Saturday, 24 December 2011

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 133: Planetary War

Characters: Count Dooku, General Grievous, Battle Droids, Commando Droids, Mother Talzin, Talia, Karis, Naa'leth, Nightsisters, Viscus, Nightbrothers, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, ARC Trooper Rex, Commander Appo, Commander Cody, Clone Trooper Boil, 212th Clones, 501st Clones, ARC Trooper Wolffe.

Narration: "Revenge on several sides! The Nightbrothers want revenge on the Nightsisters for taking Savage Opress away from their kin! However, the Separatists also want revenge on the Nightsisters, for Asajj Ventress's actions! Count Dooku plans to create a gigantic war on Dathomir, but what will happen in this soon to be terrible event!?"

The massive Separatist droid army stands ahead of Count Dooku and General Grievous. Dooku says to Grievous "You must start a decimating war on Dathomir. I want revenge on the planet's inhabitant's for tricking us" and Grievous replies "It shall be done, Count. We will leave no survivors." Dooku marches off, but turns to give the order to Grievous "Kill them all." Dooku walks off, and Grievous barks to his army "You heard the count. Get your weapons ready, and prepare for battle." Battle droids and commando droids march into Separatist landing craft's ready to leave Sullust for Dathomir. Once the droids, along with Dooku and Grievous are on board, the many Separatist ships head for Dathomir. 

Unknown to the Separatists, there is also anger against the nightsisters on the planet too. Viscus steps in front of many nightbrother warriors, and gives a speech to his people, saying "It is time we stood up to the witches that rule over us. We must fight, and put the nightsisters in their rightful place. And, we must avenge our fallen brothers, Savage & Feral Opress. The time has come, to rid Dathomir, of the nightsister clan." The rest of the nightbrothers yell out in agreement, and get into a formation, with weapons such as spears and spikes prepped. As the nightbrothers move towards the nightsister village, they are spied upon by several nightsisters, including Talia. Talia signals, and they bring up their bows and open fire. Several nightbrothers are hit and killed immediately. The nightbrothers soon recover, with a strong leader in Viscus, who yells "Take 'em." Nightbrothers immediately rush the nightsisters cover, and it becomes a bitter struggle to stay alive. Talia calls "Buy me some time!" and she attempts to head back and tell Talzin what is happening, but Viscus spots her, and yells "Oh no you don't." Viscus doesn't have time to aim, and swiftly tosses his metal pike at Talia. Luckily for Viscus, it buries itself in the side of Talia's ribs, sending her into a tree, and down, mortally wounded. Viscus looms over Talia, and snarls "Tell me any information you have on the nightsister defense plans" but Talia replies "I*cough* refuse to tell you anything. I would sooner *cough* die, than give in to your demands." Viscus bends down, and puts his hand on the pike impaled in Talia's ribs. Viscus says "That can be arranged, you know." Talia gasps "I refuse." Viscus prepares to tweak the pike a little bit to give Talia excruciating pain, but before Viscus can torture Talia, a roar comes from behind him, and his fellow nightbrothers launch themselves at Talia. Viscus can only watch in horror as a number of pikes and spears are stabbed by his brothers into the wounded Talia. In the blink of an eye, Talia is mercilessly slaughtered. Viscus grumbles "We could have got some intel out of her" but one brother replies "Look, all we want is revenge like you said. We don't want any of this strategic planning garbage." Viscus glares angrily after his brothers, feeling a lack of planning could lead to their downfall...

The Separatists make their arrival just then, landing their landing craft on the surface of Dathomir. Grievous steps out first, immediately stops and says "What the-?" as the nightsister and nightbrother sides recklessly charge each other, with plenty of killing and screaming. Dooku joins Grievous, and says "This is a most unexpected turn. But perhaps we can turn this to our advantage." Grievous asks "How?" and Dooku replies "While they are distracted, we can eliminate Talzin." As Grievous prepares to move his troops out, more ships land on the surface nearby. Dooku says "The Republic is here." Republic tanks move out of the venator-class star destroyers, and many clone troopers walk onto the surface, followed by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. "There's a terrible conflict here, all right" says Anakin. Obi-Wan replies "Indeed. This is definitly a battle we should not be involved in" and Anakin replies "This is where the fun begins." Cody steps up to Obi-Wan and Anakin, and says "Generals. It seems both the Separatists and nightbrothers want revenge on the nightsisters, they could well join each other" and Anakin says "We cannot allow that. I'll lead an attack on the Separatists now." As Anakin and the 501st move out, Cody joins clone trooper Boil by the AT-RT's. Cody asks "You okay, Boil?" and Boil replies "Sir, yes sir. Just thinking about Waxer, that's all. He was a great brother, and an even greater friend." Cody nods in agreement, but as Cody prepares to move on, he notices something different about Boil's helmet, and asks "What is this, Boil?" and Boil replies "I had Waxer's drawing of Numa imprinted from his helmet to mine, in order to remember both Numa and Waxer. I know it's against orders, but I felt it was something I had to do." Cody takes off his helmet, sighs, and says "It is against orders, but I won't tell, as I know why you did it, and how much Waxer meant to you." Cody and Boil join Obi-Wan, as they watch the major battle between the nightbrothers and nightsisters...

Grievous and Dooku move off to an observation post to overwatch the battle. Squads of battle droids head for the major conflict between the nightbrothers and nightsisters. At the sound of a crack, one battle droid says "What was that?" as the droids stop. There is silence for a moment, before Anakin jumps in front of the crowd of droids, and ignites his lightsaber. Anakin swings at the droids, slicing several of them apart. Before the droids can react, they come under attack as Appo, Rex, Wolffe and the 501st join Anakin in taking out the droids. The attack is so swift, the droids don't even manage to kill any clones. At the nightsister camp, Mother Talzin is joined by Karis and Naa'leth in overlooking the fighting. Karis says to Talzin "The nightbrothers have retreated for now, but they'll be back." Talzin says "Yes, they shall. It is only a matter of time, not debate, until they come here." Karis and Naa'leth turn around to rally up a nightsister army, while Talzin watches the other forces from above...

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