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My Clone Wars Stories Episode 138: 501st Onslaught

Characters: Lott Dod, Nute Gunray, Nemoidian Warriors, General Grievous, Anakin Skywalker, Commander Appo, Clone Trooper Hardcase, Clone Trooper Jesse, Clone Trooper Kix, Clone Trooper Dogma, Ahsoka Tano, Cin Drallig, Serra Keto, Clone Captain Deviss, Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids, 501st Clones, ARC Trooper Fives.

Narration: "Brainwashed! Having been brainwashed by Krell long ago, Clone Trooper Dogma turns traitor and has joined the Separatist side. With Anakin Skywalker and the rest of the Republic forces unaware of Dogma's change of heart, peril awaits as they continue a huge conflict in the war!"

Blaster bolts encircle the 501st Clones from all directions as they push on for victory on Cato Nemoidia. Anakin Skywalker does his best to protect his men from the attack droids and Nemoidians, but can only watch as men die around him. "We're dying out here. We need support now", Jesse yells, as Jesse, Hardcase and Deviss follow Anakin in fighting the enemy. In the Separatist outpost, Grievous joins Lott Dod in the control room. "This battle is doomed to fail, Nemoidian slime. We are outnumbered, we will lose", Grievous says to Lott Dod. "Then we need a cunning plan. Capture Ahsoka Tano, and we will trade her for Nute Gunray. If we can do this, we will win", Lott Dod tells Grievous. "I wouldn't have thought a Nemoidian could use his brain", Grievous says, as he marches out. Lott Dod looks outside, as lots of different lights light up around Cato Nemoidia.

"Kix, watch your back", Appo cries out, as a Nemoidian targets Kix. Kix reacts swiftly and kills the Nemoidian. Fives uses his DC-17 pistols to cover Hardcase from the battle droids. As the Nemoidians and droids pull back, Fives, Hardcase, Jesse, Kix and Appo begin to chase them, but explosions start occuring around them, blowing up the nearby trees. "They've set a trap", Appo yells. "Circle around, we need to flank 'em". Fives and Hardcase go one way, while Jesse, Kix and Appo go the other. Fives and Hardcase find Dogma en route. "Dogma, where have you been?", Fives asks. Dogma says nothing though. Fives shrugs and makes to continue forward, before he notices Hardcase collapse to the ground unconscious, and Dogma is holding a blaster. Fives launches himself at Dogma before he can fire the blaster, and they both go crashing to the ground. "What are you doing, Dogma?", yells Fives, before Dogma punches Fives in the face. The yell had drawn the attention of Jesse, Kix and Appo. Jesse and Kix raise their blasters and fire at Dogma's blaster, but Appo refuses to shoot at a fellow Clone. Before long, Dogma's blaster is shot from his grasp, and Appo picks it up, as Fives knees Dogma in the stomach, and Dogma is knocked unconscious. Fives stands above the prone body of Dogma, as Jesse and Kix check up on Hardcase...

Anakin, Cin Drallig and Serra Keto continue to battle the droids as the battle on Cato Nemoidia continues. "We need to take out that outpost", Anakin says to Drallig and Keto. All three of the Jedi attach ropes to tree's, and use them to infiltrate the outpost's through a window, and they ignite their lightsabers. "Looks like Lott Dod has fled", observes Cin Drallig. "No matter, we'll still blow this place up", says Anakin. Anakin, Cin Drallig and Serra Keto place explosive charges, all over the outpost, before escaping the outpost through the ropes and they blow it up as they go. Elsewhere, Ahsoka Tano wanders alone through the Cato Nemoidia forest. Ahsoka starts hearing clanking noises, and she draws her lightsabers. General Grievous jumps down directly in front of Ahsoka, and begins to laugh as he draws his lightsabers. Ahsoka attacks Grievous, but it is quite obvious on her own she is no match for Grievous still, and Grievous swiftly defeats and capture's her. "Now, you will prove vital in us winning this battle", Grievous tells Ahsoka. Grievous marches back towards Lott Dod's palace, where he knows Lott Dod is waiting...

Unbeknownst to the Jedi, the Clones have arranged an execution to take place. Dogma is chained to a wall where there is no way he can escape. Hardcase, Jesse and Kix watch, as Fives marches forward, and draws one DC-17 pistol and raises it, a angry but also slightly grim expression on his face. Unknown to them however, Appo had put a little device on a retreating Nemoidian Warrior that allowed him to listen into conversations the Nemoidian did. As Appo suspected, the Nemoidian went straight to Lott Dod. And Appo discovered to his horror how Dogma had been brainwashed by Pong Krell on Umbara. Appo quickly rushed off to stop the execution he knew was happening now. "It wasn't too long ago that we had a similar situation like this. Remember that, Fives?", Dogma asks Fives. "Yes. But this time, it's you who is on the receiving end", Fives says, as he points his pistol directly at Dogma. Appo arrives right at the moment that Fives fires, and Appo can only watch in horror as the bullet scores a direct hit on Dogma, killing Dogma. Appo grabs Dogma to check if he is still alive, but Appo knew Dogma was dead. "What's wrong, Appo?", Jesse asks, as he, Hardcase and Kix approach. "Dogma's betrayal wasn't intentional, he was brainwashed and we missed it." Fives and the others look on shocked, as they realize they have made a fatal mistake. Appo shows them to transmission he intercepted between the Nemoidian and Lott Dod.

Later that day, the Republic and the Separatist forces stand across the battlefield, not fighting, as they await the arrival of a Republic ship. "It's here", Serra Keto says, as the Republic gunship arrives on the planet. The gunship opens to reveal Nute Gunray standing there. "Ah, it is good to be home", Gunray says, as a couple of 501st Clones escort Gunray towards him, and Super Battle Droids toss a prone Ahsoka Tano towards the Republic forces. Anakin picks Ahsoka up and the Republic forces pile into their ships and leave the system. Lott Dod smiles creepily, as he knows the Separatists have scored a critical victory in the war...

Trivia: In the original script for this episode, Ahsoka's shoto was originally sliced in half. But seeing as that would conflict with upcoming arc's, that idea was scrapped.
The reasoning for this arc taking so long since the last one, was because it was done entirely from scratch! The entire arc was changed from what it was in the original script.

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