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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 12: Fallen

Characters: General Grievous, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Eeth Koth, Kit Fisto, Po Nudo, Captain Rex, Commander Stone, Captain Lock, ARF Sergeant Boomer, 501st ARF Troopers, Padme Amidala, Bail Organa, Aqua Droids, Jar-Jar Binks, Tarpals, Horn Company Troopers, Senate Security Clones, Admiral Yularen, Jess O'Harah

Narration: Battle of Naboo! General Grievous and Po Nudo sent down Aqua Droids in an attempt to capture the peaceful planet of Naboo! However, so far the Republic defence led by Jedi Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Eeth Koth and Kit Fisto has held firm! But knowing that they are feeling weak due to lack of supplies, they must make a last stand to protect Naboo!"

Inside the royal palace in Theed, Anakin, Kit Fisto, Eeth Koth and Padme Amidala stand around to discuss their final battle strategy for defence, Anakin says "While I protect Padme, Eeth and Ahsoka must hold firm the defence fortification on the right side while Kit Fisto with the Clone squads led by Rex and Stone must protect the left side" and Kit Fisto replies "This is a risky tactic" and Padme replies "This whole battle is a risk, there is a almost full chance that we will all be finished here" and Eeth Koth says "The Senator is right, we either die with a fight, or die from slaughter, we don't have much of a choice of living" and Anakin replies "So we just have to fight for that choice!" just as Ahsoka comes in says "The Clones are in position, Masters" and Anakin says "Good, you will be with Eeth Koth this time, follow his instructions" and Kit Fisto, Eeth Koth and Ahsoka walk out the door.

Bail Organa shortly after comes up to Padme and Anakin and says to Padme "The last escape shuttle is just about to depart" and Padme says "We need to get rid of all the innocent people, Bail you must leave aboard that shuttle" and Bail nods before rushing off to get on the shuttle.

Up in space Grievous receives a transmission and opens it and a hologram of Po Nudo appears. Po Nudo says "Begin the bombing run! While your vultures bomb them I will sneak in with the Trident Drills" and Grievous replies "As you request!" before he says to one of the Battle Droid Commanders "Order the vulture droids to bomb the Republic vehicles" and the droid says "Roger, roger". The vulture droids fly out of the hangar and race to Naboo before bombing the Clone Turbo Tank, killing everyone inside it. Grievous then gets in his own starfighter to head to Naboo to assist the attack.

Po Nudo watches the Clone Turbo Tank getting blown up and he turns to his Aqua Droids and says "Get there and kill those Republic scum!" and the Aqua Droids respond "It will be done, my general!" and they head into Trident Drills which then float off to attack.

The Trident Drills jump up from the water and climb onto buildings before drilling holes into the buildings and depositing the Aqua Droids inside the buildings. Kit Fisto watches with frustration and says "Look's like they've come up with a new strategy to try and beat us!" and Rex says "I could take a squad inside those buildings and engage the Aqua Droids in there" and Kit Fisto replies "Ok, but stay on your guard Rex". Rex indicates for Boomer and five of the nine 501st ARF Troopers to follow him. They enter the building and begin searching each room. One of the Troopers enters one room where something with propellers launches itself at the Trooper knocking him against the wall. The Aqua Droid then shoots the Trooper through the head to finish him off. Boomer hears the shot and heads in the direction of the shot to find five Aqua Droids heading for him, Boomer yells out saying "We've got company!" and he starts shooting at the Aqua Droids but one of the Aqua Droids shoots Boomer's DC-15 blaster out of his hand and away. Boomer tries to punch the Aqua Droid but the droid easily pushes him back against the wall before saying "Die, Republic waste!" but as he prepares to shoot Boomer, the Aqua Droid falls and Rex and the other ARF's appear and they quickly finish off the remaining four Aqua Droids before Rex helps Boomer back to his feet and Boomer says "Thank you Captain" and Rex says "No bother, but we need to regroup with General Fisto" and the Clones run out of the building.

Meanwhile, Ahsoka, Eeth Koth, Lock and the Horn Company Troopers engage a squad of Aqua Droids. Eeth Koth yells at Ahsoka as they block the blaster bolts coming at them "Let's finish them, Commander Tano!" before Ahsoka yells back "On it, Master Koth!". Eeth Koth force pushes several Aqua Droids to one side as Ahsoka does the same to the remainder. Eeth then slices several Aqua Droids apart before stabbing the last. Ahsoka jumps over the other Aqua Droids before slicing them apart. But before they can relax a familiar face heads towards them. Ahsoka says "Grievous!" and Grievous replies "Ah yes, the Padawan, Commander Tano, you seem to have grown!" and Ahsoka replies "So have you Grievous, more hideous that is!" and Grievois laughs and says "Let's duel!" and Ahsoka and Eeth hold their lightsabers at the ready as Grievous ignites two of his own.

Grievous parrys the first strike's back Ahsoka and Eeth together before he kicks Eeth Koth out of the way and as he ferociously tries to slaughter Ahsoka, Ahsoka quickly parry's all his attacks. Grievous thinks to himself "This one has much improved, but not good enough!" and he brings out his third arm and grabs Ahsoka by the arm before hurling her into the water. The Horn Company Troopers and Lock start at Grievous who blocks before running swiftly at them. He starts swinging his lightsabers around the Clones wildly and he slices Lock's helmet in half before knocking Lock into the wall, knocking Kock unconcious. Grievous slices the heads off three of the Horn Company Troopers before using his foot to grab one Clones head, smashing him against the head of another Clone, smashing their skulls. Grievous quickly stabs the final Clone through the chest before yelling "Clones are no match for my strength!" but as he goes to finish off Lock, a lightsaber appears and it slices his third hand off and Grievous is forced push along the ground and Eeth Koth says "But perhaps a Jedi is, General?" and Grievous replies "Depending on which Jedi in question" and Eeth Koth and Grievous begin a duel to the death.

Meanwhile, Aqua Droids storm the Theed palace where Padme and Anakin are waiting. The five Aqua Droids start to shoot at Anakin who force pushes three of them against the wall before rushing off to finish them. Padme shoots at the other two knocking, one out but, the other grabs Padme by the throat and Padme gasps out "Anakin!" and Anakin finishes off the other three Aqua Droids as the Aqua Droid who has Padme says "Don't try anything or your friend here, goes bye-bye!" but suddenly a shot rings out and the Aqua Droid appears and Rex appears with Boomer and the 501st ARF Troopers and Padme says "Thank you, Captain Rex" and rex replies "It was my honour, Senator" and Padme smiles at Rex.

Not far off Eeth Koth and Grievous continue their hard fought duel. Eeth is growing tired though and Grievous seizes his opportunity, kicking Eeth in the stomach and hip, knocking Eeth Koth to his knees. Grievous yells as he approaches Eeth Koth "I WILL KILL!!!" and Grievous kicks the lightsaber out of Eeth's hands before grabbing Eeth Koth by the throat with one hand and plunging a blue lightsaber through Eeth's heart with the other hand. Eeth gasps as he feels the impact of the lightsaber into his heart and Grievous laughes. Unknown to Grievous though, Ahsoka has recovered from her fall to the water, and though she is soaking wet, she activates her lightsabers and jumps at Grievous and slices both his hands off. Grievous's grip on Eeth is gone and Eeth Koth falls to the ground as Ahsoka quickly takes out one of Grievous's legs. Ahsoka rushes in to finish Grievous but a Separatist shuttle arrives to and uses a tow cable to grab Grievous and drag him up. Grievous calls out to Ahsoka as he escapes "Until we meet again, Padawan!" and Ahsoka yells back "It will be the last time, Grievous!".

Later on, the celebrations of the citizins of Naboo celebrate the repelling of the Separatist forces. Padme, Bail Organa and at least twenty Naboo Guards join the Naboo citizens in dancing for the celebration. Meanwhile Rex, Stone, Boomer and the Clones of the 501st ARF Troopers and Senate Security are hanging around with their helmets off. Stone nudges Rex and says "I'm sure glad i'm not out there dancing" and Boomer adds "Yeah, my dancing skills are below par as well" and they both say "Go on Rex, i'm sure some nice lady will dance with you!" and Rex replies "No, i'll hang around here, i'm not getting mixed up with the celebrations of the Naboo. While the Clones debate one of the Naboo people who is a female, wearing a low-cut blue dress and blonde hair,  runs over to where the Clones are and says to Rex "Excuse me, my name is Jess O'Harah, would you care to join me for a dance?" and Rex says "It would be my pleasure" and as the two of them run off, Stone says to Boomer "This should be most interesting"

Meanwhile with Anakin, Lock and Kit Fisto, Anakin says "Ahsoka has disappeared and i'm worried about her" and Kit Fisto says "I know about what happened with the Trandoshans Hunters but clear your mind and you will see where she is!" and Anakin lets his mind drift away from his dark thoughts and he realizes where Ahsoka is. Anakin turns to Lock and says "Follow me" and Lock follows Anakin.

Anakin and Lock find Ahsoka sitting on the grass near the water. Anakin says "Ahsoka, i'm glad we found you-" *Anakin notices Ahsoka looks upset* "Ahsoka, what's wrong?" and Ahsoka replies "I was too late to save Master Koth and it was my fault he died!" and Anakin says "It wasn't your fault, many Jedi would have struggled to stop Grievous, especially the way he got you like that" and Ahsoka says "I don't reallyu want to talk to you right now, Skyguy" and Anakin replies "Fine, but at least talk to Captain Lock here, he fought alongside Master Koth for a long time" before Anakin walks off. Lock sits down beside Ahsoka and says "You know, you don't need to feel so hard on yourself because of Eeth's death, there was nothing you could have done" and Ahsoka replies "Yes there is, I could have been out of the water quicker, I could have jumped faster, I-" *Lock stops her mid-sentence* "If anything it was my fault Eeth died, I should have prepared the Clones better but Grievous was too strong for us, and he's left a everlasting scar on my face" and Ahsoka says "I was just going to ask about that" and Locks says "Grievous sliced right down the mid-point of my helmet, cutting it in half. His attack was so forceful it's sliced apart my nose and so I won't have a nose again plus I have that scar right down my face" and Ahsoka replies "That's, gotta hurt" and Lock says "Anyway, we should go join in the celebrations, I heard Rex just got himself a dance!" and Ahsoka says "Really?". Lock holds out his hand to help Ahsoka up and they walk off to the celebration.

Several hours later the celebration, The Republic flert arrives. A consular-class frigate comes down and lands on Naboo and the ramp opens to reveal Admiral Yularen. Yularen says to Anakin "Is this all thats left? It was a big fight then!" and Kit Fisto says "Indeed it was, now, I think we would all like to go back to Coruscant and rest" and Yularen replies "Right away, General" and Boomer below says to Stone "If Rex gets away from that girl he went to dance with, that is". Rex and Jess finish dancing and Rex kisses her on the hand before rushing off to join Boomer, Stone and the other Clones. Boomer asks "How was your date, Captain" and Rex glares at Boomer and says "It was just a dance!" and the Republic forces board the consular-class frigate as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 11: The Battle Begins

Characters: Jar-Jar Binks, Padme Amidala, Bail Organa, Po Nudo, General Grievous, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Eeth Koth, Kit Fisto, Captain Rex, Captain Lock, Commander Stone, Naboo Guards, Aqua Droids, 501st ARF Troopers, ARF Sergeant Boomer, Horn Company Clones, Senate Security Clones, Tarpals, Gungan Warriors, Admiral Yularen, ARC-170 Clone Pilot Ach., ARC-170 Clone Pilot Jir.

Narration:"Assault! Po Nudo had a legion of Aqua Droids attack the Gungan home of Otah Gunga! But, what Po Nudo did not expect, was that several Gungans managed to escape and  have raced through the waters to alert Senators Padme Amidala and Bail Organa of the forthcoming Separatist assault on Theed!"

Jar-Jar Binks stands beside the Theed palace, thinking to himself how close he had been to death just several hours ago when the Separatists attacked Otah Gunga. While he is deep in thought, Padme Amidala and Bail Organa followed by Tarpals and a couple of Gungans head towards him and Padme, looking grim says "The Jedi Council are sending support but the Separatists are likely to have a much bigger and stronger army for our defence". Tarpals says "Wesa Gungans will stand firm and assist the Republic forces!" and Jar-Jar adds "Yousa can count on it Padme" and Padme replies "I know, but our chances of victory are still very slim" and Bail adds "Let's hope these Jedi they are sending are used to a tough fight"

Meanwhile in space, several Venator-class star destroyers are headed for Naboo and onboard one of them, Ahsoka Tano turns to Anakin Skywalker and says "We are nearing Naboo, Master" and Anakin says "Good, we must help defend this peaceful planet at all costs!" before turning to Admiral Yularen and saying "Admiral, keep your fleet in a straight line above the planet, engage any Separatist ships that may attack!". The door to the bridge opens and CC-4142 known as "Lock" enters and says to Anakin "General Eeth Koth would like you and your Padawan down in the hangar, we need to depart to Naboo!" and Anakin says "Ok, Snips, let's go" and Anakin, Ahsoka and Lock leave the bridge to head to the hangar.

In the Gungan waters, Po Nudo and General Grievous are joined by several Aqua Droids who inform them that several Gungans managed to escape their assault on Otah Gunga and have alerted the Naboo to their invasion. Po Nudo looks worried and says "This could prove costly in our attempt to capture this planet" and Grievous replies "Gah! I will go up and join the Separatists manning the space battle and assist their assault on the Republic blockade!" and Po Nudo replies "Very well, General Grievous, while you deal with the fleet I will concentrate the Aqua Droids attack on Theed" and Grievous stomps away to get in his starfighter.

Meanwhile, Anakin, Lock and Ahsoka arrive in the hangar where they find the ground troops, along with Kit Fisto, Eeth Koth and Clones, Captain Rex and Commander Stone waiting for them. As Anakin turns to talk with Rex and Eeth Koth, Kit Fisto turns to Ahsoka and says "It is good to see you again, Padawan" and Ahsoka replies "Thank you, Master Fisto". Eeth Koth turns to the crew and says "Right, we're expected on the planet, so we need to board our ship" and they all turn and climb aboard a Consular-class frigate.

The Consular-class frigate touches down on Theed and Anakin, Ahsoka, Kit Fisto and Eeth Koth walk down the ramp to find Padme Amidala waiting for them. Kit Fisto says "It is good to make your acquintance, Senator" and Padme replies "Thank you, General Fisto, but we have our defence to discuss first" and Eeth Koth says "I believe a mixture of Naboo Guards and Clone Troopers with the remaining Gungans except Jar-Jar who will be with Bail would work well". Anakin then adds "We can deploy the heavy artillery cannons around Theed Palace to prove a defence and spread AT-RT Walkers and put our Clone Turbo Tank in the middle to hold off ground and air units!" and Padme says "That sounds like a great plan, Masters Koth and Skywalker, now i'll leave you to get the Troopers ready, Anakin, come with me" and Anakin follows Padme as Ahsoka, Eeth Koth and Kit Fisto get the Clones ready.

Anakin and Padme walk through the streets of Theed in silence before Anakin says "It feels so long, since we were last both here together" and Padme smiles and says "It's only been a year, Ani" and Anakin says "Maybe so, but so much has happened since then" and Padme replies "So much could still happen, especially in this forthcoming battle". Padme then adds "This could end up being the last time we do this, so" and Padme and Anakin lean in to kiss each other. Meanwhile, Po Nudo contacts Grievous and says "It's time, begin the space battle while I attack using the Trident Drills". Just as Anakin and Padme's lips touch they hear an explosion not far off and Anakin frees his arms from around Padme and, activating his comlink he says "Captain Rex, status?" and Rex replies "The Separatists have attacked Yularen's fleet and- There's something coming out of the water!"

Rex cuts the comlink before indicating to ARF Sergeant Boomer and the other ARF Troopers to do the same as Rex takes out his DC-15 blasters. In another part, Ahsoka along with Jar-Jar, Tarpals and ten Naboo Guards ready themselves. Kit Fisto, Stone and five Security Clones beside the Clone Turbo Tank. Meanwhile at the head of the defence, Eeth Koth, Lock and seven Horn Company Troopers along with several Clone Gunners on AT-RT's man the frontal defence. Suddenly, thirty Trident Drills jump out of the water and start unloading Aqua Droids. The Trident Drills then begin to drill into the Naboo buildings, destroying them. Rex, Boomer and the ARF's fire at the Aqua Droids, trying to hold them back as the Republic defences try to stand firm.

Meanwhile, in space, Yularen watches as the Separatist Banking Clan ships come out to engage the Republic fleet and he calls out "All pilots head to your ARC-170's you need to engage those frigates!". Down below in the hangar, two ARC-170 pilots Ach and Jir head to their ships when Ach says "Hey, Jir, first to blow up ten Separatist starfighters, gets ten credits off the other pilot!" and Jir replies "Your on!" as they put on their helmets and get aboard their ARC-170's. The ARC-170's head into space as Vulture Droids and Droid tri-fighters race toward the Republic fleet. Meanwhile, Ach fumbles with his controls and mutters "There's something wrong with this ship, the engines won't hold the ship up!" and while Ach tries to fix the controls, several Vulture droids fly by and they shoot Ach. ship which explodes in a huge fireball. Jir yells out "Ach!" but Ach's ship is destroyed and Jir turns and heads back to engage the Separatist ships.

Back down on the surface, Padme turns to Anakin and says "We must take shelter inside the palace!" but Anakin says "We can't, I must support my troops!" and Padme replies "Your job is to protect me at all costs" and Anakin says "Your right". Meanwhile Aqua Droids fire at Ahsoka who blocks the bolts as the Naboo Guards shoot at the Aqua Droids, several Aqua Droids fall, but three of the Naboo Guards are also hit. Tarpals and Jar-Jar take out spears and start to stab the Aqua Droids in the mid-area knocking the droids down. While the droids try to deal with Jar-Jar and Tarpals, Ahsoka leaps before landing on top of one Aqua Droid which she stabs from the top. As that droid crumbles, she ignites her shoto as well and slices in half, the remaing four Aqua Droids. Ahsoka then says "We must go and assist the others!" before they race off.

Not far away, Eeth Koth says "Order the artillery to take a barrage of shots over there as we need to get rid of those Tridents!" and Lock activates his comlink and says "Artillery, attack this position!". Once the artillery fires, Lock says "Right, Troopers, let's go earn some medals, move!" and Lock and the Horn Company Troopers shoot at the Aqua Droids while Eeth Koth deals with more Aqua Droids. Lock shoots one droid through the mid-area, another through the legs and a third through it's red eye. The Horn Company Troopers finish the other Aqua Droids off by shooting them from the mid-area. Eeth Koth, meanwhile slices two in half, slices a third diagnolly and a fourth, he chops it's head off. Lock and the Horn Company Troopers join Eeth Koth again as Eeth says "Ready the men for a counter-attack".

Meanwhile Rex, Boomer and the ARF Troopers are being overrun by the Aqua Droids. One ARF turns to Boomer and says "This is the end! So let's go out like heroes" and Boomer calls out as the Trooper runs out of cover "No, Trooper don't!". The ARF exposes himself to droid fire but he manages to shoot down two Aqua Droids before the remaing fifteen shoot the ARF down. Rex says to Boomer "I guess this is the end, my friend" and Boomer replies "It appears so". But just as the Aqua Droids start to head around the Troopers cover Kit Fisto, Stone and the Security Clones appear and start to attack the Aqua Droids. Kit Fisto slices several Aqua Droids apart, Stone shoots a couple out of the way before the Security Clones finish off the Aqua Droids. Rex says "Thanks, for saving my men's lives, General Fisto" and Kit Fisto replies "It was not a problem, Captain Rex". Kit Fisto, Stone, Rex, Boomer and the other Troopers rush back to regroup at the palace.

Meanwhile in space, General Grievous says to himself "The Republic fleet has turned away, those cowards are running away, now they have left their ground forces exposed without clean supplies like food and drink. We will wait until they starve, before attacking, when they can least afford to fight!" as the story ends!

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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 10: Gungan Revelation

Characters: Po Nudo, Jar-Jar Binks, Boss Nass, Tarpals, Aqua Droids, Gungan Warriors, Tactical Droid TT-88, Padme Amidala.

For this arc, Padme uses her red gear from Pursuit Of Peace.
Narration:"Return! Jar-Jar Binks is taking a holiday from helping Senator Padme Amidala in the Republic Senate! He is returning to the swamps of his homeworld of Naboo in order to meet with his kin, the Gungan race! But little does he know, that the Separatists are plotting an attack on Naboo".

Jar-Jar Binks stands aboard the Naboo craft of Senator Padme Amidala who is dropping him off on the swamp of Naboo, where he will then make his way to Otah Gunga, his home place. Padme finds the spot and says to Jar-Jar "We're about to land" before the ship touches down. Padme then activates the landing ramp from the craft so that Jar-Jar can walk down to the surface. Padme calls out to Jar-Jar as he walks out "Have a nice trip!" before she pilots the ship out of the atmosphere as Jar-Jar mutters "Mesa, will enjoysa thisa trip!"

Jar-Jar walks to the swamp and jumps into the water and swims down. Instantly he spots Otah Gunga and heads straight for it. He enters and comes face to face with two Gungans he knows well, Boss Nass and Captain Tarpals. Tarpals says "Ah! Jar-Jar, it is good to see yousa again!" and Jar-Jar replies "You too, Tarpals" before Boss Nass says "I hope yousa find your holiday, very great".

Meanwhile, unaware to the Gungans, in an underwater vessel Po Nudo turns to a squad of five Aqua Droids and says "That Gungan representative has arrived, now begin your attack" and the Aqua Droids repond with "We'll take them out!" and a battalion of fifty Aqua Droids board several Trident Drills and the Trident Drills start to head towards Otah Gunga.

Not far off, Jar-Jar and Tarpals are walking down a hallway when Tarpals says "Let's go on a cruise as it's your holiday, shall we?" and Jar-Jar replies "Okie-doke" and they board a bongo and Tarpals drives the bongo through the water when they notice ships in the shape of a trident heading towards Otah Gunga and Tarpals says "Theresa never any ships coming around here" and as they drive past, Jar-Jar looks inside and sees sometjing that shocks him and he turns to Tarpals, feeling sick, and he says "Theresa Aqua Droids aboard those ships, we must turn around now!" and Tarpals turns the ship around and he tries to head back to Otah Gunga but one of the Trident Drills bases the bongo and sends it spinning madly, and the bongo, out of contol crashes back into Otah Gunga just as several Trident Drills enter...

Jar-Jar and Tarpals quickly get to their feet and run quickly to where Boss Nass is and Tarpals gasps and says "Nass, theresa are Separatist Aqua Droids invading, we must escape and warn the Naboo!" and Nass replies "We must not dither, we have to hurry!" and he orders Jar-Jar and Tarpals into one bongo as other Gungans head into other bongo's. Nass stops one Gungan and says "Yousa are one of our bravest fighters, yousa take the other brave of our kin and hold off those Separatists as long as possible!" and the Gungan nods and rallies up six other brave Gungans and as the bongo's leave, they prepare a last stand.

The brave Gungan says to the others "Wesa must stand firm! Wesa must die with honour! Wesa WILL die with honour!!!" and the Trident Drills unload the Aqua Droids and the Gungans toss booma's (Energy balls) at the Aqua Droids. The Gungan Warriors stand firm and manage to destroy at least ten of the Aqua Droids, but quickly all the Gungan Warriors except for the brave one is killed. The brave Gungan mutters to himself "I know what I must do now!" and he exits the cover he was in and attacks at the Aqua Droids with his sphere but one Aqua Droids grabs the Gungan before smashing the sphere in half and throwing the Gungan to the ground. The Gungan lays on his knees, breathing heavily as all the Aqua Droids gather around him. The Gungan says "Mesa, has served mesa purpose, now I diesa with a fight!" and the Gungan smacks the Aqua Droid that threw him to the ground but the Aqua Droid just shoves him away before several Aqua Droids shoot the Gungan, killing him.

Meanwhile, Boss Nass says to Tarpals and Jar-Jar as they race through the waters in their bongo "Wesa must contact the Naboo, as Padme and Bail Organa have just arrived and wesa must warn them of an invasion!" as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 9: Lovers Stand Off

Characters: Plo Koon, Padme Amidala, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Rush Clovis, Ponda Baba, Captain Rex, Clone Trooper Kix, 501st Clone Troopers, Commander Wolffe, Clone Trooper Boost, Clone Corporal Comet, Clone Sergeant Sinker.

Narration:"Threat against a Senator! Padme Amidala was taken hostage by Rush Clovis in an attempt for Clovis to get revenge on both her and Anakin Skywalker! Now the Jedi Council has assigned Plo Koon, Anakin and Ahsoka Tano to Bakura where Clovis is holding Padme hostage in his Separatist base".

A Republic Gunship enters the atmosphere of the planet Bakura and heads for a landing zone just outside one of it's many forests. Once the gunship lands, Jedi Plo Koon, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano exit the gunship to talk as Clone Commander Wolffe calls out to the other Clones "Spread out and keep an eye out for any Separatists!" and Wolffe along with Clone Captain Rex walk over to join Plo, Ahsoka and Anakin. Anakin says "Remember, you must watch my back at all times as we have no idea what Clovis could do to not just me, but Padme and the rest of you as well" and Plo replies "Don't worry Skywalker, we will keep track of you the whole time" and Ahsoka adds "Just try to keep out of trouble Master, i'd hate to have to rescue you from that trouble" and Rex also adds "We're ready to begin the mission, Sir!" and Anakin says "All right, Rex, you and the 501st Clones are to go with Ahsoka around the back of the base while Plo, Wolffe and the Wolfpack Troopers will enter from the west side" and they all head off in their opposite directions.

Inside the base, Rush Clovis watches a monitor of the base with Ponda Baba as Anakin comes closer to entering the front gates of the base where two Commando Droids are waiting to enter with him. Padme watches Clovis and says "Clovis, just wait till the Jedi hear about the way you are treating me, they will put you in prison" and Clovis replies "Oh, and why is that?" and Padme says back "Because we were once lovers Rush, how could you treat an ex-lover like this?" and Clovis looks at her coldly and says "Because of the incident on Cato Nemoidia, thats why I can treat you like this, now keep your mouth shut!" and Clovis activates a switch which gives Padme an electric shock as a Commando Droid comes in and says "Sir, Skywalker has almost arrived" and Clovis says "Let him in, this is going to be fun!"

Meanwhile Anakin walks up the front gates where two Commando Droids are waiting. One of them says "Clovis is expecting you Jedi, follow us" and Anakin walks into the base with the two Commando Droids. Meanwhile Ahsoka and Plo Koon watch this from their respective positions. Plo Koon gives the signal thats it's time to begin and he, Wolffe and the other Wolfpack Troopers jump over one wall into the base while Ahsoka, Rex and the 501st Clones climb over their wall. Unfortunately one of the 501st Clones slips and lands heavily making a loud noise which unfortunately a squad of Commando Droids nearby hear annd as Rex says to the Clone "Kix, are you all right?" and Kix nods his head, the Droids find Rex, Kix and Ahsoka. The squad of eight Commando Droids start to shoot at the three of them and Plo Koon hears the noise of blaster bolts and says "Ahsoka just couldn't wait, could she?". Ahsoka manages to slice up four of the Droids and Rex finishes off the other four before helping Kix to his feet as the other three 501st Clones join them.

Anakin enters the room where Clovis is and Clovis says "Ah, Skywalker, you have been expected" and Anakin replies "Do what you want with me, but let her go!" Anakin says pointing to Padme. Clovis replies "You are right on the fact that I can do what I want to you" and Clovis adds "On your knees! Now you will know part of the true torture for Padme!" before saying "You see, the first torture for her is to watch you die". But as Clovis raises the gun Ahsoka, Rex, Kix and the 501st Clones enter through the door on the right just as Plo Koon, Wolffe, Sinker, Comet and Boost enter through the left door. Ahsoka leaps and slices the gun in Clovis's hand in half before force pushing Clovis out of the way. Commando Droids start to shoot at the team but Plo Koon and Ahsoka slice up five each of the Commando Droids while Rex shoots two Droids and Kix, Comet, Sinker, Boost and Wolffe all shoot one each. As Ponda Baba raises his pistol Anakin ignites his lightsaber and slices the pistol before force pushing away the remains of the pistol.

With the battle over and the base secure, Anakin frees Padme before saying "Padme, are you all right?" and Padme replies "I'm fine, Anakin". Wolffe then interrupts them and says "What should we do with those two?" as he points at Clovis and Ponda Baba and Plo Koon says "We shall take them prisoner and put them in a Republic cell" but Padme stops him and says "No! I won't be safe until Clovis is dead so he won't have another chance to kill me!" and Rex says "She has a point, Sir" and Padme says "Order your troops to kill Clovis for what he's done to me, Anakin or i'll order a div-" and Anakin interrupts her and says "All right, Troopers open fire!" and the three 501st Clones take aim and shoot Clovis through the head and the heart. Ahsoka says "What about this one?" as she points at Ponda Baba and Padme replies "He did nothing, you can take him hostage" and they tie up Ponda Baba and leave the base as the story ends!

Friday, 20 May 2011

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 8: Underworld Chase

Characters: Padme Amidala, Ahsoka Tano, Aayla Secura, Commander Fox, Clone Riot Troopers, Rush Clovis, Ponda Baba, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, Plo Koon, Mace Windu, Riot Trooper Sic.

Narration:"Attempt at revenge! Ex-Banking Clan representative Rush Clovis has abducted Padme Amidala in order to get revenge for an incident that happened on Cato Nemoidia, some time ago! After viewing the abduction of Padme Amidala, Ahsoka Tano has enlisted the help of Jedi Master Aayla Secura and a batch of Clone Troopers to try and find Padme,s abductors!"

Aayla Secura, Ahsoka Tano, Commander Fox and eight Clone Riot Troopers rush down an alleyway as they try to find any indication as to where the hover speeder, manned by Rush Clovis and Ponda Baba went off to. Aayla says "I think we might have better luck if we split up" and Fox says "Agreed, i'll take the Riot Troopers down that alley and we'll regroup with you two back here" and Ahsoka warns Fox "Be careful though, and if anything happens, call for help" and Fox replies "Don't worry, Commander Tano, we'll be ready" and Fox takes out his two DC-17 pistols to prove it as they head for another alley as Aayla and Ahsoka head the other way.

Soon, we find Fox and the Riot Troopers heading down alleys checking every corner of the alley for anything suspicious. Suddenly Fox calls one Trooper to him and says "Listen, Sic I spot two things of interest one there, and one over there, I want you to take three men over there while I take the rest over there to check it out" and Sic replies "No problem, i'll get some men". Sic then goes to the other Troopers and orders three of them to follow him while Fox calls over the remaining four to follow him.

Sic and three Riot Troopers begin to search the area they were instructed to when one of the Troopers points to a building and says "I saw movement!" and suddenly seven purple Commando Droids charge through a door and start shooting at the Clones who quickly block the bolts with their shields and return fire. After a brief skirmish, one of the Commando Droids throws a thermal detonator, blowing up the four Clones, Sic manages to survive but as he lies wounded on the ground, a Commando Droid finishes him with a bolt to the head.

Ahsoka and Aayla hear the explosion and blaster fire and run off in the direction of the chaos, on the way they find Fox and the remaining Riot Troopers and they charge into the area where the Commando Droids are making sure the Clones are dead. The Commando Droids open fire but Ahsoka and Aayla ignite their lightsabers and parry the bolts so that Fox and the Riot Troopers can take out the Commando Droids which they do. Once it is finished, Fox says sadly "Sic was a good Trooper, I was about to make him Sergeant" and Aayla says "We can mourn his demise later, right now we must head back to the Jedi temple and see what Master Yoda thinks, before we search again".

Meanwhile on Bakura, Rush Clovis and Ponda Boba tie Padme up against a wall in the main part of the building. Once Padme is tied to the wall, Clovis grabs a transmitter and types in a number and a hologram of Anakin Skywalker appears and Clovis says "Hello, Skywalker, I think you might recognize me?" and Anakin replies "I wish I didn't but yes, I do" and Clovis states "You might not be so cheeky when you see what I have to show you!"*Shows Padme tied up against the wall* and Anakin looking angry says "Padme! What have you done to her?!" and Clovis replies "Nothing...yet" and Anakin replies "Let her go!" and Clovis replies "That is no longer possible" and Anakin begs to Clovis "Don't harm her" and Clovis coldly responds "Oh, I will" and Clovis signals for Ponda Baba to put a shock collar on Padme before Clovis activates the shock collar giving Padme a electric shock. Anakin looks desperate and Clovis says "If you do as I say then she won't be harmed any more" and Anakin looking beaten says "What is it that you want?" and Clovis says "I want you to come here, to my base on Bakura, alone so that you can be with Padme one last time...!" and Clovis cuts the transmission.

Later on, Anakin arrives at the Jedi Temple to find that his Padawan Ahsoka Tano and Aayla Secura have returned and are waiting with Masters Mace Windu, Yoda and Plo Koon. Ahsoka smiles at Anakin as Yoda says "Greetings, Skywalker, news you have for us?" and Anakin says "Yes, Master Yoda, here is what Clovis has stated" and Anakin gives every detail of what Clovis mentioned and when he is finished Plo Koon says "Bakura? That is a forest planet, with lots of valleys" and Anakin adds "I think the best thing to do would be for me to go in alone but have someone attack the base while I am inside with Clovis" and Mace says "Agreed, you Master Plo and Ahsoka can lead this mission. While you are with Clovis, Skywalker, Ahsoka and Plo can lead a squad of Clones each to sabotage the base" and Anakin says "It's decided then" and he, Ahsoka and Plo Koon walk out of the room as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 7: Abduction

Characters: Rush Clovis, Lott Dod, Padme Amidala, R2-D2, C-3PO, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Nemoidian Aide, Ponda Baba, Aayla Secura, Naboo Pilot Vad.

For this arc, Padme wears her blue attire.

Narration:" Anger and hate! Member of the Banking Clan Rush Clovis, left fuming after his failure to stop Padme Amidala and Anakin Skywalker leaving with co-ordinates for a Separatist factory on Geonosis, Clovis now seeks to gain revenge on both Amidala and Skywalker!"

Rush Clovis sits on a sofa in Lott Dod's palace, pondering. He is mainly thinking about Senator Padme Amidala and how she along with Anakin Skywalker, humiliated him a while ago when they were on Cato Nemoidia, the planet Clovis is still on. Lott Dod, the owner of the palace, is watching him, knowing Clovis has something to say. Lott Dod hadn't killed Clovis after the incident before, but he did take Clovis of his position as the Banking Clan representative on the senate. A Nemoidian aide brings them both drinks.

Suddenly Clovis finally speaks, "I have thought up a method to get revenge on Padme and Skywalker" and Lott Dod replies "Well, no need to hold it in, spit it out!" and Clovis stands up and says "I need to borrow a Separatist base, I need plenty of Battle Droids and I need to hire a Bounty Hunter plus I could use a base" and Lott Dod replies "Let's speak to Count Dooku then about this" and they head off to a transmission table.

Rush Clovis contacts Dooku and says "Count Dooku, I know my failure here was very costly, but I have a way to make amends" and Dooku replies "Oh, and how do you plan to do that?". Clovis says "First off all I need a base, a Bounty Hunter, and a bunch of Battle Droids" and Dooku replies "Have you, decided on which Bounty Hunter?" and Clovis replies back "Yes, I have looked up some Bounty Hunters and I believe this one will be good" *Shows Dooku hologram of Ponda Baba*, "I believe this one would work perfectly" and Dooku replies "Very well, I will send a bunch of Commando Droids to the base I am giving you".

Later on, Clovis arrives at the Separatist base on the planet Bakura. Clovis walks into the base and two Commando Droids in purple head towards him and one says "Count Dooku is waiting for you, sir". Clovis is lead into the command centre where Count Dooku is waiting and Dooku says "I see you have found the base, now, contact me when you have Senator Amidala as your hostage" and Ponda Baba walks into the room and indicates he is ready to head off on the mission. Clovis and Ponda Baba bring a a hover speeder on board their cruiser before heading off with five Commando Droids.

Meanwhile on Coruscant, Padme is rushing around and is sweating heavily as she tries to get everything ready for her trip to the shops. Anakin Skywalker watches her and says "You know, maybe if you stopped rushing around so much, you would feel a bit more, relaxed" and Padme replies "I can't feel relaxed! There's still lots to find and do today, and wheres my shopping list gone?!". Just then her Protocol Droid C-3PO walks in and says "Pardon me, my lady but I found this on the floor beside your bed" and C-3PO hands Padme the sheet of paper which she recognizes is her shopping list and says "Thanks, 3-PO always good to have someone willing to help" and Anakin replies "Well, it was a rather funny thing to watch" and Padme says "Anyway, my pilot will be here in a minute, so do you want a kiss or not?" and Anakin replies "Absolutely" and they kiss briefly as Padme hears a noise and she breaks the kiss and says "Ah, here's my pilot, better go!" and Anakin says as Padme and R2-D2 get aboard the airspeeder to join Naboo Pilot Vad, "Just watch yourself out there, there's something being plotted out there, and I don't like it".

Shortly later, Vad parks the speeder just a click away from the shops and says "I'll be parked over in that parking zone just over there" and Padme replies "Of course Vad, i'll try not to be too long". Padme and R2-D2 jump out of the speeder and head straight towards the shop. Meanwhile, Vad has parked the speeder and he notices a cruiser nearby and he thinks to himself "There's never cruisers around here" and he opens his holster and checks his pistol is there, when suddenly something grabs him from behind and smacks his head against the speeder knocking him unconcious. Two Commando Droids loom above his body and one says to the other "We'll take him back to Clovis".

Padme and R2-D2 keep walking on towards the shop when R2 begins to feel jittery and he waltzes off down an alley to check if anything is there, when he is grabbed from behind and tossed into a rubbish dump and the three Commando Droids that threw him in there emerge and join the two that took out Vad as they head for where Padme is. Padme sensing something is wrong, runs down another alley and as she does so three Commando Droids appear behind her with another two in front. The Droids shoot at Padme who returns fire, knocking down one Droid with a bolt to the head but one droid manages to shoot her in the arm sending her pistol flying off. One Droid picks up the pistol as they take Padme hostage and put her in a speeder and the Droids pilot the speeder to where Rush Clovis is waiting.

Clovis and Ponda Baba watch as the Commando Droids bring Padme before him, Clovis looks at Padme with pure hate etched on his face and he orders them to put Padme beside another prisoner which turns out to be Vad. Clovis looks at Padme and says "I will soon have my revenge on you for that incident on Cato Nemoidia!" and Padme replies "How are you going to do that?", Clovis states "I will lure Skywalker into a trap and kill him before your eyes!" and Padme replies "Right, but anything planned before that?" and Clovis replies "Ah yes, to show I mean business, your friend here will be executed!" and he indicates for Ponda Baba to execute Vad. Ponda Baba shoots Vad two times through the head and Vad collapses, well dead. Clovis orders them to regroup and they get in a hover speeder to board the cruiser.

But, as they Clovis and Ponda Baba bring Padme on board the speeder to escape, Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano appears as she heard the shots and she calls out "Senator!" as she sees Padme captured and Padme yells back "Ahsoka, get help!" and Clovis yells "Droids, take that Jedi wretch!". The speeder flies off as Ahsoka ignites her lightsabers to face the oncoming Commando Droids. The Droids charge at her and start to shoot at her but Ahsoka blocks the bolts before leaping above two of the Droids and upon landing quickly slices the head off one before stabbing through the stomach of the other one. Ahsoka quickly slices the other two diagnolly and as they crumble,  Ahsoka is already running off to get help but on her way she runs straight into Jedi Master Aayla Secura who is also down there and they both go flying to the ground. When they regain their strength, they both stand up and Ahsoka says "Master Secura, I just witnessed two people abduct Senator Amidala" and Aayla replies "We must act quickly, i'll alert the Coruscant Guard and see if we can rally up some troops and take a look around!" as the story ends!

Extra fact: The Commando Droids in this arc are specially designed by Clovis as they capture the colour of the dress Padme wore in Senate Spy. It reminds Clovis of the events there on Cato Nemoidia.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 6: Force Finale

Characters: Obi-Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka, Padme, Nephew, Uncle, Rex, Hardcase, Kix, Panaka, Naboo Guards, Qui-Gon Jinn, Nute Gunray, Rune Haako, Darth Maul, Dooku, Acklay, Geonosians, Jango Fett, Nexu, Coleman Trebor, Boba Fett, Mace Windu.

Narration:Escape! The Niece has sacrificed herself to save the group, now can Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala find a way to escape this mysterious and treachourous world?"

Anakin, Ahsoka, Padme and Obi-Wan continue to run through the jungle to escape from Nephew and Uncle. After they are sure that Nephew and Uncle they take refuge in a hut reminescent of Yoda's hut in "The Empire Strikes Back". The group breathe heavily after all the running and it's a while before any of them have enough breath to speak, but eventually Obi-Wan says "We can't find a way of this place, it must mean we have to defeat Nephew and Uncle in order to escape" and Ahsoka says "We've defeated them already, I think we have to kill them, not just defeat them" and Padme says "I think we should all split up and all four of us go our opposite ways" and the others agree and head off.

Now with Padme and as she walks along, she hears something crawling and sees a hairy creature charging at her from the branches. Padme manages to duck from the first attack but the creature swivels around and gets her in the second attack, tearing off part off the front of Padme's gear where her stomach/ribs are. Padme screams in pain and the creature quickly clambers on her but as it prepares to deliver the killing blow, Padme draws her pistol from her holster and shoots the creature in the head knocking it dead. Padme pushes the creature off her before walking off and muttering "Well, that was a hairy moment"

Anakin is moving slowly along, keeping an eye out for either Nephew or Uncle. Anakin hears the sound of a branch snapping and he spots Uncle heading towards him calmly. Anakin says angrily "You let your own Niece be murdered, now I will end you!" and Uncle replies "You will try" and to Anakin's horror, Uncle pulls out a lightsaber of his own, a blue lightsaber which exactly matches Anakins. Uncle launches himself at Anakin and knocks Anakin to the ground in one movement. Anakin realizes Uncle won't be a pushover so Anakin uses the force to lift Uncle knocking him into a tree and Anakin swiftly uses the force to pull Uncle's lightsaber to Anakin. Anakin then jumps onto a tree before using the force to hurl Uncle underneath the tree Anakin is on. Anakin jumps from the tree landing in front of Uncle and Anakin quickly stabs Uncle through the chest, but as he does this Anakin thinks "Something's not right!" and Uncle collapses to the ground. Anakin closes his eyes and calls to the force and senses Uncle is still alive and Anakin realizes the one he just killed was a clone.

Meanwhile Obi-Wan  has walked back to the doors of the building where Nephew and Uncle reside. Obi-Wan hears a noise behind him and he sees Padme behind him and she says "Let's go in there, together" and Obi-Wan nods in agreement. They both walk through the doors to find Nephew and Uncle standing beside a table and Nephew says "Ah, Obi-Wan, Padme, you both have been expected" and suddenly two lightsabers appear in Nephews hands and he ignites them, both red lightsabers. He and Obi-Wan begin to duel but it is no match and Obi-Wan is quickly defeated by the quicker speed of Nephew and Nephew grabs two chains and binds Obi-Wan and Padme to a pillar. Uncle says to Nephew "Now, show them, what they would not want to see again!" and Nephew replies "With pleasure, Uncle" and Obi-Wan asks "What is that?" and Uncle replies "Your past!".

Suddenly visions start to appear before Padme and Obi-Wan. Padme witnesses herself and Panaka along with several Naboo Guards battling Battle Droids, she witnesses herself arresting Nute Gunray and Rune Haako and finally she views herself being scratched by the Nexu on Geonosis while Obi-Wan witnesses he and Qui-Gon Jinn battling Darth Maul, Maul killing Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan fighting Jango Fett and Slave 1 commandeered by Boba Fett on Kamino, Obi-Wan slaughtering the Acklay on Geonosis, Coleman Trebor being killed by Jango Fett, Mace Windu killing Jango, the full scale Battle Of Geonosis with Geonsians and Clones fighting before Obi-Wan and Anakin duel Dooku.

Just as Obi-Wan has the vision of the duel with Dooku, Ahsoka rushes in and ignites her two lightsabers before force pushing Nephew and Uncle aside before using the force to pull the chains loose. As Anakin arrives to complete the group, Nephew and Uncle get back up and Nephew smiles and says "Well this is where it all ends" as Nephew and Uncle ignite a lightsaber each and Nephew starts battle with Ahsoka while Uncle takes on Obi-Wan and Anakin!

Shortly after the battles commence, Obi-Wan manages to slice Uncle's lightsaber in half and force pushes him back against the wall before Anakin comes in and stabs Uncle through the chest knocking him out, while that is going on Ahsoka and Nephew duel and parry each others blows and Nephew says "You need to do better than that by far, my pretty" and Ahsoka replies as she launches another attack "Don't call me that! I would never go out with someone evil like you!" and just as Ahsoka finishes, Nephew sees Anakin finish off Uncle and Nephew's eyes go dark and you can see the hatred in his face. Nephew roars in anguish and hate and he kicks Ahsoka in the chest knocking her aside before using force choke on both Anakin and Obi-Wan before hurling them up to the ceiling and they come crashing down and Nephew looms above them and he says angrily "I will kill you, I would love to make it slow and utterly painful for you but I don't have much time but killing you will be enough!" but as Nephew prepares to slice Anakin and Obi-Wan in half a lightsaber goes through Nephew's back and Ahsoka catches Nephew as he falls and whispers in his ear "Sorry handsome, but your times up" and Ahsoka lets go of Nephew and lets him fall.

As Obi-Wan and Anakin stand back up and the four of them gather around, they notice the dizzy feeling from before coming back and before they know it they are back at the Republic base and they find Captain Rex with Kix and Hardcase close by and Rex notices them and says "Ah, it's good to have you back here" and Anakin replies "Thank you Captain Rex, but I feel like i'm slowly forgetting whats happened" and Ahsoka says "It's just you Skyguy, your very forgetfull" and Anakin replies "Very funny, Snips" as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 5: Dark Force

Characters:Ahsoka, Anakin, Padme, Obi-Wan, Niece, Nephew, Uncle.

Narration:"Trial by the force! Anakin Skywalker was tested by the Uncle to see if he could force choke Niece and Nephew without showing any emotion! Now Anakin along with Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padme Amidala, prepare to look for a way off the system!"

Uncle sits on his throne chair knowing that while Anakin has proved himself again that he is the chosen one, Uncle wants more and Nephew senses Uncle's longing and Nephew speaks, shaking Uncle from his thoughts "You want to see what Anakin would be like on the dark side, don't you?" and Uncle replies "It would certainly be most interesting how Anakin would act if he had to fight his friends" and Niece who was standing nearby says angrily "You can't do that! For one, we promised them they could leave and for two, you only want to see Anakin on the dark side, it's not neccesary!" and Uncle replies "If you don't agree with what me and Nephew want, then you can leave and join Anakin and the others!" and Niece storms out angrily.

Once Niece is gone, Nephew turns to Uncle and says "I gathered the files on Anakin's friends like you instructed, this one is Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin's master and they have known each other a long time. This is Ahsoka Tano, his Padawan, she is known for being a lot like Anakin. Finally, the other female is Padme Amidala, though other than she was the Quenn of Naboo, I can't find anything else interesting about her" and Uncle says "Mhmm, I sense something, some love, in Anakin's life, he must be married to Padme!" and Nephew grins sadisticly and says "And if we capture her to get Anakin here, maybe we can turn her Dark and then get Anakin on the dark side!". Uncle replies "I think that is an excellent idea! Go and bring Padme before us!"

Meanwhile, Anakin, Ahsoka, Padme and Obi-Wan are strolling along the jungle when Nephew appears before them and says "Hello, I believe we have further use of you, Anakin and you Padme" and Padme stutters "But-Why me?" and Nephew grins before saying "You will find out if you come with me!" and Padme replies "Not without the others" and Nephew replies "I'm afraid that's not for you to decide". Nephew uses the force to hurl Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan into a tree before grabbing Padme and they vanish into thin air.

Long after, Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan all wake up after a bit of concussion and they find Niece standing above them and Niece says "Uncle and Nephew have turned on their promise of letting you go and now they want something evil, but they wouldn't tell me" and Ahsoka says "Whatever it is, it won't be good" and Anakin says "I'll go before the Uncle and see what he wants, you three can watch around in case anything suspicious happens" and Obi-Wan starts to argue with Anakin saying "Anakin, you don't know what they're capable-" but Anakin rushes off anyway and Ahsoka says "Well, we better do as he instructed then" and the three of them head off.

Later on, Padme wakes up to find Nephew and Uncle standing nearby. Padme angrily tries to get up but a chain is holding her tight to a pillar and Nephew laughs at Padme's attempt to launch herself at him and Nephew says "You'll have to do a lot better than that to get at me, my darling" and Padme glares coldly at Nephew as Uncle says "You are very important for our plans, Padme Amidala, but for now your light side will be- Gone!" and Uncle places a finger on Padme's forehead and Padme collapses as she begins to turn more dark.

Meanwhile, several hours later, Anakin rushes in to find Nephew and Uncle standing beside Padme who is still in chains. Anakin blurts out angrily "You dumped your Niece and you abducted Padme, that gives me two good reasons to kill both of you!" and Nephew replies "Your wife, Padme, might have something to say about that" and Padme wakes up and Anakin immediately notices how much colder and darker she looks and the Dark Padme says "I never truly liked you Anakin, I only kissed you on Naboo to make you feel good about yourself and I only married you to make you feel better" and as Niece, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan run in Padme adds "You mean nothing to me-Nothing" before she collapses. Anakin is heartbroken and looks like he might break down and Uncle seizes his opportunity by using his force powers to turn Anakin to the dark side. Anakin bends down on his knees before Uncle and Uncle points at Ahsoka and Obi-Wan and says "Kill them!" and Anakin ignites his lightsaber and leaps at Ahsoka and Obi-Wan who ignite their own ligtsabers before swiftly parrying Anakin's first attack.

The duel between Obi-Wan and Ahsoka against Anakin continues and soon Anakin uses the dark side powers and force chokes Obi-Wan and Ahsoka relentlessly before screaming at them "I HATE YOU!!!" but as Anakin prepares to finish them off Niece uses her powers to hurl Anakin's lightsaber out of his hand. While Anakin is distracted, Obi-Wan yells to Ahsoka "Ahsoka! You distract them, i'm going to free Padme!" and as Ahsoka runs off to distract Anakin, Obi-Wan force pushes Nephew and Uncle out of the way into a wall and Obi-Wan ignites his lightsaber again and cuts Padme loose from the chains. Niece then comes over and uses her powers to bring Padme back to the light.

Meanwhile Anakin and Ahsoka continue their duel, Anakin constantly attempts to blow his way through Ahsoka's defence but she stands strong and blocks his attack until Anakin uses another dark side power and uses force lightning on Ahsoka. But while Anakin is distracted, Obi-Wan uses the force to hurl Anakin to where he and Niece are and Niece uses her powers to bring Anakin back to the light as well.

But once Anakin and Padme wake up having come back to the light, Nephew who has also waken up takes out two daggers and hurls them at Padme which would have hit Padme straight in the chest but Niece pushes Padme out of the way and sacrifices herself to save Padme. Niece is sent flying by the daggers into the wall. Nephew smiles evily having gotten rid of one problem. Anakin, Ahsoka, Padme and Obi-Wan quickly rush off to attempt to escape as the story ends!

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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 4: Force Seeker

Characters: Padme, Anakin, Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, Niece, Nephew, Uncle, Captain Rex, Clone Trooper Hardcase, Clone Trooper Kix, C-3PO.

Narration:"A diplomatic solution! Senator Padme Amidala travels to the planet of Rishi, heading towards a Republic outpost under the control of Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Padawan Ahsoka Tano, so she can tell them of a solution to stop the battle in the Rishi system!"

Padme turns in her chair and thinks to herself about when the war will end and how many lives will be lost before the war ends. Her protocol droid, C-3PO who is piloting the ship turns to Padme and says "My lady, the Republic outpost is in sight and Padawan Ahsoka is waiting for us". The Naboo ship lands and Padme who is in her adventure gear for this story, runs down the ramp to her friend Ahsoka. Ahsoka smiles at Padme before saying "You must come quickly, Padme, Anakin and Obi-Wan are waiting."

Soon Padme and Ahsoka walk through the doors to the command post where Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi are waiting. Anakin and Obi-Wan continue to discuss tactics for defending the outpost when Padme and Ahsoka join then around the hologram table. Padme tells Obi-Wan and Anakin that if they speak with the natives then they might be able to stop the battle of Rishi. Obi-Wan sighs and states he wishes it was that simple, but that the natives have sided with the Separatists and so the only way to get the natives on their side is to rid the Separatists from the planet.

As the four of them continue to discuss the situation, they notice that for some reason the world seems to be twirling and spinning around and around before their eyes and as they collapse from dizziness, they disappear to a completely different universe.

Not long after, Clone Troopers Kix and Hardcase are patrolling around to protect the base, in case of a Separatist attack. They realize it is too quiet and they should hear the noise of talking in the command post where Anakin and the others are talking. They quickly rush and alert Captain Rex who says gruffly "Man the defences, prepare all tanks in case of a Seppie assault!"

Meanwhile, Padme, Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan wake up to find themselves on a jungle world and after the four of them study the place around them for a bit, Obi-Wan says "This place reminds me a lot of Kahsyyyk, but the force is much stronger here". Ahsoka then says "I think we should split up and take a look around" and Padme says "An excellent idea, Ahsoka" and Anakin, assuming control says "Right, Ahsoka you come with me this way, and Padme you can go with Obi-Wan, that way" and they split up in their opposite directions.

Soon, Ahsoka turns to Anakin as they walk throught the jungle and says "Master Skywalker- I'm not sure how safe it is out here for Padme, the force is so strong here". Anakin reminds her that Padme has experience of battling before, namely the first battle of Geonosis and he says Padme can take care of herself. Ahsoka looks sceptical but lets the matter rest.

Padme and Obi-Wan meanwhile walk down another part of the jungle when Obi-Wan hears something and he quickly says to Padme "Stay behind me!" and suddenly a female appears from behind a tree jumping and charging at them like a ninja and she is holding a dagger. The female charges at Obi-Wan who ducks, shocked by the attack and turns around swiftly to see the female has her arm around Padme's throat, choking Padme with the dagger also held to Padme's throat.  The female glares at Obi-Wan and says coldly "No tricks!" and Obi-Wan backs away. To Obi-Wan and Padme's surprise, the female throws Padme back to Obi-Wan who catches her and the female says "I am Niece, you must come with me to my Uncle"

Meanwhile, Anakin and Ahsoka split up for a bit to take a look around for anything suspicious when something appears behind Ahsoka and as she stands back up from looking behind a rock, she sees a man with short blonde hair and a confident smile standing before her and Ahsoka's first thought is "He is so HOT!"

Nephew: "My name is Nephew, you must come with me to my Uncle, he needs a Jedi like you."

Ahsoka:"My Master is just over there, do you want me to get him and then we can go there"

Nephew:"Are you the chosen one?"

Ahsoka:"No but there are rumours that my Master is"

Nephew:"Is he Anakin Skywalker?"

Ahsoka:" How do you know his name?"

Nephew:"That doesn't matter, what matters is me bringing you before Uncle, lets go" *Grabs Ahsoka's hand and they vanish*

Oblivios to what is going on with Ahsoka, Anakin soon realizes it is too quiet and the place is turning darker and darker and everything is dying, Anakin turns to find a old man standing before him. Anakin asks "Who are you?" and the stranger replies "My name is Uncle, and you, Anakin Skywalker are the chosen one!". Anakin replies "I've heard that before, on Mortis!" and Uncle says "Ah, so you met my son with his family, I heard about their deaths and you were then proving yourself to be the chosen one" and Uncle also adds "How about you come with me, and show me if your greatness and powers have not been exaggerated" and Anakin replies "No, I had a hard enough time on Mortis!" and Uncle replies "I'm afraid you don't have a choice!" and Uncle grabs Anakin and they vanish into thin air.

Later on, Anakin and Ahsoka wake up to find the Nephew and Uncle looming over them. Ahsoka and Anakin realize they must have been vanished into a building of sorts. Anakin stands up and points at Uncle yelling "It was you! You teleported us from our Republic outpost, so you could find out about me!" and Uncle calmly states "That is correct, when you know me well, you find I usually, get my way".  The four of them hear a noise and turn to find Niece walking through the door with Padme and Obi-Wan, Uncle smiles and says "Now the trial can begin" and he turns to Anakin and says "My Nephew will explain" and Nephew steps forward and says "This is what you must do, Anakin: You will have to force choke me and Niece without showing any emotion, but you won't want to kill us either" and Anakin states "That's impossible" and Uncle adds "Unless you want your Padawan to die *Uncle holds dagger to Ahsoka's throat* then you will take the trial". 

Anakin closes his eyes briefly before saying "All right, i'll do it" and Anakin spreads his hands out before clenching his fists and with a blank expression on his face, he force chokes Niece and Nephew who writhe around with the pain of it all. Anakin keeps up the force choke on Niece and Nephew but eventually he drops them at Uncle's feet and Anakin snarls at Uncle "I took your test! Now let Ahsoka go!" and Uncle replies "Very well, now you may leave"

Anakin, Ahsoka, Padme and Obi-Wan leave through the doors of the building as the story ends!

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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 3: Jedi Hunt

 Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Saesee Tiin, Captain Rex, Commander Cody, ARC Trooper Garand, 212TH Legion Clone, Rey Ho, Gar Kuck, Plo Koon, Sugi, Embo, Commander Wolffe, Sinker, 3 Wolfpack Troopers, Admiral Alcar, Count Dooku.

Narration:"The Jedi strike team have finally managed to break out of the Separatist base! But now as the Droids and their generals Rey Ho and Gar Kuck regroup and prepare a plan to stop the team, can the Jedi escape alive, with the tank intact as Dooku comes closer and closer to catching them!"

In the Separatist command center, Rey Ho, the Talz Separatist leader is sweating badly as the Jedi have escaped and Count Dooku, who is most furious is heading there to deal with the issue himself as Dooku feels after the disaster in the recent mission at the Citadel under the command of Osi Sobeck, he cannot rely so much on his Separatist generals. Meanwhile Gar Kuck is downright fuming at Rey Ho and soon Gar Kuck yells "Why didn't you let me stab them when I had the chance?! and Rey Ho turns in his seat and replies "I felt- We could have gotten useful information from them, but I see you are right now, rally up the Commando Droids and prepare the tanks. we'll kill them, no hostages!" and Gar Kuck turning to the button to order the Droids to fall in mutters "It would have been so much better for us if you ordered me to kill them sooner".

Meanwhile, the Jedi team duck behind some rocks about six clicks west of the Droid base to avoid a squad of four staps that were heading close to them. Once the staps are past, the team emerge from behind the rocks and Obi-Wan turns to the remainder of the team and says "We need to split up, to give those Droids two things to think about rather than one". Obi-Wan, Saesee Tiin, Cody and the remaining 212th Clone head left while Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex and Garand head the other way to distract the Droids.

Meanwhile, Count Dooku has arrived at the Separatist base and he strolls confidently towards Rey Ho and Gar Kuck and says "You two will head for General Obi-Wan Kenobi and engage him, while I deal with young Skywalker and his padawan" and Gar Kuck replies "Yes, sir" before boarding a stap and waits for Rey Ho to board another stap before they set off for Obi-Wan's position while Dooku boards his speeder bike and heads the other way.

Soon Obi-Wan spots a movement after they have been walking for about two clicks and he stops Cody, Saesee Tiin and the 212th Clone and he spots seven staps commanded by Rey Ho coming his way to engage him. (Gar Kuck took another seven staps in a different direction). Obi-Wan orders Cody and the 212th Clone to take cover behind a rock as he and Saesee Tiin ignite their lightsabers and deflect the blaster bolts fired by the staps back at the staps eleminating two staps while knocking a Commando Droid off a third stap, Cody quickly reacts by shooting the falling Commando Droid in the head. The 212th Clone then takes out a rocket launcher and fires it at the staps knocking all of the staps down. Quickly Rey Ho and the three remaining Commando Droids take cover behind the fallen staps and shoot back at Obi-Wan and Saesee Tiin.

Not far off, as Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex and Garand keep moving, Anakin hears a sound and turns to the left to see a speeder bike approaching. The speeder stops and Anakin immediately recognizes Count Dooku strolling towards them with two Magnaguards behind him. Anakin immediately tells Ahsoka, Rex and Garand to take care of the Magnaguards while he fights Dooku but Ahsoka refuses and says she wants to fight Dooku with him. Rex and Garand run off and Dooku orders the Magnaguards to chase and eliminate the Clones before turning to Anakin and saying "So, we meet again Skywalker, but this time you have your padawan to help you!" before Dooku laughs uncontrollably. Ahsoka looks at Dooku angrily and Anakin notices this and says "We'll take him together" and Ahsoka says "I'm taking him now!" and she leaps at Dooku but after only a couple of blows between lightsabers, Dooku uses force choke to hurl Ahsoka against a rock knocking her unconcious.

Meanwhile above the Venator class star destroyer known as "Galactic", Jedi Master Plo Koon is on the bridge with the Republic Admiral Alcar and Clone Commander Wolffe. Plo Koon informs Wolffe and Alcar that a ship commandeered by bounty hunters is the best way to rescue the team with the tank intact. As he finishes, the doors open and the bounty hunter called Sugi strolls in confidently and she looks at Plo Koon and says "Jedi, our ship is ready and we should hurry as droid forces continue to surround the team with each passing minute" and Wolffe replies "We'll have to cover their escape as they try to get on this ship" and Plo adds "But we must attatch the Separatist tank to your ship no matter the cost" and Alcar turns to Sugi and says "I offer my services as co-pilot for the rescue part of the mission" and Sugi smiles and replies "Accepted, it will allow Embo to show his skills with his crossbow and not as co-pilot". Wolffe, Plo Koon, Sugi and Alcar then head to the Halo where Embo and Clone Trooper Sinker are already waiting for them with three more Wolfpack Troopers.

Back down on the surface, Rex and Garand have seperated so as to catch the Magnaguards in a crossfire and eliminate them. Rex is hiding behind a rock on the left and Garand is hiding behind a rock to the left. Once the Magnaguards appear the two Clones leap from their hiding spot and shoot at the Magnaguard that is closest to them. Garands shots hit one Magnaguard straight in the head and that Magnaguard collapses, but Rex's shots were rushed and miss giving the Magnaguard the chance to slask at Rex with it's electro-staff which Rex dodges but he loses his grip on both his pistols which fly off. The Magnaguard moves in to finish Rex off but Garand appears just in time to shoot the Magnaguard through the head and the Magnaguard collapses and Rex shakily gets up and retrieves his pistols and they head off to help Anakin.

Meanwhile, Anakin ignites his lightsaber and rushes angrily at Dooku. Dooku easily parry's Anakin's first attacks before force pushing Anakin out of the way. Dooku himself then goes on the attacks as Anakin crashes into a rock but the dazed Anakin just about recovers and he parrys Dooku's attack, but Dooku force chokes Anakin before hurling Anakin along the ground into another rock before using the force to throw Anakin's lightsaber aside. But as Dooku goes in for the kill, Rex and Garand arrive and they shoot at Dooku just as he is about to attack Anakin. Dooku easily parries the blaster bolts but while he is distracted it gives Anakin time to recover and he attacks back at Dooku. Dooku parries the attacks but as Dooku is about to counter, Ahsoka appears having recovered from the blow to her head and together Ahsoka and Anakin begin to wear out Dooku but just as they think they can defeat Dooku, he uses force lightning on both Ahsoka and Anakin before sending them flying into Rex and Garand, as they watch on Dooku boards his solar sailor before flying off back to the base.

Not far off, Obi-Wan, Saesee Tiin, Cody and the 212th Clone continue to fight Rey Ho and the Commando Droids. the 212th Clone runs out from cover and throws a droid popper which eliminates the Commando Droids but while the Clone was out of cover, Rey Ho takes a shot with his blaster pistol and kills the Clone straight through the head. Cody then shoots the pistol out of Rey Ho's hand and Obi-Wan and Saesee Tiin quickly surround Rey Ho but before they can capture him, more staps led by Gar Kuck arrive and start firing at them. Obi-Wan, Saesee Tiin and Cody hide behind the destroyed staps. Rey Ho quickly recovers and runs off deserting Gar Kuck who yells angrily after Rey Ho "Dooku will get you for this you coward!!!" Cody shoots at Gar Kuck's stap knocking him off and the Commando Droids jump off their staps to join Gar Kuck just as Ahsoka, Rex, Garand and Anakin appear to help. Gar Kuck takes out two electro-staffs and charges at Obi-Wan and they start dueling.

Anakin, Ahsoka and Saesee Tiin quickly slice up all the Commando Droids as Gar Kuck and Obi-Wan continue dueling, Kuck drives his knee into Obi-Wan's stomach knocking Obi-Wan to the ground as his lightsaber spins away. Gar Kuck yells "I've always wanted to kill a Jedi!" and he prepares to stab Obi-Wan but just before he can, a lightsaber plunges through his back before another one is plunged through the front of his heart and Ahsoka appears and pulls the lightsabers out as Gar Kuck falls. Anakin mutters "Nice work, Ahsoka" and Ahsoka replies "He was too evil and villainous to be left alive" and just as the team start to walk off, the Halo appears and Alcar says to Plo Koon "The team has been spotted General" and Plo replies "Make for their position now, the Droid tanks are closing!" and the craft lands but as the team start to head towards the doors, several AAT's and a squad of staps appear and start firing at the Halo. Wolffe, Sinker, Embo and the Wolfpack Troopers fire at the tanks to give the team cover fire as Anakin and Obi-Wan attatch the captured AAT to the Halo before Anakin and Obi-Wan join the others in the Halo as Sugi pilots the Halo and they leave the system.

Later on, aboard the "Galactic", the Halo lands and everyone leaves the ship except Sugi and Embo. Alcar and Plo Koon head back to the bridge while Ahsoka, Sinker, Wolffe, Anakin and Obi-Wan gather around the captured AAT and Wolffe turns to Obi-Wan and says "We'll begin to scan it's armour soon enough General, once the engineers are here" and Obi-Wan replies "Very well Commander, good job down there" to which Wolffe takes off his helmet and says "We did what we Clones were bred to do, to follow instructions" and Sinker adds "And to break up clankers!" and the team laughs with Sinker's joke as the story ends!

Extra little trivia:
Not mentioned in the story but Rey Ho was killed in this episode. It wasn't mentioned as I wanted to use the ending that I did so if you want to know how Rey Ho died here's how!
"Rey Ho stumbles into the base, shocked and knowing that if Dooku finds him he will be killed. He runs towards the command centre intending to disable the base from there but to his shock finds Dooku already waiting there. Dooku glares at Rey Ho and says "You deserted us?" and Rey Ho stutters "My lord-i'm just trying to make my way in the galaxy but without this tedious war now!" and Dooku replies "Very well, but take one more step and you will die" and Rey Ho replies "I don't believe you" and he takes a step backwards and immediately a electro-staff is plunged into his back killing him."
Dooku had laid a trap for Rey Ho where he had Magnaguards hidden and when Rey Ho arrived in the command centre they came out of their hiding place.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 2: Jedi Trail

 Palpatine, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Saesee Tiin, Captain Rex, Commander Cody, Captain Batov, Tactical Droid KX-22 , ARC Trooper Kax, ARC Trooper Garand, Rey Ho,212TH Legion Clones, Gar Kuck.

Narration:"The Jedi have suceeded in their quest to capture Separatist tanks but, there is no way to escape with the tanks unless they make a steep drop down the fortress..."

Anakin turns to Ahsoka as they are both inside one of the two captured AAT's and winks at her and says "This is where the fun begins!" as Obi-Wan gives the order to go and Anakin in one AAT and Saesee Tiin in the other pilot the AAT's down the fortress walls heading for the base of the fortress which is a long way down and since they are going at top speed, the chances of them crashing are extremely likely.

Not long after Anakin does indeed crash his AAT into one of the lower hangars, imobilizing it and as it's on fire, Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex, Garand and Kax quickly clamber out of the AAT to be faced by five onrushing Firefighter Droids. Ahsoka and Anakin quickly slice the five Droids out of the way just as more Firefighter Droids and an Ugor Warrior come in to fight them. Rex, Garand and Kax quickly take cover and start to fire at the Droids while Ahsoka and Anakin rush the Ugor general. The Ugor reacts quickly and smacks Ahsoka around the head with his spear sending her flying into the wall knocking her unconcious. The Ugor does the same to Anakin but Anakin manages to hang onto the edge of the hangar platform and as the Ugor general approaches, Anakin uses the force to call Ahsoka's shoto blade and just as the Ugor prepares to strike the shoto goes straight through the Ugor's back killing him instantly. Anakin retrieves the shoto and picks up Ahsoka's unconcious body before heading back to Rex, Garand and Kax.

Meanswhile Obi-Wan, Saesee Tiin, Cody, Batov and the two 212TH legion Clones landed safely but seeing as Anakin crashed they now have to re-enter the base and rescue Anakin, but as they head off some holes appear in the ground and 3 Commando Droids appear after they came up from where they had been hiding. The Commando Droids manage to shoot one 212TH Clone before Saesee Tiin, Obi-Wan and Cody all manage to defeat a Commando Droid each. The team then climbs the same wall as before to get to where Anakin will be.

Meanwhile Anakin has been thinking: The chances of success in this mission has gotten even slimmer so he decides it's time for a change of tactics and as soon as Ahsoka awakes he tells Ahsoka, Rex, Kax and Garand what he has planned. They all tell Anakin he's crazy and the risk of the plan but agree it is likely that this will be the only chance to escape. (Here is the plan: 1. Anakin gives his lightsaber to Rex while Ahsoka hands hers to Kax and Garand respectively. 2. The Clones hide the lightsabers in their boots and 3. When they arrive at the command post they surprise the Separatists by the Clones taking the lightsabers out and they attack and escape.

Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex and the ARC Troopers Kax and Garand quickly surrender themselves to a passing Droid squad who take them before Separatist generals Rey Ho and Gar Kuck. Kuck eyes them and states boldly "I want to stick my spear in them right now!" and Ahsoka shivers at his words and Kuck glances at her and says "This one looks tasty" and Ahsoka looks at Gar Kuck with nothing but contempt in her voice as she says "I wouldn't want to know a three-eyed pig like you!" and Kuck growls angrily at Ahsoka's words and he grabs his spear and prepares to stab her but quickly Kax and Garand activate the lightsabers they took from Ahsoka and they both cut the spear apart before handing the lightsabers to Ahsoka who chops up the nearby Super Battle Droids before force pushing Rey Ho and Gar Kuck into the wall as Anakin, Rex, Kax, Garand and Ahsoka quickly make their escape down a hallway.

Meanwhile as Obi-Wan and the rest of his team near where they are to meet Anakin, a Battle Droid equipped with a flamethrower comes out of a doorway and uses it to set Batov on fire killing Batov. Saesee Tiin quickly slices the Droid in half but the damage was alrwady done and they walk off to then position where they will find Anakin but find a legion of twenty Commando Droids commanded by KX-22 who is on an Armoured Scout Tank call out a command "The Jedi must not be allowed to leave here with that tank, intact, stop them!"

Meanwhile Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex, Kax and Batov have arrived and Anakin views the scene from above and sighs to himself "Why couldn't Obi-Wan have waited till we got here?" and Ahsoka smiles at Anakin and says "Well at least we have the element of surprise". And Anakin and Ahsoka leap behind the Commando Droids. Anakin and Ahsoka slice the Droids from behind while Obi-Wan and Saesee Tiin slice the Droids from the front. Soon all the Commando Droids are down but there is still KX-22 on his Armoured Scout Tank who fires bolt after bolt at them. Soon Ahsoka uses the force to hurl the Armoured Scout Tank upside down, Garand shoots KX-22 off the tank and Saesee Tiin moves in as KX-22 grabs a Droid shield to defend himself but Saesee Tiin uses the force to toss the shield away and he slices KX-22's legs off before stabbing it in the head to finish it off.

But there is no time to rest as a squad of six Crab Droids appear and they trap the Jedi against the wall. Rex turns to Anakin and yells "We must defeat those Droids in order to escape" and Anakin replies sharply "I know, I know! I'm trying to think of a plan" and Kax says "I've got a plan! It's foolproof and it will take out all those Droids!" and Kax takes out a thermal detonator and runs off towards the Droids as Garand realizes what Kax is doing and he yells out after his friend "No, Kax, Don't do it!" and Kax runs into the Droids squad before the detonator blows up killing Kax and destroying all the Droids and Garand yells "NO!!!" after seeing his best friend die and the squad starts to head towards the last AAT as the story ends!

My Clone Wars Storys Episode 1: Tank Hunt

 Palpatine, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Saesee Tiin, Captain Rex, Commander Cody, Captain Batov, Tactical Droid KX-22 , ARC Trooper Kax, ARC Trooper Garand, Rey Ho, Mace Windu, 212TH Legion Clones, Gar Kuck, Yoda, Ki-Adi Mundi, Aayla Secura.

Narration:" The Separatist leaders continue to build more and more tanks to help their forces on the frontlines of battle, knowing of this, Chancellor Palpatine has ordered the Jedi council to construct a strike team to infiltrate the Droid defences at a base on the planet of Emmer and capture at least 2 Separatist tanks before bringing them back to Coruscant."

At the Jedi temple on Coruscant, Jedi Masters Yoda, Ki-Adi Mundi, Aayla Secura, Mace Windu, Saesee Tiin, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano are crowded around a hologram of a Separatist base which is guarded well and which several Jedi must infiltrate if they are to capture intelligence and Separatist tanks in order to find out it's manufacturers. Yoda turns to Obi-Wan and says "Obi-Wan, go you must, this mission calls for your experience for this daring raid" Obi-Wan then replies to Yoda "As you wish, Master Yoda, Anakin, Ahsoka and I will prepare our team immediately" and Yoda calls to Obi-Wan as Anakin and Ahsoka leave the room "Bring Master Tiin along as well, his methods will help you greatly in this assignment". Obi-Wan and Saesee Tiin both leave and follow Ahsoka and Anakin.

Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi-Wan and Saesee Tiin arrive at the Jedi temple's main hangar and find Master Mace Windu and nine Clones waiting for them. Master Windu advises Obi-Wan and Saesee Tiin that this is a difficult enough assignment and if Anakin or Ahsoka try to do something too fast or reckless it would more than likely cost them the mission. Obi-Wan tells Mace that he will manage to keep them under control and that this mission will be a complete sucess.  Obi-Wan, Saesee Tiin, Cody, Captain Batov and the four 212TH Legion Clones board one Republic Gunship while Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex and the ARC Troopers Kax and Garand board the other Gunship which sets off for Emmur.

Ahsoka turns to look at Anakin as the gunship enters the Emmur atmosphere and says cheekily "Hey Skyguy! I bet you 100 Republic credits that I get more Droid kills here than you" and Anakin smiles at her before replying "Your mistake!". Rex then informs Anakin that they must land south of the Droid base where it is easiest to gain acess to the base and Anakin contacts Obi-Wan telling him the same thing.

The two Republic gunships land about two clicks away from the Droid base and the team quickly gather all their equipment and run off to a massive wall which they must use to gain their entrance to the outpost. Obi-Wan signals for Cody and Batov to go up first and once they reach the top they quickly shoot a nearby Battle Droid that was walking on the same wall further down. Rex and Kax soon follow and Garand and the rest of the 212TH Clones come up as well. Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, Saesee and Anakin then climb up and Obi-Wan and Ahsoka go in front of the Clones in case they need to defend them while Saesee Tiin and Anakin cover there flanks as they continue along the wall.

Obi-Wan stops suddenly as they move along the wall and takes out a hologram showing all the points that they need to go around to rendezvous in the hangar where the Droid tanks are. Obi-Wan tells Anakin to go with Ahsoka, Rex and Kax the grey/red ARC Trooper, Obi-Wan tells Saesee Tiin to go with his Clone captain "Batov" and Garand the green/black ARC and that Obi-Wan will go with Cody and the four 212TH legion Clones as the way in he is going through is the hardest.

Meanwhile at the Separatist command part of the base, we find the Talz Separatist general Rey Ho studying a holomap of the base when his Tactical Droid KX-22 comes up with the Ugor general Gar Kuck right behind and KX-22 says "Sir, one of the Battle Droids on the south wall is not responding"  and Gar Kuck adds "Sounds like someone's trying to sneak into the facility! I want to go show em  who's boss by shoving my spear into their body!" and Rey Ho cooly says to the angry Gar Kuck "Relax, you will get your chance to show us your skills with a spear soon enough..."

Next we are with Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex and Kax and as they are moving down a hallway they hear footsteps and they squezze against the wall to avoid been seeing and they watch a couple of Ugor warriors with spears walk past and as soon as they are out of sight the four of them come out of hiding and Ahsoka smirks at Anakin and says "Those things certainly bring a new definition to the term ugly" and Anakin turns to look at Ahsoka and says "Why are you looking at me like that" as he notices the massive smirk on Ahsoka's face and Ahsoka replies "Oh let's just say you've got a long way to go to be as pretty as me!" and she winks at Anakin before walking off and Rex and Kax laugh as Anakin sighs and mutters to himself "Padawan Humour"

Meanwhile with Saesee Tiin, Batov and Garand, they head for the communications center to disable the Separatists communcations within the base. They enter the communications center and find that there are seven Super Battle Droids, twelve Battle Droids and a Magnaguard inside. Garand and Batov immediately hurl Droid poppers at the Droids taking out seven of the Battle Droids and Garand and Batov then head for cover behind a small wall nearby and Saesee Tiin engages into a fight with the Magnaguard. Batov then takes out his two "DC-17" blaster pistols before firing at the Droids taking out a Super Battle Droid while Garand takes out his "DC-15" blaster before shooting three more of the Battle Droids. Saesee Tiin then leaps over the Magnauard before driving his lightsaber into it's back, deactivationg it. Saesee Tiin then cuts three Super Battle Droids in half before hurling the rest of the Super Battle Droids into the wall and Batov and Garand finish off the last two Battle Droids.

Not far away Obi-Wan, Cody and the 212TH legion Clones are moving down hallways until they spot a squad of four Security Battle Droids standing around. Obi-Wan quitely orders the Clones to take down three of the Droids so they can use the last one to lead them to the hangar. Cody and the Clones quickly attack the Droids shooting down three as Obi-Wan comes in and slices the last Droid's gun in half before Cody grabs the droid and starts carrying it as he follows Obi-Wan.

Soon the Droid shows them where the hangar is and Obi-Wan upon arrival slices the Droid's head off just before he and the Clones enter the hangar to find four Magnaguards and ten Commando Droids waiting. The Commando Droids quickly rush Obi-Wan and the Clones as Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex and Kax charge into the hangar from the left door and Saesee Tiin, Batov and Garand charge in from the right door. Anakin, Ahsoka, Obi-Wan and Saesee Tiin each engage a Magnaguard as the Clones attempt to hold off the Commando Droids. The Commando Droids manage to kill two of the 212TH legion Clones before Garand and Kax shoot several of the Commando Droids from behind before Cody and the remaining two 212TH legion Clones finish them from the front. Meanwhile Saesee Tiin cooly force lifts the Magnaguard he is fighting into the air before hurling it towards himself and slicing the Magnaguard apart, Anakin easily slices the Magnaguard he is fighting Electro-staff in half before plunging his lightsaber into the Magnaguards stomach. Obi-Wan then chops the legs off the Magnagard he is fighting before hurling it into the wall where Cody and Rex finish it off. Ahsoka is having a trickier time and the Magnaguard she is fighting knocks her lightsaber out of her hand so she activates her shoto and force pulls her other lightsaber towards her before plunging both right through the Magnaguard,  slicing it into pieces.

The battle over, the team gather around and Kax says to his friend Garand "These were too easy, where's all the real fighting? and Anakin warns him "Be careful what you wish for Trooper, it might just come true." As the team head over to get into the Separatist AAT tanks, Obi-Wan calls Anakin and Ahsoka over and tells them "We need to split up so as to avoid the enemy" to which Ahsoka cockingly replies "No problem, we'll beat up anything we come across, won't we Skyguy?" and Anakin glares at Ahsoka as he replies "Just so long as you don't get us killed in the process".

Obi-Wan, Saesee Tiin, Cody and the two remaining 212TH legion Clones then board one AAT while Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex, Kax and Garand board the other AAT and the tanks start to move out as the story ends!