Saturday, 17 December 2011

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 131: Main City

Characters: Lama Su, Bric, El-Les, Plo Koon, Commander Wolffe, Corporal Comet, Wolfpack Troopers, Kendal Ozzel, ARC Trooper Rex, Commander Appo, ARC Trooper Fives, Anakin Skywalker, Roblio Darte, ARC Trooper Drowne, General Grievous, Aqua Droids, Shaak Ti.

Narration: "Kamino under threat! General Grievous, looking to seek favour from Count Dooku alone, lays siege to Kamino! However now that the Republic has regrouped, Grievous has a tough task on his hands!"

Fives walks into a Clone barrack, where he finds Appo, Rex and several clones slipping into scuba gear. Rex points Fives to his gear. As Fives pulls his scuba gear on, he says "This is really not my kind of gear" and Rex replies "Nor mine, Fives. But you heard Wolffe, we are the best men here, we must take this mission." Wolffe and Comet join them. Wolffe says "We know what we have to do. Not just defeat the clankers, but show Ozzel we clones are better than cowards like him." As Wolffe moves away, Appo whispers to Fives and Rex "Wolffe definitly wants to put Ozzel in his place." As they talk, Shaak Ti walks in on them, already in her scuba gear. Shaak Ti says "Now that you are all ready. Let us begin." Once Shaak Ti walks out and the clones follow her, Comet jokes to Wolffe "I thought the best men were being chosen for the mission, sir?" and Wolffe replies "General Ti was the only available Jedi, masters Plo and Skywalker are busy with the main invasion." Shaak Ti is joined at a platform by the clones, and she says "Follow me, clones." Shaak Ti jumps over the platform and straight into the water. "This is it" says Rex, and he jumps next. Fives, Appo, Wolffe and Comet swiftly jump too, and they join Shaak Ti underwater. As they prepare to make a plan, trident drills swoop towards them and attack. Shaak Ti lands on a trident drill, and breaks her way through with the lightsaber, and destroying it from the inside. Appo, Rex, Fives, Wolffe and Comet open fire on more trident drills, but the majority of the trident drills begin to break through. The trident drills begin to leap onto the Tipoca City platforms, and unload aqua droids. Grievous climbs out of a trident drill, and he is confronted by ARC trooper Drowne and several clones. "Hold it right there, clanker!" yells Drowne, and Grievous retorts "I am a cyborg." Grievous ignites all four of his lightsabers and attacks. One Clone charges Grievous, but the Clone is casually sliced across the chest and across the platform. Drowne pulls out two DC-17 blaster pistols and attacks, but Grievous grabs Drowne by the helmet with his foot, crushing the helmet, before knocking the pistols out of Drowne's hands. As Drowne tries to catch his breath, Grievous gives Drowne a big kick, sending Drowne over the platform and into the water, as Grievous finishes the clones, before moving on...

As Shaak Ti, Rex, Appo, Fives, Wolffe and Comet look for droids underwater, Wolffe spots a body and calls "I've spotted something." They all crowd around the body, and Wolffe says "It's Drowne. He is dead." Fives adds "Based on the marks. Grievous probably killed him." Shaak Ti says "We must make sure his death will not be in vain." On the platforms, Anakin Skywalker and Plo Koon watch through binoculars as more aqua droids advance on the Clone positions. Plo says "The droids are advancing. It's time to launch the attack." Anakin says "Indeed. We must not allow the Separatists to get at Lama Su." Anakin and Plo Koon ignite their lightsabers, and join the clones defending the factories. Aqua droids open fire on the clones, Anakin and Plo. Anakin and Plo Koon deflect blaster bolts right back at the aqua droids, while clones return fire. The aqua droids retreat for now. Inside the factories, Kendal Ozzel says to Roblio Darte "This is mad. The battle is going badly. We must leave this system." Darte says "Is all you ever do whine and complain? Zip it, we don't need no chatter from you" and Bric adds "Cut out the uneccessary chatter, Ozzel." As Bric turns away from Ozzel, El-Les whispers to him "I thought you didn't care for clones, Bric?" and Bric replies "That Domino squad changed me, there can be good clones around. We need to be able to give them a chance to show whether they are good or not." Before El-Les can reply, General Grievous bursts through a neaby doorway, killing two Clone sentry's. Roblio Darte ignites his lightsaber, while El-Les and Bric draw pistols. As for Ozzel, he chooses to cower behind them. Grievous attacks Darte first, but Darte blocks the attack. Grievous kicks Darte into El-Les. As they tumble, Grievous slices down and strikes El-Les dead, leaving the Arconan bounty hunter down by his feet. Grievous grabs Darte by the throat and chokes him, forcing Bric to bring his pistol up and shoot Grievous in the eye. Grievous groans in pain, relieving his grasp of Darte. Roblio Darte takes his chance, force pushing Grievous far away with major power. Roblio Darte looks at the dead body of El-Les, and says "Bounty hunters. They're one in a million." Bric, who had been loading his pistol, says "And yet it was a bounty hunter that saved you, Jedi." Darte says "Grievous was distracted, it was a shot you couldn't miss." As Darte walks off, Bric furiously follows him, leaving Ozzel to tremble at the sound of firefighting around...

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