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My Clone WArs Stories Episode 93: Cavalry

Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex, Saesee Tiin, Commander Runner, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Commander Cody, Gizor Delso, Poggle the Lesser, 21st Heavy Weapons Legion, Geonosian Warriors, Battle Droids, Barabel Warriors.

Narration: "Continued attack! The Republic presses for victory on Geonosis! Although, with victory almost a certainty, Poggle the Lesser plays his trump card, reinforcements from the vicious world of the Barabel!"

Anakin Skywalker prepares to move his men in for the final push to reclaim Geonosis. As he looks through a holocam to spy on the Geonosian positions, a weird sound comes from the east. "What was that?" asks Captain Rex, and Anakin replies "That's what I'd like to know", before igniting his lightsaber. A dozen warriors charge at them, with the Republic forces rooted to the spot. "What are those?" Rex asks, "A vicious, barbaric warrior race known as the Barabel" another Clone tells him. Barabel's start throwing daggers at them, taking out several clones. Anakin rushes in as the first part of defense, and attempts to defend the clones. Several Barabel attack, and several get Anakin and Rex into three-on-one battles. Rex is smashed up, and his helmet is thrust aside. The Barabel's assault Anakin, and rid him of his lightsaber, before getting him with shock whips. As they prepare to dispose of Anakin and Rex, a gunship arrives which Obi-Wan Kenobi and Commander Cody leap out of. While the Barabel are distracted, Anakin trips one up and having recovered his lightsaber, stabs the Barabel. Rex stands up and grabs the nearest one to him, before smacking the Barabel in the face. Cody shoots the Barabel as it tries to get back at Rex, while Obi-Wan disposes of the three attacking Anakin. The 21st clones then finish off the rest. Obi-Wan says "Look's like I got here just in time!" to Anakin. "That... is an understatement" gasps Anakin, as he struggles for breath...

Several more Barabel ambush Saesee Tiin and Commander Runner. Runner is killed, having been chopped up by the daggers the Barabel possess. Saesee Tiin however, manages to struggle to defeat them, but eventually manages to kill them all. Anakin and Obi-Wan lead the clones to finish the remaining Separatist forces. 21st legion follow Rex and Cody into a catacomb, searching for enemies, when a sonic blast explodes right in front of Cody, and several Geonosians attack. Cody yells "Return fire!" before shooting down one Geonosian. With the help of Rex and the other clones, they manage to kill the Geonosians. Anakin and Obi-Wan use AT-RT's to take out the last of the proton cannons in the area. Inside the factory, Saesee Tiin finds himself going into the hangar, just in time to see Gizor Delso and Poggle the Lesser escaping in a ship. Saesee Tiin sets explosives inside the factory, before going outside and regrouping with the others. Saesee Tiin detonates the explosives which blow up the factory big-time, and Geonosis has been won again...

Next-time: "Cad Bane is back! But Bane is not alone! Cad Bane and Boba Fett, join them as they try to get Mace Windu into a trap! Will they succeed, or will Windu escape alive? Or will someone else meet Boba's demands? Find out next-time in the arc "Cad Bane + Boba Fett".

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 92: Clear up on Geonosis

Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex, Saesee Tiin, Commander Runner, Clone Trooper Ark, 21st Heavy Weapons Legion, Gizor Delso, Poggle the Lesser, Geonosian Warriors, Battle Droids, Count Dooku.

Narration: "Battle of Geonosis! A Republic strike team, led by Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Saesee Tiin, invaded the planet Geonosis! Having gained some ground in this conflict, can they win the battle?"

Saesee Tiin, Commander Runner and Clone Trooper Ark head away from the hundreds of Battle Droids pouring out of the factory. There role is to flank and get inside the factory. Meanwhile, Anakin Skywalker leads Captain Rex and several dozen 21st clones to battle the Battle Droids. While they focus on the droids, the Geonosian Warriors, led by Gizor Delso, attack them from above. Several clones are blown up, while Rex and the remainder return fire upwards. Anakin throws his lightsaber, cutting off the wings of several Geonosians, sending them tumbling to his feet, before he stabs them. Saesee Tiin, Runner and Ark sneak inside the factory, and are immediately ambushed by Battle Droids. Ark defeats them though by blowing them aside with his rotary cannon. Runner says to Ark "You know, for a shiny, you're not that bad." Elsewhere inside the factory, Poggle contacts Count Dooku and says *We are running out of options! We must have support now!* and Dooku replies "Do not worry, Poggle. Special reinforcements have already been dispatched to Geonosis. They will not disappoint" before his hologram fades. Outside, Anakin and Rex charge the Battle Droids, while the 21st clones use their heavy weapons to cover Anakin and Rex's backs. Rex smashes into Battle Droids, as he continues to shoot them up. Anakin weaves through the droids, chopping up all those he can reach. A Geonosian starfighter attempts to attack Anakin, but Anakin uses the force to bring it down crashing onto many Battle Droids. Rex and several clones target AAT's with rocket launchers, and blow them to pieces. Rotary cannons from more clones take down the flying Geonosians above them. Inside the factory, Tiin, Runner and Ark are ambushed again. Geonosian Warriors target them and fire, Tiin slices up a few Geonosians, but they manage to blast Ark out of the way, killing him as he crashes against the wall. Once the last Geonosian is killed, Runner checks on Ark, but finds him already dead...

"Spider droids advancing!" yells Rex, as spider droids attempt to shoot him and the clones. The spider droids are met by a barrage of all kinds of weaponry. Rex tosses a thermal detonator, which blows up a couple of them. Rocket launchers blow up several more, sending spare parts flying, and rotary cannon fire eventually makes the spider droids slump down. Anakin arrives to finish the last few, slicing and dicing them. Meanwhile, Dooku contacts Poggle and tells him "You're special reinforcements have arrived, they will be worthy help..."

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 91: Geonosis Return

Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex, Saesee Tiin, Clone Commander Runner, Clone Trooper Ark, 212st Heavy Weapons Legion, Gizor Delso, Poggle the Lesser, Geonosian Warriors, Battle Droids, TZ-04.

*Geonosian language translated to basic*

Narration: "Third conflict! The planet of Geonosis is about to be invaded for the third time in the history of the Clone Wars! Can Jedi Masters Anakin Skywalker and Saesee Tiin, finally secure the planet once and for all?"

Geonosian Warriors march out across the terrain of Geonosis, watched by Poggle the Lesser and Gizor Delso. Battle Droids join them, with AAT's move into position, ready for a battle. Delso says to Poggle *The Republic will throw everything they can at us.* Poggle replies *But what they have, may not be enough.* Up in space above Geonosis, several Venator-class cruisers head for the surface. On board one of them, Anakin Skywalker approaches Saesee Tiin and says "Me and Rex are ready to begin battle, General Tiin" and Tiin replies "Excellent. It's time to begin the beginning of the end." Anakin boards his Jedi starfighter, while Saesee Tiin is joined by Commander Runner and the newbie Clone, Ark, on his gunship. Runner asks Ark "Sure you can handle that thing?" indicating the Z-6 rotary cannon. "I can handle it" replies Ark. Anakin zooms ahead of the gunship's as they head for the surface. Geonosian starfighters ambush them, and Anakin uses all his flying skills to defend the gunship's. However, several Geonosian starfighters get past him and blow up a gunship, killing all those inside. Although, Saesee Tiin's gunship lands, and he, Runner, Ark and 21st legion clones step onto the terrain. Captain Rex arrives and says "All platoons have reported in, General!" to Saesee Tiin. "Very well, Captain Rex. Let's begin this battle while Anakin has some fun." Rex says "Yes, sir!", before leading the 21st into a attack formation. Anakin meanwhile weaves and swerves to avoid being hit from behind, before the ARC-170's deploy and rescue Anakin by taking out the Geonosian starfighters. TZ-04 indicates for the Battle Droids to ambush Anakin's starfighter. Several Battle Droids fire rocket launcher's at him, and his starfighter is hit, and sent crashing to the surface. Anakin leaps out, and starts slicing up the Battle Droids that attempt to rush him. Anakin is then attacked by AAT shells. Anakin dodges, and jumps at a Geonosian sonic cannon. Anakin chops up the Geonosian on it, before manning the cannon himself. Anakin uses it to target the oncoming AAT's, and he manages to destroy one of them. As the other AAT prepares to take him out, it explodes, and Rex, Runner and Ark reveal themselves, having just blown it up. Anakin links up with the three clones, but before they can say anything, Geonosian Warriors target them with sonic blasters, and open fire. Anakin, Rex and Runner dive for cover, but Ark shoots at the Geonosians with his Z-6 rotary cannon. "Take this!" cries Ark, as he mows down several more. "Now is not the time to be a hero, Ark. Get yourself in cover!" shouts Runner, and Ark obliges.

Elsewhere, Saesee Tiin and the 21st lead a frontal assault against the Battle Droids. The 21st bring up their heavy weapons, including rotary cannons and rocket launchers. The Battle Droids shoot at them, but skill and firepower is too much for the droids, and they are destroyed. "Now we must take out those cannons!" says Saesee Tiin to the clones, and they charge at the proton cannons. Saesee Tiin slices the legs off one, before several clones blow it up with a rocket launcher. More clones blow up two more beside that one, sending the debris flying. Saesee Tiin sneaks around the back of a ridge, where several proton cannons are using frontal cover to their advantage. Saesee Tiin ignites his lightsaber, to the surprise of the Battle Droids around. "Where did you come from?" one asks, before being sliced up. Saesee Tiin slices up all the droids, one at a time, before setting explosives on the cannons. Once the cannons are exploded, Tiin makes to leave, but TZ-04 had arrived and attempts to sneakily shoot Tiin in the back. Tiin senses this, and blocks the blaster bolt. TZ-04 continues shooting at Tiin, who keeps parrying the bolts, while gradually making his way forward. Once close enough, Tiin slices off TZ-04's arm with the blaster in it off, before slicing off the droid's head, which rolls harmlessly away.

Later on, Anakin, Rex, Runner and Aek regroup with Saesee Tiin. "We won this offensive" Anakin tells Tiin. "Indeed, but not the battle as a whole" replies Tiin. The Republic forces are left to ponder what the left of this invasion has left in store for them...

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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 90: Trandoshan Combat

Characters: "Chewbacca, Tarfful, Mermeru, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, C-3PO, R2-D2, Golar, Geekror, Larar, Wookie Warriors, Clone Trooper Hardcase, Mysterious Witch Elgoth.

Narration: "Execution! Trandoshan's went back on their word, and executed the Wookie Chieftan! Unaware of this turn of events, the Wookie's and Jedi prepare to complete their mission, but after critical injury to Ahsoka Tano, they will need the help of a certain someone Anakin is keeping secret!"

A Republic gunship arrives bringing the reinforcement for the team. As Anakin Skywalker moves to greet the occupant, the doors open and Clone Trooper Hardcase is revealed. Anakin says "Good to see you, Hardcase. Are you ready for this battle?" and Hardcase confidently replies "Just let me at these flesh-attacking beasts!" Not far away, Ahsoka Tano is left in the care of Mermeru, C-3PO, R2-D2 and a couple of Wookie Warriors. Ahsoka is in so much pain, she keeps mutterring to herself, unable to be rid of the pain, and left to wonder what Lux Bonteri would think had he been able to see her in this position. Far off, the Trandoshan called Larar loads his shotgun, but he hears this isn't the only weapon that was loaded, as he finds Hardcase, Chewbacca and Tarfful surrounding him. Larar hurriedly tries to shoot Hardcase, but misses by some distance, Chewbacca punches Larar in the gut, before shooting Larar. Tarfful tosses the dead body aside into a ditch nearby. Mermeru tells R2-D2 and C-3PO they can leave, as he and the other two Wookie;s can handle it there. R2-D2 zooms off happily, hoping to go on another adventure. C-3PO follows R2-D2 into a labratory, to which C-3PO exclaims "This is the labratory destroyed in the battle here several months ago." As they continue moving, they end up in the centre of the labratory, where  an old witch is sitting. C-3PO says "Pardon me-" but she interrupts and says "My name is Elgoth. What have you come to ask me?" C-3PO says "Well, first, how come Hardcase survived being killed with a blade to the head?" Elgoth says "That was not Hardcase. It was a Clone that looked like him, surely you know that all Clones look the same?" and C-3PO says "Perhaps. I did wonder how come Hardcase was so serious. And Lux Bonteri, he is dead, right?" and Elgoth says "No. He is alive, and out there." "How?" C-3PO asks and the reply "You will find out someday!" before vanishing. C-3PO and R2-D2 leave the labratory, wondering what that was all about...

Golar and Geekror attack and ambush Mermeru and the two Wookie's outside Ahsoka's cabin. The two Wookie's are immediately shot dead, and Mermeru takes bolts to the hand and shoulder. As Golar prepares to enter the cabin, Geekror says "Prepare to die!" as he stands over Mermeru. Before they can do their parts though, Hardcase arrives on the scene, and fires his Z-6 rotary cannon wildly at them. As Golar and Geekror dive for cover, Hardcase yells "You want more? I'll give you more!" before unloading more rounds at them. Golar shoots randomly, and catches Hardcase full in the chest, sending Hardcase flying backwards. Without any time to check whether Hardcase is dead or not, Golar enters the cabin and looms over Ahsoka. "Good riddance, Jedi!" he says, as he points his pistol at Ahsoka. But Anakin storms in, smashing his way through the window, and takes the bolts to save Ahsoka. Anakin then gets back up, ignoring the pain, he disarms Golar, before slicing his arms off, and stabbing Golar. Outside, Chewbacca, Tarfful and the rest of the Wookie's kill Geekror.

The Trandoshan's are dead, but the mission has failed. Chewbacca had later found the dead body of the Wookie Chieftan, so the mission was deemed a failure. The mortally wounded Ahsoka and severely wounded Hardcase were placed inside bacta tanks in the T-6 shuttle. Anakin says to Chewbacca and Tarfful "The Wookie army is lucky to have the two of you in their army. You provide great belief for your people." Both Chewbacca and Tarfful nod their thanks, as Anakin, C-3PO and R2-D2 board the shuttle, and leave the planet...

Next-time: Geonosis explored again! Saesee Tiin leads a Clone army on Geonosis! Check it out next-time in the arc "Third Battle of Geonosis".

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 89: Leader Falls

Characters: Chewbacca, Tarfful, Mermeru, Wookie Warriors, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, C-3PO, R2-D2, Golar, Geekror, Dak, Larar, Wookie Chieftan.

Narration: Mission of rescue! Wookie and Jedi forces launch a rescue mission against the Trandoshans to rescue a Wookie Chieftan! Having been given their  time limit by the Trandoshans, they now must hurry if they are to save the Chieftan!"

Geekror approaches the leader of the pack, Golar and tells him "I have found out why Lira has not returned. It does not make happy viewing." Geekror leads Golar to Lira's dead body. Golar shakes with anger, while Geekror inspects the dead body "Wookiee bowcaster marks. Definitly a Wookiee who did this." "They will pay!" spits Golar, and marches back to the camp. Upon arrival, he strides past Dak and Larar, and straight away executes the Wookie Chieftan without a moment's hesitation. "Go find those who killed Lira. Make them suffer!" Golar tells Dak and Larar, who run off to fight. Larar and Dak come across Ahsoka and Chewbacca's team, sliding their way through the jungle. "Open fire!" says Dak, and Larar shoots his sniper rifle, taking out one Wookie. Chewbacca and the other Wookie's fire back, but can't penetrate the Trandoshan's cover. R2-D2 beeps at Ahsoka, and she jumps on R2-D2, clinging onto the droid. R2-D2 flies up to the Trandoshan's position. Once she jumps off R2-D2, she slices at Larar and Dak. While Larar and Dak are distracted, Chewbacca and the other Wookie's move up the ridge to help. Ahsoka disarms Dak, before kicking him aside, sending him flying over the edge of the ridge and down to his death. However, Larar brings up a shotgun and let's rip with it, sending a hail of shotgun pellets into Ahsoka's body, sending her lying into a tree, mortally wounded. As Larar prepares to finish her off, Chewbacca shoots the shotgun out of his hands. Larar flees to inform Golar and Geekror of Dak's demise, while Chewbacca rushes to Ahsoka's side. "I'm sorry-Chewbacca!" Ahsoka says, while wincing with the pain. As Ahsoka passes out, Chewbacca carries her and takes Ahsoka off in search of a restplace, followed by the rest of the Wookie's.

When Ahsoka wakes up, Anakin and his team are at her side, with both trams having regrouped in the cabin they are in now. As Ahsoka tries to sit up, Anakin pushes her back down saying "Get some rest. You won't be taking any further part in this mission." "Who's going to replace me?" Ahsoka asks. "I have the perfect soldier in mind" replies Anakin. C-3PO informs Anakin that Tarfful says they are ready to move out. Meanwhile, Larar has reported back to Golar, and they now leave camp, intent on the three of them eliminating the enemy...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 88: Hatred

Characters: Chewbacca, Tarfful, Mermeru, Wookie Warriors, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, C-3PO, R2-D2, Trandoshan Golar, Trandoshan Geekror, Trandoshan Dak, Trandoshan Laror, Trandoshan Lira, Wookie Chieftan.

*Wookie language translated to basic*

Narration: "Leader captured! The chieftan of the Wookie tribe has been captured! Now, Wookie's including Chewbacca and Tarfful prepare to launch a rescue mission, but first, they await the arrival of Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano to lend some assistance!"

A jedi T-6 shuttle lands on the Trandoshan world of Akoshissss. Out of the landing ramp step Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, C-3PO and R2-D2 into a midst of Wookie's. Chewbacca steps forward to greet them, and says to Ahsoka *We meet again!* and Ahsoka replies "Yes, Chewbacca. Again not in peaceful circumstances." Chewbacca nods mournfully. Anakin whispers to C-3PO "What are they saying?" C-3PO replies "Chewbacca welcomed Ahsoka." Chewbacca then holds his hand out to shake Anakin's, and they shake hands. While the introduction is going on, in their camp, the Trandoshans, Golar, Geekror, Dak, Larar and Lira torture the Wookie Chieftan, smacking him on the head with electric whips, electrocuting him. Dak says "That will teach these Wookie scum!" and Geekror adds "Hey, look! Seems like they've brought a force to take us out!" after he notices the Wookie party. "They won't do well!" says Golar, as they ready their weapons for an attack. Down below, C-3PO translates something Tarfful said to Anakin. Anakin mutters "It would help if they understood basic too." Ahsoka hears him, and tells Anakin "They can understand it, but the Wookie's just can't speak it." Anakin says "That could be a problem" and Ahsoka replies "That would have proved a problem, but not when you've got me or C-3PO" she says, as she bigs herself up to make her look important. As Anakin sighs, Tarfful starts to dish out orders, and they split into two teams. Anakin, Tarfful, C-3PO, Mermeru and several Wookie's taking one route. Ahsoka, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and the other Wookie's the other route...

"You. Go get them!" Golar tells Lira, who sets off with sniper rifle raised. Lira watches as Anakin's team comes closer and closer to his position. Anakin and his group trudge slowly, aware of the dangers on this Trandoshan world. "Come on, I want my kills!" Lira mutters to himself. As Lira places the sniper rifle on a lege overlooking below, he slips and topples through the ledge and right down in front of Anakin's team. Anakin ignites his lightsaber, and prepares to attack, but is not required to do anything. Tarfful had grabbed Lira by the scruff of the neck, and started throttling Lira, before banging him against a tree. As Lira tries to recover, Tarfful executes him through the back with a bowcaster, with Lira still against the tree. "Good job!" Anakin tells Tarfful, as he deactivates his lightsaber. Tarfful nods his thanks. Golar then contacts both teams, and having shown them torturing the Wookie Chieftan, he says "You have one day to rescue this Wookie. If not, he dies!" before his hologram fades. Both teams head for the Trandoshan camp, both aware that they cannot fail...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 87: Chosen One Revenge

Characters: Tusken Raiders, Padme Amidala, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Mace Windu, Nautolan Senator.

Narration: "Rescue mission! Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano, attempt to rescue Senator Padme Amidala. However her captors, the vicious Tusken Raiders, are happy to torture her as much as they want! Will they be able to save Padme from further harm?"

Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex leap into the camp of the Tusken Raiders. Drawing their weapons, they begin their attack. They swiftly take out the guards, before as more Tusken Raiders attack, Anakin yells to Ahsoka "Snips, you and Rex handle the enemy, I'm going looking for Padme!", before slicing another out of his way, as he charges through the camp, searching for Padme. While Rex walks through the camp, using his pistols to shoot in two directions. Ahsoka is grabbed around the neck by one Tusken Raider, while another attacks her from the front. The one from the front attempts to spear her with his spear, while the other behind chokes her. Ahsoka uses the little strength she has left, just to parry any attacks from the front. Rex finally notices what is going on, and sneaks  upon the front Tusken Raider, and takes him out from close range. The Tusken Raider choking Ahsoka loosens his grip, as he prepares to be shot to, but Ahsoka stabs him through the heart before he can flee. Ahsoka gathers her breath, as Rex defends her from more attacking Tusken Raiders. Meanwhile, Tusken Raiders elsewhere are awoken by a loud noise, but before they can react, Anakin jumps in, and slaughters them all. With the nearby Tusken Raiders eliminated, Anakin cradles Padme in his hands, and is suddenly reminded of the time where he did the same to his mother, Shmi Skywalker, and she died. Anakin silently begs for Padme to be alright, and not dead. Padme wakes up suddenly, and Anakin is so relieved, he just kisses her without even thinking about it. Padme asks "I'm alive?" and Anakin replies "You wouldn't be looking at me if you weren't." Anakin helps Padme to her feet, and she recovers her pistol so she can use it. Anakin and Padme re-join Ahsoka and Rex outside. Padme, Ahsoka and Rex are left to watch, as Anakin takes on dozens and dozens of Tusken Raiders, one by one, killing them like lambs for the slaughter, with more malice and brutality with every next one. With all the Tusken Raiders on the planet eliminated, they head back to the T-6 shuttle.

Much later, from a Venator-class cruiser, Rex and Obi-Wan Kenobi see Anakin, Ahsoka and Padme off, as they swim to the surface of Glee Anselm. Once underwater, Anakin, Ahsoka and Padme go to the main city of the planet, before going into a building to meet with the Nautolan Senator. Padme says "Senatr. Now that I am here, I hope you will honour me in joining the Republic." The Senator replies "Of course. I heard about what hapenned to you. I shall join the Republic, just as you wish" before smiling at Padme. Anakin and Ahsoka leave Padme to talk to the senator, while they go into another room. Ahsoka asks "What was all that about on that swamp planet?" and Anakin replies "Not long ago, I had a run-in with Tusken Raiders. I had always been warned about Tusken Raiders, and how vicious they were." Ahsoka then asks "Ok, but I still don't see what all the hate is for?" and Anakin admits "Those savages killed my mother. She was the only relative I had left, and she was murdered. That's why I hate the Tusken Raiders, and just one of many reasons I hate Tatoinne!" Ahsoka nods, as understanding dawns on her. Ahsoka begins to wonder if and how many others Anakin has told this experience too. Anakin and Ahsoka re-join Obi-Wan on the cruiser, before they talk to Yoda and Mace Windu. "The addition of Glee Anselm to our underwater worlds, could prove a critical part to our war effort. Congratulations, General Skywalker and Commander Tano." Anakin says "Thanks, but it was all Senator Amidala's work." Ahsoka nods her agreement, leaving Obi-Wan to wonder since when was Anakin ever humble...

Trivia: How did the Nautolan Senator know of what occured to Padme? Stay tuned to find out in an upcoming arc!

Next-time: "A leader is captured! Anakin & Ahsoka must join the Wookie's on a vital Wookie mission, can Anakin understand the Wookie's? Will the Wookie leader be saved? Find out next-time, in the "Wookie" arc!"

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 86: Attack

Characters: Tusken Raiders, Padme Amidala, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, ARF Sergeant Boomer, 501st Clones.

Narration: "Senator captured! Padme Amidala was ambushed and captured by the vicious Tusken Raider people! Now, Anakin Skywalker leads a rescue team, to attempt to rescue the Senator of Naboo!"

Anakin Skywalker lands the T-6 shuttle on the planet known as Boa Bakron. He calls out "Let's go!", and he is joined by Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, Sergeant Boomer and several 501st Clones. Immediately they are ambushed, as Tusken Raiders charge them with spears. Anakin slices the spears off from the raiders, maliciously and brutally cuts them down. Ahsoka watches as Anakin does this, as she has never seen him act like this before. While she is distracted, a Tusken Raider charges her, and headbutts her in the chest, sending her flying and crashing to the ground. Anakin notices, mutters "Always needs help", before saving Ahsoka from being speared, before slicing the head off the attacking Tusken Raider. "Thanks, Master!" Ahsoka tells Anakin. "If you had been a better fighter, maybe you wouldn't have needed saving!" Ahsoka is shocked at Anakin's attitude, and shouts back "What has got you on edge all of a sudden?! And if my skills are bad, then it is your fault, because of you're training!" and she jabs him in the chest to make her point. As Anakin slices down another Tusken Raider, he tells her "It's these Sand People. I have had bad experience with them in the past", lying through his teeth, as it is Padme that is troubling him. Rex, Boomer and the Clones are in hand-to-hand combat with the Tusken Raiders, Anakin rushes in to help, but two Tusken Raiders launch themselves at him from behind, Ahsoka notices and leaps in ahead of the two, and slices them down with both her lightsabers upon their attack. With the Tusken Raiders defeated, they split up. Anakin and Ahsoka heading one way, Rex, Boomer and the Clones the other...

Tusken Raiders ambush Rex, Boomer and the Clones. The other 501st Clones are swiftly wiped out, leaving only Rex and Boomer remaining. "This is it!" says Boomer to Rex, before several Tusken Raiders charge and stab him repeatedly, sending how into a swamp. Rex avoids several attacks, and kills a couple of Tusken Raiders, but is forced to retreat. Rex soon meets up again with Ahsoka and Anakin. Anakin tells him "We've found out where there camp is. Time to move in!" before trotting off. Ahsoka and Rex follow Anakin, heading for the Tusken's camp. Elsewhere, the Tusken Raiders torture Padme some more, intent on brutally hurting her as much as they want...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 85: Old Foe

Characters: Tusken Raiders, Padme Amidala, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, ARF Sergeant Boomer, 501st Clones, Bail Organa.

Narration: " Republic ally! A Senator from the planet of Nautolan is interested in making peace with the Republic! Senator Padme Amidala heads for the ocean world, to discuss possible negotiations!"

Padme Amidala flies her royal Naboo cruiser through space, keeping an eye out for the planet she has to land on. But unknown to her, a couple of Tusken Raider gunship's are tailing her, and open fire on her ship. Padme yells in shock as her ship goes flying towards an unidentified planet. The gunship's pursue Padme to the surface, but pause to allow her ship to crash into a swamp. As Padme scrambles out, several Tusken Raiders surround and shoot at her. Padme notices they are not aiming for the places where they would most likely kill her, and realizes they are intent on capturing her. Padme draws out her pistol and returns fire, sending one Tusken Raider into the swamp. Padme takes cover in part of what is left of her ship, and eliminates two more Tusken Raiders. The last one flees, intent on alerting the rest to Padme's position. As Padme continues over the swamp, she is unaware of what lurks underneath, and suddenly she is grabbed and trapped by a monster. A Swamp Slug, and it keeps Padme tight in a vice-grip, choking Padme. As she struggles to breathe and is about to pass out, someone else shoots the Swamp Slug, sending it back down into the swamp, leaving Padme shaken, but not hurt much. As Padme looks up to her saviours, she notices two dozen Tusken Raiders surrounding her. Shaking her head, Padme says "Oh, it's you guys again. Not good!" Padme is then dragged to her feet, and taken captive...

"In need of dire help, the Togrutan population is" Yoda says to Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker during their meeting together. "I couldn't agree more, Master Yoda. With the Separatists now in control of Shili. We will have to take time to plan" says Obi-Wan, while Anakin adds "Time is one thing we don't have." A knock on the door brings the meeting to an end. "Enter" says Yoda, and Senator Bail Organa enters through the door, and hands Anakin a hologram. "This was sent to the senate. It does not make happy viewing" Bail tells them. Anakin activates the hologram, and watches in horror as Tusken Raiders brutally torture Padme right in front of their eyes. Padme struggles to handle the pain, and passes out right in front of them. In his anger, Anakin crushes the hologram in his fist, before dropping the pieces out the window. Anakin then walks straight out the door, leaving Yoda, Obi-Wan and Bail to ponder his rush of blood. Obi-Wan says "He has gone to rescue Senator Amidala." Bail asks "But, why? And what was that moment of anger for?". Yoda tells them "In these dark times, certain of nothing, are we. Many secrets in this galaxy, are there." In the hangar, Anakin finds Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, Boomer and several 501st Clones waiting for him. "What's our mission this time?" Ahsoka asks Anakin. "We're going to rescue Padme, she's captured on the planet Boa Bakron." Ahsoka looks shocked, and asks "Boa Bakron? But that's a dangerous planet! Full of all sorts of swamp monsters and-", but Anakin cuts her short, retorting "A Galactic Senator is there, and it is our duty to rescue her! If you don't have the courage for it, don't come!" as he boards a T-6 shuttle. Ahsoka and Rex exchange glances. "Might as well go aboard, Commander Tano. Keep the General happy." Ahsoka nods, and she also boards the shuttle, followed by Rex, Boomer and the several 501st Clones...

Saturday, 29 October 2011

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 84: Kiffar Escape

Characters: Aayla Secura, Quinlan Vos, Count Dooku, Separatist Logo Leekre, Elomin Soldiers, Elomin Bodyguards, Khaleen Hentz.

Narration: "Freedom! Aayla Secura and Quinlan Vos came across a bunch of Kiffar slaves on the planet Elom! Vos, who has now freed the slaves, must now do the same for Master Secura!"

Aayla Secura decides it is time to escape, just as Logo Leekre looms over her, ready to pounce, Aayla stands up so suddenly she knocks Leekre over. Recognizing him as the executer from before, Aayla flees out of the room. Leekre stands up and yells "Stop her!" and he, along with several Elomin Soldiers, pursue and shoot at Aayla. Aayla is forced to run, as she does not have her lightsaber. Luckily help arrives, as Quinlan Vos shows up, igniting his and Aayla's lightsaber, he slices down the Elomin Soldiers, Vos tries to get Leekre, but ends up smashing up a hallway door, Vos force pushes Leekre through the door, and into the incinerator of the incinerator room as it turns out. Several Elomin who witnessed this attack them. Vos swiftly gives Aayla her lightsaber back, and they both defend back-to-back as they eliminate the Elomin.  "Our help should be here soon!" Vos tells Aayla, just as a massive explosion blows a hole above their position in the building. A voice calls out "You requested my help again, Quin?" and Vos yells back "Yes, but not specifically with a bang!". The smoke clears, revealing Khaleen Hentz flying her ship down towards them. Hentz says "You didn't tell me the specifics, so I thought why not." As Vos and Hentz yell to each other from their positions, Aayla notices Count Dooku sneaking up behind them. Dooku says "Masters Secura and Vos, I see you have made a mess of my mining facility. Such a shame!" Aayla and Vos ignite their lightsabers, and they begin to duel Dooku. Dooku gets the upper hand, disarming Aayla and Vos and sending them flying. But Hentz snipes Dooku's lightsaber out of his hand, before tossing a thermal detonator at him. While Dooku is preoccupied, Aayla and Vos swiftly make their getaway, having retrieved their lightsabers. They board Khaleen Hentz's ship, and disappear...

Count Dooku inspects the damage to his mining facility, and wishes he had prepared it's defenses better. Back on Coruscant, Vos walks off towards the Jedi Temple, while Aayla hangs back to talk to Hentz. Hentz asks "You're his former Padawan, are you not?". Aayla replies "I was, but I am a Master now". Hentz then asks "You're the one he used to have an affair with?". Aayla looks Hentz full in the eyes and says "How do you know. What's it to you?" and Hentz retorts "Quin told me, he and I are currently in the middle of an affair also." Aayla, looking shocked replies "He can't do that. The Jedi code-" but Hentz interrupts "Do you think me and Quin give a damn what the rest of the Jedi think? Well, we don't". Hentz then leaves on her speeder, leaving Aayla to ponder what she has just discovered...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 83: Twi'Lek Slave

Characters: Aayla Secura, Quinlan Vos, Count Dooku, Separatist Logo Leekre, Elomin Soldiers, Elomin Bodyguards, Kiffar Slaves.

Narration: "Stranded! After a brief encounter with Count Dooku, Aayla Secura and Quinlan Vos are stranded on the planet Elmo! What will they discover on this planet, and will it be to their liking?"

"We better get moving" Aayla Secura says to Quinlan Vos, before they both leave the cave. As they breathe in the fresh air, they hear a grinding noise far off. Vos says "Did you hear that?" and Aayla replies "Yes. I say we check it out." Vis chuckles "Now you're talking my language!" before they head off. They come across a courtyard, with a small building at the far end. They climb on top for a better view of what's going. As they watch the work going on below, Aayla points out "They are slaves!" and Vos realizes, as his stomach churns that the slaves are his species, the Kiffar. Vos makes to grab his lightsaber and help the slaves, but Aayla holds him back by the hand, telling Vos "We can't just rush in now. We need a plan to surprise them." Vos nods, and watches as the Separatist Logo Leekre prepares to execute one Kiffar, who is moaning and groaning about the amount of work expected. Vos and Aayla watch as the Kiffar is executed before their eyes. As Vos feels shame for not being able to save the man, Aayla gives him a swift kiss on the cheek to console Vos. They watch as Leekre takes out a hologram, of Count Dooku. Dooku says "We hear there are two Jedi nearby your slave camp, Commander Leekre. Capture them, and bring them to me!" As Dooku disappears, Vos hurriedly tells Aayla of his plan to rescue the Kiffar slaves...

Hours later, Aayla feels ridicuolous standing in a slave suit in front of many partying Elomin, not feeling at all comfortable with the position Vos has put her in. Aayla relives the final moments before she went off in the slave suit. Aayla was protesting against the idea, when Vos took both of her hands in his own and says "Aayla. These men need you, if you can prove a good enough distraction, then freed, these men could be". As Vos made to move off, Aayla held Vos back and gave him a kiss on the lips. Aayla explains "That's for, how I've been treating you on this adventure." Aayla comes back to the present to find Elomin's trying to get her attention, but failing. Aayla Secura really starts to feel how bad a plan this could be. Outside, Quinlan Vos has picked his moment perfectly, and jumps into the courtyard. The Elomin Bodyguards around the slaves raise their shields and batons, but they are no match for Vos's skill, combined with his fury, as he slaughters, murders and tears apart all the Elomin who stand in his way, showing his Rogue side. Vos frees the Kiffar slaves, who give him a loud cheer,  before they leave. Once Vos is sure they are all safe, he heads into the building, to save Aayla Secura...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 82: Forbidden Love

Characters: Aayla Secura, Quinlan Vos, Commander Bly, 327th Clones, Clone Trooper Looker, Clone Trooper Galle, Clone Trooper Inc, Count Dooku, Commando Droids.

Narration: "Mission! Having captured a strategic staging area on a mid-rim planet, Aayla Secura and her Clone force rendezvous with Master Quinlan Vos, unaware of the events that are to find them!"

Commander Bly approaches Aayla Secura and says "General. Vos is here". As Bly walks away, Aayla nervously tries to steady herself, about to come face to face with a Jedi she thought she would never meet again. As Aayla closes her eyes to meditate, the doors open and Bly comes in again, this time accompanied by Quinlan Vos. Bly leaves the two of them alone to be with his men. Aayla starts to fidget nervously, which does not go unoticed by Vos, who asks "You are fidgeting?" before adding "Aayla! I taught you better than that!". Aayla numbly asks "Better than what?". Vos laughs and says "Better than to be wary of you're own side!". Before Aayla can reply, an explosion rocks the Consular-class frigate they are in. Aayla says "Status report?" and Clone Trooper Looker replies "Separatist boarding ships! They've breached our hull!" before Looker is cut off. Looker says "This is it!" to Bly, Galle, Inc and the other 327th, who raise their guns. The frigate is invaded, and Commando Droids start to attack the clones. Several generic 32th are shot down, but the others hold their ground. Vos contacts Bly and tells him "Aayla's ordered a retreat! To the pods!". Bly and the others immediately run off, but Looker is shot in the leg and goes down. Looker yells out to Bly "I'm done for. I'll hold them off, just get out of here!". Bly nods, and he, Galle and Inc run off to join Aayla and Vos. Looker shoots down a couple of Commando Droids, before he is disarmed. Looker glimpses Count Dooku arriving, before Dooku stabs Looker against the wall, before beheading him to be sure. Dooku arrives just as the escape pod hatches shut, with Clones in one and Aayla and Vos in the other. Dooku ignites his lightsaber again, and stabs the control panel, sending both escape pods spinning. Dooku, satisfied with what he has done, leaves the frigate, as the pods go spinning well away from each other...

Aayla Secura wakes up to find a hand outstretched in front of her. As Aayla is helped up, the owner of the hand puts his other one on her back to steady her. Aayla realizes with a jolt that it is Quinlan Vos, and swiftly moves away from his grasp. Vos says "Aayla... I'm only trying to help you." Aayla nods, but still doesn't look too convinced. Satisfied enough, Vos begins to use his powers to figure out what planet it is, and is shocked to find the planet is Elom. Vos mutters "Not good!" to himself, as he starts to look for a place to rest. Aayla notices what he is doing and yells "There's somewhere over there!" while pointing into a cave. Vos gratefully heads into the cave, and is followed inside by Aayla. They both sit on rocks adjacent to the other. As they sit there, staring around, they both realize suddenly that this is the first time they have been alone since their forbidden love. This makes Aayla very nervous again, but seems to have no effect on Quinlan Vos. Aayla says to Vos "Why aren't you nervous?". Vos calmly replies "Aayla. What hapenned in our affair was a long time ago, it is our duty as Jedi to put that behind us!". Aayla nods her agreement, as she realizes she has been a bit too wary of Vos for her own good. They both are left to wonder what Elom has in store for them...

Saturday, 22 October 2011

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 81: Mandalore Falls

Characters: Satine Kryze, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex, Sergeant Kano, ARF Sergeant Boomer, Pre Vizsla, Death Watch, 501st Clones, Commander Cody, 212th Clones, Mace Windu, Commander Neyo, Ahsoka Tano, Mandalorian Police Officers, Mandalorian Royal Guards.

Narration: "Advantage! Having fled from Captain Rex, Pre Vizsla has engaged and gained the upper-hand in a duel with Anakin Skywalker! How will the Battle of Mandalore end, and who will win?

Obi-Wan Kenobi joins Mace Windu in overlooking the Death Watch movement down the street they are guarding. Mace says "There is no plan to the Death Watch attack now. They are just moving like lambs for the slaughter..." Obi-Wan gasps, and says "What if all this was just a distraction?" Obi-Wan quickly runs off, Windu only managing to yell "Kenobi!" at him before Obi-Wan is gone. Elsewhere, Pre Vizsla starts to really shine over Anakin, as Anakin struggles to hold off Vizsla. Vizsla uses his jetpack to fly into the air, preparing for the final strike, but Satine Kryze uses her deactivator to deactivate Vizsla's jetpack, sending him crashing back down. Vizsla traps Anakin against the wall, leaving Anakin on the brink of conciousness. Mace Windu and Captain Rex lead the 501st in a frontal assault on the advancing Death Watch troopers. As Death Watch begins to crumble, they are really up against it, as they had been led into a trap. Ahsoka Tano, Cody, Neyo and the 212th legion flanking them. The Death Watch fight valiantly, but are defeated by the side with a plan. The clones celebrate their victory, though they don't realize it isn't over yet...

As Vizsla goes to kill Anakin, Clone Sergeant Kano arrives to stop Vizsla, Vizsla though chops up Kano's DC-15 blaster, before stabbing Kano. Kano's last words are "I'm sorry... general!" as Vizsla tosses his lifeless body aside. Vizsla turns his attention back to Anakin, but Anakin has now recovered well enough, and he uses force-lightning on Pre Vizsla, wounding the Death Watch leader. Vizsla manages to stop it though, and kicks Anakin against the wall. Satine tries to shoot Vizsla's darksaber with the deactivator, but he simply knocks the deactivator aside, before stabbing Satine through the chest. Satine holds her hands to her chest, before falling back, dead. Anakin just notices Obi-Wan Kenobi arriving and launching himself at Vizsla before falling unconcious...

Much later, or soon after, Anakin doesn't know, but he wakes up to find Obi-Wan looming over two lifeless bodies. Anakin realizes with a pang that one is Satine, and watches as tears steadily drip onto her pale face. Anakin is taken aback when he realizes it is Obi-Wan that is crying. Anakin gets shakily to his feet, places his hand on Obi-Wan's shoulder and says "I'm deeply sorry for your loss, Master". Obi-Wan replies "Well, at least now I probably don't have to worry about leaving the Jedi Order..." Obi-Wan motions to the body beside Satine's, and Anakin notices it is Pre Vizsla's, and notes the head has been separated from the body. Anakin doesn't ask Obi-Wan about the details. Obi-Wan shudders as he remembers how he arrived just in time to see Vizsla kill Satine, and he launched himself at Vizsla in his fury. After easily gaining the advantage, Obi-Wan behead the Death Watch leader, sending his head spinning into the sky and away. Anakin and Obi-Wan walk towards the remaining Republic forces, knowing that while the battle is won, the objective was failed. Obi-Wan and Anakin walk past Royal Guards and Police Officers, who ran to check up on the bodies left behind...

Next-week: Aayla Secura and Quinlan Vos are back together! Can they team up to free a slave camp of Twi'Lek slaves? In the arc "Aayla Secura + Quinlan Vos"! Also, Anakin Skywalker is faced with old foes, who have captured Padme Amidala, don't miss the "Tusken Raider Hunters" arc also next-week!

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 80: 501st Death

Characters: Satine Kryze, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex, Clone Trooper Rowdy, Sergeant Kano, ARF Sergeant Boomer, Pre Vizsla, Death Watch, 501st Clones, Commander Cody, 212th Clones, Mace Windu, Commander Neyo, Super Battle Droids, Ahsoka Tano.

Narration: "Mandalorian assault! The soldiers of Death Watch, and their leader Pre Vizsla attempt to kill Duchess Satine! However, the arrival of Republic forces has kept Death Watch at bay for now. Where will Vizsla strike next?"

Anakin Skywalker pauses at the wall, before signalling to Satine Kryze that the next area is all-clear. As Anakin and Satine stride along the area, Anakin asks Satine "Do you and Obi-Wan have a history?". SAtine replies "Yes. He and his Master, Qui-Gon Jinn, helped me out a lot then, but I still lost many of my people. That is just one of the reasons I am against this war." Anakin sighs and says "I've never had any peace wherever I've gone, losing someone is something I've gotten used to." Satine looks curiously at Anakin due to his last remark, but before she can say anything, several Death Watch troopers jetpack in front of them. One of them says "Hold it right there!" but is silenced as Anakin beheads him. Satine uses her deactivator to render the Death Watch weapons useless, and Anakin then kills them all. Satine grumbles angrily at Anakin "That is precisely the type of thing I don't like! They had no way to fight back, and you killed them!". Anakin replies "Orders from the top, no prisoners. And in these times, orders are the key to survival" before he walks off. Satine grudgingly follows him. "This it" Rex tells Ahsoka. Ahsoka and Rex climb over the large barricade that was made for the battle, and lead hundreds of 501st and 212th clones into a frontal battle with Death Watch. Rex and Rowdy make a bee-line for the Mandalorian tanks, which are blasting the barricade. Rowdy tosses several thermals detonators, which makes short work of one tank. Kano arrives and uses a rocket launcher to blow up another one. Meanwhile, Boomer leads several clones on AT-RT's and attack Death Watch from the side. Rex protects Rowdy, as Rowdy prepares his Z-6 rotary cannon. Once done, he lifts it up proudly, saying "Here we go, boys!" Kano angrily says "Just shoot with the thing, will ya?!" and Rowdy obliges, blowing several Death Watch about to get Rex aside with a hail of blaster bolts. Rex nods his appreciation, before swiftly shooting a nearby Death Watch through the head. Pre Vizsla gets frustrated at the Death Watch losses, and launches himself at Ahsoka, sending her flying against a block of rubble. As Ahsoka lays winded, Vizsla snarls "Now you die, female!" but before he can stab her, Rex notices and knocks Vizsla aside with his elbow, before shooting the darksaber out of Vizsla's hand. Vizsla punches Rex in the face, sending his helmet flying. Ahsoka, still winded, can do nothing more than watch the two men fighting. Rex knees Vizsla in the gut, sending him toppling backwards, giving Rex enough time to shout at Ahsoka "Commander Tano! Go assist Cody, Neyo and there lot! I'll handle Vizsla." Pre Vizsla gets up and grins at the prospect of a one-on-one match, as Ahsoka runs off. Cody and Neyo are using a elavated position to shoot down at Super Battle Droids below, when an explosion behind them reveals Death Watch have found them. Three Death Watch troopers shoot at them, taking out a couple of 212th clones. Cody and Neyo dispatch of two of the three Death Watch. But the third pulls out a thermal detonator and appears to be about to blow them sky-high, until Ahsoka arrives and stabs him through the back of the stomach, that is. Ahsoka says to Neyo and Cody "I was told you two were in need of something?" Neyo whistles and says "That's right! A hot female to boost our spirits!" Ahsoka calmly replies "Now is not the right time for jokes, Commander Neyo. We have a battle to take care of!" Meanwhile, Rex and Vizsla continue to punch each other, both going for the kill, but when Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi arrive, Vizsla doesn't fancy his chances, and he flees for now.

Pre Vizsla flies down in front of Anakin, saying "I hear you are General Kenobi's Padawan, I hope you are as much of a challenge as he was!" Satine can only watch as the two of them start lashing at each other with their weapons, Anakin's lightsaber to Vizsla's darksaber. Anakin appears to have the upper hand in this duel, that is, until Vizsla dirtily kicks Anakin in the nose, breaking it. Anakin struggles to keep Vizsla at bay, and Satine gets the feeling she will have to do something soon.

Meanwhile, Rex, Rowdy and several 501st Clones are running through passageways, only for a dozen Death Watch troopers to spot them. Rowdy nudges Rex and says "I'll hold them off. Get the others out alive!". Rex says "Be careful!". Rowdy starts shooting at the Death Watch wqith his rotary cannon, immediately killing three. As he turns to try and follow Rex's path, Rowdy is shot from behind and sent sprawling, his gun flying away. Rex grabs Rowdy and drags him to safety, as one 501st Clone uses a thermal detonator to explode the remaining nine Death Watch troopers there. Rex hurriedly takes off Rowdy's helmet, only to find Rowdy dead. Rex says "Another good clone gone in this wasteful war" says Rex bitterly, and he and the other 501st clones leave Rowdy's dead body in safety, as they look for the Jedi...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 79: Death Watch Assault

Characters: Duchess Satine, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex, Clone Trooper Rowdy, Sergeant Kano, ARF Sergeant Boomer, Pre Vizsla, Death Watch, 501st Clones, Commander Cody, 212th Clones, Mace Windu, Commander Neyo, Super Battle Droids, TX-34, Ahsoka Tano, Mandalorian Police Officers, Mandalorian Royal Guards.

Narration: "Decision! Having not heard from Count Dooku in almost a whole year, Pre Vizsla has a decision to make! Attack Mandalore with the Death Watch and Droid forces he currently has, or wait for Dooku to turn his attention back to him!"

The warriors of Death Watch assemble outside their base on Concardia. Pre Vizsla stands in front of the troopers, and says "Today, is the day we attack and take Mandalore!" to loud cheers from the Death Watch soldiers. The Death Watch soldiers start piling into shuttle's and gunship's, which fly off towards Mandalore. The shuttle's and gunship's loom above Mandalore's capital city. Pre Vizsla yells "Attack!" and the gunship's start to bound the city's buildings with blaster bolts. Satine Ktyze storms out of her palace, flanked by a couple of Mandalorian Police Officers. One of them pleads with Satine saying "Please, Duchess. We must repel the invaders!" but Satine retorts "We are a non-violent planet, we will NOT fight these invaders". The Police Officers then says "It is Death Watch, Duchess. They are here to kill you." The last two words decide it for Satine, and she says "Get me Obi-Wan Kenobi." Both Mandalorian Police Officers leave, as Satine watches the battling above her. A hologram of Obi-Wan is brought before Satine, and Obi-Wan asks "You asked for me?" and Satine replies "Yes. Death Watch has launched an assault on us, we need you to repel them!" Obi-Wan says "I and a batch of Republic forces shall arrive with you shortly. This is a very serious matter. Don't do anything crazy!" before his hologram disappears.

Death Watch troopers land on the ground. Mandalorian Police Officers engage them, but Death Watch are better trained, and use their better gear to their advantage. Pre Vizsla joins the fray, and swipes at random fighters with his darksaber, not caring whether he strikes ally or foe. Several Police Officers fall to his blade. One tries to shoot Vizsla with a stun gun, but Vizsla blocks it with a shield, before trapping and killing this one by smashing him against the wall, and stabbing down with the darksaber. Elsewhere, TZ-34 orders Super Battle Droids on the attack from his Separatist command post. As the Super Battle Droids start to fight the Mandalorian Royal Guards, Republic cruisers and ships reach the planet. ARC-170 starfighters engage the Mandalorian gunship's above the surface of the planet, led by Commander Cody and Ahsoka Tano. Republic gunship's zoom to the surface, and deploy the troops. Anakin, Rex and Rowdy quickly storm the Super Battle Droids and attack them. As TZ-34 watches on, Mace Windu and Commander Neyo sneak up on him. Neyo shoots TZ-34 in the chest, before Mace jumps in front of TZ-34, and having sliced the droids legs off, he stabs it. Kano and Boomer lead the rest of the 501st to help take care of the Super Battle Droids. Up above, Ahsoka and Cody lead the ARC-170's and blow up a Mandalorian cruiser. Ahsoka then turns their ARC-170 towards another cruiser, and says "This is where the fun begins!" as they and several other ARC-170's dock inside the hangar. Death Watch soldiers surround them, but Ahsoka burts out of her one, and starts to try and disarm them. Cody calls out "Remember the instructions, Commander Tano! Death Watch must be eliminated, no prisoners!". Ahsoka nods and slices up the nearest one to her, before kicking the next one aside. Cody and the 212th clones fire at them from their cover behind the starfighters. One Death Watch trooper says "Kill the Jedi!" as Obi-Wan Kenobi attacks the Death Watch surrounding Satine. As one takes a hurried shot at Satine, Obi-Wan just about blocks it, sending it into the throat of the shooter. The shooter goes down gurgling, as Obi-Wan defeats the others. Satine says "You were just in time, Obi-Wan" and Obi-Wan replies "I do like to make a few close calls" as they smile at each other. Ahsoka and Cody have killed all of Death Watch on that cruiser, so they fly down to the surface...

Ahsoka and Cody regroup with all the others outside Satine's palace. Ahsoka and Satine smile at each other. Mace says to Ahsoka "Padawan Tano. You're job is to lead Captain Rex and the 501st in a frontal assault". Ahsoka nods, and walks off with Rex, Rowdy and Kano, along with other 501st clones. Mace Windu tells Obi-Wan "Myself and Commander Neyo will lead the frontal assault. You General Kenobi, will protect the Duchess!". Obi-Wan nods his head, but as Mace walks off, Obi-Wan turns to Anakin and says "Stay with Satine, do you're best to protect her." Anakin asks "Is there a reason that I'm the one to protect the Duchess, or?-" but Obi-Wan retorts "Now is not the time to be difficult, Anakin. We have a battle on our hands!" before storming off. Anakin and Satine walk down another route, Anakin wondering how well he can do Obi-Wan's orders...

Friday, 21 October 2011

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 78: Mygeeto Turmoil

Characters: Ki-Adi-Mundi, Commander Bacara, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Captain Rex, ARC Trooper Fives, Oni Lorok, Cat Miin, Battle Droids, Snow Droids, Saesee Tiin, Kit Fisto, Clone Troopers.

Narration: "Unfortunate death! Following the death of Clone Trooper Moon, the Republic are on the brink of defeat! Can the Republic pull through, or will this be another battle lost?"

A Republic rescue party of gunship's heads for the surface of Mygeeto, with orders to extract Obi-Wan Kenobi and the others out of there, Kit Fisto and Saesee Tiin can only wait gravely as they fly through space towards Mygeeto. Down on the surface, Commander Bacara, Captain Rex and ARC Trooper Fives mourn the loss of fellow Clone Trooper, Moon. Once Moon is buried in the snow, Bacara, Rex and Fives re-join Obi-Wan, who is there along with Anakin Skywalker and Ki-Adi-Mundi. As Obi-Wan prepares to brief them, several big explosions land too close to them for comfort, and they retreat into cover. Anakin looks over his cover to spot hundreds of Snow Droids charging their positions. Anakin says "Here we go again!" before breaking cover, igniting his lightsaber, he rushes the Snow Droids. Ki-Adi-Mundi and Obi-Wan do the same, while Rex, Fives and Bacara provide covering fire from their cover. The sheer number of Snow Droids begin to tell though, and many get past the valiant Mundi, Kenobi and Skywalker, and charge Rex's position. Fives sees the danger, and saves Rex by tackling him aside. Rex says to Fives "Thanks for the rescue, Fives!" and Fives replies "I just wish I could have done the same for Echo..." Rex doesn't say anything, but deep down he is wondering about Fives state. Rex sees all Clones as expendable, including himself, so can't understand Fives's feelings. Rex shakes his head to clear his thoughts, before grabbing a Z-6 rotary cannon and mowing down several advancing Snow Droids. Fives knocks down a couple more with his DC-15 blaster. As Anakin is dueling several Snow Droids at once, he notices Oni Lorok flying towards them on a Flitknot speeder. Anakin stops dueling the droids long enough to topple Lorok and his speeder over, but not quickly enough, as a Snow Droid's blade lashes a severe cut into Anakin's left hand. Now only able to grip his lightsaber with one hand, he struggles to fight back, so Mundi has to come to Anakin's rescue by chopping apart the Snow Droids. Oni Lorok advances and prepares to shoot Mundi, Anakin swings his lightsaber wildly, and instead of slicing the arm which Anakin was going for, Anakin severs Oni Lorok's head, and watches in horror as head and body fall over the edge of a cliff and out of sight.

Obi-Wan says "I seriously hope that was a mistake this time, Anakin" and Anakin replies "For once. You are right, Master." Rex comes up to them and says "There are too many, we have to evacuate, NOW!" just as the gunship's arrive with Kit Fisto, Saesee Tiin and Clone Troopers. Fisto calls "Need some help?" as Clone Troopers rain fire on the Snow Droids, giving Mundi, Bacara, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Fives and Rex to clamber into the gunship's. As the gunship's prepare to take off, Tiin says "Wait one moment!". Saesee Tiin leaps out of the gunship, and starts to take down several Battle Droids. Fives says "What is General Tiin doing?". All of them ponder this for a moment, before Fisto says "Look! That is the Separatist in commond of this battle, Tiin is trying to capture her!". Fisto leaps out of the gunship and joins Saesee Tiin, together they defeat the Battle Droids to capture Cat Miin. As Fisto marches Miin into the gunship, Snow Droids attack Tiin, and one grips him by the throat. As the droid prepares to choke Tiin to death, Anakin uses his force hrip to tear apart the droid's internal parts, rendering it unusable. Tiin boards the gunship, and it flies away. Obi-Wan looks at Anakin with a look that says "If Anakin can't keep his frustratrion of the war in, he will fall to the Dark Side" Obi-Wan thinks to himself...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 77: Snow Fun

Characters: Ki-Adi-Mundi, Commander Bacara, Galactic Marines, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Captain Rex, ARC Trooper Fives, Oni Lorok, Cat Miin, Battle Droids, Snow Droids, Clone Trooper Moon.

Narration: "Battle of Mygeeto! Republic forces, having launched an invasion of the planet Mygeeto, attempt to save the planet from the Separatists! Having gained a staging area, the Republic plots their next attack!"

Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi are sitting on rocks when they are joined by ARC Trooper Fives and Captain Rex. Fives salutes and says "All platoons have reported in, General!" to Anakin. Anakin says "Good work, Fives. Now let's get on with our plan." "Steady, strady! Fire!" says Commander Bacara, and AV-7 mobile cannons open fire on the Separatist command post in the open area of snow below. Anakin, Rex, Fives and Galactic Marines charge while the cannons distract the droids. Anakin slides down the snowy cliff, and lands on a stray Battle Droid. Anakin stabs the Battle Droid, before chopping up several Snow Droids. Rex and Fives arrive behind Anakin, firing at advancing Snow Droids, while the Galactic Marines provide covering fire from the cliff. Up above, Ki-Adi-Mundi ignites his lightsaber, and Commander Bacara and Clone Trooper Moon bring out their weapons. Moon fires away using his Z-6 rotary cannon at incoming Battle Droids on Flitknot speeders. Mundi slices several of the speeders up, and they go flying everywhere. Inside the UT-AT walkers, Galactic Marines adjust the UT-AT's, before firing at any moving droids. Cat Miin grows tired of the slowness of the battle, and calls out "Send in every last droid!". Oni Lorok does so, and all the droids advance on the Republic positions.

Obi-Wan Kenobi sneaks up upon a bunch of Battle Droids guarding a couple of Proton Cannons. Suddenly, and without warning, Obi-Wan sneaks up behind one Battle Droid, and nudges it on the shoulder. As the droid turns around to see who touched him, Obi-Wan has disappeared behind the droid, and he slices the Battle Droid in half when it turns around again. A dozen Battle Droids confront Obi-Wan, but he calmly steady's himself, before charging all of them, weaving in and out of the droids, he manages to chop them all up. Having finished with the droids, Obi-Wan chops the legs off the Proton Cannons, before placing his explosives. Once he detonates the explosives, Obi-Wan runs off, looking for Anakin. Anakin meanwhile, has dis-manned an AAT, and after signaling Rex and Fives to follow him, they all clamber into the AAT, and use it to fire at the three Separatist-controlled AAT's. Anakin manages to shoot down one, but his AAT is then hit. Anakin, Rex and Fives are tossed aside by the explosion. As one AAT passes over him, Anakin stabs upwards into the tank with his lightsaber, cutting a hole into it. Anakin quickly jumps aside as the AAT is not on top of him, and the AAT explodes behind him. Rex and Fives toss droid poppers inside the hatch of the last AAT, disabling the two Battle Droids inside.

Commander Bacara and Clone Trooper Moon advance upon the last AAT in their sector. "Here we go!" says Moon, and he and Bacara charge the AAT, however the Snow Droids inside come out and attack them. Bacara is knocked aside, and another grabs Moon, trapping him against a rock, removing Moon's helmet, before slitting his throat with it's blade. As Moon lays dying, Bacara snatches up his DC-15 blaster and dispatches of the two Snow Droids that attacked them. Bacara kneels by Moon, Moon gasps "I'm- sorry... commander", before he dies. Bacara says to the dead body of Moon "He was good, for a shiny", before placing Moon's helmet back over Moon's head. Bacara stands up, and goes looking for Ki-Adi-Mundi again...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 76: Cold Weather

Characters: Ki-Adi-Mundi, Commander Bacara, Galactic Marines, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Captain Rex, ARC Trooper Fives, Separatist Oni Lorok, Admiral Cork, Clone Naval Officers, Cat Miin, Battle Droids, Snow Droids, Clone Trooper Moon.

Narration: "Planet in peril! The snowy planet of Mygeeto is under Separatist control by Cat Miin. Now, a Republic rescue party looms in space above the surface, ready to fight to take back the planet!

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker join Master Ki-Adi-Mundi on the bridge of Mundi's flagship, the Doomer, as it looms above the planet Mygeeto. Anakin says "Here we go again. Another planetary invasion" and Obi-Wan says "Yes, they seem to be coming at a frequent pace now." Mundi replies "The native Mygeeto were easily overwhelmed, they had no army, the Separatists came here deliberately." Obi-Wan and Anakin look at each other while Ki-Adi-Mundi stares out into space. Admiral Cork comes over and joins them saying "We are within invasion distance. Generals. I shall handle the space battle from here". Mundi says "Very well, Admiral Cork", and he, Obi-Wan and Anakin head to the hangar. Down in the hangar, the Clones are getting ready for a ground assault. ARC Trooper Fives says to Captain Rex "How come we're on this mission, Rex?" and Rex replies "They needed a couple of men with big experience, and us two were chosen". Commander Bacara joins them and tells Rex "You were picked because General Skywalker is part of the invasion". "Very funny, Commander Bacara, but in these times, experience is vital" replies Rex. Rex, Fives and Bacara join the Galactic Marines at the gunship's, where Clone Trooper Moon is readying his Z-6 rotary cannon, saying "I've always wanted to wield one of these!" as he enters his gunship. Bacara joins Moon, and tells him "Let's see how well you can use it, shiny!". Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ki-Adi-Mundi arrive and also enter the gunship's and they fly out of the hangar.

On the surface of Mygeeto, Separatist Oni Lorok says to his Snow Droids "Bury yourselves in the snow. That way, we will have a great ambush on the Republic!". Lorok watches as the Snow Droids bury themselves, and Lorok returns to his base. Meanwhile, ARC-170 starfighters and V-wing fighters battle Vulture Droids and Droid Tri-fighters up in space, with ARC-170 starfighters desperately trying to protect the Republic gunship's containing tanks and planetary forces. A shot Vulture Droid smashes into one of the gunship's, blowing both ships into space cust. "That didn't sound good" says Fives in his gunship with Anakin and Rex. As the gunship's reach the surface, several UT-AT walkers are deployed to the ground. Anakin, Rex and Fives join Obi-Wan Kenobi nearby, while Ki-Adi-Mundi, Bacara, Moon and several Galactic Marines regroup elsewhere. Bacara says "It's too quiet over here". Moon says "Time for lock and load!", but Mundi tells the young Clone "Patience. We still need to work out where the Separatists are". Mundi strides towards Anakin and Obi-Wan, followed by Bacara and Moon. Before they can reach them though, Snow Droids rise from the snow, and shoot a couple of marines dead right away. Mundi deflects a blaster bolt heading for Bacara's helmet, knocking out the droid responsible. Anakin and Obi-Wan ignite their lightsabers also, while Rex and Fives take out their DC-17 pistols. Anakin zooms forward, and cuts off a Snow Droid's arms, force-pushing it into several more droids. Rex and Fives lead several Galactic Marines against the Snow Droids, fighting them in close-combat. Moon brings up his rotary cannon and starts to pelt droids with a load of blaster bolts. Oni Lorok watches from above, as the battle commences...

Up in space, V-wing fighters bomb a Separatist frigate and blow it up. However, that victory was to be a small one. Hyena Bombers pound the Doomer with plenty of bombs, and the bridge explodes. Admiral Cork screams as the flames of the explosion incinerate him. The Doomer explodes, and the battle in space is lost. Down below on the surface, Rex is grabbed by a couple of Snow Droids, but as they try to slit Rex's throat with their blades, Moon arrives to shoot them off. "Thanks, shiny!" says Rex. "My name is Moon!" retorts Moon. Rex says nothing, but grabs a rocket launcher before blowing a advancing AAT to bits. Moon watches in awe of the explosion, before tearing down the Battle Droids trying to scramble out of the AAT. Cat Miin angrily insists Lorok send in more droids, but the confident Lorok refuses, feeling the battle is as good as theirs. Fives tosses a thermal detonator, which lands stuck in the snow. As Snow Droids march past, it blows up, taking out the legs of the droids. Anakin and Ki-Adi-Mundi go around slicing the droids apart. Commander Bacara leads his Galactic Marines into battle, smashing up Snow Droids with this DC-15 blaster rifle, while shooting them down. Fives and Rex are joined by Moon as they climb into a prone UT-AT. Fives steers the UT-AT into position, and Rex says "Fire!" and Moon blasts away a squad of Snow Droids with the UT-AT's cannons. The Snow Droids retreat for now, and the Galactic Marines celebrate, a hard-fought victory...

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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 75: Failed

Characters: Boss, Sev, Fixer, Scorch, Adi Gallia, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, 501st Clones, Clone Captain Rex, Super Battle Droids, Count Dooku.

Narration: "Rescue! Jedi Master Adi Gallia, has been rescued by the famed Delta Squad. Now, with reinforcements on their way, Delta Squad look to get Gallia safely back to Coruscant!"

A Republic gunship flies through the atmosphere towards the planet's surface, Captain Rex says to Anakin "Almost at the landing zone, General!" and Anakin says "This is where the fun begins..." and Obi-Wan replies "What kind of fun?" and Anakin replies "The kind that's called, 'fun'". Obi-Wan Kenobi sighs in exasperation, as the gunship lands. Anakin, Obi-Wan and Rex march a squad of 501st clones outside the gunship. Anakin prepares to make a speech, but is caught off by several loud booms behind him. Anakin and Obi-Wan quickly take a Republic Swamp Speeder, and head for the source of the noise.

"This is where the going gets fiery!" yells Sev as they fly through Barc speeders, trying to escape a squad of Commando Droids. "What ever gave you that idea? The fact that there is fire burning behind our backs?! retorts Fixer, as they struggle to keep up with Boss and Scorch on their respective Barc speeders. A loud and long boom issues in front of Sev, and he, along with the rest of Delta Squad, watch in horror as Adi Gallia is sent flying towards the fires from the back of Boss's speeder. With no other option, Delta Squad continue to head for the gunship. Meanwgile, Adi Gallia looks up to find Count Dooku looming above her. Gallia chokes "You pulled me back?". "Yes" says Dooku, before igniting his lightaber. Gallia does the same, but she has no strength left, and once on her knees, Dooku disarms her before impaling her through the back with his lightsaber. Once Adi Gallia is dead, Dooku leaves to confront Anakin and Obi-Wan.

"We're almost done here!" says Obi-Wan to Anakin, as he slices up yet another Super Battle Droid. Anakin says nothing, preferring to swivel and slice up two more instead of talking. Once all the droids are done, Rex joins them, removes his helmet, and says "That's the last of the clankers!". Anakin nods, but as Rex heads into the gunship with the other clones, Anakin starts to have a bad feeling. So does Obi-Wan, and they both ignite their lightsabers. Count Dooku walks right in front of them, and ignites his lightsaber. Obi-Wan and Anakin rush Dooku, and duel him. As they duel, Delta Squad arrive and board the gunship. "Where is Master Gallia?" Rex asks Boss, "Dead" is the response Rex gets. As Anakin and Obi-Wan duel, Anakin says "You won't defeat me this time, Count!" and Obi-Wan adds "Nor me!" before they both force-push aside. Obi-Wan and Anakin both force-jump backwards into the gunship, before heading back for Coruscant, but having failed their mission...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 74: Commando Rescue

Characters: Boss, Sev, Fixer, Scorch, Adi Gallia, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, Akro Eegor, Super Battle Droids, Count Dooku.

Narration: "Mission! Delta Squad have begun their mission to rescue Jedi Master Adi Gallia! Having broken into the prison, can they rescue Master Gallia alive?"

Akro Eegor isn't looking too comfortable with the position he is in, and even less comfortable when Count Dooku contacts him. Dooku informs Eegor "You have been doing a pitiful job! How dare you let simple clones infiltrate the prison, I am coming here to make sure they are stopped once and for all!" before Dooku's hologram disappears. Eegor grabs a E-11 blaster, before running off to Adi Gallia's cell. Gallia tells Eegor "You will lose, Separatist. These clones are the best!" and Eegor retorts "Silence, Jedi! Or I will kill you now!".

"Get them!" says a Super Battle Droid to his squad, and they shoot at Delta Squad who have just turned around the corner. Sev calmly picks them off, one by one, with his DC-17m sniper rifle, "This is too easy!" says Sev, before his sniper rifle is shot out of his hand. "What was that, Sev?" replies Fixer, as he, along with Boss and Scorch, crowd around Sev to protect him from the Super Battle Droids. Scorch brings out his rocket launcher, and blows a hole in the Super Battle Droids line. Boss and Fixer run into the hole, and start to pick off droids on either side. Sev retrieves his sniper rifle, and picks off the last few that Boss or Fixer didn't take. One down on the ground tries to grab Sev's leg, but Boss calmly shoots it down...

As Delta Squad walk down the corridor, Sev says "I still want a tally to my kills mark!" and Scorch says "Who are you after then, Sev?" and Sev replies "I'm going to take out the Separatist Commander of this prison". "We'll see" Boss tells Sev, and they burst into Adi Gallia's cell, guns blazing, the four Super Battle Droids inside fall immediately. Akro Eegor confronts them, but before he can shoot any of them, Sev snipes him clean through the heart, and Eegor falls flying back, dead, and accidentaly hits the switch which frees Gallia from her restraints. "Precision shot, Sev!" says Scorch. "Thank you for the rescue, and that precision kill, Delta Squad" Adi Gallia tells them. "We still have to get you to safety!" replies Boss. Sev hands Gallia her lightsaber, and as a couple of Super Battle Droids intrude into the cell, Adi Gallia easily slices them down. Boss contacts Anakin and Yoda, and says "We've rescued Master Gallia, prepare the rescue!" before Delta Squad, accompanied by Adi Gallia, leave the prison block...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 73: Commando

Characters: Boss, Sev, Fixer, Scorch, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Separatist Akro Eegor, Super Battle Droids, Count Dooku, Adi Gallia, Clone Pilot.

Narration: "Capture! Separatist forces have taken Adi Gallia alive. The Republic Commandos of Delta Squad, have been assigned by Master Yoda to rescue Gallia, at any costs!"

A Republic attack shuttle lands on a planet in Separatist control. The Clone Pilot says "You are good to go!" to Republic Commando Boss, and he is joined by fellow members Sev, Fixer and Scorch outside the ship on the surface. As Fixer and Scorch unload the Barc speeders, Boss and Sev walk over to a secure area, and contact the Jedi Council. Holograms of Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker appear before them. Boss says "Generals. We have arrived on the surface. What is the plan for rescuing us?" and Anakin replies "Should you succeed, me and Master Obi-Wan will bring a gunship to pick you up". Sev adds "If we fail, not like that is going to happen, but if?". Anakin replies "Thenm the same thing occurs, me and Obi-Wan will come to your aid, Sev", Yoda adds "Into the shadow of the dark side, taken Master Gallia is". "Yes sir!" says Boss, and he and Sev re-join Fixer and Scorch.

"Let's move in, boys!" yells Sev, as all four Barc speeders race towards the Separatist prison. Inside the prison, Akro Eegor is contacted by Count Dooku. Dooku asks "Is everything in place?" and Eegor replies "Yes, head count. Everything is going as planned and there is no trouble-", but at these last words, an explosion occurs outside. Delta Squad use the Barc speeders to zoom at the Super Battle Droids, shooting them down as they go. As they watch Super Battle Droids crumple, Scorch yells "I must say, this isn't as fun as watching Seppies go BOOM!" and Boss replies "You'll get your chance to blow some metal up soon enough, Scorch!" as he bangs into a couple of Super Battle Droids. As he flies the speeder, Sev takes out his DC-17m sniper rifle and starts sniping any droids that come too close to him. Fixer starts using a shotgun, blasting back any droids getting too close and sending them sprawling along the ground. Delta Squad dismount from their Barc speeders, and sneak up to the prison.

"This is you're moment, Scorch!" says Sev to Scorch, and Scorch loads up his rocket launcher, and blows a big hole, clean through the prison. Boss enters first, shooting down the two Super Battle Droids standing guard. Boss signals for Sev, Fixer and Scorch to come in too, and they all wander off in search of Adi Gallia...

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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 72: Bantha Annihilation

Characters: Bantha Squad Clones, Clone Sergeant Kor, Heavy Gunner, Aerial Troopers, Likor Okror, Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids.

Narration: "Struggle! Having been assigned to a difficult mission to kill Separatist leader Likor Okror, the commander of Bantha Squad, Jak, has been killed. Now, Sergeant Kor must try a different tactic, to eliminate Okror!"

Likor Okror says "Guards, on me!" and he leads a squad of Battle Droids on Flitknot speeders to fly off in the direction the clones were headed. Meanwhile, the Aerial Troopers left inside the base, have been surrounded and face a heavy barrage of blaster bolts. "We're completely exposed!" says one, "Hold your ground!" replies another, that one instantly being shot in the head, and his helmet goes spinning away. As the other two Aerial Troopers are distracted, the Super Battle Drois overun and shoot them down.

Clone Sergeant Kor and Bantha Squad stop a click from the base to discuss their options. One clone says "Jak is dead. What do we do now?" and Kor replies "We're going to have to abort the mission. Tell Master Yoda that we couldn't complete the mission". As Kor and the clones leave the cave, a terrible sight meets their eyes. Two AAT's, several droid speeders, and hundreds of Battle Droids surround them. The clones try to fight, but all except Kor are brutally killed in front of Kor. Likor Okror steps in front of Kor, telling him "You have been allowed to live because I have a job for you". Kor snaps "As long as it's killing you, I'm all in!". Okror says "Fiery one. I need a little sport. Defeat me and you live, lose and you die." On the last word, Okror tosses a couple of spears to Kor, before drawing one of his own. Kor and Okror begin to duel, but almost immediately, one of Kor's spears is sent flying over the edge of the cliff. As Kor attacks Okror, Okror jabs Kor in the arm, before slicing the other spear in half as Kor is distracted. Okror then sends Kor falling backwards by stabbing him in the stomach with the spear. Okror says "You're dead!" as he turns away. Kor mutters "Not... without... you!", and he draws a DC-17 pistol from his holster and shoots Okror through the back of the dead, killing Likor Okror even before his body went flying over the cliff. Kor sighs, relieved that the mission is over, before he closes his eyes, never to open them again...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 71: Bantha Battle

Characters: Bantha Squad Clones, Clone Commander Jak, Clone Sergeant Kor, Heavy Gunners, Aerial Troopers, Likor Okror, Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids.

Narration: "Clone attack! The clone squad, known as Batha Squad, are attempting to eliminate the Separatist Likor Okror. Having entered Okror's base, can Commander Jak and his men kill Okror?"

Battle Droids continue to defend the base, but Segeant Kor continues to lead his men bravely in the battle. Standing on the remains of a Super Battle Droid, Kor screams "Let them have it!" before using a Z-6 rotary cannon to knock a couple of Battle Droids aside. Heavy Gunners blow up nearby Super Battle Droids with rocket launchers, while Kor leads the Bantha Squad into the thick of the action. Aerial Troopers fly into the courtyard of the base, where they are engaged by Super Battle Droids. Kor smashes Battle Droids aside, before shooting them with a DC-15 blaster. Kor rushes into the courtyard and assists the Aerial Troopers. Several Aerial Troopers are hit, but thanks to Kor's support, the Super Battle Droids are destroyed. The rest of Bantha Squad re-join Kor, and they enter the base.

Likor Okror walks down a hallway, flanked by two Super Battle Droids, when blaster fire almost hits him. Looking up, he sees several clones aiming at him. "Fire!" says Okror before retreating from the skirmish. Commander Jak and his Bantha Squad clones calmly take out the Super Battle Droids, which provide no trouble for their vastly superior numbers. "I'll go after him. You guys look around!" Jak says to his men, who all turn the other way. Jak walks around the hallway, but he is then smashed head-first into the wall, before his gun is taken from his grasp. As Jak tries to catch his breath, Likor Okror, who had just rid Jak of his weapon, kicks Jak against the wall, before stabbing him through the backside with a dagger. As Jak groans in pain, Okror slips his hand over Jak's mouth to stop him screaming out, before shooting Jak calmly in the back. Jak falls against the wall, dead, as Okror moves on.

Kor and his men link up with Jak's Bantha Squad men. Kor asks "Where's Commander Jak?" and one Bantha Squad member replies "He went after Okror. Just down here!". Kor and the Bantha Squad turn the corner, and find Jak's dead body. "We are on our own!" Kor tells the other clones. As they look at the dead body of Jak, they are ambushed by Battle Droids and Super Battle Droids. Several clones are killed immediately, but Kor and the others rally to retreat. Kor shoots down a couple of Battle Droids as he goes. A stray thermal detonator blows up the position of Jak's body, and it vaporizes both the wall and the body of Jak. Kor grieves for the loss of his superior...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 70: Sneaky Clones

Characters: Bantha Squad Clones, Clone Commander Jak, Clone Sergeant Kor, Bantha Squad Heavy Gunners, Clone Aerial Troopers, Separatist Likor Okror, Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids.

Narration: "Clone assignment! Bantha Squad have been assigned to take out Separatist General Likor Okror, and our now preparing their mission!"

Commander Jak enters the Clone briefing room inside the hangar of a venator-class star destroyer, and calls out "Attention!", before standing in front of all the regular clones. His sergeant, Kor salutes Jak, before standing at Jak's side. Jak says "You all know what we've been assigned to do. Our orders, are to eliminate a Separatist general, he is not wanted alive!". As Jak turns to head for the gunship, Kor says to the clones "Make sure to bring all sorts of heavy weapons. This could get messy!". Kor and the other clones join Jak inside the gunship.

The gunship streams towards the surface. Kor says "This is it, boys!" and one of the Aerial Troopers says "This is where the fun begins!" as the gunship lands. They immediately split up, Jak and half the clones sneak off, while Kor and his half start to shoot at the base. The clones bring up the heavy weapons, Z-6 rotary's blasting away at any advancing Battle Droids. Likor Okror says "Send out more droids!" and more Battle Droids and Super Battle Droids attack Kor's team. While the droids are distracted, Jak leads his men to scramble over the wall, while the Aerial Troopers fly over it. Super Battle Droids ambush those two Aerial Troopers, and they are mercilessly gunned down. Jak follows up by shooting down a Super Battle Droid, as the other clones join him. Jak and the clones shoot down Super Battle Droids, while themselves sufferring losses. Kor yells "Bring up the heavy gunners!" before diving into the mud, just as several rocket launchers blow a huge hole in the heart of the droid base. Kor shoots down several stray Battle Droids, before continuing his attack. Bantha Squad charge at the Separatist command post guarding the base. One Battle Droid says to another "Perhaps we should retreat-" as Kor launches a thermal detonator, blowing the command post down. As the Battle Droids try to recover, Kor stands on the remains of the command post, and shoots down the last droids. Jak and his men meanwhile have dispersed of the Super Battle Droids, and enter the base.

"Looks like I'll have to do this right!" says Likor Okror, as he grabs a couple of E-11 blasters, before running into the fray...

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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 69: ARC Assistance

Characters: ARC Trooper Fives, ARC Trooper Blitz, ARC Trooper Garand, Rune Haako, Security Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids, Commando Droids, Voolvif Monn, 442nd Battalion Clones.

Narration: "Mission has almost collapsed! ARC Troopers, trying to capture Rune Haako, are forced to call the Jedi Council for reinforcements! Can the ARC Troopers hold out long enough for reinforcements to arrive, and can they capture Rune Haako?"

A Republic gunship zooms through the atmosphere of Dalastine. As it heads for the surface, it derops and deploys the two AT-RT Walkers brought with them. Once the gunship lands, Voolvif Monn and the 442nd battalion clones disembark and regroup. Two of the clones mount the AT-RT's. Monn calls out to his clones "We must make a break and double-pace to it! The ARC Troopers might not last much longer in there!". The AT-RT's scout on ahead, while Monn and more clones follow him from behind. Inside the base, Fives, Blitz and Garand sprint desperately after the running body of Rune Haako. Fives attemps to shoot Haako, but Haako turns the corner just in time. Garand says "I thought you said we were taking him captive, Fives?" and Fives replies "By any means possible!". Fives, Blitz and Garand run into a computer room, where several Commando Droids ambush them, with Rune Haako right behind them. Garand shoots two Commando Droids in the stomach, Fives pistols one through the head, while Blitz blows up a computer storage with a thermal detonator, bringing it clanging down, and it squashes the last Commando Droid. Before Haako can move, all three clones have their guns on him. Fives, Blitz and Garand walk him towards the outside of the base...

A blaster bolt sends one clone on one of the two AT-RT's flying away, dead. Voolvif Monn quickly boards the AT-RT, Monn spots the Commando Droids on a ridge above that sniped the clone. While the 442nd clones on foot provide cover from down below, Monn and the other clone on the AT-RT swiftly attack the Commando Droids. The Commando Droids are fast, but Monn overuns them, and the Commando Droids are destroyed. As Fives, Blitz and Garand leave the base, they are surrounded by many Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids and Commando Droids. Blitz is forced to hand Rune Haako over. As Haako gives the order to execute the clones, Monn and the 442nd battalion arrive and get into a scuffle with the droids. Fives slaps the Battle Droid about to take his gun, before punching it on the ground. Blitz kicks a Commando Droid up into the air, before drawing a pistol and shooting the Commando Droid. Garand picks up two E-11 blasters and shoots anything near him. Rune Haako retreats to a safer corner.

"This way!" Voolvif Monn yells, signaling to the ARC Troopers to board the gunship. Commando Droids and 442nd battalion clones keep on fighting, as Fives, Blitz and Monn make it to the gunship. Garand, however, is shot through the back as he tries to board. Barely able to breathe, Garand slides himself against a wall, struggling to catch his breath. As droids advance on the 442nd clones, Garand tosses his last thermal detonator, providing a distraction, and allowing most of the 442nd to escape. A rocket launcher destroys the AT-RT though, killing the clone manning it. As the Republic gunship takes off, Fives and Blitz can only watch in despair as Rune Haako executes Garand, with nothing they could do to stop it. "It could easily have been either of us. Every battle, there will be a chance you die!" Blitz says to Fives, as the gunship leaves the planet...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 68: ARC Chase

Characters: ARC Trooper Fives, ARC Trooper Blitz, ARC Trooper Garand, ARC Trooper Fyre, Rune Haako, Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids, Commando Droids, Yoda, Plo Koon, Voolvif Monn.

Narration: "ARC Trooper attack! Several ARC Troopers, including Fives, lead a mission to capture Separatist leader Rune Haako. Having infiltrated the base, they are one step closer to achieving their mission..."

Rune Haako yells "Get them!" and his Commando Droids run off towards where the ARC Troopers were last. The Commando Droids find Fives, Fyre, Blitz and Garand already in a skirmish with Super Battle Droids. Garand tosses a thermal detonator, blowing the last few Super Battle Droids aside. Fives, Blitz and Fyre then attack head-on the Commando Droids. Garand starts to pick the Commando Droids off by shooting them in the head, and Fives punches the head off one he is fighting. Fyre kicks one into the air, before jumping on it as it lands on the floor, while Blitz takes a couple out with his DC-17 pistols. The ARC Troopers then attack the command post. Rune Haako flees from there, and Fives and Blitz easily take care of the couple of Commando Droids there. As the ARC Troopers prepare to pursue Rune Haako, Battle Droids hurl thermal detonators at them from the hallway, they explode right in front of Fyre, blowing him right into the control panel. As the smoke fades, Fives, Garand and Blitz see the remains of Fyre, his head still inside his helmet. However, the helmet is seperated from the body...

Fives contacts the Jedi Council for assistance. Before him appear Yoda and Plo Koon. Fives tells them "We have sustained casualties, and we will need reinforcements if we are to complete every stage of this plan!" and Plo replies "We will send you reinforcements, Fives. But our options our limited". Yoda adds "Master Monn, finished on the planet Dantoinne, he has. Send him, we will". As the hologram fades, on Coruscant, Voolvif Monn just arrives inside the Jedi Temple control room, where Plo Koon and Yoda are waiting for him. Yoda immediately tells him "Master Monn! In dire need of hellp, several ARC Troopers are". Plo asks "Are you ready for another mission?" and Voolvif Monn replies "I was born ready!" and he leaves immediately.

"There he is!" yells Blitz, as they sight Rune Haako again. Garand attempts to shoot Haako down, but misses. "Are you crazy?", hisses Fives, "Our orders are to take him alive, not kill him!". Garand says "Sorry. I was just trying to slow him down!". Fives replies "Just like Echo tried to slow the droids down, a lot of good it did for him!". As Fives finishes, Battle Droids ambush the three clones. Fives tosses a thermal detonator at them, blowing the majortity away. As the rest struggle back to their feet, Fives strides past, letting Blitz and Garand take care of those Battle Droids. Fives, Garand and Blitz continue their mission to capture Rune Haako...

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 67: ARC Mission

Characters: ARC Trooper Fives, ARC Trooper Blitz, ARC Trooper Garand, ARC Trooper Fyre, Rune Haako, Security Battle Droids, Commando Droids, Super Battle Droids.

Narration: "ARC Trooper mission! Several important ARC Troopers have been assigned to a top-secret mission, to find and capture Separatist leader Rune Haako. These troopers are now in sight of their target! Will they capture Rune Haako?"

A Republic attack shuttle lands on the planet Dalastine, a dark planet. Out of the shuttle comes ARC Trooper Fives, followed by more ARC Troopers, Blitz, Garand and Fyre. Fives yells "Into position!" and the others all crowd around him. The four of them then split up, Fives and Garand heading for entrance to Rune Haako's base, while Blitz and Fyre head for the other. Rune Haako says to his droids "Keep extra alert! On this planet, we can't be sure of anything!". The droids leave the command post, and take up their positions...

Blitz and Fyre walk behind the base and take cover behind a wall. Blitz takes out an explosive, places it on the door on the back of the base, and watches as it blows up.  "There she blows!" says Fyre, as he strides into the base first. Commando Droids ambush him as he comes in, Fyre immediately draws his DC-15 blaster and shoots back, taking one Commando Droid out through the head. On the other side of the base, Fives and Garand have scaled the wall, and are now on top of it. Battle Droids attack them while they are still on top of the wall. Fives blasts the Security Battle Droids on top of the wall, while Garand jumps and lands on one of the ones beneath it, before shooting down another two. Fives joins him, and together Fives and Garand destroy the Battle Droids, Garand kicking the last one against the wall, then Fives walks right up to it, and puts a bolt in it's head. Garand and Fives are immediately attacked by Super Battle Droids and Commando Droids, and they are forced to run. Fyre and Blitz shoot down all the Commando Droids. As they catch their breath, Fives and Garand run right into them. Blitz uses his DC-17 pistols to take down a couple of Commando Droids behind them, Fyre tosses a thermal detonator at some Super Battle Droids. As the explosion rises, the clones use a overturned box pile as cover. Fives shoots over the pile, sending a Commando Droid flying. As the Super Battle Droids approach, Blitz and Garand roll a thermal detonator from the sides of the pile, and the detonators roll right up to the droids, and blow them up. Fives calls out "Time to finish them!", and he leads Blitz, Garand and Fyre to engage the Commando Droids at close-combat. Fives bashes three aside, Blitz shoots four with his pistols, Fyre kicks one against a wall before shooting it, and Garand headbutts two to weaken them, before shooting them down.

Having recovered their strength, Fives, Blitz, Garand and Fyre walk into the base, intent on capturing Rune Haako...

Friday, 7 October 2011

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 66: Promotion

Characters: Ki-Adi-Mundi, Clone Commander Jet, Special Ops Clone Troopers, Sergeant Bacara, Cerean Warriors, Separatist Kubaz General Kranthe, Super Battle Droids, Cerean Female Warrior Lo-La-Landar, Anakin Skywalker, Clone Captain Rex.

Narration: "Cerea is almost defeated! The Cerean people have fought valiantly against Separatist invaders, but there are too many droids! With the arrival of Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Clone Captain Rex, can the Republic turn the tide of this conflict?"

"Our meagre reinforcements have arrived!" said Ki-Adi-Mundi to Commander Jet and Sergeant Bacara outside the Cerea Palace. "Meagre is right" said Bacara as the gunship doors open, and out steps Anakin Skywalker and Clone Captain Rex. "Glad to be here!" says Anakin to Mundi upon his arrival. "Indeed. Let's hope you're rather unusual methods can help us here, General Skywalker". Anakin and Rex join Mundi, Jet, Bacara and Lo-La-Landar in the plan for the next Separatist assault...

As the Separatist Super Battle Droids march across the square, they are ambushed. Captain Rex, Sergeant Bacara and the last five of the Special Ops Troopers attack them. Rex rushes through them, blasting both ways to take down droids. Bacara and the other clones make a formation, and use it to hold off the droids. AAT's attack them, but Rex climbs aboard one and drops a thermal detonator down it's hatch. As Rex jumps, it explodes behind him. Bacara follows Rex's example, doing the same and dropping a detonator down another one. The last AAT blows up the five Special Ops Troopers, and Rex again is forced to throw a detonator down an AAT hatch. Rex's jump isn't as good this time, and the explosion sends him flying across the square, landing heavily on the ground, his helmet falling off and lands several feet away from him. A couple of Super Battle Droids attack, and Bacara is forced to valiantly defend the life of Rex, eventually he overpowers the droids, using the butt of his DC-15 to smash them down. "You ok, Captain?" Bacara asks as Rex stirs. "I'm okay. Let's win this battle" replied Rex. He scoops up his helmet, and he and Bacara leave the square.

Kranthe realizes the Republic are closing in on him. As he turns to make his escape, Anakin, Mundi and Jet all appear behind him. Anakin slices recklessly at Kranthe, but misses. Kranthe tries to shoot Anakin, but he deflects the blaster bolts. Jet shoots aside the E-11 blaster in Kranthe's hand. Kranthe turns and runs, as Anakin pursues him down a street. Cerean Warriors meanwhile, engage a squad of Super Battle Droids, using their high-velocity rifles and swords to slice them apart. Once the droids are done, they assist Landar in trying to capture Kranthe. Kranthe escapes Anakin by jumping onto a Stap before Anakin can catch him. As Jet and Mundi arrive, Kranthe turns the stap around and shoots. Several blaster bolts enter Jet's chest, knocking him down, and mortally wounding him. As the Cereans and Rex arrive, Kranthe attempts to shoot Anakin, but Anakin deflects the bolts right back, hitting the stap. Kranthe is sent flying up into the air as the Stap explodes on the ground. Kranthe falls backwards into the flame with a scream. Anakin turns coldly away, and joins Mundi and Bacara in checking up on Jet. Jet says "I'm sorry-Sergeant" to Bacara, before passing away... another good clone wasted in the conflict...

Later on, A celebration issues for the Cerean people. Ki-Adi-Mundi walks onto a stage and makes a speech, saying "My friends. This has been a long, difficult and grueling time for us all. Many of our brave people have sacrificed themselves to save our planet, including our king. Replacing him will be our very own, Lo-La-Landar! A person worthy of the role she will have!". Landar smiles at Mundi's words about her. Mundi then approaches Segeant Bacara, and tells him "We lost our whole battalion of Special Ops Troopers today" and Bacara says "I am sorry, General". Mundi says "Don't be. We need you to lead my new battalion of Galactic Marines, Commander Bacara". Bacara is delighted at the promotion, excited at the chance to become a commander for the rest of the war...