Friday, 23 March 2012

My Clone Wars Stories Episodes 137: Padawans Team Up

Characters: Lott Dod, Nemoidian Warriors, Nemoidian Soldiers, General Grievous, Anakin Skywalker, Commander Appo, Clone Trooper Hardcase, Clone Trooper Jesse, Clone Trooper Kix, Clone Trooper Dogma, Clone Trooper Tup, Cin Drallig, Serra Keto, Clone Captain Deviss, Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids, 501st Clones, ARC Trooper Fives. 

Narration: "Phase 1 complete! Having landed on the Nemoidian world of Cato Nemoidia, Republic forces took out a strategic Nemoidian fortress! Now, the Republic forces regroup, preparing for their next objective's!"

The war continues to wage on across Cato Nemoidia, with blaster bolts flying everywhere, explosions killing good and bad people. "The Nemoidians have ambushed us. Deviss, take some men and flank them", Cin Drallig says to Deviss. Deviss runs off to the flank, followed be Jesse and Hardcase. "Let's hit 'em with the droid poppers", Hardcase enthusiastically says to them. "What, Hardcase? droid poppers don't work on these, they're not droid", Jesse cheekily says to Hardcase. Deviss sniggers, as Hardcase puts his droid popper back on his belt. On the flank, Deviss, Hardcase and Jesse find a good position to overlook the advancing Nemoidians. On the far side of the battlefield, Ahsoka Tano slices up a Nemoidian, while Anakin covers her and Serra Keto in the main assault, while Dogma, Tup, Kix and Appo support the 501st attack. "Ahsoka, we need you and Serra to take out the Nemoidian outposts", Anakin says to Ahsoka. "On it, Master", Ahsoka says, as she deflects a blaster bolt into the heart of a Nemoidian. Ahsoka and Serra Keto run off, leaving Anakin and the Clones continue their assault. "This is it. Hit 'em, trooper", Deviss says to Hardcase. Hardcase brings up his z-6 rotary cannon, and blasts the Nemoidians from above. The Nemoidians return fire, but Jesse and Deviss easily take them out. "The Republic cannot be allowed to get any more ground. I will battle the Jedi myself", Grievous says to Lott Dod. Grievous walks out, heading to stop the Jedi himself...

Anakin jumps onto an AAT, and slices open the hatch. Anakin jumps inside the hatch, and slices up the battle droids inside, as Kix, Appo and Fives cover him against the oncoming Nemoidian and super battle droids. "They've got mortars", yells Tup, as explosions fall down upon them, forcing them all to split up. Dogma and Tup heading one way, the rest the other way. Meanwhile, Ahsoka and Serra Keto run into Grievous, who is holding up a Clone that he has just killed. "It's Grievous", Serra says. "Ah, Padawan Tano. I have been anticipating our re-match for a long time", Grievous says to them, as he ignites all four of his lightsabers. Ahsoka and Serra Keto drawing their two lightsabers, and they begin to duel. Ahsoka slices at Grievous's head, but Grievous repels the attack, before using his foot to kick Serra Keto in the face, sending her crashing to the ground. Ahsoka takes advantage of Grievous being distracted to smash him in the chest with the hilt of her long lightsaber, before Grievous kicks Ahsoka away as well, and punches Ahsoka in the face, then following up with a crude kick to Ahsoka's midriff. As Ahsoka gasps for breath, Grievous looms above her. "Now you die, Tano", Grievous says, but as he tries to kill Ahsoka, Serra Keto stops his attack, and force-pushes Grievous back. "This duel won't be so easy for you, Grievous. It's two on one", Keto tells Grievous. "It matters little. Your masters are nowhere to help you now", Grievous snarls, as the duel continues...

Meanwhile, Dogma leads Tup through the undergrowth of Cato Nemoidia, looking for a path back to their fellow trooper's positions. "I don't like this. It's creepy, and we don't know where we are." Dogma signals for Tup to be quiet, as Dogma peeks through the nearest bush. "We are here", Dogma tells Tup. Tup rushes through the bush, only to find something he was not expecting. "That's the Separatist command post. Dogma, what are we doing here?", Tup asks Dogma, turning to find Dogma has a gun trained on Tup. Before Tup can do anything, Dogma shoots him down in cold blood. "I'm sorry, Tup", Dogma says to Tup's dead body. Dogma quickly walks on, heading directly for the Separatist outpost. Dogma leaves his helmet behind so he can be distinguished by the Separatist's. Inside the outpost, Dogma is joined by Lott Dod. "You have made a wise decision, CT-3434. There was no point staying on the losing side, was there?", Lott Dod asks Dogma. "No. That is what I realized after the conflict on Umbara, and after what Krell said to me, I knew staying with the Republic was the wrong option", Dogma tells Lott Dod. "Good, good. Now, you must set traps against the attacking Republic forces. Do not be afraid to kill what you call your brothers", Lott Dod tells Dogma, brainwashing him into doing what Lott Dod wants. "Yes, it shall be done", Dogma says, and walks out to do Lott Dod's bidding.

Serra Keto is knocked to the ground by Grievous. As Serra and Ahsoka are about to be killed by Grievous, Cin Drallig and hundreds of Clones arrive. "This won't be the last we face-off, Tano", Grievous says, before fleeing. "Are you two alright?", Cin Drallig asks the two padawan's, helping them to their feet. "We're fine, master Drallig, just about", Ahsoka says, before she and Serra Keto look at each other. As they stand their, a wounded Nemoidian nearby grabs his blaster, and raises his blaster, pointing at Ahsoka. Keto senses the movement, and blocks the blaster bolts. Before the Nemoidian can react, Keto swiftly slices his head off, sending it flying into the air. "That was impressive movement, but my apprentice. As a Jedi, you cannot be so crude with your fighting", Cin Drallig says to Serra Keto. "But Master. If we win the war, being crude won't matter, will it?", Serra asks Drallig. "You are a Jedi, Serra Keto. You are supposed to show compassion." Cin Drallig walks off, followed by Appo and many more 501st Clones, leaving Ahsoka Tano and Serra Keto standing behind them...

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