Saturday, 17 March 2012

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 136: Nemoidians

Characters: Lott Dod, Sib Canay, Nemoidian Warriors, Nemoidian Soldiers, General Grievous, Anakin Skywalker, Commander Appo, Clone Trooper Hardcase, Clone Trooper Jesse, Clone Trooper Kix, Clone Trooper Dogma, Clone Trooper Tup, Cin Drallig, Serra Keto, Clone Captain Deviss, Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids, 501st Clones, ARC Trooper Fives. 

Narration: "Nemoidian troubles. With Nute Gunray recently being put in jail by Republic forces, the angry Nemoidians prepare for a invasion by the Republic. General Grievous arrives on Cato Nemoidia, in order to help defend the system."

The Separatist fleet lands on the planet Cato Nemoidia, and is immediately greeted by Lott Dod. "Grievous. We are glad to have you here", Dod says. "Cut the chatter, senator Dod. We need to get down to business. Rescuing Nute Gunray from the Republic scum." Lott Dod and Grievous continue into Dod's palace, where they are joined by Sib Canay. "So, General. What is your plan?", Dod asks. "We have a traitor in the Republic midst who is supplying us with the Republic plans. If everything goes right, we will smash the Republic down." Dod nods, impressed with the plan, just as several Nemoidian warriors run in. "Sir, the Republic is in orbit. Shall we engage?", one of them asks. "I'll get up to our ship's. Grievous, do your thing to hold them off", Sib Canay says, and he heads for a ship to go into space.

Inside the Republic cruiser's, the Jedi and clones prepare themselves for battle. "Hey, Hardcase. Watch yourself out there, you've had some near-misses recently", Jesse says to Hardcase. "Button it, Jesse. You know I'll survive somehow." Elsewhere, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano join master Cin Drallig to discuss plans. "Alright, myself and a couple of important 501st clones will lead a mission to eliminate Sib Canay's starship. Ahsoka, you will lead the rest of the 501st into the ground battle, along with master Drallig", Anakin says. "Skywalker, this is a risky plan." Anakin nods his agreement, before heading off to brief the 501st. "Anakin's plans are always risky, you'll get used to it", Ahsoka says to Cin Drallig. The 501st assemble around Anakin and Ahsoka. As Anakin briefs his men, Cin Drallig takes Ahsoka aside, to another Jedi. "Padawan Tano, this is my most trusted padawan. Her name is Serra Keto. You're going to have to work a lot together in this battle, so you may as well get to know each other now." Ahsoka and Serra Keto walk off, talking to each, as the clones head for the ship's. Hardcase and Kix follow Anakin as he climbs into his Jedi-interceptor, and Hardcase and Kix man Y-Wing bombers. Appo, Jesse and Fives into another gunship, while Dogma and Tup join Captain Deviss and Cin Drallig go into another gunship. "Never thought I'd see the day where I flew a ship again", Hardcase says to Kix. "Don't worry, Hardcase. It's a Republic one this time", Kix says. 
"Kix, Hardcase. This is it, follow me", calls Anakin, and Kix and Hardcase fall in behind Anakin's Jedi interceptor as they fly towards the Separatist flagship commanded by Sib Canay. While Anakin's team causes the distraction, Republic gunship's deploy straight for the surface. Onboard the gunship, clone trooper's Dogma and Tup ready their weapons. "That's a lot of blaster fire. Isn't there any such thing as an easy battle?", complains Tup, but Dogma knows there is no such thing, and that Tup should be grateful it wasn't as bad as Umbara, yet...

The Republic gunship's take a beating as they finally touch down on the surface. Dogma and Tup are first out of the gunship's, all guns blazing, and they swiftly shoot down several Nemoidian's. 501st Clones and Nemoidians quickly get to grips with each other, in an all-out battle. Ahsoka, Serra Keto, Appo and Jesse enter the conflict. "Jesse, lead a squad of AT-RT's. We'll need speed to beat them", Ahsoka shouts to Jesse, as she deflects several blaster bolts with her two lightsabers. "Yes, Commander Tano", Jesse says, and he runs off to find an AT-RT. Serra Keto also ignites her two lightsabers, and force-jumps in front of Dogma and Tup, slicing the arms off a Nemoidian, and Tup shoots the Nemoidian dead. "Tup, behind you", shouts Appo, as Tup turns to find a Nemoidian right on top of him. Tup's helmet clatters away as the Nemoidian punches him twice in the face. As Tup starts to lose consciousness, the Nemoidian is shot from behind. A hand pulls Tup to his feet. "The name's Deviss. It's an honour to serve with the 501st", Deviss says to Tup. Ahsoka and Serra Keto lead the Clones towards the main fortress, while Cin Drallig and Fives plot how to sneak attack the fortress...

Up in space, Anakin, Hardcase and Kix continue to battle Nemoidian starfighters up in space. "Ok, troopers. Let's take out Sib Canay", Anakin says. Anakin leads Hardcase and Kix, and while Anakin blasts vulture droids to protect the Clones, Hardcase and Kix drop bombs from their Y-Wing's onto the Separatist command ship. "I must get away", Sib Canay shrieks, and he scrambles for the escape pod's, but not before Anakin places his starfighter right in front of the bridge. "Surprise", Anakin says, and shoots the bridge, blowing it up. Anakin, Hardcase and Kix get away as the whole ship blows up spectacularly. "That was fun", Hardcase gloats. On the surface, Ahsoka, Serra Keto and the Clones are confronted outside the fortress by Nemoidians. Several immediately attack Serra Keto, knocking her to the ground. Ahsoka jumps in and protects Keto, killing the Nemoidians trying to hurt her. Dogma blasts one right in the head, sending that one flying backwards, Tup melees one in the back of the send, knocking him to the ground. Deviss pulls out a DC-17 pistol and shoots  several nemoidianms easily with it. Up above, Cin Drallig and Fives find a way into the fortress. "This is it. We're planting the bombs. Get ready to jump", Cin Drallig says to Fives. "I've been been a fan of jumping, sir", Fives says to Cin Drallig. Cin Drallig presses the trigger, and the fortress explodes, sending Cin Drallig and Fives flying, to land in a heap in front of Ahsoka and Serra Keto. "Nice of you to drop in, Master", Keto says to Cin Drallig. At that moment, Anakin, Hardcase and Kix arrive on the planet to view the scene. "Looks like I missed an even bigger explosion", Hardcase says to the others. All four Jedi, as well as the Clones, view the burning fortress, wondering where this battle will go next...

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