Saturday, 17 December 2011

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 130: Kamino Bombarded

Characters: Lama Su, Bric, El-Les, Clone Cadets, Plo Koon, Commander Wolffe, Corporal Comet, Wolfpack Troopers, Scuba Clones, Kendal Ozzel, Anakin Skywalker, Commander Appo, ARC Trooper Rex, ARC Trooper Fives, Roblio Darte, ARC Trooper Drowne, General Grievous, Aqua Droids, Shaak Ti.

Narration: "Grievous plots! Having already failed to take Kamino, and having suffered many losses since, General Grievous plans to win back favour by capturing Kamino by his own hands!"

General Grievous says to his aqua droids "Prepare for plan A. Let's get those landing craft prepared." As the trident drills lie underwater on Kamino. In Tipoca City, a squad of young clone cadets is going through a tough training excercise, when Shaak Ti's voice booms out and says "Attention, everyone! This is an urgent announcement. The Separatists are here, we must cut short this excercise. Get yourselves to the barracks." As the disgruntled cadets head for the barracks, Shaak Ti walks down a hallway, followed by Bric and El-Les, El-Les says "We are in trouble, what do we do?" and Bric says "Trust El-Les to worry about a mission that requires brave men." Shaak Ti interrupts their argument, and says "El-Les is a bounty hunter too, Bric. As for what we do, I have contacted Master Skywalker. His forces will be here soon." As Shaak Ti finishes, a large rumbling sound echo's, and Shaak Ti says "They are here." El-Les and Bric aren't so sure though, and a giant drill pummels into the hallway. Around Tipoca City, the same thing happens to other parts of the city, aqua droids are able to kill clone cadets without weapons, who are forced to flee to the armoury. Kamino is under heavy threat, and the Separatists have caught the Republic out...

General Grievous steps out of the trident drill in front of Shaak Ti, El-Les and Bric, and says "Hello there." Shaak Ti ignites her lightsaber, as Bric and El-Les draw pistols. Grievous draws out two lightsabers, and attacks. Shaak Ti holds off Grievous long enough, and a big explosion hits the Kamino waters. Republic gunship's race to Tipoca City, and begin unloading forces. With Grievous distracted, Shaak Ti force pushes Grievous back into his trident drill, as Shaak Ti, Bric and El-Les flee. Grievous growls and starts to chase after them, but decides against it and heads another way. Aqua droids pour out of trident drills, but the Republic is ready for them, ARC trooper Drowne leading a Clone counter-attack against the droids. "Push them back so the gunship's can land!" yells Drowne, as he smashes up a aqua droid. The doors to a gunship open, and Anakin Skywalker force jumps onto the platform, slicing up a couple of droids that were advancing on Drowne. Rex, Appo and Fives use jetpacks to join Anakin. Fives tosses a thermal detonator into a squad of aqua droids, blowing them over the platform and into the water. Elsewhere, a gunship lands on another platform. Plo Koon, Wolffe, Comet and the Wolfpack charge into the facilities, and attack aqua droids already inside. With one squad of aqua droids defeated, they are joined by Kendal Ozzel and Roblio Darte. Ozzel barks out orders to anyone listening, saying "Round up all the troopers, send them into the waters. Let the clones sacrifice themselves against Grievous, these men are expendable after all." When Ozzel finishes, he finds himself smashed against the wall, with someone holding him by the throat, and a hard pistol pressed against his head. Commander Wolffe had reacted angrily to Ozzel's orders, and decided to take action. Wolffe pulls his helmet off, and yells angrily into Ozzel's face, saying "Us clones are not expendable. We are loyal soldiers, we follow orders, but we will not follow orders from someone who does not know what they are doing, we will follow orders from Plo Koon, any Jedi, not YOU! I haven't forgotten how you cost us the lives of MANY good men on Khorm. You will not be the death of any more of my men. We will not do as you say. After what you've done to my legion, I would rather die than follow your orders." Ozzel looks downright frigtened, and Wolffe is sorely tempted to execute the trembling officer on the spot, but knows he can't in front of Plo Koon, Roblio Darte and his men. Wolffe let's go of Ozzel, and puts his pistol away. Roblio Darte says to Wolffe and Ozzel "You two need to put past differences aside, and help win this battle. Ozzel is correct, we need to send some clones down there. Some will be doomed, but we must do it." Wolffe is aghast at this, and walks off angrily, joined by Comet. Wolffe says to Comet "Make sure we only send our best men down. Any less and we could have some very needless deaths." Comet says "Yes, sir." Comet runs off to look for Rex, Fives and Appo. Lama Su, Shaak Ti, Bric and El-Les join Roblio Darte in preparing a plan. Wolffe looks down into the waters from a platform, knowing of how suicide this mission could be...

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