterday, but a trap is waiting for them.

Commando Droids shoot at them before they even go a few paces into the jungle. Neyo flattens himself against a tree as the bolts whizz past him. He shots across to Cher, who did the same as him on the other side of the jungle, "I'm pinned down over here! Could use some help!" and Cher shouts back, "Believe it or not, me too!". Neyo grunts abysmally, and takes a wild shot around the tree, fortunately blasting one Commando Droid right off it's feet, destroyed. Cher hurls a detonator at the Commando Droids, blowing several of them up. Neyo runs forward and finishes the last few off. Cher re-joins him, and Neyo and Cher walk out of the jungle.

Neyo and Cher find the Droid base of none other than that of the Rodian Ter Ex. Neyo and Cher know they must sneak around to infiltrate the base and do so, finding a couple of Commando Droids standing guard. Neyo sneakily jumps one, while, as the other one is distracted, Cher blasts that one aside, while Neyo finishes the one he grabbed. Cher activates the doors to the base from the outside, and they stride through. Up above, in the control room, an alarm siren indicating intruders rings out. Ter Ex furiously calls out "Get those intruders, kill 'em off! No matter who they are!", and he turns, boarding a Stap, as a legion of Commando Droids rushes down to the courtyard. Once outside, the Commando Droids are met by heavy fire from Neyo and Cher, knocking a few of them down. Cher whips out a thermal detonator, blowing over half of them apart. While the remainder of the Commando Droids recover from the blast, Neyo moves in and finishes them off. Their victory is short lived, however, because as Neyo and Cher make for the nearby shuttle, Ter Ex comes haring out on a Stap, and he says furiously, "If you want a job done right, do it yourself!", Ter Ex zooms around Neyo, who tries to shoot him. Cher is already on board the shuttle, so he can't assist. Neyo eventually skims one of the handlebars on the Stap. As Ter Ex inspects the damage, Neyo gets off a finer shot, shooting the Stap dead center, with such force that Ter Ex is sent flying off it, he bangs head first into the shuttle, before crashing landing sickeningly on the ground near the shuttle. Cher comes out to inspect the source of the noise. Cher finds Neyo beside the body of Ter Ex, inspecting it. Neyo stands up and says, "Dead. Well and truly dead". Neyo and Cher quickly leave aboard the Separatist shuttle, heading safely back to Coruscant.

Neyo and Cher are called into Chancellor Palpatine's office swiftly after they arrive back on Coruscant. Neyo and Cher find Jedi Masters Yoda and Mace Windu already waiting for them, with Palpatine by his window. The Senate Commandos guarding the office leave after Neyo and Cher arrive. Palpatine greets them warmly, saying, "Ah! Our brave, brave Clones, have given us the honour of arriving before us". Yoda says, "Mhmm, yes, very brave actions, they were, saved a planet from terrible evil, they may well have". Neyo asks, "Why did you call us here? What do you want to tell us?". Palpatine replies, "I'm sure you know of the cruel death of CC-0411 Commander Ponds, yes?" and Neyo and Cher nod their agreement. Palpatine continues, "Well, it has been decided that, due to Mace not being allowed back into the field until he finds a new replacement, you, Neyo, will be that replacement". Palpatine then turs to Cher, saying "You will also continue to serve under Neyo". Both Neyo and Cher respond, "Sir, yes Sir!". Both Clones turn proudly and stride out of the office as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 44: Clone Alone

Characters: Commander Neyo, ARF Trooper Desert, Ter Ex, ARF Commander Cher, Commando Droids, Clone Trooper Barb.

Narration: "Evading! JedI General Soon Bayts, gave up his life, so his Clone forces could escape back to Cosuscanr. However, faulty engines caused the Republic gunship to crash not far from the Separatist positions! Now, will our Clones ever get away?"

The Rodian Separatist, Ter Ex strides along the recent signs of a battlefield. He glances absent-mindedly at the dead bodies of the Clone Troopers. As he watches his Commando Droids dump the dead bodies into nearby ditches, Ter Ex comes across a diffent body, which he recognizes as that of a Jedi Knight. Ter Ex crouches down beside the body of Soon Bayts, and says to the Commando Droids gathered around him, "This is the Jedi who sacrificed himself for those Clones. Find those Clones, and kill them. We can have no problems for when Dooku arrives!" before striding back in the direction of his base, while the Commando Droids hop on Staps to pursue the Clones.

Neyo, Cher, Barb and Desert run through the forest, trying to put some distance between themselves and the Separatist forces. They take a quick breather, before Neyo sums up the mood, "We're all alone out here. We're going to have to fight to save ourselves!" and Cher replies "But they outnumber us!" and Neyo replies "Think about it! What have these Droids got in common with us?! So, they fight a war like us! But they, are not as good as fighting for what they recognize! Understood?" and Barb, Desert and Cher all reply, "Sir! Yes, Sir!", but their cheers are drowned when the whir of Staps rings in thewir ears. They immediately run off again through the jungle, only to be trapped by a squad of Staps. Neyo and Barb blast down a few, but are forced to run as more Separatists enter the fray, but as he turns to run, Barb is shot down and killed by several Staps chasing after them. Neyo, Desert and Cher shoot these Staps down, but Commando Droids come out of the trees, and surround Desert, who gets trapped easily against a tree. He tries to shoot the Commando Droids, but is grabbed by the throat by one, as another Commando Droid coldly executes Desert. Neyo and Cher shoot down several of the Commando Droids, before running off again.

Neyo and Cher find a stationary couple of Staps with Commando Droids beneath them. Cher says, "There's our ride!" and Neyo and Cher quickly assault the two Commando Droids, swiftly defeating them, before zooming off on the Staps, in search of shelter, and time to think things through.

Several more Staps pursue Neyo and Cher through the jungle. Neyo and Cher weave their Staps around the trees, confusing the Commando Droids, so much so that Neyo and Cher are able to successfully fool them, and swing around to maneuver themselves behind the Commando Droids. Neyo and Cher do not miss, calmly taking down the Commando Droids before escaping the jungle. Neyo and Cher soon dump the Staps and head on, finding a cave where they rest, as the story ends!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 43: Republic Defense

Characters: Commander Neyo, Jedi Soon Bayts, 91st Reconaissance Clones, ARF Trooper Sea, ARF Trooper Desert, ARF Commander Cher, Rodian Ter Ex, Commando Droids, Clone Trooper Barb.

Narration: "Battle lines! On a distant world, Jedi General Soon Bayts, leads Clone Troopers, led by Commander Neyo in an attempt to push back the Separatist army, but supplies run short for our valiant Republic forces, and retreating sooner rather than later might soon become an option!"

AT-TE Walkers march across the battlefield towards a Separatist base. Two figures jump down from the lead AT-TE and land smoothly in front of the marching Clone Troopers. "What's our plan of attack, Sir?" Neyo says to General Soon Bayts, "We'll target the base with the AT-TE's cannons, and then march in to finish them off". Neyo nods his agreement before turning to give instructions to the other Clones ahead of the battle.

Not long later, Soon Bayts turns to the Clone forces, and yells, "This is it!" and the AT-TE's raise their cannons and fire at the base, destroying part of the base. Only for the AT-TE's to be destroyed by Proton Cannon shells that demolish the Republic Walkers. Clone Troopers leap aboard Barc Speeders to speed attack the enemy, but are met by Commando Droids, who are also very speedy, and the Commando Droids wipe out the Barc Speeders. Neyo leads Sea, Desert and Barb to snipe the Commando Droids from a distance. While they eliminate a good number of Droids, it is not long before ARF Commander Cher comes over, "We need to pull back! All our Walkers are gone!". Neyo and Cher are joined by Sea, Desert and Barb as they run into a forest, pursued by Commando Droids.

The Commando Droids shoot at the Clones as they chase them through the forest. Barb and Sea return fire, knocking a few Commando Droid over, but not destroying any. Suddenly, a squad of Commando Droids appears in front of Barb and Sea, and while Barb manages to run aside and re-join the others, Sea is ruthlessly mowed down by a hail of blaster bolts. Neyo and Cher cover Barb as he finds them, along with Desert again. Neyo, Cher, Barb and Desert then ambush the Commando Droids, and defeat them. Once the last Commando Droid is destroyed, Neyo turns to the others, "We've got to rendezvous at the point, it won't be long until the gunship leaves!" and the four Clones run out of the forest towards the canyon.

At the Separatist Base, The Rodian Separatist Ter Ex, says to his Commando Droid, "Go and kill those Republic forces! Bring me, their heads!" and the Droids reply "Roger, roger!" before leaving on Staps.

Neyo and the others regroup with Soon Bayts and the remaining Clones, most of whom are already onboard the gunship. Bayts says, "It's good to see you alive, Commander" and Neyo replies "It's good to see you alive too, General". Their reunion is short-lived however, as a loud noise warns them of the Separatists approaching. The Commando Droids rain fire down on the Clones, killing a few. Neyo, Cher, Barb and Desert fire at the Commando Droids while retreating to the gunship, and Bayts uses his lightsaber to repel any blaster bolts. However, when it is obvious the Commando Droids outnumber and surround Bayts, Bayts yells out at Neyo, "You must leave, now! I'll delay them as long as I can!". As the doors of the Republic Gunship closes, the last thing Neyo sees is his General, Soon Bayts, defeated and killed on the spot by the Commando Droids. The gunship heads off into the distance as the story ends!