Saturday, 17 December 2011

My Clone Wars Stories Episode 132: Promotions

Characters: Lama Su, Bric, Plo Koon, Commander Wolffe, Wolfpack Troopers, Kendal Ozzel, ARC Trooper Rex, Commander Appo, ARC Trooper Fives, Anakin Skywalker, Roblio Darte, General Grievous, Aqua Droids, Corporal Comet, Shaak Ti, Count Dooku, Darth Sidious.

Narration: "Kaleesh peril! General Grievous, the Separatist leader that strikes fear across the galaxy, is close to taking the Clone homeworld of Kamino! With the Republic desperate to stop him, will Grievous prevail?"

Underwater on Kamino, aqua droids race for the surface to join the battle above water. However, several blaster bolts head their way and distract the droids. From the other side, several aqua droids are sliced up by Shaak Ti. "Hit 'em!" yells Fives, and he tosses a thermal detonator which blows up the aqua droids, creating lots of bubbles. As a trident drill zooms past, Shaak Ti says "We need to get on that" and she grabs onto the trident drill. Appo says "This may not be such a good plan" and Rex replies "Come on, Appo. Let's get moving." Rex, Appo, Fives, Wolffe and Comet grab onto the trident drill, which jumps onto a Tipoca City platform. With the trident drill landed, Comet plants explosives over the trident drill. With the explosives planted, Comet joins the others well clear from the trident drill. The trident drill begins to unload aqua droids, just as Rex detonates the explosives, blowing up the trident drill and decimating the aqua droids. Elsewhere, Plo Koon stands alone outside a hangar with Republic gunship's and V-wing's. A noise of large feet sounds above Plo, and Plo ignites his lightsaber, just as General Grievous jumps down in front of him. Grievous says "Well hello. Welcome to your doom, Jedi!" and Plo retorts "You will not kill me, Grievous." Grievous ignites his four lightsabers and charges at Plo Koon, sending Plo flying. Grievous knocks the lightsaber away from Plo's clutches, and into the cockpit of a prone V-wing. Plo hops into the V-wing, but before he can fly away, Grievous grabs on and the V-wing smashes into a wall, blowing it up, sending Plo and Grievous flying in opposite directions. Both wounded, they draw their lightsabers, and attack...

Lama Su turns around, and to his horror finds aqua droids attacking the analysis center. Several Wolfpack clones defending it are killed. With only Lama Su left standing, the aqua droids easily shoot him down. Oblivious to Lama Su's death, Anakin Skywalker, Roblio Darte and Bric come under fire from aqua droids in the hallways and try to repel them. Anakin and Darte slice up several droids, while Bric shoots down droids with his pistol. Shaak Ti comes across Plo Koon and Grievous dueling. Shaak Ti force pushes Grievous, and she draws her lightsaber. Shaak Ti and Plo Koon join together to duel Grievous, who struggles to block their attacks. Rex, Fives, Appo, Wolffe and Comet help Anakin, Darte and Bric. Rex says to Darte "We can handle this, sir. You go help master's Ti and Plo." Darte races off, as Anakin and the clones handle the droids.   Grievous, with a lucky swipe of his feet, tears Plo Koon's breathing mask off. As Plo struggles for breath, Shaak Ti struggles to hold Grievous off. As Grievous attacks, Darte arrives and slices off to of Grievous's arms. Grievous is forced to flee, escaping in a trident drill. Darte helps Plo get his breathing mask back on, and Plo gasps "That... was not good." In the hallways, Anakin, Wolffe, Comet, Rex, Appo and Fives finish the last of the aqua droids...

ARC trooper Rex goes to Plo Koon, having been summoned by Plo Koon, Rex says to Plo "You asked for me, sir?" Plo beckons Rex forward, and whispers something in Rex's ear. As Rex pulls away, Plo adds "Tell them." Rex joins the clones in the hangar. Wolffe asks "What did Master Plo want, sir?" and Rex replies "You are not going to believe this, Wolffe." Wolffe asks "What is it? A demotion?", causing Rex to chuckle and say "No. Quite the opposite. You, ARC-3636, are now officially an ARC trooper." Wolffe asks "You are not serious? Who is going to be the Wolfpack commander?" Rex turns to Comet and says "Commander Comet, think you are up for the challenge?" and Comet replies "You can count on it, Rex." Wolffe says to Comet "You will do a great job, Comet." Nearby, Ozzel is grumbling, saying "Come on! Why do those expendable men get a promotion, and I don't." Roblio Darte, who is also neaby, snaps at Ozzel "Why should you get a promotion? These men showed courage and loyalty, while you just cowered as good men died for you! Your atrocious plan for the underwater mission would have failed, if not for the brave actions of ARC-3636 and the other clones, we would have lost." Ozzel mumbles his innocence, but even he isn't fooled by his poor tactical decisions. The news of Wolffe's promotion has gone around all the clones, and the Wolfpack yell out for their past commander "All hail ARC-3636! Long live ARC trooper Wolffe."

Unknown to everyone except the two of them, Count Dooku and Darth Sidious hold a urgent meeting. Sidious says "This battle was all wrong. Grievous should not have acted without orders" and Dooku replies "I know, my lord. Apparently, his actions were to win favour back from us." Sidious says "Still. Should General Grievous fail to win another battle, I am afraid he will need to be disposed of. You would be better off planning Grievous's death immediately" and Dooku replies "Yes, my lord." Once Sidious's hologram has faded, Dooku mutters to himself "I will be better off planning Sidious's death rather than Grievous's death. He has also been the reason for the death of one of my accomplices, not another. And the fact is, the Sith usually end up betraying one another anyway." Dooku leans forward in his chair and begins to think, about the future of this war...

Next-up: "A four way conflict on Dathomir? This should get interesting! The Nightsisters and Nightbrothers return for battle! How does Boil feel about Waxer's death? Find out in the "Battle of Dathomir" arc!"

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