Friday, 2 December 2011

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 129: Maridun Turmoil

Characters: Wag-Too, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Aayla Secura, Commander Bly, 327th Clones, Commander Appo, 501st Clones, Lurmen Villagers, Nuvo Vindi, Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids.

Narration: "Turmoil upon the planet Maridun! hAving just seen their leader, Tee-Watt-Kaa die, the Lurmen people of Maridun struggle to hold back the Separatists. To make matters worse, Nuvo Vindi prepares to kill everyone with his blue shadow virus..."

Commander Bly joins Anakin Skywalker and Aayla Secura by the AT-RT walkers. Aayla tells Bly "Hold them off while we are gone, Commander Bly. The village must remain intact" and Bly replies "Don't worry, master Secura. My men will handle our part of the job." Anakin and Aayla ride the AT-RT's away from the village. Bly watches them go, before going to round up some clones. Inside the labratory, Ahsoka Tano and Appo spot Nuvo Vindi as he heads towards the hangar. "We have to stop him!" says Appo, and Ahsoka replies "Let's do this." Ahsoka takes out her lightsabers, while Appo brings out his DC-15 blaster rifle, and they appear behind Nuvo Vindi. Vindi says "I've been expecting you. Droids, take them" and Vindi runs into the hangar, as five super battle droids appear in front of Ahsoka and Appo. "We have to get past 'em" Ahsoka tells Appo, and she attacks. Appo shoots a super battle droid several times, knocking it down, while Ahsoka easily slices up the rest. The hangar doors start to close, but Appo holds them open long enough for Ahsoka to run in. Appo let's go of the doors, and joins Ahsoka inside the hangar. Nuvo Vindi takes out a blue shadow virus container and says "If this spills, you both, along with the planet, will die. HAHA!"...

"Here they come, Get ready" Bly whispers to several 327th clones, as Droid forces walk by their cover. "Now!" Bly shouts, and they rise from the cover, and shoot at the droids. Battle droids crumple, and fall. Once all the droids are dealt with, Bly says "It's up to the Jedi now." At the village, Lurmen villagers tie up attacking droids, allowing the 501st clones to easily take care of the downed droids. With the droids turned away from the village, all the village forces, including Wag-Too, head for the labratory. Back in the labratory, Ahsoka and Appo scaramble up the platform and confront Nuvo Vindi. As Vindi prepares to chuck the blue shadow virus he is holding away, Appo charges into Vindi, sending them both over the platform. Ahsoka grabs the other container of blue shadow virus's, just as the bombs start ticking. "This isn't good" Ahsoka mumbles. Over the platform, Appo and Vindi fall towards the ground. Appo attempts to kick Vindi, who screams "Help MEEEE!" but Appo succeeds in punching Vindi in the stomach, grabs the virus and says "No, it's the virus I want." Vindi plummets to the ground, and dies upon impact. Appo lands on his feet however, just as the platform arrives beside him. Ahsoka hands the bombs to Appo and asks "Know anything about this?" and Appo replies "I did a bit of work on bomb-workings, I'll give it a shot." Within a few minutes, Appo succeeds in defusing the few bombs Vindi had prepared. Once Appo is done, Ahsoka says "I'm glad that ordeal is over" and Appo asks "Was it pretty bad on Naboo?" and Ahsoka tells Appo "It was more than pretty bad. I could never forget that moment. The blue shadow virus almost killed me on Naboo." Appo notes how Ahsoka looks downcast at the story, and doesn't pursue the subject...

Ahsoka and Appo place explosives all over the labratory, before heading outside. Anakin and Aayla arrive on their AT-RT's. Anakin tells Ahsoka "We've mopped up all the droids now. Just need to detonate this labratory." Bly hands Anakin the detonator, but as Anakin clicks the detonator, Wag-Too jumps into the labratory. "Wag-Too? NO!" shouts Ahsoka, and Wag-Too shouts back "I want to be with my father. bye!" and the labratory explodes, blowing up the labratory and killing Wag-Too. Ahsoka, Anakin and all the other Republic forces, as well as the Lurmen, look sad at this uneccessary death. The Republic leave in gunship's soon after...

Next-up: Another battle of Kamino? Commander Wolffe has anger issues? And, what's this about another ARC Trooper death? Ozzel is on the Clone Wars? Find it all revealed, in the "4th Battle of Kamino" arc!

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